My Strict Young Governess Ch. 03

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[You will likely find this story more enjoyable if you read the two preceding chapters in which the characters are introduced. However, you may also go ahead and read this one and decide if it is to your fancy. This story involves much discipline and bodily functions. If either of these topics bothers you, please do not read the story. All characters are well over 18.]

My young 25-year-old governess, Suzanne, had now established herself firmly in our home, much to the enjoyment of my husband Ned and myself. I’m a 45-year-old married woman who found that I craved being under the supervision and control of a strict, younger woman. We advertised and decided on Suzanne, as she did for us, and she promptly moved in.

I found it very exciting to have my clothing entirely changed so that now I was wearing somewhat dull plain blouses but very short skirts that often exposed my panties, which were only the granny-style ones Suzanne had found at the back of my lingerie drawer.

Suzanne supervised me in the bathroom and regulated my use by withholding permission when I seemed to her to be seeking to pee too often. I was required to sit on the toilet and only pull down my panties when she said I could. I then had to wait for permission to start peeing and if I then didn’t get it started quickly, she would threaten to make me pull up my pants and wait for another chance later while holding it in.

Suzanne moved into my marital bed and relegated me to a small bed placed next to it. She enjoyed very hot sex with my husband, which I thoroughly was turned on by hearing, and then she did engage with both of us sexually. Suffice it to say that she sparked up our sex life.

She had taken me shopping to a women’s apparel shop that seemed designed for young dominant women to select appropriate clothing for the middle-aged ladies they controlled. Suzanne made it clear to the young salesgirl Adrienne that I was submissive to my governess. We met another similar pair, Linda and Frances, and Suzanne exchanged coordinates with Linda and also with Adrienne who had apparently served as a babysitter for Linda’s Aunt Frances, whom Linda called Franny.

It was not long after that when Suzanne took me to visit Linda and Franny with her. I had seen at our meeting in the shop that Linda was a stricter governess than Suzanne. It was not long after our arrival for tea that I was shown how this dominance manifested itself.

Linda came to the door, dressed quite nicely as she was also in her mid-20s as Suzanne was and was a master’s candidate at the university. Franny was her aunt and both Franny and her husband, Linda’s uncle, had agreed that Franny needed some supervision of the strict kind Linda was pleased to provide.

“Franny has misbehaved, I’m sorry to say,” Linda announced to us, “so she is being punished. It will do her a world of good for you both to be present for her disciplining.” With that, she escorted us into the tastefully appointed living room, where Franny was on display in a corner, with her white, old-fashioned, full brief panties pulled down to her knees and her short skirt pulled up above her waist and clipped there to expose her bare bottom.

It was obvious from the faded marks and stripes on her bottom that Linda frequently spanked or caned her aunt.

“Franny,” Linda said after we had seated ourselves on a couch opposite the straight chair in which she was sitting, “come over here now for your spanking.”

We watched as Franny, who was tear-eyed already, shuffled from the corner with her panties at her knees and placed herself over the young woman’s skirted lap. Linda then ceremoniously placed a towel between her skirt and Franny.

“Franny sometimes loses control when she is being spanked, so I need to have this towel here just in case she forgets herself,” Linda explained as Franny’s face reddened.

Linda now began spanking Franny quite hard, alternating cheeks but sometimes applying several strong spanks to one cheek. After quite a few strong spanks, she switched to using a wooden hairbrush that was clearly reserved for this purpose. Franny began moaning and then crying out when the hairbrush reddened her bottom.

Now Linda let her hand roam down between her aunt’s legs and felt her intimate places.

“This little girl has been getting excited by her spanking,” she reported, showing us obviously wet fingers from feeling Franny’s quim. “Franny,” she ordered crisply, “stand up and bend over the ottoman over there.”

Her aunt managed to lift herself off Linda’s lap and Linda took up the towel and showed us that Franny had left it wet with her excitement that secreted a good deal of vaginal fluid.

“Sometimes she does lose control and pee herself during a spanking,” Linda commented as Franny’s face cringed. “Don’t give me that look, Franny, or you will be put into diapers, so you don’t have any more accidents.”

Franny, who had dull brown hair, stood about 5-5 and weighed about 150 pounds, bent over the ottoman, her bottom protruding above it and her legs bursa escort bayan spread, exposing her very visible vulva because she had been shaved.

Linda reached to a sideboard and picked up a small cane. She stood behind and over Franny and lay the cane across her broad bottom. With a natural ease, she drew the cane back and began applying strokes to Franny’s red bottom. Franny screamed at each stinger until Linda had given her eight strokes, some of which were aimed low on her bottom and must have been quite painful.

Suzanne thanked Linda for allowing us to witness this discipline being given.

“Thank you for permitting us to observe,” she said warmly. “I’m sure Deb will appreciate that Franny was properly punished. Might I ask for what offense she was disciplined, Linda?”

“Oh,” Linda answered rather offhandedly, “Franny forgot to ask my permission this morning to use the toilet when she woke up before I did. She knows that she must wait until I am awake and can supervise her peeing or making a doody.”

“Thank you so much,’ Suzanne smiled. “I think that it would be good for you both to observe my inspecting Deb’s panties as we have been working on her improving her wiping after her own toilet use. Deb, stand up and lift your skirt.”

I stood as ordered and lifted my skirt. Suzanne came over and put her thumbs in the waistband of my granny panties and lowered them to my knees. Then she peered down into the crotch (as did I) and was not surprised to find that there was a thin brown line in the crotch and some yellow spots that were clearly left by my pee.

“Deb, you have failed the panty inspection,” Suzanne announced. “There is a long shit stain and some pee marks in your panty. This means that I must now inspect your pussy.” With that, she leaned down and used her fingers to hold my labia apart and run them through my slit. Then she pushed a finger deep inside me, into my already wet vagina. Finally, she told me to turn around and she then had me keep my legs apart while she pressed a finger into my anal opening. She then examined her fingers.

“Your quim is quite wet, Deb,” she reported, “so I expect that watching Franny getting spanked and caned excited you. And I’m very sorry to have to say that your bottom-hole is dirty.”

“Does she often fail these inspections, Suzanne?” Linda asked.

“She’s generally been getting more attentive,” Suzanne said, “but I’m somewhat disappointed that she has stained her panties and that her hiney hole had some doody in it.”

Answering what she expected would be Linda’s next question before it was asked,

Suzanne then announced, “I hope you won’t mind if I discipline her now for the failed inspection–both of her panties and her pussy?”

“Of course not,” Linda grinned. “Women her age really should be expected to have clean panties at all times and having excrement inside her anus is disgraceful, isn’t it?”

I realized that Linda’s comments were intentionally aimed at encouraging my governess to increase the severity of whatever punishment she now would award me.

“Deb,” I was now told rather sharply, “unzip and remove your skirt and pull those dirty panties down and off.”

I complied quickly with Suzanne’s order, and she reached into her handbag for the small black graphite rod that I now feared but was turned on by seeing.

“Bend over the end of the couch,” Suzanne snapped. Then she stood behind me as she adjusted my legs, so they were spread quite well apart, disclosing both my puckered anus and my hairy quim.

Then my young governess lay the little rod on my bottom and began snapping it on my cheeks, stinging me each time and causing me to become quite wet between my legs from the excitement occasioned by my being disciplined in front of Linda and Franny.

Suzanne was clearly annoyed with me as she fired the rod lower and was hitting me in the tender crease between my bottom and my thighs. She then aimed vertically into my anal crack and the rod kissed my anal rosette, which elicited an even more piercing cry from me.

“If you don’t do better next time, Deb,” Suzanne now threatened, “you’re going to feel this rod where it will hurt the most–right on your naughty pussy!” Then she reached into her handbag again and pulled out a medium-sized butt plug.

“I’m going to have you wear a little plug to make sure you don’t stain your undies any more with that filthy asshole,” Suzanne scolded me, as she slowly pushed the plug into my anal opening until only the small ring to pull it out was visible. I felt incredibly filled and embarrassed as well.

“When Franny stains her panties like that,” Linda now reported to us, “I sometimes have her in diapers for a time until she learns to wipe better. Even when I let her wear panties again, I find it is useful to have hear place a pantiliner in the crotch so that any female discharges she has don’t stain her panties.”

Franny now frowned at this discussion of her most intimate behaviors as I knew that I also would sometimes find staining caused görükle escort by unpredictable vaginal discharges.

“Don’t frown, Franny,” Linda lectured her aunt, as she proceeded to disclose more intimate details of Franny’s vaginal health, “you know that for some reason, you seem to release more discharge from your quim these days even though your periods have become quite light.”

She looked at Suzanne and smiled, “Franny’s period has become quite short and light. I imagine she is starting to get ready for the change of life. She now really only needs a couple of Slender Regular tampons a day and it’s only for about three days anyway. She needs about as many as a teen using Junior tampons.”

I realized then how embarrassed Franny must be hearing Linda discuss her waning period so openly and with such derision. But now it was my turn for my face to become red.

“Deb’s period is regular, and she bleeds normally for about five days,” Suzanne reported to my embarrassment. “I’ve had her start wearing the new period panties instead of her sticking tampons in her quim. They do work well even on her heavy day, and it is good discipline for her to wash them out each day.”

“Suzanne,” Linda then said, “I thought you and I could go out for a while and so I’ve arranged for Adrienne, you know the girl from Melanie’s shop, to come by and babysit Franny and Deb. Would you like to join me?”

My governess smiled at her and at me and said, “I’d be delighted, Linda. It will be good for these girls to be under Adrienne’s supervision while we are gone.”

Soon the doorbell rang and Adrienne, who was dressed in a tank top and shorts and flipflops, came in smiling.

“I guess you want me to watch Franny for an hour or so,” she said brightly to Linda, “and will I have the pleasure of having Miss Deb here to watch too?”

“Yes, Adrienne,” Suzanne replied, “thank you so much for asking. You may find that Deb will need to make a doody because I have plugged her when I found that her bottom-hole was dirty. I was very embarrassed to find her that way when I inspected her here in front of my friends.”

“Oh, Suzanne, I’m sorry she was so naughty,” Adrienne cooed. “Do you think she needs any more punishment?” she added, hopefully.

“You’re always authorized to discipline her if you feel it is needed,” Suzanne answered, looking at me as if to convey how disappointed she was with my ignominious failure at keeping my panties and asshole clean.

“You know that you always can punish Franny in any way you think useful if she misbehaves,” Linda told Adrienne.

I felt very insecure at being placed under the control of this younger girl, hardly 20, who now was in total charge of Franny and me. The two women left, probably to enjoy a drink and perhaps meet some congenial women or men at a watering hole frequented by people their age.

After they had left, Adrienne started lecturing us.

“So, you two embarrassed your governesses,” she scolded. “I’m very disappointed in both of you. Now get over here and bend over the couch,” she snapped in her high-pitched tones. It was horribly shaming to be controlled and now probably spanked by this very young woman who had been given total power over us.

When Franny and I had bent over the couch, Adrienne came behind us and lifted up our embarrassingly plain but short skirts. She looked at our granny panties.

“I see that Suzanne and Linda have you wearing panties appropriate to your age,” she commented cuttingly. Then she pulled our panties down and off. I wondered what was going to happen.

Adrienne then reached into her handbag and pulled out a small whip with several tails. It was a miniature martinet. She started to whip our already very red and sore bottoms with it. Then she made sure our legs were well apart and started applying the little whip, which fortunately was quite soft, between our open legs and I felt its sting on my labia and even inside them on my vaginal opening and my clit. It really hurt and I screamed, as did Franny.

“You two obviously need a little pussy-whipping,” Adrienne laughed. “So do you need to make a doody, Debbie?” she mockingly inquired.

“I’m afraid I do, Miss Adrienne,” I replied, trying to sound very deferential.

“Let me check,” Adrienne snapped. She bent over and inserted her forefinger into my anal rosette after she had extracted the butt plug Suzanne had inserted. She looked at the buttplug and saw a smudge at its tip.

“Hmm,” she said, “it does look like you have some doody in there. She looked at her forefinger and saw that there was brown at its tip.

Adrienne now reached onto a shelf and took down a bowl and placed it on the floor.

“Deb, come over here, squat over this bowl, and you can do your business in it,” she said with a grin on her face. “You need to be quite careful not to get any doody on the carpet or let any pee splash onto it, either.”

I walked over to where she had placed the small bowl and squatted over it. I tried to aim at it when bursa escort bayan I released my urinary sphincter to pee. I succeeded in aiming my pee stream, which was strong, into the bowl where it bubbled up. Then I pushed a little and knew that Adrienne was watching as I excreted a fairly long, solid dark brown log that plopped into the bowl. I was pleased that I had managed to avoid anything not landing in the bowl.

Adrienne handed me a small square of toilet paper and told me to show her how I wiped. I carefully wiped from my vulva down through to my anus and pressed the paper into my bottom-hole. I looked at it and there was a small brown streak as I had managed to defecate quite cleanly.

I showed it to Adrienne who gave me a few sheets now of toilet paper and I used them the same way and felt that I had probably succeeded in wiping myself properly, although I was totally embarrassed.

“It looks like Suzanne has trained you well, Deb,” Adrienne commented, “even though I gather you failed her panty and pussy inspection earlier. Come with me so I can have you empty the bowl into the toilet.

While we were in the bathroom, Adrienne sat down and pulled her shorts and cute bikini panties down as she quickly released her strong pee stream into the bowl in front of me. I saw her slit clearly because she was shaved in front and had light hair anyway.

“You like looking at my sweet young pussy, don’t you, Deb?” she taunted me, total unashamed to have me seeing her private parts as she peed. “No granny flaps like you and Franny have,” she went on.

“It’s very pretty, Miss Adrienne,” I complimented her.

“It sure is,” she responded coolly, “and my boyfriend loves to fuck me. I bet your husband is drooling over being able to lick Suzanne’s lovely cunt before she lets him fuck her, isn’t he?

She could see that I was almost crying with shame now, but I managed to say that Suzanne had pleased my husband but also had been very nice to me as well.

“You’re quite lucky that she’s willing to have anything to do with your old cunt,” Adrienne snapped. “I was surprised that you had the control to piss and shit in the bowl. Is your husband still willing to fuck that sorry cunt?”

I knew I had to answer her insulting remark, so I managed to reply, “Yes, he does have sex with me, Miss Adrienne, and Suzanne has been wonderful to both of us in making us more considerate and responsive.”

“OK,” said Adrienne, clearly not at all happy with my positive response, “get down on your knees and lick me dry.”

I did what she said and began licking her pretty little pussy. It tasted a little sour and I figured she had fucked her boyfriend quite recently, even earlier that afternoon.

When I felt she was clean, she turned around and told me to lick her asshole and get my tongue up into as far as I could. I did just that and it tasted only a bit acrid and as my tongue pushed up in it, a little stronger.

Finally, she pulled up her little panties and stood up. She reached into her handbag and took out a pair of small little-girly panties with bunnies on them. She told me to take my panties off, put them in my handbag, and put these panties on instead.

I stepped into them and pulled them up. Amazingly I could get them over my hips, but they felt really tight, with the elastic pressing into my skin.

I did feel totally ridiculous wearing those childish panties but figured that it was better than the diapers that had been talked about, and which Franny had undoubtedly been made to wear as punishment.

Adrienne took me back to the living room and said she was going to feed us. She took a banana and slipped it neatly into her quim then pulled it out with a pop. Then she split it in two and handed a half each to Franny and me. I popped it into my mouth and found that it had a surface taste of Adrienne’s cunt juice but still tasted like a banana. The sour taste made me certain that Adrienne had been fucked recently so her boyfriend’s cum was still seeping out of her twat.

Adrienne found Franny lying on the couch reading a novel. She told her to put the book down and stand up.

“Did Linda say you could read that book?” she asked insultingly. “I don’t think you’re mature enough for it yet,” she said with a giggle. “You shouldn’t be reading that without permission from your governess. I think we’d better get you to bed early for being naughty.”

It was about 4:30 P.M. and Franny seemed resigned to being put to bed. Apparently, Linda had told Adrienne that making her go to bed even earlier, like now, was fine if Adrienne felt that Franny had misbehaved.

I now grasped that Linda was indeed far stricter than Suzanne. I said “Good night” to Franny and told her I had been pleased to meet her. She smiled and thanked me and said she was glad to get to know me.

Adrienne clearly didn’t want me to be on my own while she put Franny to bed, so she told me to come along with her. When we reached Franny’s bedroom, I saw it had been converted into a little girl’s room with stuffed animals and lots of pink decorative touches. Franny changed into shortie pajamas and was supervised by Linda in the bathroom, where apparently, she washed her face and hands after peeing. Adrienne had her get into bed and turned out the light.

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