My Night with the Internet Star

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My night with the internet star.

As some Americans do, on occasion, I spend quiet evenings at home bouncing around the internet and watching YouTube videos. Several years ago, I ran across an outdoors camping channel hosted by a late teenaged Asian male — who for anonymity purposes — we’ll call Jacob. I watched his series season after season intrigued by his camping techniques and areas he visited, somewhat re-living my youth and all the camping trips I had gone on. As the years past Jacob grew into a handsome young man and continued his journeys with his channel bringing all his viewers years of entertainment. I had subscribed and liked his channel and every time he posted a video, I would get a notification and watch it.

One particular episode some years in, he was camping at the boundary waters in northern Minnesota and he went for a dip in the lake. Nothing out of the ordinary for a camper to cool off or wash up with a dip in the lake, but for some odd reason, seeing him wading through the water in only his underwear sent hormonal feelings through me the likes I had never had before. I always considered myself heterosexual and outside of a few fantasies in my own mind, I had never considered men. But watching him in the water, the outline of his penis through his wet undies, made me hard and horny.

After that episode the more I watched him and his videos the more aroused I became, and the more I wanted him. After watching an episode of his revolving around cold weather camping, I decided my way into making conversation with him – a person I didn’t even know — was to throw a couple suggestions for staying warm in cold weather excursions on his sight in the comments section. I never expected an answer, but hoped a dialog would ensue. Surprisingly a few days later, I saw Jacob had replied to my comments and was thankful I had given him a few tricks to keeping warm. Over the course of some of his later episodes, I’d make comments and he’d almost instantly reply, bringing us closer and closer to actual off line chat.

Finally, one day I emailed him directly, re-introducing myself (Rick) and we chatted back and forth for weeks about camping, good gear, supplies and the areas we both had visited. The conversations did turn personal after a while and the more we chatted about our lives (outside of camping) the more we developed a friendship. I watched that video of him wading in that water about 20 times, even stroked myself off watching it, desiring him, wanting to fuck him. There was no doubt I had a man crush on Jacob. Throughout our E-Mail conversations, we exchanged phone numbers and added each other as friends on our Facebook pages. We were developing a friendship via social media and by text but had never met in person. I don’t even know if either of us had even considered meeting face to face, since we lived a few states away from each other, but if he would have offered, I might have jumped at the chance. Now mind you I was almost 40 years old and had spent numerous years camping, hiking and rock climbing in my younger years, but some back injuries and the start of arthritis in my knees sidelined me from big hardy adventures years ago. And as much as I wished I could get out on those trips again, I just couldn’t. In a way I felt my connection for him was partially due to me living vicariously through a 25-year-old man’ adventures, who was videoing every one of his excursions for his remembrance, but for his audience as well. But secondly somewhere in my mind was a place / point of being very sexually interested in him.

In late spring of the next year, there was a big camping, fishing and outdoor show in eastern Indiana I was planning to attending. I mentioned it to Jacob in a text message and he replied he knew about it and was thinking of going himself over the weekend. My heart raced reading he might be going, so I told him I would meet him there if he wanted to hang around over the weekend and spend some time together. I didn’t make it sexual, because I was unsure of my feelings to him and surely did not know if her was gay or bi-sexual, or even had an interest in me; outside of friendship. Some days later when he confirmed he was able to go, I booked my hotel room and told him which hotel I was staying in. I took a personal day from work that Friday and left my house later morning and began preparing for my drive to Indiana. I stopped before I left town and bought some condoms and lube, just in case. I was very uneasy at the store checkout line. I felt as if the clerk knew I was going to have sex with a man. In the parking lot, I through the items in a side pocket of my suit case, slammed my trunk shut, took a deep breath and headed on down the road.

Jacob was a little closer in distance to the outdoor show, so he planned on working all day and just heading to the hotel after work, arriving later Friday evening. The whole drive there I was so excited that I was going to meet him. I was actually rather turned on and was hoping güvenilir bahis there would be a physical attraction between us, but even if there wasn’t; I was happy I was getting to meet someone in person I enjoyed chatting with. As I said earlier, I had never been with a man and as far as I knew he was single — as was I — and considering the friendship we had developed, my hope was he was as interested in me, as I was in him. I was surely nervous and was going back and forth in my head on whether or not I would even do anything sexually. There were fears which would creep in and try to dissuade me from making that move to be with him romantically, but then I would recall that video of him in the water, remembering how turned on I was watching it and how many times I had stroked myself off thinking of him. So, I was split internally on what I should do.

When I arrived in eastern Indiana some hours later, I checked into the hotel and wandered around the camping show, just getting a general idea of the layout. It was just after dinner when Jacob texted me letting me know he had arrived. A while later we finally met face to face. He was wearing his Khaki camping pants and a loose-fitting T-shirt, just like in most of his videos. He was taller than I thought, with luscious black hair and slightly shaded in goa-tee. His glasses fit his face perfectly and he was as thin and as handsome as he was in his videos. We shook hands giving each other that “man hug” we all do when we meet guys or re-connect with old male friends.

“Nice to meet you Rick.” He said.

“Nice to meet you to Jacob. I replied.

We sat at the bar and had a drink and chatted for a while. He was tried from work and travel, as was I, so we decided to call it a night. We agreed to meet up in the morning for our continental breakfast and start our day at the camping show, wandering around and seeing all the venders, boats, RV’s and equipment. I headed back to my room, excited that I was going to spend the day with a new friend. I didn’t sleep much that night, I was so horny and so excited and Saturday morning could not come fast enough for me.

At about 9:00 A.M. Jacob texted me letting me know he was on his way down. I met him in the dining area and we both chose our breakfast favorites, with extra-large coffee’s sitting down to eat and setting a plan of action for the day. We spent a few hours wandering around the show looking at vendors, until it was lunch time. We had a great cheeseburger at the hotel bar and both decided we both needed a brief nap before continuing on. A few hours later we reconvened to look at the boat and RV sections of the show. As we wandered through those sections, I was always trying to let Jacob climb onto the boats or into the RV’s first, because I was checking out his ass. We had a great day and some great conversations throughout the morning and afternoon. And even if anything didn’t happen between us, I was actually enjoying his company, his knowledge and interest in camping, fishing, hiking and rock-climbing. We decided after a long day of walking that we were both going to go freshen up and meet for dinner in the hotel bar / restaurant a while later. I went to my room, relaxed a bit, showered up and met him at the hotel restaurant at 7:00 P.M. I bought him a nice steak dinner and we enjoyed a few light cocktails while eating. Afterwards we decided just to sit at the hotel bar and have a few more drinks, just passing the time talking and getting to know one another more. As the night progressed, I wanted to ask him if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend, something I had never asked during our online, E-Mail and text chats, but I didn’t want to come off to forward, but alcohol and stupidity allowed my mouth to ask anyway. Jacob replied, he wasn’t dating anyone, but left it alone at that. He didn’t mention boyfriend or girlfriend, just that he was single.

As the evening grew later, were sitting slightly angled toward each other, almost face to face, just slowly sipping out drinks, neither of us drunk, but surely consuming enough to lower our inhibitions. I was horny as hell and in my mind, I just couldn’t stop seeing him in that Minnesota video. His sexy thin wet body, his underwear pinned tight to his skin, the outline of his dick bulging out. I wanted him so bad, but I had never hit on a man, let alone seduced one, so I was at a loss on what to say and what to do. Suddenly the moment hit, like something out of a movie, our eyes met and we just sat in silence starring at each other. It was only a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. Once again, the alcohol took over and I blurted out, “You have the deepest brown eyes I have ever seen.”

I think Jacob was shocked and embarrassed by my offering but felt compelled to reply by saying, “Thank you.”

The next words out of my mouth were, “You are such a handsome guy, I can’t believe you are single.”

Jacob smiled and said, “Thanks. I’ve had a few relationships, but nothing that made me want to güvenilir bahis siteleri give up my freedom and my outdoor lifestyle.”

I didn’t know how to follow-up, but managed to babble out, “I can understand that.”

“What about you?” He asked. “Anyone special in your life?”

Of course, I wanted to blurt out I’m single, and I want you. But I had to play it cool.

I looked at Jacob and replied, “I am single, and I do have an interest in someone I recently met. I’m hoping they feel the same.”

“They?” He asked.

“Well….. him.” I replied.

Jacob turned further to me as we again stared deeply into each other’s eyes, both of us holding and gently swirling our drinks in our hands. I wanted to lean forward and kiss him and just about the time I mustered up the courage to start my lean, he looked down and away from me, taking a sip on his drink. I was at a loss. Did he know I was talking about him? Did he feel the same? Did he think I was interested in him, but since I didn’t say his name, maybe he thought I was talking about someone else? Was he not gay or Bi-Sexual and had no interest? I was stumped and did know what to say or how to take this further.

“Well, I hope you get him.” He said aloud. “I’m sure he’s as interested in you as you are in him.”

Jacob slowly lifted his head and eyes towards me and looked at me deeply. This was my chance, right or wrong, I was going for it. I whispered, “I hope so too.”

I leaned forward to kiss him. His head tilted slightly as his body shifted towards me. I placed my lips on his. We just held that position for a few seconds, until I felt him edge closer, our lips parted, but tongues didn’t touch, almost fearful of that first deep kiss. I placed my hand along the side of his face and pulled him in closer. This time when our lips parted, our tongues touched. I felt butterflies in my stomach and had two sense overwhelming my thoughts. 1. I was kissing a man and this was weird. And 2. I was kissing a man I was interested in and was loving it. Jacob and I pulled apart and just sat looking at each other for a while. I leaned back in and kissed him again. This time I wasn’t so sacred or concerned, this time I wanted that first deep passionate kiss. Out lips parted completely and our tongues swirled deeply inside each other’s mouths. I felt like the whole world was watching. I felt my dick tingle and start to get hard. I placed my hand on top of his hand which was resting on his leg. I felt him breath in deeply, finally accepting the moment.

When I pulled away from his kiss this time I said, “Can we take this to a more private place?”

Jacob smiled and said, “Yes.”

We both took the last swig of our drinks, setting the glasses on the bar as we slid off the bar stools, everybody in the bar watching us as we left. We walked slowly, but deliberately to the elevator. We quietly and anxiously waited for it to arrive. When we climbed in, I said, “Your room or mine?”

“Yours,” he replied.

I pushed 5 and the elevator started climbing. I wanted to kiss him again, but instead, I muttered out the words, “Are you ok with this?”

“Yes.” He replied

We arrive at my room and I opened the mini bar, offering him a drink. I wanted to make this comfortable for him, without making it an instant sexual thing. We sipped our drinks from the little bottles as we talked more. We stood at the edge of the bed, face to face, knowing what was coming, but fearful of what to do next.

I looked at Jacob and said, “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, but I am a bit nervous. I have never been with a man before, but I am overly attracted to you.”

Jacob smiled and said, “I am nervous too. I have only slept with one other man one time back in Highschool, so I am fairly inexperienced myself.”

I leaned in for a kiss and this time there was no holding back. Our arms wrapped around each other as we came together chest to chest. Our tongues swirled around each other’s mouths as our passions ignited. I felt my dick start getting very hard, as Jacob’s hand ran up and down my back. I pulled from our kiss, taking the bottle from his hand and walking it over to the table. I set the bottles down and I turned down the lights. As I walked back over towards him, I lifted my shirt over my head, revealing my chest. My heart was racing as pulled Jacob back into me. As we began kissing again, I pulled his T-shirt from inside his camping Khaki’s lifting it over his head. I leaned down and kissed along his neck line and upper chest area, slowly making my way to his nipples. I gently sucked on both, lightly twirling my tongue on them. I kissed upwards along his bare chest, past his collar bone, along the side of his neck and under his ear as his head leaned back. When our faces met again, we continued kissing passionately wrapped in each other’s arms. Jacob’s hands rubbed up and down the skin of my back, while my arms were wrapped tightly around his lower back. My dick was rock iddaa siteleri hard and bulging in my pants. I had never wanted someone so bad as I did with him at that moment.

I slid my hand up in-between Jacob’s legs, getting to feel the outline of his hard cock. He felt fully erect, but pinned down in his underwear. I wanted to feel it in my hand, I wanted to hold his throbbing cock and I wanted to fuck him hard. Jacob’s hands hit may ass, grabbing a hold of my cheeks as I continued rubbing up and down his crotch. His moans and whimpers lightly echoed through our kiss.

I pulled away from our kiss, mouthing the words, “OMG, I have wanted this for so long.”

“Me too.” He moaned back.

I unbuckled Jacob’s belt, then unbutton and unzipped his pants. I slid my hand down into his pants. over his underwear, feeling his hard cock still pinned down. I rubbed up and down over it, as his pants widen and started slipping from his waist. His hand reached in-between my legs sending sensations throughout my whole body. I wanted him to rip my pants down, stroke my shaft, suck me off and make me cum.

“Touch me.” Jacob moaned out.

I slid my hand under his boxer shorts, allowing his hard cock to stand upright. I felt a pile of hair surrounding the base, as I slowly slid my hand up and down his shaft. I was so hard and turned on, knowing he was so hard and turned on that I about came. We continued kissing as I stood there stroking him off. I felt his pants fall from his waist hitting the floor by his feet. I pulled my hand from inside his boxers, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pushing them down and kicking them off. Just standing there in my underwear, gave my cock the space to pop up more, literally pitching a tent. I felt Jacob’s hand reach into my underwear, as my hand returned to being inside his. We stood kissing, jacking each other off for a few minutes, just absolutely turned on and aroused by our sexual desires.

I pulled from our kiss and stared deeply into Jacobs eyes. I took his glasses off his face, tossing the on to the bed. I sat him down on the edge of the bed as I dropped to my knees. I helped him get his pants off, which were stuck at his feet, while he spread his legs wide open. His body dark brown and silky except for the hair on his legs. I reached my hands to the sides of his boxer briefs (very similar color to the one’s he wore in the Minnesota video) and pulled them off. When I looked back up, Jacob’s 6-inch Asian cock was fully erect, adorned by hair at the base, but with clean shaven balls. I had never sucked cock before, but my mouth was watering. I wanted it … I needed it…

I leaned forward and placed Jacob’s cock in my mouth sliding it in and out. I could hear his moans, softly fill the room, as I was giving him a blow job. My cock was so hard I could have hammered nails into a 2X4 with it. I was bulging and pulsing as I sucked his cock. I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to make him scream, I wanted to be fucking him in the ass. I wanted it all. I bobbed back and forth, listening to sucking sounds fill the room. Feeling how wet I was making his shaft with my saliva. How hard his cock was, hearing myself slurping on his cock, knowing how long I’ve wanted this, all while feeling how sexually excited and aroused I was. I went as fast as I could for a while, feeling the tip of his cock hitting the back of my throat, then slowing down, making it long and deep. I wanted him to explode in my mouth, I wanted cum running down the back of my throat. Jacob’s hands came to rest on the back of my head as he gently thrust my face down deeper with each thrust.

He mouthed out the words, “Yah Rick, just like that. Suck that dick, make me cum.”

Each time he moaned out erotic, dirty words like that, the closer and closer I became to cumming in my shorts. I was so fucking turned on and so aroused. I was sucking cock in a hotel room in Indiana and I couldn’t get enough. After sucking his cock for a while, I needed to have mine played with. I stood up from my knees looking down on Jacob and his naked body as I slid my underwear down. Jacob’s eyes lit up as he got his first glimpse of my dick. “It’s all shaved he said.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “I like it better that way.”

Jacob moaned in pleasure as his face leaned downwards towards my fully erect cock. I felt his warm, wet mouth slide over the tip and down my shaft. I about exploded!! His head bobbed back and forth pleasuring me with his mouth, as I stood enjoying this blow job. I kept thrusting my hips gently towards him as his head dove deeper and deeper towards me. I placed my hands on the back of his head pulling him in deeper towards my hips. I’ve had blow jobs before, even better blow jobs from women, than the one he was giving me. But I couldn’t get enough of him sucking on it. I wanted to explode, but I wanted to enjoy every minute of this. I could see Jacob’s hand softly stroking himself as he sucked my cock, keeping himself fully erect and on the verge of cumming.

“OMG Jacob. You’re going to make me cum.” I blurted out.

Jacob picked up his pace, as he slowly slid off the edge of the bed and down onto his knees. “Yah suck that cock baby!” Moaned out from my lips.

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