Nicholas Dives Deep

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His hands grabbed onto my wide hips, pulling my ass back toward him as he slid his throbbing cock deep into my sopping cunt. I groaned and pushed back with my arms, presenting my big fat ass toward him so he could plow right into me with all his might. I heard him grunt as he slammed into my pussy, his thighs slapping up against my ass and causing my butt cheeks to ripple.

Astrid watched beside the bed, clad only in one of my Tom Waits t-shirts that came down to her taut thighs. She gazed at us with fascination, perhaps because she had never watched a couple make love before. I imagined the sight of Nicholas’s thick cock plunging wetly into my engorged pussy must be quite the sight to see. I felt his hands gasping, pulling roughly onto my hips with need, and again and again he filled me up with his hardness and slapped into me.

I cried out in passion, my elbows resting on the old mattress, the top half of my torso pushed down into the old springs in a rhythm that was faster than my own fingers as they circled and pressed down onto my clit. As he slid out of me and breathed in, I felt my cunt become vacant, and I rubbed my little nubbin harder to fill my need. My orgasm was creeping in, creeping inward to my center, and I could feel my core ready to explode in little microbursts of pleasure.

I felt Astrid’s hands caress my wide asscheeks, and then her thumb was pressing on my butthole, pressing insistently into that secret spot. I felt self-conscious for a moment, before Nicholas inched his manmeat back up into me, groaning and moaning at the feel of my velvet tunnel caressing his rock hard shaft. He bottomed out inside me, and Astrid’s thumb plunged into my backdoor.

It felt good to lie there, face down and ass up, as Nicholas placed one of his strong hands on the small of my back, with his thick cock buried deep inside me, and Astrid slowly but surely inching her thumb, ever so gently, into my anus. bahis siteleri My sphincter closed around her digit tightly, and she slowly worked her thumb in and out for a moment, and my ass relaxed its grip. I turned my head to look back and saw Nicholas’s lean torso soaring high above me, his face slack and his usual manicured hair a mess. His eyes were glazed over with lust, and I felt his organ throbbing inside of my pussy. He seemed close to orgasm himself as I played with my clit, edging toward a climax.

I wondered how many orgasms I could have in one night.

“Slide out, boy. Now I am in charge.” Astrid looked so sexy, her raven hair tumbling down to her shoulders, her eyes dark and mysterious. I could see that she had one hand plunged down into the crevasse between her smooth thighs, and her other hand withdrew from plundering my ass, and I felt a slight sickening sensation of loss. Nicholas obeyed Astrid, inching out of me until he plopped out of my butt’s grasp, my juices dripping off the bulbous tip of his tumescent cock. It was a veiny pulsating thing, and I knew he was acing to fill me again.

Astrid grabbed onto his erection firmly and planted it right up next to my other little puckering hole.

“Now, I will introduce you to Sarah’s other end! Cum a little, boy, I need your precum to lube it up!” With that, she slid her fist up to his cockhead and gave it a few quick little jerks. Nicholas arched his back and closed his eyes as a translucent thick bit of precum spurted out of his hard-on and onto my dark anus. Astrid used his cockhead to spread it around a bit and then eased the head a little ways into my butt.

Oooohhhh, the sensation was so huge, I thought, groaning. His cock was going to fill me up.

“Okay, slowly now Nicholas, ease yourself deep up into Sarah’s ass!”

Nicholas pulled my hips back ever so slowly, inching into my butthole, stretching my backdoor open wider then I canlı bahis siteleri had ever felt before. I tried to relax, but it was so big! I clenched down on his giant dong and he called out in the small apartment.

“Oh fuck!”

“Hold it, Nicholas, hold it! Only I get to tell you when to cum!” Astrid’s voice was demanding and I sank into the sensations, closing my eyes and resting my cheek on the thick mattress cover.

I couldn’t help myself. “Fuck it in me, boy! Fill me up! Fill me up with that mighty cock!”

“Oh, Oh, OH, OH!” Nicholas was barely under his own control as I rhythmically squeezed his cock with the strong muscle of my anus.

Then, I felt one of my big dildos ease its way up and in between my engorged pussy lips.

Astrid was going to fill me up with two big dongs, I thought in a haze of lust.

She was being very careful, and I felt the 12 inch thick silicone beast finally expand my pussy lips to the maximum, and then it was inside of my hot cunt. Nicholas was slowly easing himself a little ways in and out of my butthole, grunting and groaning, trying to stave off the inevitable orgasm that was creeping up from his engorged balls to turn his cock into a jizz-spewing firehouse deep inside my ass. My fingers were rubbing my clit harder and harder and I was making little squeaking noises involuntarily as my own explosion raced to meet me halfway.

My own giant dildo filled me up and plunged deep into my hot hole. I felt Astrid’s petite hand touch mine as she pushed the silicone cock all the way up inside of me I grabbed onto her hand and she let go of the dildo, planted in me, clenched tightly by my pussy muscles, and began to finger my little nub.

I couldn’t bare it anymore. I threw my hands over my head, crushed my face into the mattress and screamed out as Nicholas plunged his slick cock all the way up into my ass, crying out in passion as his lust overcame him and canlı bahis his strong hands grabbed desperately at my wide hipbones, slamming down into me over and over, my anus dilated and loosened by his continual assault. His full ball sack slapped wetly against the thin bit of skin that separated my pussy from my anus.

I felt filled to completion, two hard cocks straining deep inside me to become one with me, and when Astrid increased the strength and speed of her expert manipulations, I let my orgasm wash over me and I began to spasm and jerk as my climax took complete control of my body.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, OOOHHH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH!” I screamed as I came, my whole nether regions contracting around the hard rods that filled me. Nicholas grunted and slammed down into the pillows of my ass cheeks and let go of control, his balls retracting as he pushed all the way up into me and exploded, his cock bulging and spurting waves of hot thick cum deep into my bowels. He slid himself out a little and slammed back in, lubricated by his own jism, spurting jet after jet of his hot cream deep into my butthole. I throbbed around him, milking him dry, as his hands slid up to my waist and his taut belly collapsed onto my sweaty back, breathing heavily as his erection throbbed in my backside, spurting the last few ounces of his hot cum and pulsating in time with the beating of his heart.

Astrid’s fingers kept me climaxing around the giant dildo until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Stop! Stop! I’m going to explode and die!”

Astrid chuckled and withdrew her hand. She grabbed the base of the dildo and slid it wetly out of me, and at the same time Nicholas slowly eased back out of my ass, the pressure strange but pleasurably, and finally, with a plop, I ejected him from my backside. I could feel rivulets of hot cum dripping out of my ass, and down the backs of my thighs.

I could only imagine what it might look like to Astrid and Nicholas, my back arched down so that my belly touched the bed, my two expansive ass cheek high in the air with creamy pearls of cum dripping out of my gaping butthole and down into the open engorge fold of my pussy lips.

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