New Teacher , The Student

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The way the buildings were placed he could see into her bedroom from his bedroom. Although he was a Teacher in his first year, and the fact he looked like any other of the kids at the college. They the board of trustees gave him the only room they had. Over the pass year he has watched her from his window as she undress or played with herself.

As she was doing tonight. Standing at his window he saw her in the bedroom. She was unbutton her shirt slowly. She faces the window as she unclasps her bra. He could see large round breasts, and wanted to touch them. Her hand flattens on her stomach, and her fingers were stretch out as far as they could. Slowly her fingers inch their way up her neck, then back down over her right breast, moving toward her left tit, brushing over the hard tip.

She took the very tip of her index finger, she touched the areola, drawing circles, around her nipple. Around and around closer and closer to the very tip of her nipple. His cock was getting hard, and he pushed down his sweats, and his hand wrapped around his cock.

He watched as she puts her finger tip in her mouth, getting it good, and hot and wet. Then slowly drew it down over her jaw…neck…collarbone, then she let it slide over her hard tipped nipples. Slowly her finger moved down over her tummy just below her waist, slowly moving her fingers down on her mound, pressing a little bit. Her fingers move to just barely touching the curls of hair. He was slowly stroking his cock as he watched her finger move down her body.

Her fingers slowly inch towards the wetness he knew was there. He saw her lay down and opened her legs wide, and her finger slid the length of her swollen clit, into the folds of her pussy. Taking her thumb she rubbed her clitous, and her body jerked, her finger slipping inside her pussy, then he watched as she exploded.

Leaning against the window with his eyes closed, he started pumping his cock faster, thrusting his hips into his hand, pretending it was her he was fucking. His mouth was on her nipples, sucking hard, and his teeth tugging and pulling on each nipple, as his cock fucked her. He was close to cumming. So he took it one step further in his mind and called out to her.

Hearing her name she thought she looked up and saw the most good looking man she ever seen. He was naked at his window, stroking his cock, and what a cock he had. He must have watched her a little bit ago, and got so excited he had to take matters into his own hand. She giggly, but she could not take her eyes off his enormous looking cock. Carefully she open her window and leaned out and tap on his. He jumps back, then step up and open the window.

“You called, What can I help you with?,” she said smiling bahis siteleri at him.

“I am sorry for watching you, but I just could not help myself. If your serious about helping. Then Yes you can help me with this hard piece of flesh,” he said.

She climbs out the window and carefully into his window. As there was only a few feet between the buildings. Once inside his room, she went down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and slowly sucked him deep into her throat. His groan told her he loved it, her hands played with his balls, and ass. In the distance she could hear her phone ringing.

“Damn, I have to get that. It’s my parents if I do not they will be on the first plane here. Come with me. ” she whispered in a rough voice.

He watched her climb back though the windows, and he grabbed his robe, and followed. As he step down into her apartment, he saw her naked and bent over a table reaching for something. He moved up behind her and his hands caressed her ass, as he pulled her toward him more. His cock in one hand he rubbed up and down the length of her ass and pussy, pushing in at the entrance of her wet hot pussy.

“Mmmm,” she let out a low moan. “No, mom, just took a bit of something wonderful. Yes mom I do not let any man into my room. No mom I wont let anything innerfear school.” she went on and on to her mother, as she pushed back at his thrusts.

He grabbed her hips held her tightly, and slammed hard into her. She told her mom she had to go that someone was at her door, and hung up the phone.

“Oh god yes fuck me, fuck me hard.” she cried out.

He lifted her from the table and put her against the door, bending his knees, he thrust into her harder than ever before. Getting even deeper inside her. He loves this tight feeling around his cock. So he moved them across the floor to the bed and laid down with her on top.

“Fuck me baby, ride my fucking cock hard.” he grunted, pulling her down hard.

She took her pussy and twisted it in every directions possible, had him groaning, and meeting her half way. She took him as deep as she could get his cock, and twisted completely around, now facing him, she leaned down and kissed him. Reaching under them, she found the one spot and rubbed her finger till he stiffens and called out.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD YES!!!, CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” he roared.

“Oh god yes, I am cumming to!!,” she groaned in his ear.

Still breathing hard he move up onto his elbows and looked down into her eyes, lean down and kissed her thanking her for what she let him do. They said they are good byes, and he went back to his room.

Months went by before he saw her again. Only this time canlı bahis siteleri she was in his class. And as much as he wanted her still, as the Teacher he could not do anything about it. One night he got home later than he usually did, and outside his window he found a single rose, and a package. Taking them inside, he puts the rose in a vase and set it by his bed. Opening the package, he found a video tape, popping it into his VCR he grabbed the remote and push play.

“Hi, I know we cannot see one another now that I am in your class, but I do not see anything wrong in making you this tape. I wanted you to know that I loved having your thick hard cock inside me, and cannot wait until I can have it again. So I hope you enjoy this.” she said.

He stops it when he saw her fling the blanket back and her naked body appeared. Grabbing his video camera, he set it up to film him watching her tape. As he watched her playing with herself and cumming, he played and came along with her. Then he turned to his camera.

“I taped myself watching yours, hope you enjoy watching just how hard you make me, and when we can I plan on taking you places you have never been before honey, You make me sooooo fucking hard just thinking about you, of hell baby just being in the same room with you get’s me so hard, that sometimes I fantasize about you and me fucking in the classroom in front of everyone.” he told her.

Taking the tape and putting it into the package, and setting it on the table he ordered a dozen of roses to be delivered to him in a hour. Then he puts them in front of her window, pulling the blind down, and went to bed. He checks in the morning and found them gone, he smiled as he left for the day.

Over the next few months they gave tapes to one another some with special requests. In one he told her he would love to see her sucked on another guys cock. And she told him she would love to see him with another girl but only to eat her pussy, no intercourse she told him that he could only do that with her. Many times they would stand at their windows and play with their self till them exploded together.

He thanked God for today. It was the last class he would teach until next year, and the last class she would be in. He planned it well. This morning before he left, he left her a rose, picture of him naked from the neck down, and a letter type off the computer telling her what he was going to do to her tonight. Then this afternoon on her break she would get a delivery of flowers, box of sexy clothes, a special toy, and a note telling her where to met him.

He sat back in his chair and smiled as his students walked into class. And when she came in he thought he noticed a hint of wickedness from her. canlı bahis As he handed out the last of the papers, and gave the students a high five as the filed out the room. As the day carried on and now at sunset he drove out to the cabin he set up for their weekend of love making and some hot sex. He undressed and walked around outside and down to the private lake and did some swimming. By the time he got back to the cabin she was there waiting for him in nothing but a pair of titties, and a wet hot pussy open to him.

“I hope your are hard baby, cause I am not waiting any longer to have you inside me. Come over her and fuck me baby. I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW,” she told him.

He slowly walked to her as he untried his robe, he had taken with him to the lake, dropping it by the bed, crawled onto the bed pushed open her thighs wide, lifted her ass onto his thighs, grabbing pillows and stuffing them under her ass. “Is this hard enough baby,” he said softly. She looked down at the thickest, hardest, she has seen on him. His hands rubbed her inner thighs as he pushed them even wider. He wanted to get as deep as he could this time.

She reached down and took his cock in her hand and he leaned over her as she puts his cock at the entrance of her pleasure tunnel, with one hard thrust he buried his cock all the way inside her. Deeper than she thought she could take. He took her hard and fast, sending her off into another world as her orgasm hit her, he felt her squeezing his cock, and he lost it, and his cum blasted into her.

They both collapse together on the bed and fell asleep. A few hours later he awoke to find her sucking on his cock, making him hard again. When she had him hard and throbbing she told him she wanted him to fuck her up the ass. He asked if she was sure, and she told him she was. He kissed her, and turned her over. He used his mouth, tongue and finger to get her ass hole ready for his big cock. He licked, tongue fucked her ass hole and finger fucked her to many orgasms before he move behind her to eased his cock up her tight ass hole.

She groaned and moaned as he pushed his hard cock up her ass, half way in he pulled back and rested on his heels. He reached under her and slip his finger inside her pussy, fucking her slowly with his finger. When she climax again he thrusts hard and three more inches went up her ass hole. She screamed for him not to stop to keep going. He held her hips tightly and slam his cock into her over and over again till he had his cock buried up her ass hole.

“Okay baby, You ready for this?,” he asked her.

She nodded yes and he started moving his cock until his cock was sliding back and forth really good. “OH GOD BABY, FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!” he grunted.

She pushes back meeting him each time. She screamed for him to fuck her harder, and faster.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!” she screamed.

He grunted and slammed his cock hard into her, and he exploded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32