My Sister In Law Beth. Chapter 14 – 15

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Chapter 14

I’m not sure how long I had been sleeping when I opened my eyes and tried to adjust them to the darkness in the room. I turned and looked over at Jennifer, she was still deep in the sleep. But somehow, I could not shake the feeling that someone else was in the room watching us. I Looked toward to window and saw the drapes move slightly. I laid there for several moments, not noticing anything else so I must have started to drift off, I’m not sure, but I thought I heard Susan’s voice softly in my ear . “ Sleep my love.”

Jennifer was in the mist of a very big government fraud trial, so our time together was limited over the next few months. We did get together once or twice a week for dinner or a movie. Jen was so easy to get along with and though despite our age differences she made me feel like a young man. We both kept ourselves busy with our prospective jobs, making time for each other when we could.

On one of my normal Sunday dinners to my in laws, Jen’s parents were once again present, along with Lance and Beth, and one of my father in law’s sisters. I was determined to keep the conversation low key and avoid any possible unpleasantness.

I was the last to arrive, which was unusual, but made my way to the table. The conversation was harmless at first until Miss Margie, Jen’s mother asked how things were going between the two of us. I replied things had been very pleasant and that we had been out maybe three or four times, in the past month or so, but our work schedules were really brutal.

I couldn’t help but feel Beth’s cold gaze on me, however I did not look in her direction to acknowledge her. One thing however, I had noticed was that Lance had somewhat began to revert to his former sense. Not near as bad mind you, but he was having his moments.

After dinner was over, I got up to help my mother in law with the dishes. When we were alone in the kitchen, I asked my mother in law if we could talk. She replied that I was like a son to her and anything I wanted to say was fine by her.

“Mom, you know Susan meant to world to me, I loved her with all of my heart. You and Dad have always made me feel like the son you never had and since my parents died early in my life, I can never repay you for the kindness you have shown to me.”, I stated.

“That’s why I need to tell you something , Mom….”, I continued.

Before I could finish, my mom placed one finger over her lips to ask me to be quiet for a brief moment.

“I think I know what your going to say Jeff. You think that perhaps you might be attracted to Jennifer, but you want to make sure that Dad and I are ok with it.”, she replied.

“Jeff, you were the most doting, caring, loving, thoughtful and considerable husband that we could have hoped Susan would marry. For the last six months of her life, you never left her side, never let go of her hand.”, she continued.

“Jennifer is a very nice girl, you too have a lot in common, you have both of our blessings to move on. I know Susan would want you to be happy.”

“Thanks, Mom, I love you.”, I replied and hugged her.

I decided to make an early exit and avoid any unpleasant situation with Beth, I arrived home an hour later and found a message from Jennifer. The message said she had closed her case and it had went to the jury. They expected a verdict by Wednesday or Thursday. She mentioned she would love to spend a nice quiet weekend, just the two of us. That sounded great to me.

I had just gotten home Thursday evening from work, walked in the house and the phone rang. I picked it up and to my surprise, it was Beth.

“Jeff, I really need to talk to you. Do the think the two of us can meet us for an hour or so ?”’ she asked.

“Beth, I don’t think that’s a very good idea. You and Lance are back together, all we are doing is tempting fate.”, I replied.

“So you have blown me off already, Jeff ?”, she snapped.

“Now, wait Beth, what about the letter you wrote. After all we shared that’s the let down I get ?’, I retorted.

“Jeff, I have to talk to you to settle things once and for all, please.”, she begged.

“I will get back to you, Beth. Soon.”, was my reply.

Friday night came around, I went to the local Thai Restaurant on the way home and picked up dinner. Jen arrived about six thirty , we sat down and enjoyed a wonderful mean. We sat on the sofa and watched a movie on Lifetime, which I have to admit was not bad. Curled up on the sofa with Jen, just felt so right, so natural.

Right after the movie ended, Jen started flipping channels and stopped on the HBO Channel. They were starting the serials “Reel Sex”. The show started boring with a local strip club in Atlanta for women only, the second segment was about couples massage and the last segment was a sex workshop that was given In Colorado, when married couples went to expand their horizons,

I seem to notice that Jen’s interested piqued during the last segment. As the show went off, she turned to me and stated quite simply.

“Do you have any unfulfilled sexual fantasies, Jeff ?”, she asked.

“Where the heck, did that come from girl?”, I replied.

“I dunno, I guess I am just trying to get to know you better.”, she answered.

“Well, how I about I ask, do you have any ?”, I fired back.

“A few, but you have to go first, or its no deal.”, she said shyly.

I went on to tell Jen, with a great deal of shyness, that I always was extremely aroused watching a woman masterbate herself to orgasm.

“What about watching two girls have sex together ?”, Jen asked.

“I can’t say Jen, I have never had that experience, but I am sure it would be pleasurable.

“So what about you Jen, whats your big turn-on ?, I laughed .

“Promise me you won’t think any less of me if I tell you this.”, she said looking down at the floor.

I agreed and Jennifer began to attempt to tell me, stuttering through the sentences, that just once , she wanted to make love to a beautiful woman.

“Do you think I’m weird ?”, she asked.

“No Jen, from what I hear, its very common these days.””, I replied.

Jennifer and I were becoming more and more at ease with each other. It seemed the more time I spent with her, the more attracted to her I had become. Jennifer’s birthday was July 3rd, and I was hoping to do something special for her. I had decided the weekend before her party , I would take Jen, her Mom and Dad, all out to eat. The meal was great success and everyone had a great time.

A few days later, it was time for me to renew my health club membership, so as I went into the trainer’s office to pay, I pulled put my wallet. I found my credit card and handed it to the young lady and as I was waiting, I happened to thumb through my wallet. I reached in and pulled out the gloss back business card that said only “Raine”, with a phone number. I had held on to that card for over a year, don’t ask me why. As looked at the card, I suddenly had an idea.

Two days later I called my friend Riley who owned the club that Beth, Lance and I had went to the previous New Year’s Eve. I called him
up and left word for him to return my call. He did the next day and we caught up quickly. I explained to him I had met Jennifer and what a great girl she was. He asked me to bring her down to the club, so he could meet her. I informed him, I was thinking of just that and asked him if Raine still worked there. He laughed, and told me, she was the absolute best, and he hoped she would never leave him. I asked him to see if Raine was up to a private party and I would make it worth her while.

It was Monday and Jennifer’s birthday was Friday, I had to figure out what I was going to do. I had previously bought her present, a very nice diamond necklace. It was a gift that said, I really like you, without coming on too strong. I was supposed to pick it up on Wednesday evening after work. I made reservations at Commander’s Palace, a five star restaurant in New Orleans, which some say in the best in the city.
I figured by Wednesday, I had the entire evening planned out. I had just heard from Jen, she explained the jury had reached a verdict and court would reconvene tomorrow morning, then she would be free for the weekend. After work I stopped at the jewelers on the way home, picked up Jen’s birthday gift. I had just returned to my vehicle and was backing out of the parking lot when my cell phone rang. I figured it was Jen again, so I quickly answered it. I was wrong.

“Hi Jeff, its Beth, how are you ?”, she asked.

“I am doing well Beth and you ?”, I replied.

“Well, not really that great, can we get together and talk soon ?”, she inquired, “How about tomorrow night ?”

“I can’t on Friday, I have plans that I cannot break.”, I stated.

“You going out with Jennifer ?”, she said in a very annoyed tone.

“Yes, I am , its her birthday. We are just going to dinner, nothing really special.”, I responded.

Beth was silent for what seemed an eternity, then continued the inquisition.

“Well how about tonight then. Can we talk tonight ?”, she asked.

“I guess so Beth, what time ?”

“I’ll come over after seven, see you then.”

I hung up and thought to myself, this is a bad idea. Jennifer still had no clue about what had happened between Beth and I, and really for the sake of the family, I hoped it never came out. But I hated to deceive Jen, she was a caring trusting person, I did not want her to find out from someone else. I decided to meet Beth tonight, then sometime over the weekend, try to explain what had happened between Beth and I to Jen.

Sometime between seven and seven thirty, Beth arrived. I immediately knew from the way she was dressed, she had more on her mind than just talking. She had on a very short skirt and a revealing top. She looked very lovely, as usual. I escorted in to the great room and sat down across from her.

She seemed nervous and appeared like she was trying to find the right words that would sound appropriate. Finally after an awkward pause she began.

“Jeff, kocaeli escort bayan I know that what I did hurt you badly. That was never my intention, to be honest with you, I was thoroughly confused and to some degree, still am.” she stated.

“I am sorry about the note, you deserved better than that, I should have told you in person, I just didn’t have the courage.”, she continued.

“I have been married a long time and I simply had to see if their was any chance to salvage my marriage.” she added.

At this point , she looked down at the floor and exhaled, like all the breathe had left her body. I figured I had better say something.

“Beth, if you remember way back way, I said I thought the idea of us becoming intimate was an extremely bad idea. However, I did tell you that if you decided to go through with it, I asked you please not to deceive me.”, I said softly.

“Beth, I fell in love with you and I wanted us to be together, no matter what anyone else thought.”, I added.

“I know Jeff.”, Beth replied, “ I thought I was in love with you as well.”

“You thought ?”, I asked.

“No…..what I meant was …….”, she was fumbling for words.

“Look Beth, you owe me nothing, all I want is for you to be happy. If Lance makes you happy then by all means stay together. I will never mention a word of what happened between us to anyone.”, I promised.

She seemed somewhat relieved at that statement but disassociated as well. The longer I sat here across the Beth the more difficult this conversation was becoming. For a second, I really wished I could turn back the hands of time before I knew Jen and before Beth and I had gotten together. I had grown to care for Jennifer, she was a kind, caring, interesting person to be with. And as much as I wanted to deny it, I still had feelings for Beth.
“I know you want what’s best for me Jeff, that’s why I love you so much. Never has a man put me first. You always put me first.”, she finally replied.

“Can I ask you a question, Jeff ?”

“Sure, you can.”, I responded.

“Are you in love with Jennifer ?”, she asked.

“Honestly Beth, I don’t know. I do care for Jennifer a lot. She is a great woman and we get along really well. I’m just not sure I have fallen in love with her yet.”, I replied.

“But you fell in love with me so quickly, Jeff. How could that be ?”, she shot back.

“I can’t explain it you Beth. Perhaps it was due to the fact I have known you so long and already loved you in a different way. It made it so easy to get to the next phase.”, I said.

“Beth, what has happened, why are you bringing all of this up now, after you and Lance have gotten back together ?”, I continued.

“Well…..because…..I think I might have made a mistake.”, she stuttered in reply.

“By taking Lance back ?”, I asked.

She nodded her head yes immediately. This was not a situation, I was prepared for. I knew that this time, I had to be really cautious and think things out carefully before saying or doing anything else. Now, instead of turning my family upside down, I would do the same to Jennifer and her family. Not to mention that both families were extremely close friends. Before I could even finish with the thought of the consequences, Beth spoke up.

“Jeff, I have missed you so much. Your touch, your kindness, your gentleness. I need to have you hold me, make me feel needed as a woman.”, she softly whispered.

I wanted to jump out of my chair, grab her by the hand and run down the hall to the bedroom, and make love to her for hours. She looked so helpless, but so beautiful.
“Beth, first of all, you said you thought you might have made a mistake by taking Lance back, which makes me think you’re still not sure. Secondly, what you and I did happened before I met Jennifer, had no effect on our relationship. However, if I sleep with you again now, it does effect her and it makes me a piece of crap.”, I responded.

“So, you do love her ?”, Beth snapped back.

“No, I am not sure that I love her, but I am certain I respect her and I will not do anything to hurt her needlessly.”, I replied.

“Especially since you’re asking me to sleep with you but you are still not sure you want to leave Lance.”, I continued, “Beth, you really need to be alone and think things out. I can’t help you make this decision, but the fact you are still with Lance, tells me you love him.”

She looked down again, then stood up. She told me I was right, that she needed to think and thanked me for being understanding. She left abruptly.

Friday morning rolled around and I left for work as usual. I was surprised not to see Lance’s car in front of the house. He never left the house that early, I wondered if they had another fight. About mid – morning, the secretary announced I had a call on line three. I picked up the phone to a sultry female voice.

“May I speak with Jeff ?”, the voice said softly.

“This is Jeff.”, I replied.

“Hello, Jeff.”, the voice responded, “We met last year at Riley’s Club, he suggested I call you.”

It took a minute for everything to kick in, then suddenly I realized it was Raine, the beautiful red head from the club.

“Oh yes, how are you ?”, I asked.

“I’m fine Jeff.”, she responded, ”What can I do for you ?”

Not sure what I should discuss on the phone, I vaguely asked that when she had given me her card, she had told me about private encounters. I continued on to ask if that was still possible. She said it was something that she did in very rare occasions, but the people and surroundings had to be very discreet and low key. I explained to her that it would just be myself and Jennifer, recalling to her how Jennifer had a fantasy about another woman. I quickly added that in no way did I expect anything more then the performance she had given to us the club.

She responded that what she did was basically up to her mood and the connection she had with the people that were present. She told me that she preferred women to men, although she was not a lesbian. She then asked me what I had in mind exactly and when did I want this encounter to take place. I explained to her what I was thinking which seemed to interest her, adding tonight was the special occasion.

“Tonight is Friday and my most lucrative night of the week. There is no way, I could do it tonight. I would lose entirely too much money.”, she stated.

I asked her what would she normally make on a Friday night, that I might be able to compensate her in an equal manner. The only thing that I asked in returned was that if Jennifer could not go through with it she would understand and we could stop at whatever point Jennifer wanted to. She explained that her take home depended on how many dancers worked that night and how many private dances she did in one night. She told me usually she would take home between eight hundred to a thousand dollars a night. She also added that she understood the situation and that was fine with her. We settled on an amount that would guarantee Raine would spent approximately one hour with us upstairs later that night.

That night I picked Jennifer up at about six thirty in the evening at her place. She was wearing a white dress with thin straps and a rounded neckline. The dress was mid thigh and very snug at the hips. She looked absolutely ravishing. We arrived at the restaurant on time for our reservation and enjoyed a fabulous meal, desert and coffee. All the while Jennifer kept asking me what was going on. She said I was acting anxious, not like my normal self. I just kept passing it off that I had a really bad day at work, that it was nothing.

After dinner, we walked down to the Mississippi River and sat in one of the Gazebo’s facing the city. We talked for a while, held each other close and shared a few kisses. We decided to leave a short while later. I glanced at my watch, everything was going according to plan so far.

We arrived back at my car about eleven o’clock, I opened the door and let Jen in and went around to the driver’s side. I got in the car, opened the center console and removed Jen’s birthday present.

“Happy Birthday, Jen”., I told her.

“Oh Jeff, you shouldn’t have done that, the dinner was quite enough.”. she said softly.

“I wanted to Jen, just open it.”, I replied.

She carefully opened the long narrow box and opened the cover ever so slowly to expose the diamond necklace I had picked out. There in the long green velvet box, it looked much bigger then it did surrounded by all of the others in the jeweler’s showcase. I knew immediately it was a hit.

“Oh My God, Jeff, its beautiful.”, she squealed.

She threw her arms around me and hugged me very tight. I held her for what seemed like a few minutes, then she finally eased her grip. When we parted, I saw tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong Jen ?”, I asked, “Did I do something wrong.”

“No, no, no, Jeff. I am just so happy, I love the necklace. Thank you so much.”, she whispered, “Please put it on me.”

I took the necklace from the box and as Jen held her hair off of her neck, clasped it on her. She turned and faced me and I had to admit, it looked lovely on her. She took my face in her hands and gave me a kiss that told me just how much she liked her gift. She leaned up and whispered in my ear.

“Let’s go to bed Jeff, I want to make love all night long.”, she purred in ear.

“Soon, Jen, but there’s still more birthday to come.”, I informed her.

Chapter 15

“More ?”, she asked, perplexed.

“Yep, more.”, I smiled.

“You trust me Jen ?”, I asked.

“Of course, I trust you Jeff.”, she replied, “Why do you ask ?”

“Good then, we are going to see a friend of mine before we go home.”, I told her.

We drove the few short blocks to the club and pulled into the private lot I had parked in last year. The valet took my car and we approached the club entrance.

“We are going in here ?”, Jen asked in surprise.

“Well, you told me that you sometimes fantasized kocaeli sınırsız escort about beautiful women. Now you get to see them up close.”, I replied.

We entered the foyer area and were greeted by security. I told them I was a friend of Riley’s, they scanned the list and saw my name. Once again we were given the Gold VIP bands and ushered to the entrance. As we entered , we were immediately greeted by the hostess and directed to the VIP section. The club was extremely crowded, there were very few empty spots in the regular section of the club. I had heard over the radio that the club had become one of the hottest new places in the city, I was happy that Riley was having such success.
The hostess sat us near the back, and told us our waitress would be over shortly. She also told me Riley had stepped out of the club for a while, but had left instructions for us to be taken care of.

We were in the club about ten minutes when the music started and a very attractive blonde woman took the stage and began to dance. I asked Jen what she thought about the club. She seemed kind of embarrassed and uneasy of herself. But again, the fact that there were a lot of women patrons in the club seemed to make her feel at ease. We watched several dancer’s do their sets and I noticed that she was watching them intently.

“So, how do you like the entertainment ?”, I asked.

“Well, um, I guess it’s ok.”, she responded.

“Just ok ?”, I replied, “I thought this was sort of a fantasy of yours ?”

“Well, yes, I guess it is. I guess I am just embarrassed a little.”, she answered.

“Don’t be , enjoy yourself. It’s only us, no one will ever know we were here.”, I told her.

A few dances later and our hostess came back to the table. She informed me that our room was ready and to follow her. Jen looked at me puzzled but I reassured her this was part of her birthday. We followed her to one of the rooms upstairs reserved for private entertainment. This time, we were given the room across from the one I had been in last year. As soon as I entered, it was much the same as I remembered the other one being.

She asked us to be comfortable and have a seat. We both sat on the rounded sofa as the hostess left the room. I could tell Jen was very nervous by the way she was anxiously moving her foot and looking around the room.

There was a soft knock on the door and a turn of the knob. In walked Raine, quietly closing the door behind her. She had a long black silk robe on with black high heel shoes. If possible she looked even prettier then I remembered.

“So this is the Birthday Girl ?”, Raine asked, extending her hand to me.

“Yes it is.”, I answered, “Raine this is Jennifer.”

“Hi Jennifer.”, Raine said, again extending her hand, “And Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, I think.”, Jen laughed back.

“Raine, you know Jeff ?”, Jennifer asked.

“Well, I met Jeff once, last year for our Grand Opening on New Year’s Eve. He knows the owner really well.”, Raine replied.

I was so glad that she omitted any other details then those. Of course I am guessing in this line of work discretion is always needed.
Raine went over to the CD player , loaded her music, picked up the remote and walked back over to where Jennifer was sitting.

“You need to move to guest of honor seat.”, Raine told Jennifer pointing to the high backed black velour chair in the center of the room.

“You mean your gonna …..”, Jennifer stuttered pointing to the chair.

“I sure am.”, smiled Raine.

Raine leaned over and took Jen by the hand and led her over to the chair. Jen looked over at me for some sort of help, but I was just laughing. She said something to Raine about not being sure if this was a good idea or not. Raine assured her that she could stop anytime she wanted to. That seem to reassure Jen somewhat as she sat down in the lush black chair. She tried to pull her short skirt down as far as she could, but I was still treated to a wonderful view of her upper thigh’s.

Raine pointed the remote at the CD player and pressed start, the music quickly responded. Raine reached up to her waist, undid the belt of the robe and removed it in what appeared to be all one motion. She was wearing a baby blue matching bra and panty set. Her bright red hair looked absolutely amazing in contrast to the light blue. She turned and walked over to me and bent over in my ear, giving Jennifer a full rear view picture of her assets.

“How far do you want me to go with her ?”, she asked in my ear.

“As far as she will let you go and you feel comfortable doing Raine.”, I replied.

“Ok, but this could get expensive.”, she whispered in a laugh.

“I will make it worth your while, I promise.”, I reassured her.

Raine turned and moved back over to Jennifer and began to slowly sway her hips in sync with the music. Jen would look at Raine for a moment, then back at me. Raine moved closer to Jen and straddled her thighs , placing her hands on Jen’s shoulders. She would slowly sway back and forth until she was almost all the way down on Jen’s lap, then she would move back up again. Over and over this went on , maybe six or seven times. Then she pulled Jen by the hands so that she was seated further out on the chair. I knew what was coming next. This time on the way down, Raine pressed her lap into Jen’s, moving her hips back and forth. I could see Jen’s legs moving with the weight of Raine’s motions. As Raines hips moved back and forth on Jennifer’s lap, she was pushing her skirt up her legs. After a minute or so, Jen’s black panties were visible between her thigh’s, which had parted slightly under Raine’s weight.

Raine’s hands were on Jen’s hips pulling her close and she looked deep into her eyes. I could tell now that Jen’s embarrassment had somewhat faded and she was becoming more attentive to Raine. The red head sensed this as well and she began to get bolder, moving one hand up to softly stroke Jen’s left breast. I saw Jen’s eyes close as she concentrated on the feeling’s she was experiencing. Raine reached down with her other hand and took one of Jen’s and placed it on her hip. Jen soon followed with her other hand on Raine’s right hip. Soon Jen’s hand had moved up to Raine’s back and was lightly stroking it up and down.

Raine turned and again asked me to move into the chair next to Jen’s commenting that the view was better over there. From experience, I immediately did as I was told. Jen somewhat noticed that I had moved but I don’t really think she cared at this point.

Raine lifted her weight from Jen and pushed her back slightly in the chair . In doing so, Raine was now seated just above Jen’s knees. Raine leaned over and began to softly kiss Jen’s neck. I could tell from the jolt in her body that Jen’s senses were highly sensitive at this point. As Raine was kissing up and down Jen’s neck, I noticed that she moved her right hand down to Jen’s left thigh. She softly moved her fingers back and forth brushing her thigh lightly as she nibbled on Jen’s neck. Then in one swift movement, she slide her hand between Jen’s thigh’s until she was touching her panties. I heard a soft inaudible moan escape from Jen’s lips. Without moving her hand, Raine raised up slightly and used her other hand to push Jen’s skirt up as far as it could go, exposing a pair of black lace panties. Jen looked down at Raine’s hand stroking her pussy , close her eyes and threw her head back. I leaned forward to get a better view.

Raine took the fingers of her other hand and slid them inside the waistband of Jen’s panties, pulling them down and toward her. She then slid her other hand down Jen’s panties until her fingers were rubbing Jen’s pussy. Jen lifted her head and once again looked down at Raine’s talented fingers. She licked her lips and looked up directly into Raine’s eyes. Raine leaned forward and pressed her lips to Jen’s in a very soft but extremely sensual kiss. As their lips were pressing together, I could see Raines finger moving in and out of Jen’s pussy lips. Raine broke the kiss and looked at Jen and whispered in a low tone.

“How about you giving me a hand here.”, she stated looking down at her crotch.

Without any further coaxing needed, Jen’s hand went to the crotch of the red head’s panties and began a soft but deliberate stroking motion. She extended her middle finger and pressed it firmly between the lips of Raine’s pussy.

“Oh yes, that feels so nice.”, Raines whispered.

For the next few minutes I watched these two beautiful women masterbate each other, both of them becoming more and more aroused with each other. Jen had now gotten her hands inside of Raine’s panties and was feverishly working over her pussy. Raine was expertly working over Jen’s clit like only another woman could. Raine looked in my direction and grinned.

“Why don’t you pull that chair closer to us and join us ?”, she smiled.

“Can I”, I asked in wonder.

“Of course you can.”, she replied.

I slid my chair as close to Jen’s as I could get and sat back down. Jen leaned over to me and my lips found hers. Her tongue eased between my lips and hungrily sought out mine. I felt Jen’s hand cross my thigh and come to rest on my cock. She firmly squeezed my rock hard cock and began to massage it through my pants. Jen broke our kiss and sat back straight in her chair, once again leaning her head back, closing her eyes. Raine looked over and me and smiled.

“Come over and feel this”, she whispered, looking down at Jen’s pussy.

I leaned forward and reached my hand between the two women allowing my fingers to slide between the lips of Jen’s pussy. She was soaking wet. I eased one finger deep insider her and then slowly withdrew it. Raine continued to massage her clit as I slowly moved my finger in and out of her. By now Jen was close, very close.

Raine then stopped what she was doing and stood up. She looked down at Jen and slowly slid her panties off her hips and down to the ground, exposing her beautiful pussy. She reached behind and unhooked her bra dropping it on the izmit anal yapan escort floor. She was a vision, she could easily be a model in any men’s magazine. She moved back over to Jen, bent down and pulled Jen’s panties completely off. She sat back down on Jen’s lap, inserting her finger’s once again into Jen’s throbbing pussy. Jen reached up, her fingers entered Raine in response. I reached over , extending my finger, until I was touching Raine’s rock hard clit. She looked at me and moaned in approval.
I then began to move in small but quick circles. She responded by doing the same to Jen, looking deep into my eyes. Every time I increased the speed of my finger on Raines’s clit, she would in turn match hers on Jen’s.

Jen was first to let go, her head snapped back and she screamed.

“Oh my god, it feels so good. I’m cummingggggggggggg….”., she wailed, her hips bucking wildly against Raine’s finger’s.

A few second’s later Raine erupted into her own orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m cumming too, nowwwwwwwwwww.”, she screamed at me.

My fingers were flying over her clit and she rode wave after wave of pleasure, juices running out of her, all over my hand. It took close to a minute for both of these gorgeous creatures to clear there heads from their mind numbing orgasms. Raine leaned down and kissed Jen, long and passionately.

“You’re a wonderful kisser.”, she told Jen, “I could kiss you all day. I hope your not done.”

Jen responded by taking Raine’s hand and placing it back on her still throbbing pussy. I got up from the chair and moved behind Raine. I reached around her and cupped both of her small but full breasts in my hands. She leaned her head back against my belt and opened her mouth slightly. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. She tasted fresh and sweet. Her tongue flicked against my lips causing me to part mine slightly. Her tongue eased between my lips and quickly found mine. She was good, not as good as Jen, but good. She broke our kiss still looking up at me and whispered.

“Since you have been a gentleman, you will get the deluxe package. Or should I say she will.”, she laughed.

With that she stood up and stepped back from Jen. She moved one hand down to her pussy and began to masterbate herself in front of Jen.

“You like this, Jennifer.”, she asked.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.”, was Jen’s response.

“Then play with your pussy for me.”, Raine whispered back.

Jen immediately moved both hands down to her pussy. Using one to open her self up with, with the other she began to finger herself. Raine moaned in approval and quickened her pace on herself. Both women were just staring at each other while they masterbated themselves in unison with each other. Raine’s hips were beginning to rock and I could sense she had yet perhaps another orgasm inside of her. I was just trying to figure out what I should do, or to who, when Raine spoke.

“Can I cum in your man’s mouth, Jennifer ?”, she asked.

I was dumbfounded. I looked at Jen and I saw a gleam in her eye.

“I think he might like that.”, she replied.

Raine turned and reached out with one hand and directed me in front of her. She told me to sit once again in the chair next to Jennifer. Once I did, she moved so that her pussy was inches from my face. She reached down spread her pussy lips, exposing her clit. With her other hand she began to rub herself rapidly back and forth. She stopped for a second and leaned forward.

“Lick my clit, please.”, she asked.

I leaned forward, extended my tongue and touched her rock hard clit. Gently I flicked my tongue gently across her nub as quickly as I could.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes, that feels so fucking good.”, she exclaim.

She placed her hand on the top of my head and pushed me away. She began to furiously masterbate just inches from my face. I knew she was close to exploding again.

“I’m gonna cum again, when I tell you, I want you to suck hard on my clit.”, she instructed me.

By this time her she was out of control and pumping her pussy for all she was worth. It took just a few seconds.

“Now, now…….I’m cumming”, she screamed.

I leaned forward and she grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her pussy hard. My lips quickly found her clit which had swelled to twice its normal size. I sucked on her clit as hard as I could, a second later she erupted in my mouth.

“Suck that pussy, oh fuck, I’m cumming, suck it, suck it.”, she screamed.

I felt her juices coating my face and running down my hands which were on her thighs. She held my face firmly against her pussy as she bucked and thrashed through her orgasm. Slowly her body eased , her hands easing her grip on my head.

“Oh God, that was so good.”, she said looking down at me.

I turned around to look at Jen and saw that she still had two finger’s buried in her pussy and was feverishly pumping them in and out. I reached out and softly stroked her thigh. Raine looked over at Jen, stating the obvious.

“I think someone is still not done.”, she said, glancing over at me.

“I think you’re right.”, I replied.

“Well since I got to cum in you’re man’s mouth Jennifer, you get to cum in mine. If you want.”, Raine offered.

“Oh my God yes.”, Jennifer panted.

Raine moved over and knelt down in front of Jennifer. She reached up and pulled Jen’s fingers from her pussy. She took both fingers into her mouth and sucked on them. I moved around the left side of the chair so I could get a good view. Raine eased her lips down to Jennifer’s pussy. Upon contact, Jennifer’s back arched, her hips thrust forward and an inaudible sound came from her lips. I watched as Raine’s expert tongue went to work on this beautiful woman’s pussy. I can honestly say, looking back , I had never been this turned on in my life. I watching my beautiful girlfriend getting her pussy ate out by this gorgeous red headed vixen. I can’t describe the feeling, I was having appropriately.

“You like it when I lick your pussy, Jennifer ?”, Raine asked between thrust of her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh Yeaaaaa.”, Jen replied.

“You gonna cum in my mouth, let me taste your cum baby ?”, Raine whispered back.

“Yes, oh God yes.”, Jennifer responded.

Jennifer looked at me and reached her hand out for mine. She whispered the words “Thank You”, to me. I knew she was really enjoying the moment. She looked back down at Raine who was expertly working her tongue in and out of her pussy. I could see Jen’s clit had become large and engorged, I knew she was close to cumming. I also noticed that Raine had once again buried two finger’s in her own pussy and was rubbing herself frantically. Raine came up briefly from Jen’s pussy. Her face were coated with Jen’s pussy juice, she was completely glazed over.

“You wanna taste your girlfriend ?”, she asked me.

I didn’t say a word. I simply leaned over and pressed my lips into Raine’s. My tongue easily slid between her lips and I tasted Jennifer’s juice that had coated Raines mouth. Raine licked my lips and softly kissed my lips. I reached down and put my hand over hers, pressing it deeper into her pussy. I took my other hand and reached up and pulled Raine’s lips to mine, plunging my tongue into her mouth.
She screamed out into my mouth.

“Mhmmmmm,Mhmmmmm,Mhmmmmm,”, as she got off for the third time on her own hand.

She pulled back from me panting, still bucking against her hand. She pushed me away and lowered her mouth back on Jennifer’s dripping pussy. Her tongue thrust deep between the lips causing Jen to thrust her hips forward. I moved up and sat next to Jen on the large chair. I whispered softly in her ear.

“You wanna cum in her beautiful mouth baby ?”, I asked.

“Oh God yes, I do. I wanna cum now.”, she replied in a husky voice.

“Then let it go baby, let that cum run down her throat, fill her mouth with your juice.”, I whispered back.

Quickly Jennifer reached down with both hands and entwined her finger’s in Raine’s red curly hair, pulling her deep into her throbbing pussy. Seconds later Jen exploded in a violent orgasm on Raine’s tongue and lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd, Oh My God, Fuck, Ohhhhhh Yea.”, she screamed out, her eyes glued to mine.

I watched wave after wave of pure pleasure wash through Jen’s body as the red head thrust her tongue deep into Jen’s pussy, trying her best to hang on to Jen’s convulsing body. Finally Jen began to relax as Raine softly kissed and licked her clit. Jen was stroking Raine’s soft red hair, looking down lovingly at the first woman that had ever made her cum.

“Thank you so much Raine. This has always been a fantasy of mine. I never ever dreamed it would come true.”, Jen whispered softly.

“ You’re a beautiful woman Jennifer, you excited me as much as I did you. I haven’t gotten off three times in a row in quite some time. Thank you too.”, Raine responded.

“Oh shit.”, Jen said looking at me quickly, “We forgot about you Jeff.”

“It’s ok Jen, it was your Birthday. I am fine honey.”, I responded.

Raine got up, softly kissed Jen on the lips and thanked her again. She pulled her panties back on and covered her self with her robe. She looked at me and motioned to the door.

“Walk me out.”, she said.

I followed her out the door and into the hallway. She turned and faced me.

“I hope tonight turned out like you wanted. I am not just saying this, I did truly enjoy myself.”, she said softly.

“You were wonderful Raine. I know Jennifer had an experience she will never forget.”, I responded, “Thank you so much.”

I know we never ever actually fixed an amount, so I don’t want to offend you.”, I continued,” Is this enough ?”

I handed her six hundred dollars that I had placed in my front pants pocket. She looked through the bills and looked back up at me.

“Oh no, this is way too much.”, she replied, “I can’t possibly take this for one hour.”

“Sure you can, Raine, you were wonderful. I can’t thank you enough. Buy yourself something real nice.”, I finished.

She leaned up on her toes and pressed her lips to mine in a long soft very moist kiss.

“Anytime you want another encounter, you have my number, call me. Next time, you get in on the action as well.”, she ended.

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