My Passion

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We were on the road from Mysore to Ooty in India. It is a beautiful road, with picturesque lodges along the road, and it passes through Karnataka’s richest wildlife sanctuary. For miles, you can just see green trees, densely populating either side of the road. Deer, jackals, gaur (wild bison), peacocks, elephants, and sometimes even tigers can be seen on the road. It is a sure bet to raise a spirit of adventure in anyone travelling the road.

Our bike was a powerful Roadking 250 cc motorbike. This is still the best bike in India for long distance motoring, notwithstanding claims by other rival bike manufacturers. At a cool 70 kmph, we passed mile after mile of road with ease and comfort. My girlfriend was hugging me tighter as we negotiated the curves on the road. The bike gripped the road on the bends, and was performing like a dream. We passed a few forest department buildings on either side. Most of them were deserted. It was early evening, and the weather was just right for the journey.

I raised the throttle, hoping to get out of the forest much before the 6 o’clock deadline imposed by the forest department for vehicular movement. There were many instances of travelers who defied this curfew, and regretted it for the rest of their lives due to encounters with elephants or wild bison or leopards who did not take too kindly to engines revving after dark. Ahead of us, I could see some water pond by the side of the road. I was happy, since waterholes are the best places to come upon varied wildlife. Both of us were wildlife enthusiasts. She too saw the waterhole ahead and grinned into the rearview mirror of the bike.

As we neared the waterhole, I saw them – a herd of wild elephants who had just risen from their midday frolic in the water. There were a couple of young baby elephants, who were very playful. I slowed down as they were crossing the road. They took their own time, and I slowed to a standstill. I kept the engine on, in case I needed to make a fast getaway. Three huge matriarchs stood on the road, and refused to move. We waited for them to move on, but they seemed to be testing our patience. Time wore on, and I looked at my watch – it was quarter past five. We should move on quickly now, before dark.

But the three elephants in front of us were far more determined not to let us move on. Running out of patience, I honked. One of the elephants’ ears flapped wildly. I should have read the warning signs, but impatience made me honk again, louder and longer this time. This angered the females, and the one whose ears flapped charged at us. I raised the engine, and turned the bike around much faster then I thought possible, and moved straight ahead. The elephant followed for some distance, and stopped after we turned around a bend. Relieved, I stopped.

I parked the bike on the curb, and we both got off to stretch our muscles. I shook out a cigarette from my dwindling pack, and lit it. We both shared the cigarette. When she returned the fag after taking a deep puff, I saw the mark of her lipstick on the filter. The smell of the lipstick, and her perfume overrode the stink of the tobacco. She was my steady girlfriend, who stood by me in everything I did. She shared all my passions and it was natural of me to reciprocate.

We marmaris escort finished the cigarette, and very carefully put it out. We climbed back onto the bike, and I started up again. We went back up the road to the waterhole. It was getting dark now, and I wanted to move on as fast as possible. As I turned around the bend to the waterhole, I saw the elephants again. I stopped well away from them, but the sound of the bike seemed to irritate them and one of them charged down the road towards us.

Back we went down the road. It was past seven in the evening, and I was scared of being caught by the forest department with a girl behind me, and that too after the curfew of 6 p.m. We decided to stop by at one of the department’s buildings that we had earlier seen beside the road. After about 15 minutes, I stopped at one building. It was deserted. We both went to the door, and opened the flimsy latch on it. Inside, the building was just one large hall with a rudimentary toilet in one corner, and two windows on each wall. The toilet did not even have a wall around it. No furniture or anything else.

Outside, it had begun to rain. Amid the sound of thunder, we heard various noises of the jungle. I went outside, and brought the bike inside, becoming damp in the process. The bike, our bags and we both were inside, and I shut the door from inside. The latch on the inside looked strong enough to withstand assault from outside. I shut the windows too, since they were not protected by any form of grill. She switched on the torch, and we both took a good look around. While she held the torch, I searched for evidence of rats or snakes or any other form of life within the building. There was no sign of any living creature. I spread the sleeping bag in the corner furthest from the loo.

I then slipped out of my wet clothes and put on my shorts. Since I usually slept nude, I felt uncomfortable with my jocks on. She was taking off her clothes, and stood in her bra and panty while she pulled out her night clothes. It was getting darker, and we could see each other only with some difficulty. There was no electricity to the building, and even if there was, it would have only advertised our presence to any passerby, man or beast. I took the risk, pulled down my shorts, and shook off my jocks. Though we had been steady with each other, we had just not gone beyond french kissing each other, and I felt strange being naked with this girl so close to me, but not knowing that I was naked.

I pulled on my shorts, and hid my jocks in my bag under the other clothes. She did not seem to have any hang-ups about being in her underwear and was humming to herself as she pulled on her night clothes. I switched on the torch to search for the snacks that were packed in one of the bags, and shone it in the direction of the bags. I got a shock when I saw her lying naked on the sleeping bag, and rustling her clothes against her skin. She grinned at me and asked if I liked what I saw. I looked more carefully, and saw a lovely pair of breasts, with large, brown areola and nipples that were inverted. Her stomach was flat and led down to a hairless, smooth skinned vulva.

I could just see the crack in between her tightly clenched legs. Obviously, she has marmaris escort bayan just shaved herself down there today. I was dumbstruck, and she again repeated her question. I replied in the affirmative, and asked her to cover herself before she caught a cold. I went on to the bags and removed the packet of salted biscuits that her mother had packed for us.

As I ate one of the biscuits, she got up and came next to me. Her bare shoulder brushed mine, and it was very delicious, the touch of her bare skin against mine. She took a biscuit from the packet, and rubbed it against her nipples. I had trouble with my stiff dick, which was bent over double inside my jocks. I adjusted it to a more comfortable position and tried to concentrate on my biscuit. Se saw me finishing my biscuit and asked for the packet in my hand.

I passed it on to her. She held the packet in her hand, and then slipped the biscuit she had earlier taken in between her legs and held it out to me – it was glistening with her juice. Mesmerised, I took it from her and bit into the juice-covered part. “There’s more where that came from,” she said. I put everything aside and knelt down in front of this nude goddess and buried my head into her waist. The fragrance of her skin was the same old familiar one, and comforting. I pulled her down, and my lips found hers in the darkness. We kissed for a long time, and came apart only after we were breathless. My hands were on her breasts, stroking them.

The hard nipples were really inviting, and I accepted their invitation. My mouth found her nipples peaked to perfection, and she arched her back. She pulled my head close to her chest, trying to stuff her entire breast into my mouth at once. This was the first time I had a girl’s breasts at my command, and I made the most of it. My wandering hands went down, searching for the heaven that is on earth. I slipped my hand in between her legs, searching for the slit.

I cupped the entire vulva in my hand, and was surprised that it was so low down, in between her legs. I am used to seeing my cock higher up. Holding this flesh was like holding a powerful sword in my hand – I felt I could conquer anything and anybody. I felt powerful. She pushed me away and asked me to disrobe. I complied hurriedly, and went back to hugging her, and feeling her between her legs. She let her hand fall down to my erect dick, and stroked it gently.

She kept muttering that it was huge and hard, and she asked if I could soften it. Soften it?? How could I, with this virgin goddess in front of poor old virgin me!!!! I was new to sex, and asked her where the clit was. She guided my hand to a mound of flesh at the top of her slit, which was wet. I stroked it, circled it, teased it, fell in love with it. Meanwhile, she was making noises like a wounded cat and going haywire with my dick in her hands. I lowered my mouth to her clit, and licked it like I would an ice cream cone. I desperately went through all the stories I had read at Desibaba in my mind, so that I would not fail to pleasure her.

She seemed to know that she was ready, and pushed me down onto the floor. She straddled me with her feet on either side and lowered herself down onto my cock. She tried to feed it into her cunt, but it escort marmaris was too painful for her, judging from the screams she made. I sat up and hugged her, stroking her hair, her face and her arms, asked her to relax. She then seemed to remember something, and rose from me.

She put her mouth onto my cock, and licked it from bottom to top. She pulled the foreskin down, which was painful for me, but I just bore the pain. She then licked the entire dick and made it thoroughly wet. Then she rose again, and sat down on me and guided my cock to her hole. It was much easier this time, due to her oral lubrication. My cock head went in, and seemed to strike a barrier. She began to move up and down slowly, and I could feel the barrier on every stroke.

As she built up her tempo, my cock went in deeper. I had heard a lot about the breaking of the hymen, and the pain this caused, so I watched her intently. But her eyes were just focussed on my face as she fucked me. Soon, she had my entire dick inside her. I was thrusting back on each downward stroke of her vagina. Both of us were virgins, and could not last long – she came, her vagina contracting and relaxing very pleasurably on my cock, and I just shot my sperm deep into her on one of her downward strokes. I told her that I came, and she slowed down to a standstill, and fell onto me.

So this is sex, I thought, and now I knew why people loved to fuck. We spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s body, and fucking ourselves silly. Between each fuck, we would share a cigarette, a biscuit coated either with her cream or mine, and then get back to fucking. Once, she drew in the smoke from the cigarette and kissed me – we passed her smoke between our mouths, to and fro, until it came out my nose and I sneezed. We both laughed.

Towards early dawn, we fell asleep, exhausted by the night. I awoke at noon, and shook her awake. We both dressed up, and dragged the bike outside. It was a bright sunny day, and the previous night’s rain seemed to have been drunk up by a parched earth. While I started the bike, she locked the door, and bent down to look at something on the ground. She looked up, put a finger to her lips and motioned for me to go to her. I shut off the bike and went to her. She had found pugmarks of a large male tiger, made the previous night during the rain. I followed the trail – it led around the cottage once and then trailed off into the jungle. While we were busy making love inside at night, this lovely beast had traced us, and left us alone!! We got back onto the bike, and rode off. We reached Ooty that evening, and checked into our hotel. The receptionist gave us a knowing grin, when we registered as man and wife.

The three days we spent in Ooty trekking, making love in the open in quiet secluded places, went off very fast. We would have sex with our room door unlocked – I would just raise her skirt, push aside her panty, shove my dick in and fuck. She once did it to me in the elevator on our way down to the lobby from our room on the top floor.

This was just the beginning of our sex life together, and today I am happily married to her with a one-year-old son. She now has this fantasy to have me fuck two women together – she and someone else.

* * * * *

Is there anyone out there in cyberspace who wants to share our sex life? Age / Caste / creed no bar – all you need to have is a functional cunt and a desire to fuck. Please contact us and we will get back to you.

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