My Roommate

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He entered my life quietly on a day when a flat tire was a good enough reason to have a crisis. I had been trying for several months to rid my life and home of a sponge that just kept drinking, so as had become the norm I was down at the local club with my oldest and a flat tire. Without so much as a word to me, he took charge, fixed the tire, left the tire pump in my car and left the club. He never even waited for a thank you.

That was how I met the man that would change my life in ways I did not even know was possible. I had no idea that a few months later he would make me wonder if I ever knew what love or lust was about.

First, he came to my rescue to help me get rid of the sponge by moving in the day the sponge moved out. He knew based on our previous conversations that I was going to need a roommate if I was going to keep my home. I was way in over my head financially, so I graciously accepted his offer to move in and help out. The first few days were interesting as he moved his belongings into the house and began settling in. I was interested in him as more than just a roommate and part-time babysitter, but my attempts to take our relationship to the next level went seemingly unnoticed. Something which I found completely weird since every man I had ever known wanted more than friendship from me. I should have known then that he was a different breed.

I wanted to be much more than just his roommate and he knew it, but he never let his feelings show until one glorious afternoon. After that day there was no mistaking his feelings or mine. I came home from work on a typical Friday, meaning I was not in the best of moods, to find the kids and animals gone. Confused and on the verge of a seriously angry outburst, I demanded to know where my children were. He just smiled and said they were with another babysitter that I utilized when I needed them to stay elsewhere overnight.

That’s when I noticed that he had met me at the door, an unusual occurrence, in a white button down shirt, open just enough to hint at what was underneath. He also had a detailed set of written instructions, which he calmly handed me as I walked into the house.

The first instruction was to go into the bathroom, where a tub of hot water filled with rose petals waited on me. I did as I was instructed and while I was enjoying the fragrant water I heard soft music start from the master bedroom. Shortly, there was a knock on the door and in he walked with an outfit and the list of instructions that I had left on the bed. I was recovering from the shock of having him in my bathroom, when he suggested that I read the instructions and walked out of the bathroom.

The second instruction requested that I put on the outfit he had hung on the bathroom door, apparently he had been shopping while I was at work. The outfit was a short plaid skirt, slit up the sides and a pair of white thigh high tights, a white short sleeve button up shirt. The shirt was designed to tie in the front. The final piece de resistance was a black lacy bra and matching lacy panties.

The third instruction marmaris escort was a bit confusing as he had written that I place the finishing touches on the outfit myself. I thought carefully for a few minutes and put my long auburn hair into two perfect pigtails. I thought about applying a little mascara to really make my eyes stand out, but just as I was considering this, there was another knock on the bathroom door.

Into the bathroom he stepped, handed me another written sheet of instructions and out he went. Bewildered but excited; I read the first instruction, which simply said, “Meet me at the truck.” I walked out of the bathroom to find my white lace ups. I decided that he meant for me to wear these to complete the outfit so I sat down on the bed and put them on. Then I walked out the door and to the truck, not sure what to expect when I got there. There he sat, calming waiting for me to arrive at the door of the vehicle. He very genteelly walked to my door opened it and picked me up and set me in the seat. Of course, he let his hand rest under the skirt a few seconds before he set me down. This caused more than a tingling sensation in my body but just as I thought it might develop into something more he removed his hand and set me down.

When he got in the vehicle he was extremely quiet, the silence becoming slightly uncomfortable, when he informed me that we would be traveling for awhile so I should get comfortable. Then he turned on the radio and said nothing else, leaving me to wonder what other surprises he had in store for me. It was apparent that a lot of thought had gone into this little endeavor, just how much would be revealed to me slowly, building the suspense and intensity of a most interesting adventure.

We arrived at our destination about half and hour later, a small dimly lit restaurant. We were seated in a small alcove booth; he directed me to the far side of booth and sat down next to me. He ordered our dinner and drinks, without even letting me see the menu. He let his left hand wander to my thigh, causing a tremor to run through my body. Slowly his hand traveled upward causing me to gasp when he reached my lacy panties. He let his fingers slip under the fabric and make soft circles on my swollen button. Just then, dinner was delivered and I covered my emotional state by concentrating on the meal. It was a wonderful pasta dish that I knew I would not be able to finish. He ate his meal, keeping the conversation light and refusing to answer any questions regarding our evening. I was still thinking about his hand under my skirt, so I could not really keep up the thread of a normal conversation. Oblivious to the state he had put me in by his actions; he seemed not to notice that I wasn’t really listening well. When dinner was over he walked with me back to the vehicle and picked me to lift me into the seat. Instead of putting me right in, as he usually would have, he gave me a long, deep kiss, causing my body heat to rise instantly. Then he deposited me in the seat gently and hooked my seatbelt around me.

He climbed into the truck and started marmaris escort bayan the engine, and again refused to answer any questions. After a few minutes he handed me another sheet of paper, on it was written only the words, “More will be revealed”. This forced me into a stunned silence and I asked no more questions. Twenty minutes later we pulled up in front of a beautiful hotel and stopped. He opened my door and told me “Stop worrying, everything is arranged.” I guess the look on my face said volumes. He said nothing else and led me into the hotel, to a beautiful room. As we entered the room, I started to say how beautiful it was, when he stopped me with another deep kiss. Only this time, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, letting his hands slide down my body to the slits in the skirt. Just as I thought he was going to do more, he turned me around and slid a silk scarf over my eyes. He tied the scarf, making sure that it wasn’t too tight.

Blindfolded and slightly disoriented, he led me from door over to the bed and stopped. He paused for several seconds, causing some fear to course through me, along with a large dose of anticipation. He finally spoke to me, “sit down”, nothing more. Unaccustomed to such direct orders, I sat down immediately. He carefully removed my boots, and then moved his hands upward toward the top of my thighs. Slowly he began to remove the tights, after carefully taking them off, he stopped touching me. After several minutes, I must have looked somewhat bewildered because he started to laugh.

He then stood me up and gently began to undo the knot in the front of my shirt and I felt his hands reach around to the clasp on the bra. After removing these items, his hands lingered on my breasts causing the nipples to stand upright. Then he let his hands slide down to my panties and began removing them. As he slid them down my legs, he demanded that I step out of them. I did as I was told and waited for him to tell me what he wanted me to do next. I did not have to wait long, as he carefully laid me back on the bed.

He then asked me to place both hands above my head, which I did willingly, not really knowing what to expect. He carefully tied my hands together and attached the other end to something above my head. This shocked me somewhat, but it was all part of the suspense. Then he ramped up the intensity by separating my legs and tying me to the bed spread-eagle.

After what seemed like an eternity, I felt his hard shaft on my chin. Out of instinct I began to suck his member into a stiff erection. Though, it had already been somewhat hard before I started. His breath was coming in fast bursts when suddenly he withdrew from my mouth. I felt his hot breath on my neck and move down to my breasts, as he put one nipple in his mouth I felt small tingling shocks race through my body. Then he moved to the other breast causing a repeat reaction. His hands gently traveling down my body, stopping to play with the butterfly I wore in my belly button. Just when I thought he was going to move farther down with his hands, he stopped and began kissing escort marmaris my neck and down my body toward my now very hot wet pussy.

Stopping again, he asked me if I had been a good girl today. I replied by shaking my head “no” just to see what he would do. His response was to spank my pussy with his the head of his cock. Again he asked me if I had been a good girl, I said nothing so he unfettered my ankles and turned me over on my stomach. After he turned me over, he asked the question again, unable to respond in a timely fashion I received a spanking. As I was moaning slightly and trying to figure out the rules of this game, he retied my ankles. Then he said “this is what I do to bad little girls” and began licking my pussy. Consequently, I could do little to respond when he asked the question again. I just moaned slightly as he had stopped just short of my first climax. Again I received a spanking with his hands first and then the head of his cock on my very swollen clitoris. This sent me over the edge and I begged him to put his member inside me. He refused saying “that was only for good girls.”

Beginning to understand the rules of this game, I told him that I would be a good girl. At this, he undid the ties on my ankles and removed the restraint from my hands. Then he asked me to get on my knees, guiding me off the bed and onto the floor. I responded as any good girl would, as my need was now driving my body’s actions. After making sure that I was comfortable he placed his hard shaft in my mouth and his hand on the back of my head. I began to suck on his cock hard and fast. This continued for several minutes, and then he stopped my actions and placed me back on the bed.

Once again, he kissed me, this time hard on the mouth, his own needs driving him now. His hands traveled down my body toward my pussy, rubbing my clitoris causing me to moan in ecstasy as continued the kiss. Then his kiss stopped and he began trailing kisses down my body causing deep shudders in my entire body. He stopped just short of my hot pussy, causing a short moan of disappointment to escape my lips. I heard a soft chuckle then he began licking and sucking on my clitoris, causing me to cum.

Again he brought his rock hard shaft to my mouth and I began to suck his cock hard and fast, eager for him to cum in my mouth. Unfortunately, this was not in his plan because just as I thought he was about to cum, he removed his cock from my mouth. However, by this time my body was more than ready to accommodate all of him; he placed his pulsing member inside me and began to fuck me slowly then more quickly as his own desire reached its peak. Just as I felt my own body shudder into yet another climax he began to shoot his own hot cum into me. After several glorious minutes, he removed my blindfold and began kissing me gently. He lay down next to me and I placed my head on his shoulder falling in slumber in a matter of seconds.

A wonderful ending to a romantic interlude and our first date, I thought as I drifted off to sleep. However, this was not the end of his surprises, just the beginning. More surprises would follow after a brief rest. I would discover that there was no end to surprises he would bestow on me; indeed, he had many more tricks up his sleeve and this adventure would be the first of many.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32