My Senior Year Ch. 01: Maya

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I was a relatively late bloomer. My sex life only began in my senior year, when my time at secondary school was nearing its end. Unfortunately for me, bright students are not always popular or confident, and for most of my schooling I had not had any significant success with the opposite sex.

Bookishness aside, I was not unattractive. I had thick, dark brown hair that reached my shoulders, and a neat goatee on my chin. My most distinguishing features were my piercing blue eyes and my stature, being a little over six foot tall. Admittedly, I could have stood to lose a few pounds, but I carried myself well all the same. Although many men would be inclined to exaggerate, I suspect I was on the smaller size down — but it’s not how big it is, it’s where you put it, as they say.

I didn’t lose virginity until I was eighteen, and then the floodgates opened and I couldn’t get enough. This and the chapters that follow detail the exploits across my senior year of secondary school. I’ll save the story of losing my virginity for later, however, because the story that follows is a better representation of my sexual awakening.

Readers may be surprised to learn that the vast majority of my sexual exploits took place in school — on campus. When you’re a senior you get more privileges, including more study breaks and more time alone. I suspect that other students were having a lot more sex than me — both in and out of school — and because I was never invited to parties, school was the only place I could really be alone with a girl.

At school I was surrounded by female students and staff, which provided me with many subjects for masturbatory fantasies. I would orgasm at least twice a day thinking about other students and teachers, but one student featured more regularly than most: Maya.

Maya was attractive in an unconventional sense. She had bushy auburn hair, slightly bucked teeth, small breasts, and a long face that reminded me ever so slightly of a horse. But she also had beautiful deep brown eyes, a cute smile, voluptuous lips, and a lithe body with long, naturally-tanned legs.

I knew about Maya’s legs thanks to the school’s uniform — a light blue blouse and a dark blue plaid skirt that most of the girls, including Maya, wore well above the knee.

The short skirts came in handy for more than merely admiring the girls’ legs.

During a particularly dull mathematics class being taught by the equally dull Ms Johnson, I was seated directly behind Maya. She suddenly stood up and leaned over her desk to pass a pencil to the student seated in front of her. Her skirt rode up over her thighs and revealed her pink lace panties. Gemma, the student sitting next to her, responded quickly to Maya’s unintentional display of immodesty, but it was too late; I had seen plenty.

The sight of Maya’s panties only served to feed my daydreams. I longed to put my hands on her perfect thighs, to feel her soft, smooth, spongy flesh, and to move my hands upward, under her skirt. But that longing was merely fuel for my fantasies.

A few weeks after that incident, I asked my history teacher for permission to use a computer lab during lunchtime. The computer labs were usually off limits at lunch, but the library was ironically too loud and busy to get much work done. Ms Webster was compliant and issued a permission slip in case another teacher tried to evict me from the lab.

When I arrived at the lab, I was surprised to find another student inside, bent over at one of the computers that sat on the desk that lined the room’s walls. I instantly recognised Maya by her bushy hair and lovely legs. trabzon escort I paused a moment to admire her legs and the way her skirt was pulled taut over her bottom, emphasising her curvature. If only I had a camera!

My member twitched and I instinctively brushed it with the back of my hand. I wished I could take it out and stroke myself.

Eventually I stepped inside and allowed the door to swing shut behind me. It made a soft thump that caused Maya to turn her head and look at me. She smiled.

“Hey!” Maya said, straightening up and turning to face me properly.

“Hey Maya.”

“If you’ve come here to do work, I’m not sure you’ll get much done,” she warned. “The computers don’t seem to be working. This is the second one I’ve tried … Wait, you’re good with computers; maybe you could take a look for me?”

“Sure,” I said, and began to approach her. I felt myself stiffen considerably. It was difficult to take my eyes off her, but the longer I looked the harder I became. Being alone with her wasn’t helping either.

I was relieved to make it to the desk, where I could bend over to avoid her seeing the growing bulge in the front of my trousers.

“The computers are on,” she said, indicating a glowing light on the front of the computer, “but the screens aren’t working. I’ve tried wiggling the mouse and pressing the keys, but nothing happens.”

I idly tapped a few keys to confirm, not quite sure what I was expecting to happen. Nothing happened when I pressed the power button on the monitor either.

“I’m pretty sure these are new screens,” I said. “I wonder if …”

I leaned over the edge of the desk and peered around the back. My throbbing member rubbed against the hard edge of the desk and I shivered. Now was really not the best time for an erection, but I thought maybe I’d be able to tug myself off under a desk when she wasn’t looking.

As I straightened up, I hoped that we were close enough that she wouldn’t look down.

“I feel so stupid! Thanks for working that out,” she said, flashing me a smile with those thick lips. She really was cute.

“You’re welcome,” I smiled back, looking into her beautiful eyes.

I don’t know what came over me, but I plunged.

I grabbed Maya by her firm buttocks with both hands and pulled her close, pressing my member against her, and planted a kiss on her lips. She went rigid and tried to pull away, but I kept my lips locked firmly on hers.

I dropped my right hand to her thigh, feeling for the hem of her skirt. My hand moved under her skirt and slowly stroked her soft thigh, moving millimetre by millimetre higher.

As I moved my hand up her thigh, her resistance melted. Maya opened her mouth and our tongues danced.

I wrapped my arm around her leg and began caressing her inner thigh, continuing ever higher. I could feel the heat radiating off her other thigh as the gap between her legs narrowed. A drop of fluid rolled over my hand. She was wet already.

The side of my hand finally touched fabric. I pressed against her labia through her panties. Maya moaned as I varied the pressure, and I could feel the material moistening.

I moved my hand back to her outer thigh and felt for the waistband of her panties. I slipped a finger inside the elastic and ran along it until my finger brushed a soft tuft of pubic hair. I worked my hand down the front of her panties and edged toward her lady parts. Maya let out another moan as I gently massaged her pubic mound.

“Do it,” she whispered hoarsely.

I moved my hand further into her panties and extended my middle finger, trabzon escort bayan running it along her slit. Maya shivered. I inserted my finger between her labia and pushed it inside her. She gasped. I wiggled my finger and started sliding it in and out of her.

We kissed again, her breathing heavy.

After a few minutes of writhing around my finger, Maya grabbed my wrist and guided my hand out of her panties. She caught her breath and smiled, dropping my hand and starting to unbutton her blouse.

“They’re not the biggest, but I think you’ll like them all the same,” she said.

Her blouse fell open to reveal a pink lace bra. I wondered if her panties matched and hoped I’d find out.

I put my hands on Maya’s hips and slid them up her body to her bra straps, stroking the sides of her small breasts through the lace. Maya unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, revealing her erect nipples.

I admired her breasts briefly, taking in their soft, perky curves, then started stroking them again. I gave each a little squeeze, though they were barely a handful each, and played with her nipples, before leaning in to kiss her breasts and give each nipple a gentle suck.

I pushed Maya back against the desk and lifted her onto a space between two computers. She leaned back on her hands. I continued kissing her breasts, then made my way down her body until I reached the waistband of her skirt. Maya reached down to unclasp it.

“No,” I said. “Leave it on. Just lift it up.”

Maya grinned and grabbed the hem of her skirt, pulling it up over her stomach. My member pulsed at the sight of her pink lace panties.

I knelt on the floor and kissed her pubic mound, then pushed her legs wide. Slowly kissing southward, I eventually reached the moist strip of material between her legs. Her faint scent reminded me of peanut brittle. I kissed her moist panties, then stuck out my tongue and ran it along the material.

Maya giggled.

I brought her legs together so that I could remove her panties, slipping them over her white socks and black shoes, then dropping them to the floor.

I stopped to admire her thin, glistening slit and neatly trimmed pubic hair, then got to work. I lapped at her labia and slowly inserted my tongue between them. Lick fervently, I felt her juices flow onto my face and into my mouth. Maya groaned and gasped as I licked and licked, pressing my face into her muff with her hand.

When I eventually came up for air, Maya slid off the desk.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said with a smirk, and knelt down in front of me.

I felt like my member was about to explode. Maya unbuckled my belt and undid the button on my trousers, wiggling them down to the floor. She gripped the waistband of my briefs and slowly pulled them down. My throbbing member sprung to attention when freed.

Once my underwear was down around my ankles, Maya turned her attention to my shaft. She ran the back of her hand along its length and I shivered with excitement. She gripped it lightly and began to stroke, my considerable pre-cum acting as a lubricant.

Maya smiled seductively and brought her head forward. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and kissed my glans. Her lips parted and I slid inside her soft, warm, wet mouth. She sucked and moved her head back and forth, her lips tightening around me, her tongue licking my glans.

I put my hands on the back of her head and thrust into her mouth as far as I could. Maya choked and I let go, sliding out of her mouth so she could pause for breath. She put her hand back on my shaft and stroked escort trabzon slowly.

“Ready?” I asked, looking down at her.

Maya nodded. I helped her stand and pushed her back to the desk, so she was sitting on it again.

I stepped out of my trousers and underwear, leaving them on the floor. Maya lifted her skirt and leaned back, resting on her palms. I approached her, my member in my hand, and she parted her legs.

I directed my glans toward Maya’s wet snatch, and the tip made contact. She let out a soft moan as I rubbed it along her labia, slowly parting her downstairs lips.

After teasing her for a while, I finally slide insider her tight, went cunt. She moaned as our pubic mounds made contact. My cock was fully inside her. I pulled back and began thrusting slowly, sliding in and out. I looked down and saw that my member glistened with her fluid.

In and out I went, gradually increasing the speed of my thrusts. We were both panting and sweating. She squirmed with pleasure around my cock.

After a few minutes I slid out of her.

“Finished so son?” Maya taunted.

“Not by a long shot.”

I pulled her to her feet and turned her around so she was facing the wall. I gently pushed her forward so she was leaning with her palms on the desk, and lifted her right leg so that her knee rested on the desk.

Grabbing my cock, I again directed it to her wet opening and slide inside her. My hands went to her hips and I began thrusting. Instinctively, my hands found their way to her breasts, and I fondled them, tweaking her nipples.

Maya was moaning and groaning. My stomach slapped against her arse cheeks and I thrusted. The penetration was shallower in this position, and each thrust brought less stimulation, allowing me to preserve my stamina a little. The exertion was still taking its toll, however, and I slowed down, coming to a stop with my cock still inside her.

Maya turned her neck to look at me.

“Can I choose now?”

I obliged and slid out of her. Her fluid dripped off my cock and onto the floor.

“Lie down,” she said, motioning to the floor.

I sat on the floor and leaned back, propping myself up on my elbows so I could still see her.

Maya squatted over me, her long legs spread apart. I was reminded of the time we were dance partners and I had observed her agile, almost frog-like legs bending with ease. She gripped my cock and lowered herself onto it. Her arse touched my thighs and I was inside her again.

She lifted herself up, then dropped back down. This was slower, but deeper. Maya kept bouncing on my stiff cock until she became tired and knelt with one leg either side of my thighs.

She began unbuttoning my shirt. Once it was open, she put her hands on my chest and leaned forward, her long hair dangling down and brushing my nipples.

Maya used her knees to pivot, raising and lowering her abdomen. Her went cunt slid rapidly up and down along my shaft, building intense speed.

Faster and faster she went, her moans interrupted by sharp gasps for air.

I felt myself tense and realised I was only a few strokes from climax. My legs went rigid.

“Oh, Maya!” I groaned. “I’m about to cum!”

Then it happened. I felt my cock erupt, spewing hot semen into Maya’s cunt. She felt it too and slowed down. I spurted twice more, each time ejaculating a little less. I felt myself becoming lip inside her.

Maya lifted herself off me and my limp cock retreated from her cunt. I watched as the cocktail of semen and vaginal fluid dribbled down her inner thighs.

She rolled off me and onto her back. I instinctively dropped my elbow and caught her in my arm.

We lay there for a few minutes, waiting for our breath to return to normal. I checked my watch and discovered there were only five minutes until classes resumed.

“We better get cleaned up.”

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