My Curly Haired Elevator Girl

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Love at First Sight.

It was Monday morning and I hate Mondays.

Nobody likes Mondays

My brain does not function till mid-morning and certainly not before my third coffee.

Now where did I put my employee I.D card? I thought as I rummaged through my exceptionally large and disorganised handbag.

Without looking I reached for the elevator call button.

That was not the button I just touched, that was someone’s hand.

“Sorry, my fault, first day nerves.” called out a voice presumably the owner of the hand.

I looked up to put a face to the voice.

Our eyes met and BAM. That bolt of lightning hit me.

Staring back at me was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, a beautiful curvaceous woman with a head full of shoulder length curly auburn hair.

“No, my fault, I don’t wake up until lunch time on Mondays.” I replied.

The gorgeous woman stood in front of me smiled back.

The elevator doors opened and ‘My Curly Haired Elevator Girl’ got in followed by ten other people pushing me into the farthest corner away from her.

I have to call her ‘My Curly Haired Elevator Girl’ because I do not know her name.

The third floor was my stop and I got out leaving the girl that sent an arrow through my heart in the elevator.

Tuesday Morning arrived and I stood hovering by the elevator doors waiting for ‘My Curly Haired Elevator Girl’ like some kind of weird stalker.

My heart skipped a beat and my legs turned to jelly as she walked towards me, she did not notice me at first as she was deep in conversation with two other women.

She looked up and smiled giving me a cheery “Hi”

Oh, my goodness, she remembered me, she actually remembered me.

“Hi” was the best reply I could think of.

I had waited 20 minutes for her and ‘Hi’ was the best I could do.

We all boarded the elevator and I got out at the 3rd floor for the start of another long boring day as an insurance loss adjustor at Lansdown Insurance.

My beautiful obsession remained in the elevator chatting to her new found friends to be taken to whichever floor or department she worked in.

I could not get ‘My Curly Haired Elevator Girl’ out of my head. I am 23 years old, not a young school girl and I cannot even start a conversation with another woman. What is wrong with me, every time I see her my legs go to jelly and my brain goes to mush.

The remainder of the week followed much the same pattern. I would wait in the foyer near to the elevator until she arrived and I then would walk up as if by coincidence we had arrived at work at the same time. We would smile at each other and say “Hi.”

I had to do something more positive because my actions were becoming a little bit suspicious if not very weird.

The only positive thing I achieved during that week was to discover that her name was Charlotte and even that was gleaned by listening into her conversations with her new found friends.

The Haircut.

Saturday morning arrived and all I had managed to accomplish in my relationship with ‘My Curly Haired Elevator Girl’ or Charlotte as I can now call her was a quick ‘Hi’ and a courtesy wave at the elevator doors.

I needed cheering up and the only way I knew how to do that was to shop till I dropped, so a little retail therapy was needed.

After a short drive to Bluewater Shopping Centre, I arrived at a shopaholic’s paradise.

Two department stores, three makeup stores and one lingerie store later I felt the need to take the weight off my feet and treat myself to a coffee and a blueberry muffin.

I visited my usual coffee shop and found a vacant table on the esplanade just outside the shop.

I find it very therapeutic people watching and in particular watching the customers visiting the gent’s barbershop situated directly opposite the coffee shop and that is one of the reasons why this coffee shop if my favourite.

For reasons I cannot explain I love to watch the guys enter the barbershop with long scruffy hair and exit a short time later with a nice haircut or when I am lucky, a shaved head.

The best thing of all is that the barber’s chair by the window gives a full unobstructed view of the haircut in progress and I must admit when I witness a guy getting a head shave my panties have on more than one occasion become a little damp if you know what I mean.

With my blueberry muffin and coffee almost finished it was time to resume my shopping spree. Nothing exciting happened at the barbershop except for a couple of very nice short back and sides.

Then it happened, I saw Charlotte walking down the Mall towards the coffee shop?

She looked divine, 5ft 6ins in height, slim but with a curvaceous figure, I would guess a 34c cup and she had without doubt the most beautiful head of curly auburn hair that reached down to her shoulders.

Dressed in a short red floral summer dress, black opaque tights, black patent leather Dr Marten boots and a faded denim jacket.

Now was my chance to talk to her.

She yalova escort must have seen me because she was walking towards me but as she drew closer, she veered over to the barbershop.

Stopping outside, she peered through the window and momentarily turned away but instantly turned back and entered.

I had a clear view of the inside of the barbershop and she appeared to be talking to one of the barbers and handing her denim jacket to him.

The barber held out his hand and invited her to sit in the vacant chair by the window.

I watched Charlotte sit in the chair and a striped apron was thrown over her, covering her body leaving just her beautiful head sticking out of the top.

The barber released her long hair allowing it to cascade over the back of the apron.

If what I think is going to happen then I need to stay and watch. I ordered another coffee and blueberry muffin.

I watched intently as the barber picked up a set of clippers and stood in front of Charlotte ready to mutilate her and strip her of her crowning glory.

I was outraged, I was sad and I felt like crying. I would never be able to bury my face in those long luscious curls and smell her beautiful scent but I also felt the excitement welling up deep inside my stomach and between my legs, turned on by the thought of seeing those long luscious auburn locks striped from her head and falling to the salon floor.

With one simple action from the barber the clippers striped a path of hair leading from her forehead to the back of her head passing over her crown.

From front to back, from side to side and finally from nape to crown Charlotte’s hair was sheared from her head and all that was left was a truly short crop of dark auburn hair.

The barber stood back and examined his work and appeared to adjust the clippers or take something from them as he approached Charlotte from behind and placed of the blades at the base of her nape pushing them up towards her crown leaving a strip of clean white skin in its wake.

Time after time the barber repeated his actions stripping the short hair from her nape and around her ears.

The clippers work was finally complete and the barber returned them to the work station only to be replaced by what appeared to be a straight razor. Slowly and skilfully the blade of the razor striped the stubble from the lower part of her nape and the skin around her ears.

The deed had been done and the barber released her from the confines of the cape.

I was screaming inside, her beautiful auburn hair had been brutally stripped from her scalp, but my loins told a different story, my vagina dripped with my femininity. I wanted her now more than ever, she had to be mine.

The barber held out her jacket as she paid for her haircut.

As she left the barbershop, I made sure that she was far enough away as I saw her walk into a rival coffee shop further down the mall. I ran over to the barbershop and entered to see the barber sweeping up the Charlotte’s hair from the salon floor.

“Hi could you help me, I love crafting and I make dolls and I need human hair to make them look good, could you help?” I said purposely looking down at Charlotte’s hair.

It was a crazy excuse I know but it was the best I could come up with. I knew it and so did the barber smiling at me as he gathered up Charlotte’s hair putting it in a plastic carrier bag.

“Here we go, you can have this, enjoy yourself and don’t get too excited.” He said handing it to me.

I could feel my face blush bright red as I turned away.

“Was that your girlfriend?” he asked.

I turned back around to face him.

“Yes.” was my simple reply.

The barber smiled and nodded as I left his shop.

He called out to me “You should try it one day.”

I quickly pushed the carrier bag full of Charlotte’s hair down into my very deep and disorganised shoulder bag and set out to look for Charlotte.

Charlotte sat in the coffee shop staring at her reflection in the shop window with an untouched coffee sat on the table in front of her. I walked in trying my best to look nonchalant.

As I walked towards the counter, I heard a voice I so desperately wanted to hear.

“Hi” Charlotte called out.

I looked across and gave her my best puzzled look.

“Oh hi, we know each other, don’t we?” I replied.

“Yes, we both work at Lansdown Insurance and we seem to meet at the elevator every morning, I’m Charlotte but my friends call me Charley” she said.

“I am Clair, pleased to meet you. I recognise you but didn’t you have long curly hair?”

“I did but I have had it all chopped off. I have wanted to do it for a long time but have only just worked up the courage to do it.” she replied.

“When did you have it done?” I asked.

“Just now, I was incredibly nervous but it felt amazing having it all shaved off.”

“It looks amazing and really shows off your features, you look beautiful.” I complimented her.

“Can I join you? I have been shopping all morning yalova escort bayan and have not had chance to have a break yet.” I asked.

“Sure,” she replied looking at my bags “Anything exciting?”

“No, not really just some clothes for work.”

If only she knew I had her lovely auburn locks tuck away at the bottom of my shoulder bag.

I ordered my coffee and sat down next to Charlotte. This was my first opportunity to get a look at her haircut.

The nape and the skin above and around her ears was shaved completely and this merged into short stubble at a point one inch above the top of her ears, the stubble was nicely blended into the hair on top of her head that cannot have been more than a half of an inch in length.

The haircut looked very severe but it suited her showing off her petite features. Charlotte looked beautiful with long curly hair but her new haircut made her look stunning.

Our meeting in the coffee shop could not have gone better and after three flat whites and yet another blueberry muffin we discovered that we both had a lot in common, so much so that I have a date with Charley this evening and it appears that Charley and I both prefer the company of another woman.

I threw my bags down on the bed and looked in my wardrobe to find something special to wear for my date with Charley.

I had almost forgotten the bag I had acquired from the barbershop, rushing to get the bag from the depths of my shoulder bag my hands started to tremble.

I opened the carrier bag and there they were, Charley’s long auburn curls.

I cupped the hair in my hands and pushed my face into it.

The smell of her perfume and the scent of the woman I had fallen fall for wafted across my nostrils. The softness of her hair brushed against my cheeks leaving me feeling euphoric.

I could feel the pleasure and sexual energy swelling inside me, as my nipples tingled from arousal, I lifted the hem of my dress and slipped my hand down my wet panties finding the wet lips of my vagina, I slowly slipped my fingers between the swollen folds of my vulva.

I felt my clit swell and the contractions around my fingers as they slid in and out until I could hold on no longer releasing my femininity into my already sodden panties and down my inner thigh.

I fell back onto the bed gasping for breath still clutching the mass of Charley’s hair to my face. What on earth had I become, a mad deranged obsessive woman with a hair fetishism or just a woman in love.

Our First Date.

Having showered and dressed in a little black dress and heels I set off to meet Charley at Aphrodite’s nightclub, a club exclusively for women who preferred the company of other women.

When I arrived, Charley was already waiting outside and I was happy to see that her recent haircut had not pushed her into the decision to wear combat trousers and vest but she was dressed in a very short and very tight red dress and a pair of extremely high heeled stilettos.

“Hi, you haven’t been waiting long, have you?” I ask her.

“No, I have just got here.” She replied as she stepped forward to greet me with a full-on kiss on the lips.

Wow this is going to be a great evening.

Saturday evening at Aphrodite’s nightclub with Charley was one of the best evenings I had enjoyed in a long time and to top it all off we finished up at her apartment.

If there is one thing that Charley does not do, it is mincing her words.

“Are we going to bed?” She asked walking towards what was presumably her bedroom.

Without replying I followed her like a little lap dog.

Charley stood by the side of her bed and slipped out if her dress to reveal that she had not been wearing underwear for our first date.

Looking at her, all my expectations had been met. Not only was she gorgeous looking but she had a body to match.

Charley held out her hand and I moved into her.

Her hands caressed my breasts through the material of my dress, my nipples hard and ached to be touched.

Charley slipped her hands down to the hem of my dress and drew it up and over my head leaving me stood in my bra and panties. Her right hand reached for my bra strap and with expertise unclipped it letting it fall to the floor.

Charley gently lowered me onto the bed and knelt between my legs before removing my panties and burying her head between my open thighs.

The sight of Charley’s shaved head between my legs was almost too much to bear as her tongue explored the soft wet folds of my vulva.

Charley stood and lay on the bed next to me, her fingers finding their way inside my soft waiting pussy.

My hips rose from the bed to meet her fingers as I tried to rub my clit against her hand but she pulled her hand away.

“Please, I am almost there, please touch me, please.” I begged.

Charley continued to caress the soft skin of my vulva with her fingers, I placed my hand on hers and tried to move it towards my wanting clit but she resisted.

The pleasure kept growing between escort yalova my legs and I felt as if I was about to burst, I had the feeling that I wanted to pee. The pleasure and the discomfort of feeling I wanted to pee built up inside me.

“Charley, I need to pee.”

What the hell was happening to me, I am with the girl of my dreams and I could not control myself.

The feeling inside me built.

“Just relax and let yourself go, enjoy the feeling.” She replied.

As Charley continued to caress the soft folds of my vulva the sounds coming from my pussy sounded wetter than I have ever heard before as the intense feeling grew within me. I just knew I was going to pee.

“Just let yourself go.” Charley whispers in my ear.

My body exploded and released all the built-up energy I had been holding back in a wave of watery liquid flooding from my pussy.

Charley continued to caress the soft walls of my vulva causing another wave of watery liquid to gush from me.

I had never felt or experienced anything like that before and all I could do was lie on the bed exhausted trying to catch my breath.

Charley lay down next to me and pulled a bed sheet around us as we fell into a deep contented sleep in each other’s arms.

The sunlight burst through the gaps in the window blinds waking me up.

I looked to see the back of Charley’s beautiful shaved head sticking up from the bed sheet wrapped around her body. I reached across and touched the soft shaved skin of her nape and traced my fingers up to the stubble just above her ears as she began to wake.

Leaning up on my side I stretched across to her and caressed her naked body, kissing the soft shaved skin on her nape.

Now it was my turn to repay the favour of last night as I slide between the sheets and buried my head between her thighs.

Charley responded and lay on her back opening her legs to invite me in.

Her mound was as smooth as the skin on her nape.

My tongue teased the soft wet folds of her vulva as my fingers slipped between her legs to stroke that soft sensitive skin between her vagina and her anus.

Charley arched her back and pushed her pussy further towards my hungry mouth as my tongue pushed deeper into her. My fingers stroked and fingered her anus as her body began to tremble, Charley screamed releasing her juicy femininity into my mouth.

My relationship with Charley had begun.

Monday morning soon arrived and I took up my usual position outside the elevator.

Charley walked into the foyer talking to friends but this morning was different, she broke away from her friends and walked towards me putting her arms around my neck and kissing me so passionately on the lips.

If colleagues at Lansdown Insurance were unsure of my sexuality, then Charley’s kiss left them in no doubt that my preference in sexual partners was female.

My First Time in the Chair.

Charley and I have now become a couple. We spend each workday lunchtime together and every weekend is spent either at Charley’s apartment or mine and I cannot believe that a month has passed since our first date.

Friday evening finds me at Charley’s apartment.

“I am going to Bluewater Shopping Centre tomorrow; do you fancy joining me? We could do some shopping and have lunch.” said Charley.

“Yes, that would be good, are you going for anything special?” I ask.

“I need to get my haircut.” she replied.

My eyes widened at the thought of Charley having more hair cut off.

“But your hair is short already.”

“Yes, I know but the skin on my nape and around my ears is covered in stubble and I need a tidy up.” She replied.

Saturday morning could not come fast enough and I felt like a little girl at Christmas waiting to open her presents.

Charley entered the barbershop as I took my seat in the coffee shop across from the barbers.

With a coffee and blueberry muffin I sat watching intently as Charley sat in the barber’s chair. She looked so cute sat in such a big chair with the apron covering her body.

The barber quickly clipped her nape and the skin around her ears, finally shaving her with the straight razor.

Her haircut on this occasion was nowhere as dramatic or exciting as her first visit to the barbers but nonetheless my panties suffered from my excitement.

The barber released Charley from the confines of the apron and as she stood paying for her haircut, she seemed deep in conversation with the barber, both looking over in my direction.

Charley joined me at the coffee shop and we sat drinking our coffee.

“Your hair looks good and I can see why you said you needed it cut.”

“You should try it.” She replied.

“Try what?” I asked.

“Getting your hair cut at the barbershop.” She replied.

“No that’s not for me, you’re so pretty and short hair suits you.”

“You under estimate yourself, you are beautiful and you should stop hiding behind all that hair.”

My hair was quite long and unruly. It was nothing special and you could call it quite drab. It was a dirty brown colour and came just above my bra strap, which you would never guess from looking it as I always wore it in a ponytail to hide it away.

“Do you think?” I asked.

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