My Wife With My Boss Ch. 01

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I am Mark Southgate (name changed due to privacy), male 41 years of age. I have been working in a accountancy firm for past 18 years and have been married to Katrina for the last 16 and a half years. It goes without saying that my job and growth is very stagnant however Katrina in every way is a trophy wife for me.

Katrina is 37 years of age and 5’7. She has sexy however tight and well maintained curves and a delicious pair of breast. I could safely say that everyone in my office has been jealous of me.

The story starts on a fine summer afternoon of 2022. I receive a mail from the head Human Resources that my new boss will be joining a day after and I shall ensure that he faces no issues. His name was Harry and was a athletic male of age no more than 25 years old. He had blue eyes and I could bet that he was making all the women in workplace lose.

Harry is new to the city and the apartment he has rented has plumbing issues which won’t be fixed before 3 days. I don’t know what ran in my head, out of courtesy I asked him if he would like to stay at my place. He agreed at once and insisted that he buys me dinner.

That evening after work I took Harry to my place and promised him the best rabbit stew he has every had. My wife makes the best rabbit bahis şirketleri stew.

Katrina loved serving guests. She had rural Brazilian roots and was a great cook. I called her up and she was more than happy to cook a grand diner. That night were full and drank some sangria as well. Katrina has arranged sleeping arrangement for Harry in the the drawing space where we had a sofa cum bed.

The night passed on however my wife could not stop talking about Harry. It was a bit strange for me, however I ignored it thinking that she was just curious.

The next morning we woke up. Katrina has just made us delicious pan cake and we left for work. On our way to work, Harry could not stop appreciating how lucky I am to get such a beautiful wife. At work my wife unusually called me more than 7 times regarding what she should cook for dinner. I won’t lie but this was rather irritating.

That night Katrina has arranged some exquisite supper with delicious sweets at the end. My wife could not stop giggling at Harry’s stupid joke. Harry started complimenting her in-front of me and Katrina’s giggles was getting on my nerves. At a time Harry also made a lousy joke on my stagnant career as well and Katrina could not stop laughing. I was irritated and said that bahis firmaları it is already too late we need to sleep.

I was irritated and asked Katrina to come to the bedroom as soon as possible. When she came to the bedroom she was really pissed. What was that all about she asked sternly. I replied that Harry was being a jerk to me. Maybe you should learn how to take a joke she exclaimed and angrily slept with the whole of the blanket. Maybe I did over react. Idk when did I fall asleep without turning on the AC. It was around 2:30 am I woke up all sweaty. I looked for Katrina but she was not beside me. As I opened the door to look for her I saw something which changed my life forever.

Katrina was on her knees with her ass up in the air and Harry had his face buried in her asshole. For a moment I just wanted to kick Harry out of my house but wtf. My dick was getting hard as I saw my wife’s ass getting eaten by my boss. At that moment I did not want them to notice me so I hid behind the door. I could hear her moan as he sucked her asshole and pushed his tongue inside

My dick was rock hard and I saw Harry putting his finger inside my wife’s wet pussy. He pulled out his dick and for fucks sake it was huge. My wife’s face had a amazed look as she put kaçak bahis siteleri his dick inside her mouth. I have never seen my wife blowing like this. She used to be very shy and our sex life was pretty normal. She was sucking him off like a true slut. She sucked him off for straight 5 mins.

My dick was getting stone hard as I heard my wife say fuck me hard. They were behaving as if they did not care waking me up. Harry made Katrina bend on her knees and pushed his huge dick inside her pussy.

She screamed and starts moaning hard as he penetrates her. I could hear the slaps on her her ass as he banged her hard. That very moment I knew that I she would never be satisfied of my dick. He fucked my wife’s pussy for straight 10 mins. He then went to her ears and whispered something. I could see her giving a coy smile. She started spreading her ass cheeks and Harry put some saliva on her butthole. My wife is gonna get her ass fucked. He pushed his dick inside her ass and she tried her best not to scream. He banged her ass for around 5 mins and my wife could not stop moaning. He hurriedly pulled out his dick and started stroking it on my wife’s face. I could see my wife’s red and sweaty face. He came all over her face and she licked every drop of his cum clean. Never knew my simple wife could be such a slut. I cam as well and rushed to the bed with shame and anger.

After 30 minutes Katrina came to the bedroom and slipped beside me thinking that I was fast asleep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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