My Filthy Wife

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[Busy farmer loves hearing about his wife’s promiscuity]

‘Hi Hon,’ she announces stumbling into our bedroom at one in the morning. ‘That was a first-class night tonight, Look at me!’

I fumble for the bed side lamp, half asleep in our matrimonial bed. I was hoping my wife would be back a tad earlier to regale her adventure as I had been up early the previous morning working the farm. I could smell an aura about her. Cheap perfume, alcohol, sweat and the unmistakable aroma of spunk. Lots of it. A give away for a slut like Cherie. If it’s a classy meet, I’d be smelling Chanel and spunk. If it’s a guy with a tag, it would be a knock off out of Lidl, spunk and piss.

The light flickered on and yes, judging by the state of her, she’d had a very good time indeed. She’d gone out dressed for the part. A hook up site had raised her curiosity. Her blonde hair tied in schoolgirl bunches to the sides of her head, ala Miss Spears, held in pink elastic bands. Make up liberally applied, fluttering false eyelashes, kohl eyeliner, pink shiny lippie, the fucking ‘Fuck Me’ works. An ultra-tight, white skinny rib roll neck top to emphasis her unsupported fake tits, short tartan pleated skirt and black leather belt, and of course, the whorish red shiny patent leather ‘fuck me’ thigh boots. Her white fishnet stockings were supported by skimpy suspenders. She’d even discarded any modesty of knickers. She had looked a man hungry trollop! A lusty man’s dream. I wouldn’t have turned her down. I’d have fucked it.

Now, one of the bunches had slipped to the side, as if it had been tugged. Her eyeliner had smudged and very little of the lippie remained, and what did remain was smudged around her mouth with what appeared to be a healthy deposit of dried spunk that also appeared around her neck and cheekbone. The roll neck, which now looked quite grubby, had been ripped at the side and her left breast hung crudely out. She still looked a right trollop! Only now, a very hard serviced one! To emphasise what a night she’d had, someone had left a hickie on her neck. A tramp stamp to mark out her pedigree.

She turned around and bent over, excitedly exposing her naked arse cheeks, which by the look of them had been smarted, presumably by a rough male hand.

‘My Cherie, haven’t you just had an enjoyable evening!’ I exclaimed, approvingly. I pulled the light duvet back and invited her next to me with a gentle pat on the bedsheet. ‘You look like a very well used lil’ whore wife. Come, tell me all ’bout it. I want all the filthy details!’

She snuggled beside me, clothes still on, and placed a finger on my swelling cock, gently teasing it up and down its length with a long red finger nail. Her left breast hung outside her ripped open top. I checked that she still had her wedding band on. They were the rules. I wanted the guys to know they were fucking a promiscuous married woman; that she was being sinful. She wanted it to, said it made her filthy, brought out her demons.

She began her tale of her blissful evening, in the exquisite detail she always described.

‘Well darlin’. I’ve been a very naughty slut wife, just as you like me.’ She spat on the palm of her hand and swirled it around my swollen helmet and looked into my eyes. ‘I trust this has been unwanked tonight, I want to drain your balls. Last week, you remember that guy what called here. Brown cropped hair, ’bout 6’4″. Cute arse. Ex para I believe, retired out the army. Late 40’s, built like an ox. Said he was doing a house survey for the roof insulation I’d enquired about. I couldn’t help myself to give him a call, after I said we weren’t interested about the insulation right yet, not at his quoted price. Truth be told, I fancied him like fuck. Looked like he was packing! Yum.’

‘Your heart pounds for hung cock honey!’ Squeezing her slim waist as her hand palmed my swelling meat.

‘It fucking does, yeah. Wot I was born for!’

She moved her palm off my cock, spat on her fingers and dove them between kurtköy olgun escort my ass cheeks, scratching my tainter, avidly watching my reaction, wanting me to watch her. Her tongue waggled across her top lip as she smiled lewdly. My cock stiffened some more. She opened her mouth wide and with her wet tongue stretched, dived on my cock taking its full length to her throat, ensuring I could see her looking up at me, her eyes focused on mine. I couldn’t resist holding her head in my hand, bouncing her head up and down it. Her fingers continued to tease my ass’s entrance.

A few seconds later she was up for air, dribble stringing from her lips. ‘To cut out the boring detail, I arranged to meet him tonight at the Marriot. He said to wear something slutty, something to get him horny. Well, that’s a sure cert I’m going to get treated to some fun Darlin.’

‘Slut! Go on, go on, tell me more,’ pulling her head up by one of her bunches ‘I’m fucking rampant”

‘I parked our Audi in the hotel car park and walked in. The doorman at the door gave me a disapproving look, but hey, to me that’s approval, hee, hee.’

‘Love it, go on!’

She pulled her fingers from my butt cheeks, spat on them again and worked it back to the entrance of my asshole, looking at me lustfully, breathing heavily. She probed for a while, watching me grow further, her saliva having made it sticky and shiny.

‘These boot heels make plenty of noise. People watched as I walked in, must have thought I was a hooker, or at least, I hope they did! Paul, the insulation guy was there at the bar, a WKD blue waiting by his pint for me. Could have been spiked for all I knew, but I don’t need to be sedated. His eyes wondered up and down my rack as I approached, wasn’t interested in my face, dirty fucker. Said hi, and complimented my dress sense!’

‘What, how?’

‘Said I was dressed and built for pleasure and I wouldn’t be disappointed. Didn’t look at my face, just tits, legs and ass. Even pulled me into him and stuck his tongue deep into my open mouth, right there at the bar, as his arm slipped around my waist and pulled me in tight. I put my hand to the back of his head so he could get his tongue in nice and deep so that I could suck on it, make him feel like his tongue was up my grasping cunt.’

‘Nice of the gentleman. Compliments matter darling’ I pushed her legs apart, opening her bald snatch and flicked her clit softly, getting her wet. Her snatch looked so enticing, open for attention and her stockings and suspenders gave enthesis to the softness of her thighs and above.

‘He nodded to my drink said — get it down yer neck darlin’, girls like you look better on my cock, not sipping girlie drinks.’ No beatin’ about, I like that in a man, it’s a trait I find particularly fuckin’ attractive.’

She licked her lips, as if savouring the moment, and threw her head back as my finger flicked her bean some more. She let out a sigh. Her head dived back to my cock and with my help on her head, deepthroated it down to my tightening balls.

‘He’s a sweet way with words I give him that!’ I urged, holding her head down and luxuriating in the feeling of the warm slippery wetness of her cheating throat. I married well.

‘course, I was starting to get fuckin aroused.’ She gasped as I pulled her head up for air. ‘I like being addressed like trash, fuckin love it. I had to start complimenting him too. It would be rude not to, although I don’t think he needed complimenting’

‘Go on…’ I goaded, slipping two fingers into her sopping slit as she spread her thighs apart. I started to rub her G spot, making her thighs shake uncontrollably as my thumb caressed her clit.

‘I bent over to his ear and said he’d look good pumping into my nasty cheatin’ cunt too. I like well-built studs. He then said open yer legs, I want to see it first. I don’t need prompting as you know. I sat on the high stall before him, parted my legs and gave him a welcoming tuzla escort eyeful. Even raised my arse in the seat so he could make out my puckered little asshole and my cunt juice dribbling on it. I then dared pull my flaps back with my naughty slut fingers to give him the right sort of message only a true slut like me can give. A nice view of my juicy pink cunt lips whilst I licked my lips, traced my tongue around my teeth. Fellas like that. This fella licked his lips and stroked his cock through his trousers, then moved into me and dove his tongue deep into my open mouth again.’

‘Sweet. That’s my Cherie.’ Her head went back down again. I quickened the pace. My wife had done good and I believed every word of it. I had no cause to disbelieve her, not Cherie. I started to thrust into her mouth. She tried to talk further, in gasps.

‘…That’s me hon… mmph… I pulled his head into my face so he could get that tongue down the back of my throat and let him grope my r..r.rack. So love a man that takes the initiative. I asked him where the room was, said I was gagging for that jaw breaking cock, looking down at it swelling in his tight trousers. I could even make the cut head out; he was that aroused. Precum was marking his light trousers. I put my hand against it and looked him straight in the eyes and licked my lips. Dribble dropped from my mouth onto my top. I love hung cock.’

Cherie was working my interest to fever pitch, and she hadn’t even fucked the guy yet. She opened her legs for me, red boots in the air.

‘Feast on it darlin, eat my cheating cunt.’

‘Very good! A hotel room huh!’ not your usual play space! Usually a doggers car park or alley, for my pretty little tramp.’

I pulled her legs well apart then dug under my pillow and found her clit vibrator. I was buzzing it over her clit and feasting on her juices as she continued, savouring every lust driven slurp.

‘Exactly! The bastard hadn’t booked one. It was a fucking toilet job. He said it suited me better!’

‘Mmm, dirtier, I like it!’

‘I was gushing like I am now. The horny bastard basically threw a tenner at the bar tender for the drinks, pulled me off the stall by the hand and marched me into the gents, not even the Ladies. I left a slick of my excited juices on the seat. I knew I was being treated like a cheap whore, no bedroom for me. ‘Course, I was fucking gagging for it now, he was so assertive. He slapped my ass as he pulled me across the floor!’

‘Did anyone …see?’… I asked, lapping thirstily between my brazen wife’s legs.

‘Don’t know. My heels made large clacks on the tiled floor as he dragged me. I expect the bar tender wasn’t ignorant to the situation as he moved around from the bar and wiped my stool seat. I had my hook-up’s fat pulsing cock on my mind! Girl’s got to have her meat’

‘That’s it oh fuck…’ The vibrator had bought her off quickly, or maybe it was the memory of her dirty encounter more like.

‘So, the bastard pushes me in. Doesn’t take a booth, stands by a smelly urinal, piss drops on the floor, unzipping himself. Anyone else could have walked in. It was thrilling. Tells me to hold his cock while he takes a piss first, to get rid of the beer, said he was bursting. I was fucking turned I tell you. Feels very dirty holding a stranger’s swollen cock and feeling it piss a hot stream, aiming it where you want. While I watch the hot piss jet out, he’s lifted my kilt and starts to finger my exposed cunt from behind, bad mouthing me.’

‘That’ll turn you on darling, I know. What did he say?’

‘Oh, he didn’t mince his words. You fucking type love cock. Written all over you in your cheap tight top and slappers lipstick. You’re going to get a nasty fuck, cos that’s all your type want! On your knees!!’

‘I was gagging for it. He could read me to a tee. I was certainly ‘a type!’ His cock had hardly stopped pissing, but it was nicely engorged with hot blood, and I was quickly on my knees slobbering pendik escort all over it from tip to base like a whore, even receiving the last jets of piss across my cheeks, I was so desperate. I started to wank it too, fisting it in long hard strokes, looking into his eyes, my bracelet jangling. The urinal stank down there, I was behaving like a depraved animal, staring up at him as my hand flew up and down it, it’s tip on my teasing tongue.’

‘Both of you have abandoned decent behaviour Cherie, you filthy fuckers!’ I reminded her.

‘My booted knees slipped amongst the piss drips by the urinal. 8″ of pulsing cock in my whorish mouth. He pulled my bunches and forced his cock into my throat. God, it was slut heaven. My tongue was out lapping his balls as he pumped into my throat. My eyes watered and my saliva was dripping off my chin onto the pissy floor. I dug my nails into his arse cheeks to keep a purchase. He had a wedding ring, so his wife will see he’s a filthy fucker certainly, with those nail scratches!’

‘Fuck! Dirty bitch. On your back!’ I demanded. Her words were getting me rampant and my helmet was about to explode.

‘Not fucking likely darlin’.’ Cherie turned instantly onto her forearms and knees and pushed her ass into the air. Looking down on her, her suspender framed ass, stockings and thigh boots had my cock pulsing. The man’s hand had left their imprints on her shapely rump and now my hand was spanking it to obedience. Precum was dribbling onto the sheet below. I offered my knob end to her cheating cunt and pushed straight in.

‘That’s it baby. Pump my spunk box, get it flowing then finish in my arse!’ she commanded.

Words to my ear. I dug in deep, pulled out and slammed it back home. I was some lucky bastard with a wife like this.

‘Come on … finish your story, slut!’ breathless. I live for her filthy encounters. Her cunt muscles were gripping my cock like a hand.

She revealed the rest of her story in gasps as I dove in. He’d pushed her face against the sink to watch themselves in the mirror, lifted her short kilt skirt and fucked her doggy, a thumb in her ass for good measure. No one came into the toilet, but the thought they could be discovered added to their excitement. He called her all the depraved names he could think of and ripped her top open to maul and see her fake tits sway as he thrust hard. Dirty filthy slut, he kept telling her. He spanked her ass as he rode even harder into her, pushing her against the basin, face pressed into the mirror, her lipstick smearing the mirror, his balls slapping against her suspender framed buttocks with each stroke. She lapped it up. She likes to see herself worked hard like a bitch, be called names. His mouth sought her neck and sucked out a hickie for a souvenir. ‘You’ll have to explain that to your husband,’ he’d said.

‘And… just as I thought he’d shoot his hungry …cock in me as he sucked my neck, he grasped my throat with his strong hand…’

‘Open your asshole slut’ I bade her, wanting to see her spread her cute butt for my pleasure as she continued her tale. She did and I spat onto her star, offered my helmet to it, then forcefully pushed.

‘Urgh, yeah go deep… uh…and then he forced me down on my knees to the floor. I knew what he wanted and stretched open my mouth, tongue out. Dirty… bastard held his meaty cock and wanked his gorgeous heavy load on my face, real nasty like, pulling my head back by my hair. He came fucking loads, gummed my eyes too. I fucking loved it! My fake tits were heaving up and down.’

‘Oh, fuck Cher! Bet you couldn’t get your pretty mouth open quick enough. ‘I grunted and pushed in deeper, before shooting my wad where it belonged, deep in her asshole, inhaling the sweet musty smell of sex on her.

‘I licked him clean, my eyes looked up at him as worthy sluts must.’

‘See him again?’ dipping my fingers into her ass, scooping some cum out then smearing it around her lips, adding to the deposit left from the Para.

‘Maybe! He has a mate, said he’s a dirty bastard too. I’d have liked his mate to have fucked me up the arse as soldier boy shot over me… problem is, there’s so much eager cock out there for me to sample, so many sweet stories to tell you, so many virile balls to be drained…!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32