My Turn

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“My turn”, I said breathlessly but with a grin, propping myself up on my elbows looking down the length of my nude body at you.

You look up at me from between my thighs, a self-satisfied smile on your face. You reach up and caress my stomach, still flushed from orgasm. I shiver at your touch, my skin hyper sensitive.

“No, you’ve had your fun. MY turn now.” You nibble at my thigh causing me to squeak and squirm a bit. I sit up a bit further and glare at you, “Are you going to lay down like a good boy or am I going to have to make you?” Your grin gets bigger and you remain between my legs and take a playful lick at the very sensitive area between my pussy and my thigh. I moan and fall back down again.

Realizing that you don’t seem to have any intention of moving and are happily preparing to tease me more, I gather my will and sit up. Pushing you gently but firmly with my hands I dislodge you from between my thighs. You sit back a bit with a playful pout on your lips.

“MY tu…” I start to say, but you grab me and kiss me passionately before I can finish my sentence. I respond, pressing my body up tight against you. I can feel your penis grow hard against me, moving up to lodge between our stomachs. I feel your tongue probe my mouth, tasting of me and I suck it. Your hands run down my back and squeeze my ass, pulling our bodies even closer together. I can feel myself starting to respond to you again, a tight tingle up high inside of me.

Knowing that I will never get to have my fun if this continues I push away from you breathlessly. I shove a bit too hard and you topple backwards onto the bed with a surprised look on your face. I quickly straddle your legs, just below your hips. güvenilir bahis Your hands reach up and you start caressing up my thigh again. Growling, I glare at you. You smile and cross your hands over your chest.

“Did you want something dear?” you ask with a smirk.

“Hmmm…” I say, leaning forward and kissing you. My body remains inches above yours so that you just feel my nipples caress your chest. You shiver and kiss back, running your fingers lightly over my full breasts.

I push your hands away and begin kissing down from your mouth, over your jaw and to your neck. I pause at your throat and feel your pulse with my tongue. I take a light nibble and you gasp. I can feel your cock twitch against my crotch, inches away but I don’t plan on giving you’re the satisfaction.

I kiss further down your body, my breasts trailing ahead of me. I pause at your nipples, feeling your hard cock brushing against my breasts. With my tongue I flick your right nipple, my hand pinching the other. You moan and use your hand to help your cock rub between my breasts. I suck at you and nibble a bit, enjoying the feel of you squirming under me. Your hand begins to stroke your hard cock, your fingers grazing my nipples with each up stroke.

I gasp and stop, looking into your half-closed eyes “Oh no you don’t! I’m playing with you here!” I move your hand and frown at you. You grin and twitch your throbbing penis at me.

“Well, I can’t help myself. It wants attention,” you say. With an exaggerated sigh I scoot down your body until my face is even with your dick. I contemplate it for a second, and then look up at you. You smile and raise your eyebrows twitching your cock a few more times for emphasis.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri take my finger and lightly brush down it, teasingly. You gasp and your smile fades. I grin wickedly, lean down and take a quick lick from your balls up to the tip. You groan when I then lightly blow on the wet trail that I left. Your body shivers and a spot of precum appears at the tip. I lick it off with a quick stroke of my tongue enjoying the salty taste of you.

My left-hand trails it’s way over your thigh and cups your testicles, my thumb gently caressing the sensitive area between your dick and your balls. My right hand encircles the base of your penis, gently, and I move it so your cock is pointing at me. I lick my lips and smile wickedly at you, letting you know what I have planned. You gasp and squirm a bit, wanting me to put my mouth around you, to feel yourself inside me.

I lean forward and ever so lightly brush the head of your cock with my lips. You groan and try to thrust in, but I’ve got you firmly with my hands and keep you back. My tongue flicks out and circles around the head of your cock, two, three times. I love to torture you. I pause for a second causing you to briefly wonder if I’m not going to continue, then you feel my mouth completely close on your throbbing dick and plunge to the base. You cry out and thrust once, trying to bury yourself deeper within my mouth.

Using suction I slowly pull myself up your penis, my teeth grazing along you. I go to the top and sucking and licking I concentrate my efforts there. My hand at the base of your penis begins to move, my saliva making you slick. My mouth moves down and up your cock, only half way, several times to the rhythm iddaa siteleri of my hand. I can taste precum again and move back up to the top trying to suck it all out.

I remove my mouth from you and just use my hand for a few seconds. My fingers graze up to the top and back, lightly. You moan, but I can tell you want my mouth back. Teasingly I take away my hands and sit back a bit. You gasp in astonishment and whimper.

“What was that dear?” I ask playfully. You growl at me and I raise my eyebrows, grinning. “You want more?” You start to sit up, but I don’t want you to take control, yet. I again move back and cup your balls and penis with my hands. My mouth plunges down your shaft to the base, several times in quick succession. While doing this, one of my hands reaches up and pinches your nipple. You buck and thrust harder into my mouth. Each time your cock draws out I apply suction making it somewhat difficult for you to withdraw. I can feel your body shaking under me and your tempo increases.

I put my hand back on your cock and with my hand and mouth help you keep the rhythm that you have set. You groan and writhe under me, your hand tangling in my long hair. Insistently you push my head down on you harder, faster. I am happy to help, wanting to feel you orgasm into my mouth.

With several hard thrusts you explode into my mouth. My hands still but my mouth continues to apply rhythmic suction until I can feel the waves of your orgasm stop. Hot cum spilling from my mouth back onto you I slowly remove myself off you and wipe my lips, licking the remaining stickiness from them.

You lay motionless as I get up off of you, a satisfied smile on your lips. Getting off the bed I pause and look at you. I’m feeling very satisfied with myself but there is something yet to be done.

Making a tsk tsk noise I tell you, “Well now you’re a mess dear. I think we need a shower.” I grin with anticipation as I head into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32