Night Duty

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Joe was a Corporal serving in a large army garrison in Germany. He was on guard again, but at least this time he had pulled vehicle checkpoint bravo. This was on the married quarter side of the barracks. Joe liked the last 2 hours of the night guard the best, as the civilian guards knocked off at 10:00 leaving a single military sentry with a radio. The checkpoint consisted of an automatic vehicle barrier and a large metal gate that was secured at midnight. This last 2 hours could be a laugh, especially if people were coming back from parties clubs or bars, he enjoyed looking at the girls and women that came through the checkpoint.

On this particular night it was very quiet. Then about 30 minutes after the civilian guards had left he received a call from the main guardroom telling him there had been some sort of incident in one of the regimental lines and he was to let no one in without ID and that he would likely be on his own at the VCP for some time. Shortly after closing the main gate he saw someone approaching the VCP. It was Mrs Smith, who sometimes drove an Alfa sports car or rode an expensive mountain bike. An officer’s wife, she was always sexily dressed. Tonight she was on her bike and from the way she was wobbling all over the road, she was a bit tipsy. He stepped out of the guard hut, slid open the metal gate and waited for her to come closer. She wobbled to a stop and he had to catch her bike to prevent her from falling.

“Can I see your ID please?” he asked.

“Of course,” she replied, pulling her small shoulder bag around to her front and looking in it. After a bit of a rummage, she looked up,

“I can’t find it!”

“Come inside into the light and have a look there,” he offered.

He followed her into the guard hut, checking out her short summer dress and high heeled strappy sandals. Once inside she emptied her small purse on the counter top and looked through the contents.

“I must have left it at home tonight, I’ve only been to a barbeque at a friend’s quarter outside the wire – but you know me don’t you?” “

“Yes, I know you Mrs Smith, but there has been an incident in the main camp and I am under instruction to let no one in without an ID.”

She tossed her pretty auburn hair in disgust.

“I’ll phone the main guardroom for instructions if you like” he offered, a plan already hatching in his head.

“Hurry up then would you please!” she said impatiently. He offered her a chair and picked up the phone, dialled his own officer number and pretended to make a call, explaining the problem.

After a series of “Ok, I’ll tell her,” comments he put the receiver down.

“They say they will be sending down a woman RMP to conduct a search and verify your identity before we can let you in.”

“Well, let me call my husband then please” she pleaded, not quite so confident now. “Sorry, not allowed, and anyway all the Headquarters staff have been called in due to the incident.”

She sat dejected at that. He noticed she seemed to be crossing and uncrossing her legs, probably wants to pee, he thought.

After 15 – 20 minutes, she said

“Can’t you call again and see what’s holding them up? Again he made a sham call and then said

“Sorry Mrs Smith, they say it will be at least an hour before they can get someone down here, maybe more – the güvenilir bahis guard commander suggested I make you a cup of tea.”

“I don’t want tea, I just want to go home!” she exclaimed.

She sat quietly for a while, fending of his attempts at conversation. Finally after about 45minutes she said,

“Look, this is ridiculous, can’t you search me, and I’m hardly likely to be hiding anything in this dress am I?”

“Well, I doubt it is permitted, but I will ask” he said, picking up the phone for another sham call. “Yes, ok understood – I’ll ask her” he said, putting the phone down again. “They said if you were prepared to sign a release form it would be ok.”

“Well get the form then,” She replied.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to wait for the RMP? He asked.

“I’m not waiting any longer, get the bloody form” she said.

He collected a body search release form and placed it on the counter in front of her, handing her a pen. Without a glance at the form she signed it.

“Come on then, get on with it please” she said, offering her handbag.

He emptied the contents of the small purse on the counter and checked each in term, returning the items to the bag.

“Ok Mrs Smith, turn around and face the wall please.” He ordered.

“What are you going to do, you’ve searched my bag?”

“I’m sorry; I thought I made it pretty clear this is a body search, why do you think a woman RMP was required,”

“Oh this is stupid” she said “get on with it then.”

He stood behind her and ran his fingers through her hair and then around her shoulders, firmly enough to feel the straps of her bra. Continuing on he ran his hands down her sides, past the hem of her dress and down the outside of her smooth, bare legs.

Then he began to run his hands up the inside of her legs, until he reached the hem of her dress.

“Spread your legs please Mrs Smith,” he requested.

She began to protest, but then moved her feet apart and he ran his hands up her inner thigh, brushing lightly across the crotch of her panties. He felt he tense up as he did so. “I’m sorry Mrs Smith, but I am not satisfied that you are not concealing something in your clothing, please remove your dress.”

“I will not!” she exclaimed.

“Then I will have to ask you to sit down and wait for the RMP to arrive,” he said.

She scowled at him and sat down – but it was only 10 minutes or so before she stood up, “Get on with it then, I bet you are really getting off on this aren’t you!” she said.

Joe ushered her into the rear room of the guard post, taking the precaution of turning out the external lights and locking the door.

She stood in the back room, and looking into his eyes undid the top 3 buttons on her dress and pulled it over her head. She wore a white lace half cup bra which exposed the top of her nipples and showed off her pretty breasts. Her panties were matching white lace, and the dark patch of her pubes showed clearly through the front panel.

“Turn around and put your hands on the counter top please Mrs Smith.” He instructed.

She did so without comment. He stood behind her and ran his fingers around her bra strap and clasp.

“Turn round please.”

She turned, noticing his erection bulging in his combat trousers and her face flushed. “Hands behind your head güvenilir bahis siteleri please.”

She lifted her hands and clasped her fingers behind her head, which lifted her small breasts. He slowly ran his fingers around the hem of the under wired bra and then around the edge of the lacy cup. Her nipples were hard and erect now.

“I’m sorry Mrs Smith, but I am not satisfied that you are not hiding something in your bra, please remove it so I can complete the search.”

Without any exclamation she reached behind her and undid the bra and slid it off her arms, looking him in the eye throughout. He moved forward again and made a show of lifting her small breasts, despite the fact that it would be impossible to hide anything there. Then he moved his hands lower and felt the lace front panel of her panties, before putting his hand down the front and feeling in the dark patch of hair.

“Turn around and put your hands on the counter top again please.” He requested.

She turned around, hanging her head as she leaned over. In shame? He thought – or desire. He moved behind her once more and ran his hands over her panty clad bum. Then he lifted the hem of the leg and pushed his hand inside, feeling her smooth buttock. “I am going to have to ask you top remove your panties Mrs Smith”

She stood and just nodded, without turning and slipped the small white pants down her legs and stepped out of them. Deftly he stepped forward, grasped her slim wrists and slipped the plasticuffs around her hands.

“Wait, what are you doing?” She exclaimed.

“Sorry, standard procedure before any sort of cavity search.” He explained.

“What do you mean, cavity search?” She cried.

“I’m sorry Mrs Smith, but I must satisfy myself that you are not carrying any illicit items inside your body. She had turned now, defiant in her nakedness, but also turned on, very turned on.

“Just do it then you bastard!” she said.

He turned her around and bent her over the counter top.

“Legs apart!” he ordered, more insistently than before.

“I’m going to touch your vagina now.” He said, placing his hands on her buttocks and spreading her open for his inspection.

He knelt down to get a better look at her now open pussy. He couldn’t help noticing how wet she seemed and the smell of her juices were fantastic. Realising he needed her help her reached up and undid the cuffs.

“Spread yourself open for me Mrs. Smith.” She hesitated,

“Do it!” he ordered.

She reached down and placed her hands on the outside of her pussy and with a groan spread herself open. He reached up, touching the moistness of her hole and gently pushed a finger inside her. She was dripping wet! Gently he pushed another finger in, then another, until he had four fingers inside her up to the knuckle and she squirmed under his touch. Looking up he saw his black Maglite torch, and reached for it. His movement caught her eye.

“Pull your pussy wide open so I can look inside Mrs. Smith.”

She pulled her labia open even wider, but instead of looking he plunged the thick handle of the torch into her gaping hole.

“Oh my god, you dirty bastard, that’s it, don’t stop!” she exclaimed.

He thrust the torch in and out of her, the black steel handle slick with her juices. He licked his index finger and iddaa siteleri ran it around her soaking wet pussy, running the juices up to her puckered arsehole.

“I am also required to check your anus Mrs Smith,” He added, withdrawing the torch.

“Yes, yes of course you must!” She gasped.

Joe licked his index finger and rimmed the edge of her delicate arse hole with her own juices before slowly pushing the tip of her finger inside her rectum.

“Spread your buttocks open for me Mrs Smith” he ordered.

With a groan she placed her hands on her bum and spread her cheeks and opening herself for his inspection. He noticed how dripping wet her pussy was now. He looked up, her face was turned towards him, eyes closed and flushed red.

He licked the index finger on his other hand now and gently pushed it into her arse hole, until both his fingers were in here arse up to the knuckle. Then slowly but firmly he opened her arse. Her knees were trembling now. He gazed into the red, moist depths of her arse hole, tempted to lick her there. Instead he removed his fingers and picking up the Maglite once more, forced it into her pussy again.

“Hold the torch in place Mrs Smith.” He instructed.

She reached back and held its black steel shaft in place. Joe picked up a night stick, a sort of baton or truncheon, rubbed it in the mess of juices along the crack of her arse, before pushing it slowly, deliciously into her still gaping arse hole.

“Oh my fucking god, oh, I’m coming now!” She screamed, as he fucked her arse with the plastic baton. She thrashed about on the table top, the Maglite clattered to the floor and she lay still. Slowly he removed the baton from her arse. What a site, her pussy and arse hole were wide open, oozing juices. He couldn’t resist – unzipping his combat trousers he pulled out his erect cock and began wanking off.

“Come and squirt your stuff over me you dirty bastard.” She said.

“Where do you want it?” He asked her, wiping his cock head in the juices in the crack of her arse.

“Over my face of course!” she exclaimed.

Joe continued to rub his hard cock up and down her arse crease until he felt the juices rise.

“I’m coming now Mrs Smith!”

She slid off the table top and on to her knees and he immediately shot 4 large globs of come onto her upturned face.

The moment passed and he handed her a towel to clean up with. He began to gather her clothes up.

“I need to use the bathroom please.” She said. “Unless you have to watch me do that too!”

It sounded too much like an invitation to pass up.

“Well actually Mrs White, you are still in my custody technically…..”

She followed him meekly into the ablutions, where she headed for a toilet stall.

“I think the shower would be more appropriate.” He stated.

Without a word she stepped into the shower, turned to face him, bent her knees slightly and let rip a strong stream of pee into the shower tray. She had obviously been bursting for a pee since arriving.

“Spread your pussy for me.” He ordered.

She did as he said and pulled the outer lips apart, lifting the stream of pee in the process.

Finally she was finished. Silently he handed her the pile of clothes and closed the door on his way out.

He tided up the guardroom and after a couple of minutes she came out of the ablutions dressed.

No words were exchanged, just knowing looks as she picked up her purse, opened the door, collected her bike and walked into the darkness of the sleeping barracks.

To be continued?

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