My Fiancée and the Black Bodyguard – Parts 06 – 07

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Part 6

“Susan. Susie… tell me what happened the other day when you did lines with that famous rapper’s bodyguard.”

She looked stunned for a second and replied, “Oh Darnell? He’s so sweet. I went to his SUV because he invited me to do some coke. Remember I asked your permission.”

She paused, “Ok how much do you want to know.”

I just stared at her dumbfounded. She had never looked more beautiful to me than that moment. I was conflicted. I felt hurt, jealous, and irritated, but I was also surprised at how excited I was.

I grabbed her hand to hold it and told her, “Everything. I want to hear everything. Start from the beginning. I’m so in love with you right now.”

She said, “Order me another drink while I go clean up. I’ll tell you an extremely sexy story when I return.”

“Don’t cum again before I get back, my fine fiancée Susan instructed me.

I’d been absentmindedly rubbing my semi-hard cock under the table. I stuttered, “I wo-wo-won’t.”

She winked and walked off as I admired her hot tiny body and her ass and tits jiggling playfully.

My head was spinning a hundred miles an hour. Were all my suspicions correct? Did my bride-to-be do something sexual with Darnell? Before we were engaged she was very wild. She has told me so many stories from her past during our lovemaking sessions. They never fail to make me cum. I look forward to detailing my favorites to whoever enjoys these stories.

Susan returns to the table looking stunning. At 29, her tiny 5’3” frame highlights her large overflowing tits. She sits down next to me, gives me a deep kiss, rubs my cock through my pants, and then whispers in my ear, “Want me to tell you a story, honey.”

My cock instantly starts to grow. Whispering these words in my ear is how Susie loves to start her bedtime stories when we have sex. I knew this was going to be a good one.

Susie continued, “Honey, I want you to understand I love you more than anything. I can’t wait until we get married this summer. We are going to have the most wonderful life together. We have the escort best sex life. We like the same things, right honey?”

“You love when I tell you explicit details about my past. You’ve even shared stories about me on those chat groups. I want to ask you straight. Your stories you make up about sharing me… well, are they just fantasies. What I’m trying to ask you is… well… would you be ok with me fooling around with another guy.”

She was rubbing my cock again through my slacks. I was so enthralled by her monologue I barely was aware of her stroking me. I went rock hard the second she asked me.

I stammered and repeated what she said, but it sounded like an agreement instead of a question, “…ok with you fooling around with another guy…”

She lit up, “Yay. I knew it. I knew you would be ok with it. I love you so much right now, honey.”

I automatically answered I love you and she continued excitedly, “Ok. You remember last week when I came to visit you at the studio for lunch and Darnell invited me to do a few lines with him and you said OK?”

I did not remember that that was how it went down. I was working and she told me she was going off with this famous rapper’s huge bodyguard, alone, to do drugs. I didn’t want to look uptight or seem insultingly racist by complaining so I didn’t protest.

She was jerking me off during all this. I was at the edge always about to shoot off in her small soft hands. I choked out a raspy OK.

“So I thought we were going to head to the artist’s lounge and do a few bumps. Instead, he grabs my hand and walks me into the studio parking area, and says let’s go in here. It’s more private. It’s the rapper’s rented limo. He unlocks the back door and it’s so cool honey! There’s a full bar, expensive stereo system, comfy couch, and table, everything was done up in different shades of red. Let’s buy one for ourselves she joked.”

The waitress came by and looked at her arm going up and down on my cock under the table and gave her a wink. My wife giggled and ordered yet another fancy cocktail. She was pretty drunk by this point. “Make izmit escort bayan it a double this time,” she requested.”

“Where was I? That’s right! Doing lines with Darnell. Honey, Darnell was so sweet and you can tell I find him very attractive. He looks just like that cute football player from High School.”

I squirmed, remembering her story of how she one time hooked up with the school’s top player. A large black quarterback with a huge cock as all of us couldn’t help but notice in the locker room.

Part 7

Susie continued, “Honey, would you be jealous if I told you Darnell kissed me? After a couple of lines, he put a bump of coke on the tip of his tongue and told me to suck it off. I did, baby, I sucked his tongue into my mouth and we started making out like crazy. I sucked his tongue like it was a cock. His tongue was so large it felt like I was sucking your dick, baby. It was hot!”

I wasn’t sure how to take that last comment but I was highly turned on by this point. “You were dressed sexy this last week,” I offered.

She ignored me and kept talking, “So I was lying on my back on the long couch in the rapper’s limo and Darnell was lying on top of me getting his tongue suckled by me. I could feel his cock through his slacks while he simulated fucking me fully clothed. My skirt had risen a bit and I was rubbing my cunny

over his dick-filled pants. He then pulled away from my mouth and pulled down one of the straps of my top. My boobs feel right out and my nipples were harder and longer than usual.”

I have to admit I adored Susie’s large tits and long nipples. She had Farrah Fawcett length nips that loved to be sucked. I love suckling them whenever she is cumming on her pricey pink vibrator.

I interjected, “Darnell must have loved seeing your beautiful breasts, Susan,” but she barely seemed to acknowledge me except for the fact she had resumed stroking me off with her thumb and her forefinger under the table. Then I moaned a little too loudly attracting the attention of a passing waitress who gave me an izmit sınırsız escort annoyed look.

Susan barely stopped, “Then Darnell started to lap at my nipples and suck my tits. You know what that does to me. I had a couple of mini-cums and got real wet. After a while, I pulled away from Darnell. It was starting to get late and I figured that was enough fun and I should get going. Darnell suggested I do one more line before I take off and I reluctantly agreed. I was feeling so good and I was hornier than I’d been in months.”

Darnell took out the vial, unzipped his slacks, and pulled out his beautiful shiny ebony cock. It was long and thick and gorgeous, honey. It looked like a piece of art. He asked me to hold it palm up from underneath to keep it steady. It was warm, hard, and silky. I wanted to jerk it off and make him cum right then. He steadied my palm and carefully laid out a thin line of coke over the length of his cock and his large mushroom-shaped head.

Darnell slid his free hand up under Susie’s skirt and her panties and told Susie to go to town. Susie started at the base of his dick and snorted half of the line with her face just hovering above Darnell’s engorged member. She licked up from the base of his cock, her tongue briefly grazing his balls, and got ready for the second half of the line. Susie wastes no time snorting the coke and licks from the middle of his cock to the base of the head. He drops a little more powder onto the tip of his cock head and pushes Susie’s head onto his cock. She engulfs the head, swirls, her tongue, and starts deeply suckling his mushroom head.

“Without any warning, after only a minute sucking the coke over his cock, Darnell floods my mouth with so much cum. All I could do was swallow and swallow as fast as I could. I kept suckling and he kept cumming. It felt like he would never finish. All this time Darnell was fingering my pussy. When I finished swallowing his huge load I still had my mouth clenched around his monster. It was so hot I just started cumming around his fingers while still sucking. He moaned in surprise and I swear he ejaculated one more small load in my mouth. After we came together he released his grip on my pussy and held me close to him. I felt so fulfilled and safe in his arms.”

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