My Darling Has New Gloves

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It has been a while since I wrote anything. It doesn’t mean my imagination has stopped or died but my time is limited. At the moment I am at home, alone and my stomach is a bit upset

This story began in March 2005. I met blonde called Bambi at a market place. She was 23, I was 27 I saw she had beautiful blue eyes and I kind of liked her from the very same moment. It took me more than two months to get into sexual relationship with her. Our first time was special in a way but I’ll skip it.

The second time I made love to Bambi was really embarrassing. We sat in front of TV and I began to loosen her shirt. I caressed her shoulders, arms and belly before opening the button of her tight jeans. I took my time before I unleashed her bra and gently put my hands under her shirt while we were sitting in a same chair. She had her ass on my lap so she probably noticed my cock starting to swell.

I unzipped her fly and made her rise so that I could get rid of her jeans. She didn’t protest or help me undress her. Her shirt soon joined her jeans on the floor and her bra ended up on the top of the pile. I was fully dressed when I undressed her bra, but after that I got rid of my pants and shirt and had her sit on my lap again. I rubbed her belly, caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples to hear a small moan escape her lips. Then I got to her knees and slowly moved my fingers up to her navel and down to her hidden treasure.

I got my right hand under her waistband to find out that her panties were wet. Her pussy was so wet that there was a wet trace all the way to her asshole. I inserted my middle finger into her tight little pussy to the first knuckle and pulled it back to find her swollen clit. I took my time keeping my finger wet at returning to rub her clit again and again. Time didn’t have too much meaning but I am sure it took me an hour or so to make her close. As I was convinced that her orgasm was jus minutes or seconds ahead I took firm hold of her with my left hand and stopped dipping the fingers of my right hand in her wet pussy. I only rubbed her clit for a minute or two when she came.

She didn’t scream or shout, but her pussy contracted and she began to toss her head side to side. I kept on for few second before I laid her down on the floor and reached for a condom. I lowered my panties and rolled the condom on my hard cock. I didn’t ask her opinion or let her recover. I just pushed my hard cock inside her. Her wet pussy was ready to be fucked, but I only lasted for forty seconds or something. I filled the condom and pulled out.

That was sometime güvenilir bahis in June or July 2005. Now in 2006 I have had time to teach her much more. Her lack of experience has inspired me to a certain method that could be pretty good for all sexual relationships. In short words: What I can do to her, she can do to me.

It took me until midsummer 2005 to make her ejaculate. It is something that my previous girlfriend was unable to with a man. I had a boring day with her parents by the lake. We made up some kind of reason to leave the old folks by themselves. We drove to town to her parent’s house. The house is quite old and big. The house is probably big enough for four families. There would be even more room if the bottom floor would be different.

But anyway we arrived there hours before midnight. I didn’t waist too much time to get us inside the house and lock the doors. We fell on the closest sofa and started out some heavy petting. Before long I knew there would be some action tonight. We went upstairs to their quest bedroom and I took of her clothes with my teeth. Of course I had to use my fingers to open her fly and unleash her bra, but I took my time teasing her.

When I had her naked in front of me I pushed her on the quest bedroom bed. She didn’t protest at all when I started to lick her starting from her toes. I started from her left foot and got up to her navel. I made her wait until she began to raise her head before I took the toes of her other foot between my teeth. Very slowly I abandoned her toes and found my way up towards her pussy. Instead of burying my head between her feet I got all the way up to kiss her lips.

– Is the bedroom door locked? I asked

– No, but the key is in the closet. She replied

– Take a pillow under your butt and hand me one too, then I am going to lick you and fuck you for good.

She gave me a pillow and I got on the floor on top of the pillow. The door stayed unlocked and I tried to find a position that allowed me access to her pussy. I kissed her breasts and tried to make her beautiful nipples stand up and stay firm like rare half olives. Her slim body trembled when I bit her nipples gently but she didn’t say a word.

I was too horny to enjoy her small but firm breast any longer. I got lower and lower. I toot few circles around her navel before I attacked her pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy lips from the inside and outside. I ignored her clit for some time. Then I tried to push my tongue into her waiting hole, but my nose touched her clit much before I wished it would. I gave up the idea of güvenilir bahis siteleri fucking her with my tongue and soon I started to trace her most sensitive spot.

My tongue didn’t give her an electric shock, but it only took me few minutes to make her cum. She came sooner than I expected, but I was worn out for a while.

I gave her few minutes to recover, not to mention to stretch my legs that were nearly sore. I made her lay on her side and took her into my arms. I kissed her lips nose, ears and neck. I was getting too aroused to enjoy the situation so I took a condom and lay on my back. I opened the packet and took the condom and gently rolled it on my painfully hard erection.

Then it was time to roll her on her back and fuck her. For some reason the best position to fuck her is being on top of her. Her pussy adapts perfectly to my cock and her tight, slippery warm hole soon loosens up slightly. After few minutes we can swap position. I stop our movement and rise up. I pull her so that we are soon in sort of sitting position. I move my feet on her sides and she has to bend her knees. She gets on top of me and starts to roll her hips my cock buried all the way in her inviting hole.

The third position is fucking her doggy style. There has been days when my knees really hurt after fucking her good but tonight I want to last longer than 15 minutes. Time lost it’s meaning while we had sex. We must have swapped positions a dozen times or more before I was once again on to of her I had a feeling that my cock was getting limb or numb or beginning to lose erection so I started to pump faster. When I found a pleasurable pace it soon started to feel too good. I wasn’t because of me. She had started to cum and her pussy contracted uncontrollably. It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced with any woman before. She came and I pumped until I was unable to do anything but cum inside her.

I had a bit of sense left, so I pulled my cock out, rolled on my side and took her as close I could without entering her. Few minutes later I noticed that bed we were was pretty wet. So wet that the bed sheets looked like someone had poured a bottle of some liquid few minutes ago. It wasn’t me because I can only produce a teaspoon or two and we didn’t have any lubricant or anything to drink on the bed either. That was the first time I made her ejaculate.

Few months later I began to talk her into anal sex. She was not at all interested in the beginning so I had to try to convince her with it. It was actually easier to fuck her than to get a mouth job. She didn’t like to take penis iddaa siteleri into her mouth, but due to our: What you can do to me I can do to you principle she felt obligated and she started giving me blow jobs too. She hated the taste of rubber and she was too afraid to have my sperm in her mouth so we had to think of something.

The solution was a visit to adult video store. Actually we visited several shops on the same day and now we have condoms with aroma.

I don’t remember the exact time when I took her anal virginity, but I remember the times we were in shower together. The warm water was running down her beautiful long blonde hair. After a quick rinse I usually stopped the water to enjoy her wet skin. I took a loot of liquid soap to wash her from neck to toe. I use to take my time soaping her breasts, neck, butt and off course her pussy. When she was slippery all over I made sure she was soapy all over and I began to dip one of my fingers into her virgin asshole.

It took me weeks from the first time I ever dipped my finger into her asshole to get a bit further. She didn’t protest while we were in shower so eventually I had her stand her legs slightly wide when she was soapy all over. Then I dipped my thumb like I had done a number of times before. Then I just kept on pushing until I had my fingertip past the tightest spot.

On that time that was it. During the next times we took a shower together sometimes I just dipped and sometimes I pushed as deep as my thumb would go. I also reminded her that she could do the same for me.

Then on one day when she had her periods we had a conversation that I don’t remember. After that conversation she cut her fingernails and made me lay on my back without clothes. She then rolled a condom on her three fingers, lubricated my asshole and started to enter my ass. She has really nice small hands so with the help of quick enema and lot of lubricant three fingers slid in easily. I was so horny I decided to try something new. I took her hand and a new condom and rolled all her fingers inside new condom. Then I asked her to be gentle and I returned to my position.

She was unsure what to do so I put some more lube and guided her hand on my slippery wet asshole. Her hand was shaking as four of her fingers entered my ass. Her eyes were wide open as well as my asshole. I was horny as hell and I took a firm hold of her wrist and started to push her fist into my own ass. Her eyes widened if possible and her thumb began to go in with the rest of her fingers. It hurt, but my cock had it’s own will. I was rock hard long before her fist entered my ass and I came much sooner than she even touched my cock.

She pulled her hand out and my violated asshole closed. I thanked her and I knew that some day soon she would have more than one of my fingers in her ass.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32