My Baby, My Toy

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The front door slammed. He was here…

As I lay on my large king size bed, sheet covers crisp and white, the fragrant smell of washing powder filled the room making me feel relaxed yet aroused. Sweat beads gathered on the surface of my soft, tanned body, causing my skin to glisten in anticipation.

I could feel my heart pumping through my chest as I began thinking about today’s naughty fuck with my man. You see, Jay is my boyfriend and we like to experience each other in many ways and today just like most days I needed to be fucked.

I looked down at my body, scanning over my pert, naked breasts admiring the newly purchased black thigh high stockings and matching suspenders which were met with 5″ stiletto shoes all glossy and new. I loved to dress up and look my best for Jay and he appreciated it very much. My blue eyes drifted back up my relaxed body, eyes lingering, looking at my rounded breasts, nipples pink and erect with excitement. I was ready…

I started to listen intensely to Jay’s footstep’s as they became louder and louder up the stairs, each foot dropping down like thunder reaching closer and closer to my yearning body. My legs started to spread, focusing on the sounds of Jay’s shirt unbuttoning, jeans unzipping, watch unclipping as he walked up the stairs. My pussy started to soften as I imagined his sturdy hands undressing himself. The interrupting Sound of the thud of his clothes falling into a pile meant he was ready too…

I breathed in deep. My stomach tensed as I started to gently spread my legs a little further, my left hand brushing past my eight strap suspender belt pulling my black lace panties to the side as I dipped two right fingers straight into my pussy. I knew I’d be wet. The thought of Jay made my pussy leak with love for my man..

Just as my eyes started to roll back with pleasure, fingers pushing in deeper the door creaked, Jay had walked in.His eyes were wide, and his mouth was slightly open, lips swollen and wet. He looked aroused. Without a word he just stood and watched proudly as I fingered myself. I glanced over his toned, masculine body which made my fingers push deeper inside. I lifted my knees up spreading my hips apart, my left hand now stretching my panties to the side. I pulled my wet, silky fingers from my pussy and roughly rubbed my clit, my sleepy eyes locked on Jays. I could see his cock expanding, getting harder through his boxers..

He knew what I needed him to do. His sturdy, masculine hand reached inside his boxers as he grabbed his hardening cock, gently caressing himself teasing my eyes and body. I slipped yet another finger deep inside my pussy, pushing them right to the back of my womb gathering precious juices onto my fingers. I gently pulled them back out, lube dribbling down my fingers.

I lifted my body up and swung my legs across the bed; I

was now sat up, heels pressed down on the floor. I flicked my long hair over to the side of my face, eyes wide like saucers as I stared up at Jay. He was stood up in front of me; my hungry mouth was in line with his cock. I needed to suck; I needed to swallow.

I used my lubed fingers and held his cock, sliding my wet hand up and down his long, thick shaft, isveçbahis excess lube dribbling onto his pubes. I licked my own cum from his dick then put him fully in my mouth greedily. Jay grabbed my hair and pushed me on him fully taking in his cock; his pubes tickled my nose as he pressed the back of my head on to his cock. I was hungry, I was hungry for a fucking.

I unlocked my hips, legs wide, my sexy shoes now on their tiptoes as I curled and arched my back, fingers slipping back inside my swollen pussy. I felt sexy and aroused, my nipples were hard and my straight hair was draped down my curved back tickling my skin. I didn’t want to orgasm I had other ideas but finger fucking myself was making me very wet and horny.

Suddenly and without notice Jay roughly pushed me back on the bed. His slippery dick slipped out of my mouth as my shoulders jolted back hitting the soft duvet, hair draping over the side of the bed.

Jay quickly and cockily climbed on my body, his eyes burning into mine deep in concentration. He moved my hands away from my inviting pussy, roughly pinning them to the side of my body, his hands tight around my wrists. His strong, toned legs restrained my arms and body between his thighs.

Jay shifted his body as he moved up to my face and without a thought he grabbed my hair at the roots pulling my head back, my mouth naturally opening as he did so forcing his cock straight into my mouth making me gag. He thrust his hips back and forth groaning greedily and roughly savoring the moment as his erect, luscious dick hit the back of my throat with every motion.

My eyes started to water. Black mascara tears trickled down my cheeks as I began to gag loudly. I felt sick, but it was turning me on so much I started sucking harder and faster. I tried to grab Jay’s arse, but my arms were still locked tightly between his thighs. There was no way out, he was mouth fucking me and mouth fucking me hard as I took his length in deeper, his eyes still focused on mine.

Jay began to slow down, stroking my hair tenderly which made my pussy soggy and wet. I could see the real, genuine love in his eyes for me but right now I needed to be treated like the naughty bitch I liked to be in the bedroom…

Jay paused. He had seen it; he had spotted my toy. I could feel his arms fumble above me. His sweet-smelling, intoxicating, sweaty body reached over my head, squashing my face under his stomach as he grabbed it from the floor. His cock was still deep in my mouth as he cheekily giggled, grinding and thrusting his hips causing me to gag once more making me feel sick but I didn’t care.

My personal pussy fucker was large, wide and long. I liked to fuck myself regularly with my “baby” and this time Jay was going to use my toy to fuck me which made my body tremble with wonder and excitement…

Jay grabbed my baby unlocking his cock from my mouth. My jaw ached from his pounding hips but this wasn’t the time to think about pain. Jay’s face had a naughty and puzzled look about him as he studied my toy wondering where he was going to fuck me with it.

Jay glanced at my face, eyes scattered wondering where to look. He then pulled me close, his body now fully on top of me, chest pressing isveçbahis giriş down hard and relaxed freeing my arms and legs. Jay started to kiss me hard and passionately, his left hand grabbing the back of my head pulling my face towards him, fingers twisted in my long hair. Jay’s hips continued to thrust and pump causing my legs to naturally open, the tip of his dick touching my pussy through my wet panties wishing he would thrust deeper reaching into my lubed, gagging vagina. We both started to breath deep, in sync with each other, desperate to fuck each other.

Jay’s kiss was intense. I wrapped my hands around his head and pulled his mouth closer to mine, tongues entwined, tracing inside each other’s mouths feeling everything. I parted my mouth from his, tracing my tongue around his lips nibbling on his bottom lip, sucking it gently. I moved back in for one more kiss but before I could Jay moved his mouth away from mine replacing it with my toy. He slipped my solid, thick vibrator in my mouth gently pulling it back out again, in again, slowly out again rubbing the tip over my damp lips. I licked my toy like a lollipop then took in the length as Jay watched intensely.

With one last suck he removed my baby from my mouth gently tracing the tip of my hard pink rod down my chin, breasts and stomach until he reached my pubic bone.

Jay sat up clumsily pushing the crumpled duvet and scattered cushions to the side still holding my toy. His right hand roughly and greedily ripped my panties to the side causing a suspender strap to snap. Jay’s head dived between my legs, his long, lingering lick took my breath away making me groan. I grabbed the sheets with my hands arching my back, body lifting from the bed in ecstasy desperate to feel him inside me.

With every twist and turn of Jay’s tongue on my hard clit, my juicy pussy swelled as he swirled his tongue slurping up my cum causing me to moan again.

Suddenly I felt a push as my toy penetrated deep inside me, opening up my pussy causing me to moan hard in shock. Jay, I spoke in a low, lingering, husky voice. My toy buzzed and pulsed in my womb, tensing tightly around my baby feeling the sensation. My legs were wide now as Jay pushed in and pulled out my silky, lubed baby causing me to moan with every motion. I was close to orgasm but I needed to hold out.

Jay gently pulled out my toy mid thrust. He was teasing me now, and I was really gagging. “Turn over,” he sternly whispered. I didn’t hesitate and sat up, my body shifting unsteadily as I did so.

I felt sleepy and relaxed, body aching and yearning to be fucked. My head sunk in my pillows as I lay on my stomach.

My vibrator buzzed loudly next to Jay, his hands fumbling over my suspender belt unclipping the hooks one by one. He rolled down my knickers and each individual stocking, all still attached to the straps and belt. Jay reached my stilettos and pulled them off my feet throwing them across the room making a loud bang as they hit the floor. My stockings, suspenders and panties quickly followed.

I was now lying naked on my bed faced down, head tucked into my pillow. I was vulnerable to Jay now. I felt his hand trace up the back of calf then thigh reaching my arse. isveçbahis yeni giriş My whole body tingled, yearning to be fucked. Jay’s hand massaged my arse cheek moving his hand in between my thighs, fingers touching my pussy, my juices smeared all over my arse and legs. Slap! Jay slapped my arse cheek hard causing me to scream with pleasure. I fucking loved my arse being slapped, and I was Jay’s naughty bitch in the bedroom and I needed to be treated like so.

Jay slapped my arse again causing my arse cheek to tingle with pain. I grabbed my cushion digging my head in deep, biting down hard, my groans muffled as he slapped again.

Jay roughly moved my thighs apart and shuffled in between my legs. The sound of the vibrator changed, he was holding it again. My baby slipped inside without hesitation. “Ooooh,” I groaned deeply, head tipping back, eyes sleepy as my toy entered my gagging pussy, relaxed and dripping in desperation. With Jays right hand he thrust my baby back and forth in my vagina quicker and quicker causing me to moan harder and harder. Slap! another hit to my left arse cheek caused me to scream. I was going to cum; I needed to cum!

My mouth started to dribble, head deep in my pillows as I screamed with desire. I lifted my knees up causing my head to sink further into my cushions. My body was in the doggy style position, knees spread wide, back dipped and arse high as Jay continued to fuck me with my toy holding my hip with his left hand as my toy fucked my pussy hard with his right. Jay’s sturdy hand pulled me back onto him thrusting away like it was his hard throbbing dick inside me. The motion made my womb grasp tighter and tighter around my baby. I wanted to flick my clit to climax so both my hands dipped down to my vagina lips, my face now completely sunken in my bedding. I parted my soggy, swollen, silky lips with my left hard as two of my right fingers rubbed away at my clit. Round and round my fingers rubbed catching my toy stuck deep inside my pussy as I rubbed.

Jay intensely fucked me with my vibrator as I rubbed away. My body started to rock back and forth pushing myself down harder and harder on my toy as Jay’s motions were now quick and rough. I suddenly felt another push. Jay’s thumb entered my arse.

“I’m going to cum,” I shouted.

Jays thumb lubed by his own spit sunk slow and deep into my arse. My body was overwhelmed with pleasure, pussy wide and open now and I was starting to cum. With one last push my toy buzzed hard inside me as it hit my pussy wall, Jay’s thick thumb slowly moving in a circular motion in my arse causing my vagina to let go and explode.

I screamed with the most intense orgasm. My pussy clamped around my toy, womb pulsating as I moaned and groaned, the thrust of Jay’s hands becoming slower and slower, my body still continued to rock back and forth greedily on my baby savoring the orgasm.

Jay gently removed his thumb causing me to groan and orgasm again. Cum trickled out of my pussy as my moans became less intense. Jay’s hand slowed down. I was sweaty and tired and extremely fulfilled. I dropped my knees, now just lay face down on the bed, head still sunk in the cushions. I had been fucked and fucked bad. Jay lay on top on me, his hard dick teasing my arse and pussy. I cheekily spread my legs hoping his cock might slip in.

Instead Jays stubbly cheek pressed down next to my ear as he whispered in a soothing voice “its my turn next baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32