Nothing in Return

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Another short story for your consideration. Still playing with my style and having fun writing down my thoughts. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for looking!


I pull into the driveway and turn off the ignition. It has been a busy week. Long hours, hectic schedule and no time with my lover. Few things relax me the way sex does. It’s my drug of choice, my addiction. Just the sight of her puts me in the mood, but I’ve barely seen her all week. Memories of her and past encounters have gotten me through, but now I need the real thing. I stretch as I get out of my car and head for the house. I’ve been looking forward to this.

As I open the door I can tell she is home. Several lights are on and I can hear the sound of running water coming from the kitchen. I’m not picky. The kitchen will work for what I have in mind.

Walking around the corner I see her standing in front of the kitchen sink. She is just rinsing the last of the dishes before placing them in the strainer.

“Hello sweetheart,” I say.

“Oh, I’m so glad you are home,” she replies, “Let’s go veg.”

I smile and say, “I’ve got a better güvenilir bahis idea first.”

As I step up behind her she tilts her head back to give me a kiss. I gladly accept her lips and continue the kiss down her cheek and the side of her neck until I find my way to her shoulder. I grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it up over her head in one motion. She isn’t wearing a bra and I run my hands over her now exposed breasts and nipples. They respond instantly to my touch and their newfound freedom. I love the feel of them under my fingers.

She is beautiful and I enjoy her with all of my senses; touching, tasting and looking up and down her body.

My own shirt quickly joins hers on the floor so I can feel her against me. I change directions and pull her flannel pajama bottoms down and add them to the growing pile of clothes in the corner. Her cute panties soon follow and now I have exactly what I’ve been thinking about all day.

“Well this escalated quickly,” she says.

I push her up against the counter as I caress her with both of my hands and my mouth. Pulling her back against me so I can feel her wonderful ass against my hairy güvenilir bahis siteleri chest as I kiss her lower back and run my hands up the front of her thighs. She leans into me and rests her hands on my shoulders. I turn her to face me and press her back up against the counter again. I stand and kiss her passionately with one hand behind her neck and the other on the small of her back pulling her tightly to me.

She reaches down to undo my pants, but I take her hands in mine and pin them to her sides. My kisses continue down her body and linger a short while to tease her nipples and belly button. As I kneel in front of her I take her legs and place them on my shoulders. Now she is trapped between me and the counter. Just where I want her.

I start slowly by kissing her inner thighs and working my way to her center. My hands are free to touch and caress as I desire and I can’t get enough of her. I move my right hand over to rub her clitoris gently as I slowly increase my tempo of kissing and licking. I let her breathing and quiet moans guide me in my efforts. Soon she moves her hands to my head. A sure sign to keep doing what I’m doing iddaa siteleri and don’t interrupt. Her whole body tenses and she holds her breath as she shakes. This is what I came for. Nothing makes me feel more like a man than this.

Slowly now I stand with her still on my shoulders and lay her down on the counter. Good thing we keep them clear and uncluttered.

I switch my tactics now and move my mouth to her most sensitive spot and my hand to her now wet pussy. I gently touch and massage her with my fingers as I run my tongue over her. My left hand is busy now pulling and pinching her nipples.

I can’t neglect a single part of her. Soon I ease a single finger into her and use it rub her G-spot as I seal my lips over her clit and use the back of my tongue on it. She places one foot on my back and the other on the countertop to push herself against my mouth. I wrap my left arm around her waist and hold her tightly. With both of her hands on my head her whole body shakes harder this time and she moans loudly as she exhales. Now my work is done.

I kiss her thighs and stomach before I pick her up and set her back on the floor. I hand her her clothes and take mine with me to the bathroom.

“It’s time to veg when I get out of the shower,” I yell back to the kitchen.

I just step under the warm water when I hear the bathroom door open and close. But that’s a whole other story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32