My First Harley Ride

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Black Lipstick

Before I start, maybe I should tell you a little about myself. I have shoulder length dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, 5’4, 165lbs, and my breasts are 38D’s. I have been called cute. Some say I’m pretty. I like to believe I’m even sexy. I do catch the eye of a young man or two here in town, but I prefer the old men (wink). I turned 18 recently and my boyfriend went off to college out of state. That leaves me here with a lot of free time do whatever I like, which is mostly hanging out with my friends. We live in a small town, and my folks know just about everybody.

One autumn day I’m standing downtown, next to the cafe. Jesse and Rena are giggling about nothing when several motorcycles come roaring through town. Motorcycles are a common sight through our town. It has to be the winding roads and gentle rolling hills that bring them here. It can’t be anything else. This town would dry up if it weren’t for the railroad and the Wal-Mart. As the motorcycles slow down and pull into the gas station across the street one biker really catches my eye. His name is James, and he is about 45 with salt ‘n’ pepper hair. He’s about 5’7″, compact, experienced just how I like them. I have wanted him before back when I was 16. He was friends with my uncle and wouldn’t touch my virgin breasts when I would flash him, but now I’m sure he can’t resist.

He sees me and I flash him a coy smile. He walks over and runs his fingers along the neck of my Harley Davidson jacket and asks me if I’d ever ridden one. I said no but I had ridden on a Honda dirt bike once. He laughs and tells me to climb on the back. haymana escort I hold on to his strong body as he drives me to old man Davidson’s secluded open field. As he stops the bike and gets off, I climb off, too. I’m blushing, nervous, my heart beating so fast. He tells me to turn around and starts kissing me softly at first, gaining strength as he gains confidence that I want him as much as he wants me. He pulls of my jacket and rips off my shirt, throwing them on the ground. I stand there shocked. He smiles and bends down and takes my right nipple in his mouth, his tongue circling my nipple getting harder and harder. His hand massages my left breast. I’m breathing harder, my pussy’s getting wetter. I put my hand on his head, pressing his mouth down on me telling him to bite my nipple. He takes my nipple between his teeth playfully and shakes his head like a dog with a new toy. He releases my nipple, smiling.

He begins to trail kisses and licking his way down my belly. He quickly undoes my jeans and pulls them down. I step out of them, and he throws them on the ground beside my ripped shirt. He gazes appreciatively at my black velvet thong. I undo the diamond clasps and let the thong fall down to the grass. He props my leg on the footrest of his bike and kneels down and starts licking my wet, smooth pussy. I’m resistant at first but he puts his hand firmly on my ass pulling me closer. I gasp at the strange sensation of pleasure only he has been able to bring. Suddenly, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m so horny and wet for James. I’m practically keçiören escort fucking his face. I get down on my knees and start kissing him passionately. He stands up. I look up at his tan face, his hard lines giving him a distinguished look as I undo his jeans, so eager to bring him pleasure. I take his huge 12-inch cock in my tiny mouth. He smiles as I start sucking his dick slowly as I play with his tight shaven balls, letting my hand wander to his hard ass.

I let my head bob up and down as he starts pumping my face slowly. My tongue fiercely moves up and down his hard, throbbing shaft. He quickly pulls me up and kisses me gently, exploring my soft mouth. He nudges me over to the bike and tells me to sit on the black leather seat.

Then he slowly slides his cock in my slick hole. At first I resist him, my eyes widening. He holds true to his course and holds me steady, and whispers into my ear, telling me that I had already given up my hopes and inhibitions about being a virgin when I’d agreed to ride with him. He then says to give over to absolute pleasure. I smile weakly and kiss him sweetly, my mind full of regret and relief. He starts to pump in and out of my tight, gripping pussy. I want him so bad. I tell him faster, harder. But he stays sure, slow, and steady. I tilt my hips and wiggle my body wanting instant release. James tells me to be still and let him bring me to absolute pleasure. He calls me “His Pet” and I melt. I loved being called that. He slowly pumps my slick, wet pussy aching to be fucked into release. He smiles as I rock kızılay escort my hips, my breathing frantic and unsteady. He pulls me up and tells me to bend over. As James enters my from behind he laughs as my pussy grips at his gigantic cock. He leans his head back as he slams into my pussy, slapping my ass as I arch my back.

He’s riding me harder and harder, faster and faster. I’m smiling as I move back to meet him push for push. I cum as he’s pounding my pussy. He goes to pull out; I whine, wanting more of his huge cock. He smiles and gasps when I push him to the ground and straddle him, positioning him between my slick thighs. I put his cock at the entrance to my slick pussy. I pound my pussy down, impaling myself on his hard cock. I slide up and down his hard cock, fitting all of him inside me. He rises up with urgency and intimately kisses me on the mouth. I cum again as he rolls me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders. He slides into my eager pussy, filling it to the brim. He slams his cock in and out of my pussy. All the way inside me, shaking up my soul. His cum is boiling in his balls, rising up his cock as he explodes inside me. He fills me with his hot cum as I cum again. I am close to tears, overwhelmed with unearthly pleasure.

Then my mind registers what just happened. I ask if he’s had a vasectomy, and he assures me that he’s had one. He bends over and kisses me. We stand up and straighten ourselves. I zip up my jacket over my bare breasts. I smile, and climb on the back of his motorcycle as he drives me home. My mom meets us at the door, and asks if I had a fun ride. I smile and tell her I had a great ride as James take my hand, gently kisses it, and tells me bye.

Mom tells me it was really nice of him to give me a ride on his motorcycle. She asks me if I said thank you. I smile sweetly as I close the front door and say, “I sure did.”

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