My Canvas

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My name is Nina. I have blonde hair and dark blue eyes. I’m 28, 5’2 about 115 with perky D cup breasts and what guys tell me is a “pouty” ass. Guys seem to think I’m pretty.

I live in Indiana which is less than exciting but I’m not far from Chicago which is pretty awesome.

My story starts seven years ago. I had just received my associates degree in restaurant management, landed a starter job as an assistant manager at a local fast food restaurant and rented a studio apartment.

After an uneventful six months, I started looking for a better job. Hopefully at some place prestigious in Chicago. I emailed resumes to many places and was called for a few interviews. On one particular day, I took the train into the city for an interview and was feeling really nervous when this guy approached me. He asked if I was alright, that I looked stressed. He introduced himself as Owen. He was tall, attractive and athletic.

I found it very easy to talk to Owen and before I knew it, I agreed to go to dinner with him that evening.

The interview seemed to go well but I was much more excited about my dinner date. I took a shower and started getting ready. It was a warm summer night so I went with a light dress that showed a little cleavage and that ended about four inches above the knees. When Owen picked me up I could tell he liked what he saw. For my part, I loved the way he exuded confidence and thought he was really hot. Dinner was delicious and the conversation flowed naturally. Probably the most wonderful first date of my life. Unfortunately we both had to be at our jobs early, I had to open at 5am and Owen’s firm (did I mention he is a lawyer?) had an important client he needed to prepare for. We pulled up in front of my apartment and I kissed him deeply. He smiled and said “I’ve ankara yeni escort had a wonderful night, you are an intelligent, beautiful woman, and you know, a blow job would make this night unbelievable.” I didn’t even think about it, the street was well lit, but I unbuckled his pants, unzipped him and found him already pretty hard and quite big, about 9 inches if I had to guess. As I was working on his cock he had pulled out my breasts and was playing with my sensative nipples. Before long he shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed it all. He thanked me for a wonderful evening and said he had better go. As I was about to close the car door Owen said, “I will see you soon, I have great plans for you, my love.”

Over the next two days I thought about Owen a lot and I received a call about a second interview and it sounded like it would be a job offer.

I texted Owen and told him my big news, he wanted to bring me to his place to celebrate. Yay. This is where my portion of the story ends. Owen wanted me to tell it up to this point and he will tell you the rest. I probably won’t even get to read it but he knows what’s best.

Ok, reading what Nina has written, she did pretty well. Here is the rest:

I picked Nina up and took her to my place. She is hot as hell and quite compliant. What I may have forgetten to mention to her is that in addition to being a lawyer I was also very well trained in hypnosis. And although I personally don’t have any tattooes or piercings or anything, body mods on women is something of a fetish for me.

As soon as I picked Nina up, I began rhythmically conversing to tune her desires. I told Nina that I am proud of her and it looks like a big job offer is likely but that Chicago can be dangerous and I have a counter proposal yenimahalle escort for her.

Nina, I said, I have an amazing offer for you. You could be mine in every way, like a wife. I can take care of you, you could still work but closer to home, I know just the place (I need her to at least hold a part time job so if things don’t work out she can’t legally claim I support her and we will keep her apartment so it’s her legal residence even though we won’t use the shit shack.) We could have an amazing life, and your body could be my canvas, I could take your natural beauty and add to it. You would feel so loved and so beautiful. All you have to do is say ok and sign power of attorney to me and you can be mine.

Of course she agreed. She moved in the next day. She skipped the interview and is staying at the local fast food place she was already at but I had her resign as a manager, too many hours, so inconvenient. Now she works three days a week and the uniform is such that it will hide most everything and if she doesn’t wear makeup her beauty will be hard to notice making my life easy.

Nina’s natural submissiveness coupled with my abilities allowed me to get things going right away. I started simply enough, I told her it was time to start enhancing her beauty with a discreet tattoo. We went to a local shop and she got a beautiful blossoming rose on her right shoulder, she loved it.

After that, I reminded her that she gives amazing blowjobs but I need an extra something to really enjoy them. Nina said “oh, like a stud in my tongue, well, do as you will, I am your canvas.” I smiled at her. We went in and decided she could see when it was done. I had written directions. I wanted her tongue split down the middle (bisected) and eventually yozgat escort a stud in both sides. They numbed her so she wouldn’t feel it or know what was up and did it. I told her she could see after it heals a little.

By now I was getting to know the artist pretty well and decided to go for it. I managed to get medical grade sedatives and he agreed to come over and do a whole list of things but in case she freaked out he wanted to come over after she was out and leave before she wakes since some of the work was sort of degrading, which really gets me off. I guess the $5000 for a days work helped too.

We had a light salad for dinner and I drugged her vinigarette.

Pete, my tattoo guy came over with a massage table and some belts to keep her perfectly secure on the table and two friends he trusts that also do this stuff so it can all get done. First they tattooed a cock between her perfect double D breasts with cum shooting up almost to her shoulder. Then they placed a star around her left nipple with the words CUM SLUT around it just beyond her areola. Her right nipple and areola were completely covered in a 2.5inch black spade with QoS boldly above it. Not for the typical reason exactly but mainly for fun. From there we went down to the top of her left foot where we had a flower that looked a lot like an aroused pussy and had a stem going up to her ankle. On the top of her other foot in really pretty lettering it says “je mange la chatte” which is French for I eat pussy. The last thing on her front for today was a slightly thick stainless steel ring through her clit that was welded closed making it somewhat permanent. At this point they carefully turned her over, and just above her ass, in about three inch letters, nice ones though, it says Nina the Slut. Obviously I’ve done far more to her in the seven years she has been mine. She still works about two days a week and does exactly as I want. If you like hearing about what has been done to her, I’ll tell you the rest in part two, and we can also talk about future ideas and dive more deeply into the sexual details. Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32