My Wife Sucks off My Friend

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Blake was fucking me slow now. His dick was so hard. I wanted him to fuck me harder. Maybe a little sexy talk would do the trick.

“You know what? I don’t know why I’m letting you fuck me. You have not been so nice to me lately. You wouldn’t give me a massage last night. You didn’t have time to make me tea this morning. I thought about just sucking your dick a little and leaving you horny until you started being nice to me again. You really don’t deserve a piece of ass. Next time I’m just going to suck your cock enough to make you want to cum, then I’m gonna just leave you like that. What do you think of that?”

“Have you ever given a guy a blowjob but ended up not fucking him?” he asked me.

“Yeah. You remember Cary was over yesterday? Didn’t you notice his cock was hard? Every time he comes over, his cock is hard.”

“No. I wasn’t looking at Cary’s dick. You sucked Cary’s dick yesterday?”

“Yes. When you went to the store. I hope you don’t mind. That’s why he came over. I called him earlier in the day and told him I wanted to suck his dick. He has such a big dick, and he loves how I suck it.” Blake started fucking me a little harder when I told him this.

“Haven’t you ever noticed that every time he comes over, I wear a short skirt and yellow panty’s? That’s for him. Whenever I can, I flash him my panty’s. When possible, I let him feel me in them. He loves those yellow panty’s. Whenever you are not looking, he rubs my ass and feels my pussy.”

“You bahis şirketleri mean you sucked him off when I went to the store? Do you like sucking his dick? Did you swallow?”

“But baby, you know I’m your whore. And I LOVE sucking his big dick and yes, I always swallow his nut. What doesn’t spray out. Didn’t you notice my hair was wet? That was his cum in my hair.” Now Blake was really pounding me hard. He was getting more and more turned on, hearing me talk. “You’re a real slut aren’t you? Do you like being a whore?”

He spread my legs with one hand and squeezed my tit hard with the other as he drove his cock into me deeper.

“I wasn’t quite finished with him when you walked in the door. As soon as you drove up in the driveway, he started squirting cum down my throat. His dick was as hard as yours is right now. But much bigger. He held my face and kept coming. I swallowed most of it. I was able to get out of the bathroom before you caught me sucking his big dick.”

He grabbed my wrists and put them over my head. He pinned them down to the mattress, holding me down tight. Then he started really pounding me. “You must like hearing this story babe, your cock is hard as steel. Keep ramming that dick into me. You like hearing me talk about sucking his big dick don’t you? I can tell you do.”

He was about to make me cum. He spread my legs wider as he was fucking me. I kept talking.

“Don’t you remember kissing me when you saw me? You didn’t bahis firmalar taste anything strange? I had not been able to swallow all his cum before you grabbed me and kissed me.”

“I kissed you right after he came in your mouth? I noticed your hair was a little wet. So you enjoyed sucking his dick, then kissing me? For that, I think you need to be fucked really hard. Spread your legs some more. I’m going to fuck you good and hard for that.”

“Yes sir. Are you mad? Are you fucking me so good because you’re mad? Well I’m sorry baby, but I suck Cary’s dick a lot. The other day when I broke down and he gave me a ride home. I sucked his big cock as he was driving. As soon as I got in his car, I noticed his cock was hard. I had to reward him. So I unzipped him and pulled his big, meaty dick out and gave him head. He loves hearing me slurp on his dick, so I made my mouth water up and I slurped on his dick. I felt like such a whore. I wish you could’ve watched me sucking on his big dick. You would’ve enjoyed that. He was about to fuck me that day, but you came home early.”

“You mean the day I got off early? You were about to get fucked? You should’ve just went ahead. I would’ve watched. How big is he? I think you need to get on your knees now. I’m getting mad and I want to spank you while I fuck you. Turn over you little dick licker.”

I turned over quickly and got on my knees. He pinched my ass, then he popped me a couple times and at the same time, he shoved kaçak bahis siteleri his hard dick inside me. I had already came once and it felt good to have my ass up in the air as he slapped it and massaged it.

“His dick is so big, I can’t wrap my hand around it. He told me it is almost 10 inches long. I want him to slam that big fucker into me, but you are always home. You don’t mind if he fucks me? Now that you know about me giving him blowjobs, maybe I can just suck his big dick in front of you.”

“Do you want to watch me suck his big dick baby? Would you like to watch him squirt his cum down my throat too?”

Blake was holding my hips tight, pounding my pussy from behind now. Occasionally slapping my ass cheeks.

“Yes baby. We can go pick him up some night and go riding. You can suck his dick while we ride. Would you like that?”

“Really baby? That would be wild. I could get naked and suck both of you. I could suck him off, then kiss you. Yes. I think I would like that. I think I would like to let you suck his hot sperm from my lips and swallow. Maybe I’ll lay down right there in the front seat and let him fuck the shit outta me right in front of you, while you watch.”

“I might like to watch you get nailed while I drive, but I’m not so sure about taking his cum from your lips.”

His words were doubtful, but I noticed the talk of him taking Cary’s nut from my mouth was making his cock was even harder and he was now long stroking my soaking pussy.

“You like fucking me don’t you?” I asked. “Of course baby. I love your pussy.”

“Well, if you love fucking me, you will take his nut from me. Understand?” He nodded, and continued pounding me. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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