My Highschool Counselor

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Big Tits

Okay so I will tell you what happened during my senior year. (2012)

My highschool was same like all the highschool around the country. Freshmen sluts, popular groups, sports, and everything that you’d think to be in a highschool. I was a normal kid through out my highschool years. I had some relationship with girls, had good friends, and overall good memories. One of the best decision was that I was in my student government. I made many friends in there and planned exciting things for my students. But that wasn’t the reason why it was the best decision in my life, it was because of my counselor who overlooked the student government.

Her name was Rachel. She was 5’11 and had brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin color. She was about 35-40 years old ( I don’t know her real age), was married and had 1 baby son. Since she was my counselor, I was really close with her. When I came into her office, I checked her out all the time. She wasn’t the best looking woman. My friends said “Dude she’s not that good,” but for me, I’d pound her so hard all night. She had small boobs, about B 32, but had a big ass. She wore khakis most of the times and sometimes she bent over right in front of me and I was just dazed. She gave me some signs that she was interested in me but escort I didn’t really believe it… until one day…

Few months ago, I was called to the office during 5 th period. I didn’t know why. When I rushed to the office, the office woman looked at me then pointed towards my counselor’s office. So I walked into the room and asked her what was up. Rachel was wearing black yoga pants that day with a tight black t shirt. I don’t know why she wore that. I thought teachers were supposed to wear appropriate clothes. But I asked her why she called me down.

“I was just checking if you got your transcripts into your colleges” She said. And so I answered I did. But then she stood up and turned around and bent over to look at some papers. My dick got so hard. Her big ass was too big for the yoga pants. I could see her thong sticking out from her pants and beautiful butt cheeks and thick pussy inside her tight yoga pants. I was thinking of just grabbing her big hips and thrusting the shit out of her. I wanted to fuck her brains out at that moment. But then she sat back down and looked at me. She had the face of one of those people who weren’t really popular back then. That made me turned on more. I wanted to pound the shit out of her unpopular ass. Suddenly she grabbed my thighs and izmit escort bayan said somethings about college visits. I was so turned on.

Her hands slowly reached my hard dick and I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I was thinking about closing the door, but then I realized she was just assuring me that I was gonna go to college. I was then bummed out because I thought she was gonna touch my dick there.

In 6th period, I had no class so I decided to visit Rachel with my friend. While we were talking to her I was trying to seduce her by looking at her eyes deeply. IT WORKED! When my friend went to his class and I sat in her office with the door closed. Her office was small with only her desk and about 3 chairs inside. The door had a small window but i was covered with stickers. We talked about college then she just looked at me with her tight legs crossed. I was nervous and started to heat up. So I asked her, “Do you do yoga?”

“No I don’t haha,” she answered,
“Then why are you wearing it?”
“It’s comfortable. Girls wear it to school so I decided to do the same!”
“It’s kinda tight on you.” Then my face fired up. I didn’t know what to expect.
“Oh is it?” then she checked her pants and feeling them around, but no signs izmit sınırsız escort of wanting me.

I was just waiting for her to come on to me. We chatted some more about 10 minutes and finally she sat right next to the chair I was sitting on then put her left hand on my thigh. As soon as I stared into her eyes and was about to speak, her hand dug through my pants. Right away I knew that it was about to go crazy. So I grabbed her hair with both hands and put her head on my shorts. She had hard time getting my shorts off. I knew as soon as she made a move on me, I could do anything I wanted because then I could tell officials that she reached into my pants first. It was an awkward position. She still sat right next to me with her hands wrapped around my dick and my left hand on her forehead and my right hand grabbing her hair. Her wet lips started to suck my dick like a vacuum. I controlled her head going up and down. I was going so fast that her saliva was going everywhere. She stopped frequently to check the door and telling me not to tell but I kept going not answering to her. She was now sucking my dick while saying “AHHHHH”. I fucked her throat like there was no tomorrow. Her fair face turned red and saliva on all over her face, I reached toward her ass. She then sat on her knees by putting a chair next to the chair she was sitting on in order to kneel next to me……

I grabbed her fucking ass….


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