New Horizons Ch. 2

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Author’s Note:


If you’ve read most of my stories before, you should probably be warned that THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT. This story has a bisexual story line. If male/male activities are not your thing, you probably won’t like this one. Oh well; I’ll catch you next time.

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She heard his feet shuffle, changing position, and his cock brushed against her upper arm. Her clit throbbed painfully now and she shifted her hips, only half realizing what she was doing. Once the mud was applied she heard Lance move away, leaving her to her dark, private, delicious torment. Her panties were soaked, so wet that juice dripped down between her ass cheeks.

Gradually she became aware that firm, soft hands, clearly feminine, were massaging her own. They expertly worked her fingers, loosening them, every touch sending sparks of electricity all the way up her arms to the tips of her nipples. She struggled not to react, not to let on that this was having such an effect on her. Then another pair of hands, also female, caressed her instep and her back arched sharply. She heard a light chuckle as her robe came undone, decidedly not of its own accord. The air chilled the newly exposed skin, now hot from arousal, and her nipples hardened into tight little balls. This time she tried to cry out, even opened her mouth to do so, but no sound came out.

Determined hands moved along her arms, bahis siteleri circling her breasts and pulling at the material of her bra. Long, feathery hair tickled the top of her breasts as the hands arranged the bra so that the edge came in contact with her inflamed nipples, pressing achingly against them. The rough elastic dug into the soft flesh and Sandy found her voice, moaning lustfully. The unseen woman ran her hot tongue over Sandy’s nipples, torturing her. She was sure it was a woman, could tell by the scent, the way she moved, the way she felt. This was not part of the fantasy; Sandy had never wanted to be with a woman, liked cock too much. But somehow, that made this reality more erotic – she really had no control over what was being done to her, or who was doing it.

She bucked when she felt warm breath on her drenched pussy lips through the silky material of her panties, hair spilling over her inner thighs. A tongue traced a delicate pattern over them, suckling the salty sweetness. She pulled against the cuffs, trying desperately to avoid traveling down the path these women were taking her.

“Please, no,” she cried halfheartedly, but in truth she hoped no one listened.

Simultaneously her bra was unsnapped and her panties were torn free of her hips. Her rational mind wondered how she’d explain the lack of underwear at home, but the thought was quickly shoved to the rear of her brain as her body concentrated on all the fantastic physical sensations she was feeling. The woman between her legs moaned into her pussy and she felt the vibrations course through her entire body. The woman at her tits was alternating between nipples, biting and sucking with wild abandon.

“Ugggghhhhhh,” Sandy gurgled, pressing her pussy into the woman’s face between her legs.

The woman responded by lapping hungrily and fucking Sandy with her tongue. Sandy squirmed, mumbling incoherently, pulling feverishly against the leather straps, trying to grip the woman’s tongue with the walls of her pussy. Her tits were sore from all the attention they were receiving but the woman teasing them was relentless.

Without warning, the woman between her legs bit down on Sandy’s clit and worked a finger deep in her ass. Her whole body convulsed, and then she passed out. When she awoke she was in the waiting area, curled on a cushion, still in the robe, but naked underneath. Lance stood over her, his cock bulging invitingly in his too tight uniform.

“For obvious reasons we had to stop your treatment, but I was wondering if you’d like to reschedule. We were just getting started.”

Wide-eyed, Sandy nodded.

At home, Sandy explained that the spa ran low on hair dye – her color blonde is very popular they said – so she had to make a follow up appointment. Her children bought it easy enough, but her husband grumbled about how worthless a spa was that didn’t have enough dye before he let it drop.

Instead of being exhausted from her little adventure earlier, Sandy’s already healthy canlı bahis siteleri sex drive doubled, if not tripled. By the time she and her husband got to bed she was sopping wet again and it didn’t take much effort to get him hard. She climbed on him with no foreplay and rode him a full 20 minutes before he came, then sound asleep less than 10 minutes later with a big smile on his face.

Unfortunately, Sandy hadn’t cum, which was unusual. In the past, her husband just had to wave his cock in front of her face and she was on her way, but tonight, for some reason, she had an itch he couldn’t scratch. Lying in her bed, cum leaking out of her, her thoughts kept returning to the spa. Vivid memories of the unknown woman licking and sucking her pussy flooded her mind and soon she was pressing and rubbing her clit, careful not to be to vigorous lest she wake her husband and have to explain why she was still so horny. When her orgasm finally came she had to stuff her hand in her mouth to stifle the sounds. That made two incredibly powerful orgasms in one day.

Sunday started out as a lazy day; her husband had to work a double and all of the kids were out (at work or at friends’ houses), leaving Sandy with the house all to herself. At 11:00 am she finally dragged herself into the shower, but the phone rang as she was soaping up. Irritated, she stomped over and snatched it off the receiver.

“Yes,” she said icily.

“Is this Sandy?” a brusque voice asked.

She didn’t recognize the voice so she was less inclined to be cordial. “Yes, can I help you? I’m standing here soaking wet.”

“That’s your problem,” the voice snapped back. “This is Ken Richards. And my problem is that you keep raising the fucking rates for daycare. I’m not made of money!”

Sandy’s heart sank. She took care of all three of his children, and although she had only raised her rates modestly this year, it probably did represent a healthy increase to Ken. To make matters worse, Ken was the local ne’er-do-well who, although not divorced, hadn’t shared a house with his wife Brenda since Stevie, the youngest, was born 3 years ago. Overall the kids weren’t bad, but they were far from angels, and Sandy felt no compulsion to adjust her rates to make it any easier on the Richards’.

“Mr. Richards,” Sandy began.

“Don’t fucking ‘Mr. Richards’ me,” he interrupted. “Where am I supposed to come up with that kind of money?” he screamed into the phone.

“Mr. Ric…Ken, I’m sure we can work out a payment pl…” Sandy tried, but he cut her off again.

“Fucking cunt!” he bellowed and slammed down the phone.

Sandy replaced the receiver, her hand shaking a little. The anger didn’t bother her; if she hadn’t learned anything else from being a military brat, it was how to defend herself. But he sounded so – irrational. She debated calling her husband, asking him to come home, but then thought better of it. The last thing she needed was to get him riled as well.

She got back in the shower and canlı bahis lathered up again. Her hands passing over her breasts awakened some of the feelings she’d experienced yesterday. She swooned slightly, bracing one hand against the wall for support, and continued to fondle and squeeze her breasts as the water cascaded around her. She trailed her hand down between her legs and had just coaxed her clit out of its hood when the sound of the doorbell imposed. Really angry now, she grabbed a bath towel off the hook and wrapped it around herself, and stormed to the front door. She yanked it open and jumped back to find the doorway full. Ken Richards pushed through, another man following close behind.

“You think your all high and mighty, don’t you?” he barked, leaning down to get in her face, apparently unaware of her attire.

He was a big man, probably 6’2″ or 6’3″, deeply lined and darkly tanned; he obviously spent a lot of time outdoors. His hair was black with flecks of gray and his eyes were a piercing black, now clouded over with anger. His cheeks were sunken and his mouth a razor thin line cut into the bottom of his face. He wasn’t an attractive man, but his presence was commanding, the type of man that made dogs flinch with just a stare. His upper body was broad and large, like a football player’s, rather than the chiseled mass of a model. When he grabbed Sandy’s wrist and dragged her over to the couch she noticed how rough and chapped his hands were.

Another man entered and closed the door. He was smaller, maybe 6′, with sandy brown hair and vacant green eyes. His face was doughier, less malevolent, and Sandy immediately registered a resemblance to Stevie. He was pale from being inside most of the time and slimmer then Ken, almost skinny. This was Brenda Richards’ brother Paul; he’d picked Stevie up a few times when Brenda had been running late. She’d seen him around town, knew he was an assistant manager at the Wal-Mart, and had never had any reason to give him a second glance until today. He followed behind them like a lapdog.

Sandy looked up from the couch, rubbing her wrist defiantly. Not only had these idiots interrupted what promised to be another memorable orgasm, they busted into her house like they owned the place.

“I don’t know why I have to pay for you to live like this,” he gestured around her living room.

She looked around, wondering what he was talking about. Her house was clean and nice, but it’s not like she was living in one of those ridiculous 3-story tract mansions in Dallas squeezed onto a dollop of land.

“Let me tell you something Ken,” she sneered. “If you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to. I don’t need your money, I don’t need your kid and I don’t need these hassles!”

She stood up and poked her finger in his chest several times for emphasis. All the anger, all the tension, all the fear was behind those jabs. She connected solidly with his pec, her whole arm vibrating with the force of her movement. She was probably crazy; if this guy backhanded her, she was going to go flying. Steeling himself for his response she looked up in his eyes, surprised to see that the anger was gone, replaced by – it looked like desire!

To Be Continued…

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