My Neighbor

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Big Tits

My wife and I live in a upper middle class suburban neighborhood. The house next door was recently sold and the new occupants are a very good looking couple, Dan and Carol, about the same age as us. My wife has a position with a large company that requires her to travel periodically to train other divisions of her company on new software. Her trips usually last 3-5 days. Dan is a travelling salesman who is away from home at least 60%-70% of the time during the week.

About 3 months ago my wife was away on one of her training trips when I received a phone call from Carol. She said Dan was away on business and asked if I could lend her a hand putting up a wallpaper border as she didn’t feel safe up on her ladder. I walked next door knocked on the door when Carol told me to come in. She said she was in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen to find her working with her wallpaper tools. She did not have a very sturdy stepladder and I could see why she wanted some support while up on it. She brushed some paste on a section of the border and started up the ladder. She then asked me to support her legs so she wouldn’t fall off the ladder.

Carol was wearing cut-off jeans shorts. When I grabbed onto her legs to give her support I then noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My cock grew hard instantly. I am fairly well endowed and couldn’t help but bulge in my own shorts. Carol moved around on the ladder changing her position and at the same time changing my view of her shaven pussy. My swollen cock was feeling strangled in my shorts and It was beginning to feel painful. I knew I had to release my cock from its confines very soon.

After Carol finished hanging the latest section of the border and stepped down off the ladder I asked if I could use her bathroom. She looked down at my bulge and said of course. I went into the bathroom and took off my shorts and undershorts. I put my shorts on and folded my undershorts and put them in my back pocket. I felt much less constrained and felt that I could now continue helping Carol.

I went back to the kitchen and Carol was ready with the next section of border. This time when she went up on the ladder she had to bend to reach the area she was papering giving me a startling view of her ass. My cock was hard again but felt much less constrained without my undershorts. Carol was giving me a show that was driving me crazy and I could tell she knew it by her movements while she was on the ladder with me holding on to her ever spreading legs. I could also see from the glistening condition of her cunt that she was also getting turned on by this scene.

The next time she came down from the ladder she asked me if I would like some ice tea. I said I would love some and we sat down at the dining room table to drink some. Carol was walking back to the table when she looked down at my lap, gasped, and almost dropped the glasses she was carrying. I looked down to see what caused the sudden problem and noticed that the engorged head of my cock was protruding from the bottom of my shorts and in plain view.

I apologized while trying to adjust my shorts to cover my cock. We both started laughing and had a good time discussing the situation. I told her that she had a magnificent looking “bottom” which, since she chose to display it to me, was causing my hard-on. I told her about the real reason for my trip to the bathroom that caused my embarrassing situation at the table moments ago. Carol said that based upon the small amount that she was able to see she thought that I had a remarkable penis. She then said to me that she felt that she had done enough wallpapering for tonight and felt tired and sleepy. I told her that I would be most happy to help her finish the kitchen whenever she was ready. Carol thanked me and showed me to the door.

Before letting me out she planted a kiss on my lips that made me feel weak in the knees. Carol was quite a seductress and she was being extremely successful in seducing me. I walked home got undressed and got into bed. I realized I still had a raging hard-on and couldn’t keep my mind off Carol. I played with myself and came in large spurts. I expected my cock to soften but it remained hard as a rock.

After about a half-hour of “twisting & turning” restlessly in bed the phone rang. I answered the phone and it was Carol. She told me that she couldn’t sleep and was thinking about my cock and me. She told me that she had already come twice just from the thoughts and wanted to see how I was doing. I told her that my cock would not soften even after shooting my wad. I told her that I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She told me she felt the same about me. She asked me to begin playing with my cock and fantasize that it was her playing with it. She told me she was fingering her cunt and clit and fantasizing it was my hand playing with her. I told her that I was about to cum again which made her climax screaming into the phone that made me lose my load.

Fortunately I had brought a towel to bed realizing my state. I then told her that I wanted to make güvenilir bahis love to her and she said that I should keep that thought in my head. I told her that if I did that I would walk around with a perpetual erection. She laughed and said “so what since she was planning to walk around with a perpetually wet cunt.” With that statement my cock began hardening again and I told Carol about my condition and said that I have to get some sleep now as I had an early meeting tomorrow morning.

I hung up the phone and finally fell asleep. Fortunately I had a busy day of meetings and couldn’t think about Carol that much. Every time I did think about her I started getting hard. During one of my presentations I did notice one of my female co-workers, Janet, constantly staring at my bulge while smiling at me while licking her lips seductively. I smiled back and filed that in my mind perhaps for action at a later date.

When I arrived home I fixed myself some dinner and waited for Carol’s call for wallpapering help that never came. I never did speak to Carol that evening which left me feeling kind of blue. The next day at work Janet came by my office to discuss the project we were working on.

After we had discussed the latest schedule I got up to get some water and she remarked that I “seemed to have lost that look” which I had at the presentation. I blushed slightly and Janet then said that if I ever wanted to share that “look” with her she was quite receptive. I thanked her for her candor and ended our meeting feeling that prolonging it any further would just lead to a potentially awkward situation. That night while sitting at home watching the local news Carol called asking if I could help her finish papering the kitchen. I said I would be glad to and changed into my shortest shorts with no undershorts on.

When I arrived at Carol’s door she once again asked me to come into the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of Carol in short shorts. I was sure she had no underwear on either. Carol took a section of the border and started up the ladder. I took hold of her legs and was greeted with the sight of her very juicy cunt. It was so juicy I could smell her sex and it immediately inflamed my cock. This time about 2 inches of my hard-on stuck out the bottom of my shorts even while I was in a standing position. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I asked Carol what she had been thinking about to put her in her “condition?” She said “you.” I told her to look down at my shorts to see the effect she was having on me. She turned around on the ladder and looked down expecting to see a large bulge. When she saw my cock sticking out from under my shorts I thought she would cum right on the ladder. As it was I had to hold on tight to keep her from falling off the ladder. When she got off the ladder she turned around to face me and gave me a big kiss using her tongue expertly. By this time about 3 inches of my cock had escaped my shorts. Carol reached down with her hand and started caressing first my cock through my shorts, and then the exposed portion of my cock.

Once she felt my hot, hard flesh she started to climax. Carol came in spasms screaming as she did. While cumming she lost control and squeezed my cock very hard. I didn’t want to stop her orgasm but was relieved when she loosened her grip. When she settled down a bit she said she wanted to see my cock “up close and personal.” With that she sank to her knees in front of me and unzipped my shorts and undid my belt. She then lowered my shorts revealing my member. Carol couldn’t believe what she was staring at. She said that it was the “largest and most magnificent cock she had ever seen.”

She began to caress it with her hands lightly fondling my balls at the same time. Carol lowered her tongue to the head of my cock to lick up my pre-cum. She said it tasted wonderful. Then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and began to make love to it. In no time I was ready to cum and told her. Carol, instead of pulling my prick out of her mouth, began to lick and suck harder which caused me to lose it. I shot load after load of my jism into Carol’s mouth and she swallowed the entire cum without losing a drop. She couldn’t get enough and kept sucking until it almost was painful. I finally had to ask her to stop. Carol stood up and removed her clothes and displayed a female form directly from the pages of Penthouse magazine. I hadn’t noticed Carol’s outstanding tits since I had been preoccupied with her lower extremities. I took her in my arms and began to kiss her neck while working my way down to her very erect nipples.

When I licked her nipple I gently ran my finger around her clit which caused her to climax again. I couldn’t believe she was cumming again and either could she. Carol told me afterwards that she had never been so turned on in her life. She told me that the sight of my huge cock had put her over the edge. She then told me she wanted to take me inside her and feel my cock “filling her up as never before.” I was hard again. I couldn’t believe güvenilir bahis siteleri the effect Carol was having on me. Carol then led me to her bedroom and took my shirt off. She then lay on her back and spread her legs for me. The she pulled them back to her shoulders and gave me a view of “paradise”.

I was looking at the most fantastic cunt and asshole I had ever seen. I lowered my face to her crotch and began to lick her cunt. I then began reaming her asshole with my tongue which made her moan and scream with lust. She reached out and grabbed the back of my head pushing me further into her and telling me how great it felt. Carol then released my head telling me to fuck her as she was ready to cum again. I placed the head of my cock into her cunt and pushed gently. I couldn’t believe the ease at which I slid all the way in. She was so wet.

I began to rhythmically fuck Carol and she came almost immediately. As she came she expertly used the muscles in her cunt to squeeze my cock which made me cum flooding her insides with my release. After a while I slid my cock out of her and laid on my back still breathing hard from the intense fuck session. Carol just laid there in exhaustion also while my cum ran out of her cunt and into the crack of her ass and on her leg.

What a phenomenal sight that was. Carol was still moaning with pleasure even though I had completely separated myself from her. She turned to me and said our spouses will be away for 2 more nights do you think we can survive their absence? I responded that I didn’t know but I was anxious to find out. With that Carol turned over onto her stomach and raised her ass up and said “I want you to eat my asshole and drive me crazy.” I bent over her placing a pillow under her stomach to give me a better angle.

I started lightly licking around her anus gradually increasing the pressure until I had my tongue in her asshole. I then replaced my tongue, first, with one finger and then with 2 fingers. Carol was getting delirious with lust. She then uttered the magical words “please fuck me in the ass.” I told her that I didn’t think she could take my large cock in her ass. She told me to “stop arguing and sink that big cock in my ass.” I used her cunt juices as lubrication and slowly managed to get my cock into her asshole. Carol was screaming with pleasure “oh god that feels so good. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

Then she came screaming and moaning with pleasure which made me cum filling her bowels with my load of cum. I waited for my cock to soften before pulling it out of her ass. When I did Carol involuntarily released a fart as my cum flowed from her now widely opened asshole. She looked embarrassed but I reassured her that it was a complimentary ending to our anal sex. I told her that I had sunk the full length of my prick into her asshole. She looked over at my cock in its flaccid state and said “even at that size I can’t believe I took it all.” She told me that Dan had fucked her in the ass numerous times but that his dick is much smaller than mine. I told her that my wife has never been able to take me in her ass so tonight was very special for me.

After relaxing in each other’s arms for a while we decided that we should take a shower to clean each other off. While in the shower we washed each other all over making each other cum again. I couldn’t believe I was capable of so many orgasms in one night. Carol magically used her hands with the soap to bring me off. I shot my load all over her leg which she rubbed in before the shower washed it away. I turned her around with her back to me and started to wash her ass and cunt from behind. I was playing with the bar of soap and slid it into her cunt. She used her cunt muscle control to slide it back out to me. When I soaped up and slid 2 fingers in both her cunt and asshole Carol came almost pulling down the shower curtain. We then rinsed off, dried each other off and got dressed.

Carol asked if I had purposely worn the short shorts tonight. I told her that I had removed my undershorts and changed into them, knowing my cock would show if I got excited, after her call inviting me over. She told me that as soon as she called me she also removed her underpants and put on her shortest shorts to be sure I had the best view possible. I told her the view had been sensational and that I was starting to get hard again just thinking about it. Carol told me she couldn’t take anymore tonight and really needed some rest.

I told her that if she wanted to complete the kitchen wallpapering I would be glad to come over tomorrow night to help her. She asked me to be there at 6:00 and she would have a treat available for me to eat. I told her I couldn’t wait. We kissed passionately and I left for my house. I couldn’t believe I had a hard-on that wouldn’t go away. The next day passed excruciatingly slowly. Finally I arrived home, changed into my “visit to Carol’s house outfit”, and went over to Carol’s at 5 Minutes to 6. When I knocked on her door she once again invited me into her kitchen. When I got iddaa siteleri to the kitchen Carol was laying on her back on the kitchen table naked.

She had her legs spread wide and said, with a big smile, “here’s the treat I promised you – enjoy.” I sunk my mouth into her cunt and really went to work. I ate Carol’s cunt while playing with her large erect nipples. She came in no time. Carol got up from the table and asked me to remove my shorts and sit on the edge of the table. Carol then started licking my balls and took them, one at a time, into her mouth using a very light sucking technique. Then she took both my balls into her mouth and began humming. This drove me absolutely crazy. When she changed the pitch of the humming I exploded all over her face and hair. What a wonderful feeling. She asked if I enjoyed her “hum job?” I told her it was fantastic. Carol then told me that she had bought a large dildo during the day and wanted me to shove it into her ass while I fucked her cunt. I told her I would be most happy to comply with her wishes but after her “hum job” I needed a while to recuperate. Carol suggested that we order Chinese food take out. I said it was an excellent idea. We called in the order cleaned up the kitchen and I went into town to pick up the food.

We finished our dinner and went into the TV room to relax. Carol then put on an XXX rated movie on her VCR. It was a very sexy movie which made us both very horny. Carol stood up in front of me and very sensuously began removing her clothes. She then took the dildo and began making love to it and started using it on her cunt and clit. I removed my clothes and started playing with myself while watching her. Carol saw my big cock and dropped to her knees and started sucking on it. She then, stood up, handed me the dildo, turned with her back to me and bent over placing her hands on the floor. The view she was affording me was breathtaking. I shoved the dildo into her cunt to get it lubricated. Carol assisted me in my effort by squirming wildly on the dildo.

I removed the dildo and replaced it with my 3 inch diameter cock and began to fuck her. I then inserted the dildo into her ass while continuing to slide my cock in and out. Carol screamed “I’m being split in half and it feels wonderful.” With that she came and so did I once again filling her cunt with my jism. We collapsed to the floor. After laying silent for a long while Carol turned to me and said “isn’t it wonderful that we can be so neighborly and help each other in our lonely period when our spouses are away from home on business. I wholeheartedly agreed and began to play with her erect nipples. After a while we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. During the night I was awakened from what I thought was a wonderful dream only to realize that it wasn’t a dream at all. Carol was licking my cock and balls and I had a raging hard-on. Carol used her lips and tongue expertly and was driving me crazy.

When she took me in her mouth I shot my load down her throat almost immediately. She swallowed my load without losing a drop. I told her to bring her cunt up to my waiting mouth so I could repay the favor. She didn’t waist any time and sat down on my face spreading her lips with her fingers. The odor of my cum mixed with her cum intermingled with her excitement juices was exquisite. I lapped her up with my tongue bringing her to climax quickly. Carol rolled off me and we finally fell back to sleep. In the morning I was awakened by the smell of coffee being brewed in the kitchen. I threw on my shorts and went to the kitchen to see what Carol was making for breakfast.

Carol was in the process of cooking eggs and bacon as well as pancakes. What a treat. Breakfast was delicious. After breakfast Carol and I decided to visit the local art museum. Being a weekday morning there were hardly any people in the museum. Carol wouldn’t keep her hands off me and I was also continuously fondling her. A few times we almost brought each other to climax just by telling the other what we were planning to do to them. I was walking around with a raging hard-on which severely bulged out my pants. While there were very few visitors in the museum, I couldn’t help but notice that the few females who passed us by kept looking down at my protrusion. Finally I told Carol that I couldn’t stand it any longer and that I needed to fuck her NOW. We searched for the men’s room and I went inside and noticed that it was empty. We both went in and entered the handicapped toilet stall since it was larger. I pulled my pants down revealing a “one eyed monster”.

Carol reached down and started caressing it when I told her that I was just about ready to explode. She raised her skirt above her waist revealing her magnificent pubic area. She then turned with her back to me and bent over leaning on the toilet seat and said “your choice”. Since I needed a quick release I chose to enter her cunt which was unbelievably wet. I met no resistance at all. Within 2 strokes I was gushing my load into her. I couldn’t believe how good this release felt. The fact that it was building for hours made the climax that much more satisfying. I reached down and inserted my finger into Carol’s asshole and began reaming. She came with a scream that I thought everyone in the museum would hear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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