My Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 06 – The Wedding Shower Pt. 01

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I dragged luggage behind me up the walkway to Liv’s parents’ house. I held a luggage under my arm, and behind me pulled one stacked on top of another, which threatened to buck it off at any moment. Liv pranced ahead of me in a green sun dress, her lithe figure visible through the sunlight as she happily made her way up the stairs and rang the doorbell.

I had been here once before, when I met her family, the same weekend I proposed, and we had returned for a wedding shower being thrown by Liv’s family. I was excited to marry Liv, I was not excited to spend a weekend with her family opening gifts for a house we would never be able to afford.

We made it up the steps and I dropped all the luggage I was carrying at once. Liv turned and gave a happy chirp, giving me a soft peck, her long red hair drifting in the wind as she did. “Thank you, big strong man.” She said mockingly.

“Make jokes, its not like your chicken bones could lug all this stuff from the car.” I retorted and she laughed.

“Now, I know this week will probably be a little dull for you. But I want you to try and have as much fun as you can ok?” She said looking up at me with big brown eyes.

“I mean that was always the plan, besides, how boring can it be with you here?” I said touching her nose making her giggle.

“Hold that thought.” She said smiling.

What thought?

She knocked on the door and there was shrieking from inside. There was a scrambling series of clicks and it swung open revealing some familiar faces. The most familiar was Amy, Liv’s roommate who was an Asian blend I could never get a handle on- and gorgeous. And for extra stress, Maggie, Liv’s sister. I was not excited for either, but Maggie made my chest tighten. This was the nineteen something year old sister who filmed her sexual exploits to put online. The two of them both here could only spell trouble.

Amy wore her hair down, letting the natural waves run through it over a pink workout top and black short, both of which leapt off her lightly bronze skin. Maggie, to the surprise of no one, wore a short denim skirt and a shirt that she had left open at the top so that the c cups that hung from her little frame drew the eyes straight to them.

Liv embraced her sister first and then her roommate and Maid of Honor and they entered the house excitedly. I of course dragged up the rear carrying… well everything. We made it into the foyer of the home, standing in the entry of the living room and Amy gave me a big friendly hug like we were acquaintances. Maggie did the same. It made me nervous.

“I’ll take this stuff upstairs while you guys catch up.” I said.

“Catch up?” Amy repeated, “Like we didn’t see each other a day ago?”

I sighed, “Yeah, well, I’m going to take this upstairs.”

“I’ll help you.” Maggie said taking the small bag from under my arm, you can meet Lizzie.

“Lizzie is here!” Liv exclaimed loudly, “This is going to be so fun!”

“Who is Lizzie?”

“Our friend growing up, she lives across the street.” Maggie explained, “She’s staying in my room, come on I’ll introduce you.” Maggie hurried up the stairs and I looked at Liv.

“You’ll love Lizzie, she’s the best.” Liv said. “I’m not going anywhere.” She flicked red hair from her face. I gave a heavy sigh and drudged up the stairs dragging the bags behind me.

I followed Maggie up the stairs and down the hall, but she turned one door earlier than I remembered, but I’d only been there once. We entered the room and Maggie dropped her bag on the ground and turned to face me. I worked hard to make sure my eyes stayed on her pouty, schoolgirl face. She was a college student now, but it didn’t matter, she still had that look.

“I thought I’d let you know,” she said slinking towards me, “That this wedding shower, was all drawn up by your nutty girlfriend and she has some plans for the next couple of days.”

“What kind of plans?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

Maggie laughed, “You’ll see.” She turned back and forth at the waist, “Come on, Lizzie is in my room.”

“Hey Maggie,” I asked trying to keep my eyes above her skirt as we left the room.

“Mmm?” She replied.

“Your parents aren’t coming to the shower, are they?”

She gave a knowing laugh, “No, they’re definitely with our grandparents this weekend.”

I nodded, that made perfect sense. This wasn’t going to be a wedding shower at all. We walked into Maggie’s room and Lizzie was laying on the rug. She was very petite, with pale skin, and dirty blonde hair that coiled into waves and ringlets. Her face had a pleasant innocent quality with eyes that brought to mind a puppy lost in a big house. She was flipping through what looked like a comic book in pajamas- top and bottom.

She looked up when we entered the room and waved. “Hey,” She said happily and stood up to shake my hand. “You must be the lucky man.”

“The very luckiest.” I said back smiling.

We heard yelling from the stairs and Maggie stepped into the hall to respond, bahis siteleri “What?”

We couldn’t understand what was shouted up to us, but Maggie seemed to. “We’re going swimming, bathing suits.”

“Yes,” Lizzy said excitedly, “I just got a new one, its super-hot.”

Maggie clapped excitedly, “I can’t wait to see it.”

I gave a heavy, exasperated sigh and headed back to Liv’s room, which wasn’t even where I was staying and rifled through my bag for my bathing suit. I shed my clothes and replaced them with the only swim trunks I’d brought and headed downstairs to the living room where Liv had already changed into her green halter-top suit.

The bottoms were practically painted onto her, the back giving clear definition to each cheek, and her top left a bit of what cleavage she had visible along the inside of each cup. The green suit leapt off her fair skin and showed off her hips, flat stomach, and limber legs, her long white body leading up to her bright, copper red hair.

She hopped off the couch and flitted over to me. She practically fell in my arms and gave me a big, gentle kiss. I put my arms around her feeling her soft, firm, sides as her tongue played with mine for several minutes.

I leaned out of the kiss and looked her over, “You’re so beautiful, Liv.”

She blushed, her cheeks turning bright red, “Thanks. I’ll be all yours forever and ever.”

“I intend to cash in on that promise an awful lot.” She smiled broadly and kissed me again.

“Excited to see Maggie again?” She asked looking up at me.

“I have very strongly mixed feelings. She was a lot of fun that one week but I came here for a wedding shower.”

“There’ll be a shower.” She said coyly.

“With gifts and refreshments… and clothes?”

She shrugged, “Some of those things I’m sure.”

I looked into her eyes which glimmered with the light from the window. “Did you lure me here to get me in a room with a bunch of your friends?”

She didn’t get a chance to answer as Amy came out of the bathroom dressed in what had to be a very expensive white bikini. It tied back under her arms with decorative ties that crossed across her mid-rift and ribs. It clung to her fit, tan, cheerleader that suggested it was not difficult to remove, although it showed nothing but her sleek legs, stomach and shoulders under her sweet smile and long black hair.

“Hey don’t start early, no fair.” She said walking up to us. She pinch Liv’s butt punitively and she squalled.


“What are we starting?”

“I actually thought before swimming we could maybe do some body shots. This is a bachelorette party after all.”

I looked from Liv to Amy, “I was told it was a wedding shower.” I said flatly.

“Yeah, dumbass, how else would we have gotten you here.” She scoffed flipping glossy black locks over her shoulder, “Where’s the vodka?”

“Pull out drawer by the sink.” Liv said pointing.

“You brought me to your bachelorette party?” I said looking sternly down at Liv.

She looked away, “I got myself a wedding gift. A few days of you alone in a house with all my friends.”

“The goal being that you get to watch me bed them all throughout the weekend?”

She bit her lip, “I think a few of them are planning on bedding you. But I didn’t have a goal, I was just going to put half naked girls in a house and see what happens.” She said smiling, “Now go take a body shot.”

“It’s your bachelorette party, you take a body shot.” I said poking her shoulder.

“You want some girl on girl? Alright.” She said playfully and pulled her thick red mane behind her.

In the kitchen, Amy was sitting on the table with a quarter of lime she cut and a bottle of tequila sitting next to her. “Hey, someone come lick me!” She yelled into the living room.

My fiancée wandered into the kitchen, and I followed. Immediately Liv commented on the change in liquor choice. “Why’d you switch?”

“This feels more like a party for a trampier choice than vodka, plus-” She held up the lime, “More things to play with. Now who is rendering tribute to the queen?”

“That would be me.” Liv said confidently.

Amy raised an eyebrow at her college roommate and handed her the lime. “I’ll pour the shot, decide where you want to… take the shot, and lick the lime.” Amy laid her olive body back and opened the bottle pouring a small shot into her neat belly button. “The queen accepts tribute from all her subjects.” She quipped resting her head on the table.

Liv moved close to her and leaned over, I moved to be able to watch clearly. Liv leaned over her olive-skinned roommate and wrapped her lips around her bellybutton, licking and sucking tequila from it as Amy’s face twisted and smiled trying not to squirm or laugh. Liv snickered wickedly and ran the cold flesh of the lime up Amy’s thigh to where the bottom of her bikini started.

Amy shuddered from the feeling and Liv leaned between her legs and dragged her soft pink tongue up her roommate’s thigh. I watched canlı bahis siteleri as she deliberately ran her tongue past the hem of the bathing suit and across her roommate, who gasped sharply.

“You bitch!” She panted.

Liv leaned up and looked down, red hair falling to one side of her face, “My queen.”

Amy laughed and shifted on the table, “It’s too bad you’re marrying him.” She said touching Liv’s leg.

“Its fine, he likes to watch.” She said looking over her shoulder at me.

“Watch this!” Amy yelled at me from the table and smacked Liv’s butt with a loud pop.

Liv laughed and leaned over giving Amy a soft quiet kiss. Liv and Amy’s tongues met and Amy kept her hand on Liv’s butt, cupping it as my fiancée kissed her. They kissed for several moments and I struggled to hide the rapid swelling in my bathing suit. Liv parted and laughed quietly to Amy, “You slut.”

Amy laughed back and Liv backed away from the table, leaning against me. She recognized how stiff I was immediately and pressed herself against me with a giggle, “How’s that to start a bachelorette party?”

Maggie and Lizzie had come downstairs and entered the kitchen. Maggie was wearing a yellow bathing suit, the bottom sporting a yellow frill that almost formed a skirt. Lizzie’s was blue and hung off her body as though it didn’t quite fit right. Both had left their hair down in unmanaged messes.

“What are y’all doing without us?” Maggie barked as she walked into the room.

“Body shots!” Amy exclaimed loudly. “Come take one!”

“Oooh,” Lizzie cooed excitedly, “I wanna do one.”

“Take the shot, or be the shot?” Amy asked.

“I’ll be the shot.” She said, prompting Amy to hop off the table and let Lizzie jump up.

Lizzie sat awkwardly on the table and laid back. Her pale, dainty body looked soft compared to the wood she was laid across and she held out her hand for the lime, but Amy didn’t give it to her, instead dragging the cold fruit roughly between Lizzie’s small breasts starting from just under her top all the way up to below her collar bone.

Lizzie giggled on the table at the feeling and suddenly I was pulled forward by Liv, “You take the shot!” I watched Lizzie’s face waiting for this girl I’d never met to protest but she didn’t as Amy poured tequila into her belly button.

I leaned over the table, trying to hide the tent in my trunks and put my lips to her soft stomach and sucked. The tequila pulled into my mouth easily and I worked my tongue around her belly button to clean it away. She squirmed and giggled on the table as I did. I leaned up and put my tongue under her top and dragged it across her chest. Her giggles became breathier as my mouth moved between her a-cups and up to her collarbone before I leaned away.

Her face was bright red, and she had covered her mouth to stifle giggles. I tried to move behind Liv to hide my erection, but she didn’t let me, making sure I was in full view of Maggie and Amy, but Lizzie as well, who let her eyes drift for a moment. Great.

Maggie jumped forward to the table and took the lime from Amy. “I wanna do one.”

She looked down at her friend on the table, “Roll over, on your stomach.”

“What?” Lizzie asked confused, “Roll over?”

“That’s right, I’m going to show you something I learned in college.”

Lizzie awkwardly rolled onto her stomach and Maggie grabbed the tequila bottle. She positioned her face between Lizzie’s legs prompting her to look nervously back at what Maggie was doing. Maggie turned the bottle over and clear drink spilled down the crease of Lizzie’s butt and leg, Maggie promptly burying her tongue in the underside of Lizzie’s cheek and dragging upward trying to collect the alcohol. She made several passes each seeming to move further in on Maggie’s leg (her and Liv are so much alike).

Lizzie covered her mouth giggling, squirming in place as her friend ran her tongue across her butt. Her eyes staying closed with each pass of Maggie’s tongue. Maggie finally pulled away and dragged the lime laterally across the hem of Lizzie’s bathing suit and licked along the garment.

Amy looked at me as Lizzie climbed off the table, her face still pink, her expression betraying how clouded her mind was. “Want to do one?” She asked gesturing at the table.

“No one wants to drink tequila off my chest, make Liv do one.” I said pushing her forward.

She laughed scoffingly, “You just want to watch me get licked by a girl.” She said climbing onto the table.

“I think we’d all like to see that.” I said.

She sat on the table and shifted so she fit. She collected copper hair behind her and laid back. “Ok who’s taking the shot?”

“Me bitch, I owe you.” Amy said, taking the lime and tequila from Amy. Liv rolled her eyes, appearing to brace.

Amy poured the shot into Liv’s tight belly button and slurped before making a big show of licking her stomach. Liv laughed at the tickling feeling and shifted in place. Amy leaned away and held up the lime moving canlı bahis to Liv’s chest. Liv rolled her eyes but wasn’t ready for what Amy did.

Amy grabbed Liv’s bikini top and yanked it back, exposing her small breast and pink nipple. Liv gasped and tried to cover up as Amy ran the lime around the areola. Liv was laughing uncontrollably as Amy dropped the fruit on the table and leaned over, “Render to the queen.” She said.

Liv surrendered, rolling her eyes and Amy leaned over taking the nipple in her mouth and sucking. However prepared Liv thought she was her reaction made it clear she wasn’t at all. She covered her mouth and gave an audible moan, her whole body moving as the Asian girl suckled softly, licking lime juice off her.

Amy mercilessly put her fingertips on Liv’s exposed thigh and traced them up teasingly. Liv opened her legs receptively and bit her lip as Amy’s fingers played on her leg. I watched the sapphic display, lost in it, totally forgetting that my cock was raging against my bathing suit I might never use.

After several long moments of Liv’s pleasured noises and squirming Amy relented and looked down at her roommate with an evil smile. Liv panted for breath in place, her face pink, breast exposed. Lizzie moved to the table and took the bottle from Amy.

“I wanna do one!” She said excitedly and without asking Liv poured more tequila onto her stomach and leaned over tonguing and sucking it out. On the table Liv squirmed under the girl’s lips giggling and panting at the feeling.

Lizzie didn’t ask for the lime, simply pulling the other cup of Liv’s top off and wrapping her mouth around unsweetened breast and sucking. Liv squeezed her eyes closed and moaned her hips moving on the table as Lizzie sucked and tongued her sensitive nipple in front of everyone.

Amy leaned over the wiggling redhead and began running her tongue up Liv’s thigh. Like Liv had done earlier, she didn’t stop at her bathing suit and tongued Liv’s skin at the crux of her leg where the suit ended. Liv was whimpering and moving under the two girls who were pushing past just taking body shots.

Lizzie stood up, looking proud of herself, having worked the hostess into a frenzy and Amy followed, both looking down at the ginger who was panting for breath. She sat up and moved copper hair out of her face, her small breasts shaking as she moved, still exposed, still wet.

Liv motioned for Amy to her and Amy got closer. Liv, her feet dangling off the table wrapped her legs around Amy’s and pulled her between them. Liv’s hand went to Amy’s butt and felt it the other pulling her into a long kiss.

From behind I watched Liv’s hand grope and feel her roommate’s ass the other hidden behind Amy’s dark hair holding her in the kiss. Amy put her hand on one of Liv’s breasts and felt it deliberately making her cry into their kiss.

Liv’s body was rolling with eagerness as she lost herself in Amy’s lips and tongue, whimpering and gasping as the olive hand squeezed her nipple and felt her up. Amy’s hand moved from Liv’s breast down her stomach between her legs and felt the center of her bikini bottom, dragging her finger obviously through Liv’s covered folds.

Liv opened her mouth and moaned vocally at the feeling before pushing back into Amy, moaning into the kiss. Her torso rolled as Amy rubbed her softly, the bikini soaking through quickly against Amy’s finger until it was glossy and wet.

Liv pulled out of the kiss and leaned off the table, sticking her fingers into her bikini and pulling the bottoms down. A clear string stretched off the inside and broke, clinging to her leg. She let them fall to her ankles and sat back on the table without them entangling her legs with Amy again and pulling her hand down.

“With your fiancé here?” Amy panted.

“Shut up.” Liv cried back. Amy took Liv’s lips in hers and ran a finger over Liv’s wet, pink slit causing her to jolt and moan in her chest. She buried her finger into my girlfriend who moaned loudly, now digging her nails into Amy’s shoulder as pleasure from being fingered started to make her shake.

She pulled out of the kiss and cried, “Amy…”

Amy fingered her steadily and Liv couldn’t keep up kissing, hanging her head and holding Amy’s shoulder as she started to shake. “Amy… fuck…”

She moaned, her mouth hanging open until she suddenly shuddered violently and groaned as orgasm raced through her and clear fluid dripped off Amy’s finger. We watched Liv shake and moan until it passed, and Amy pulled her hand away, a string clinging to it as she reached up and put the wet finger into Liv’s mouth who eagerly sucked it clean.

Amy watched Liv sucking on her fingers and smiled, “Let’s put your man on the table next.”

Liv moaned with approval and slid the finger from her lips, “Get his bathing suit off.”

Amy turned around and Liv hopped off the table. “Wait what’s happening, now?” I asked confused. Amy was quick, tugging the drawstring of my trunks so they fell, catching on the rock solid erection watching Liv getting fingered had given me, but was quickly yanked off and down so I was now both very hard and very naked.

“Wait what’s happening?” I said as Liv and Amy giggled dragging me to the table.

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