Mutual Mastrubation, Neighbors Cum Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I was in a daze the rest of the day; I couldn’t believe that Jennifer and I actually had oral sex. I really couldn’t believe for that matter that we even did the masturbation thing. I could only reason that Jennifer needed a release as much as I did, but then again I am always looking for a release.

My wife was going to be gone for ten more days and I hoped to make the most of them. I watched the video that night and was somewhat disappointed. We had moved around allot so we were out of the camera’s view for some time periods. The focus was a little out too. The still pictures I took with the digital camera were great. Maybe we need a camera person I thought.

I saw Jennifer out it the yard so I decided to walk over and talk to her. “Hey lady….how are you?” I asked.

“Oh….pretty good……how are you?” She replied.

“Just the usual work bullshit….same old…same old.”

“Did you look at the video?” Jennifer asked, which somewhat surprised me.

“Yeah…I did watch it……some parts are ok, but we moved out of the camera’s view in several scenes. Come over sometime and we can watch. I guess we’ll have to have a reshoot,” I laughed.

“Reshoot…..I am not sure that’s such a good idea, mister. You know we did cross the line in the end and went further than just mutual masturbation. I don’t want to cause issues with you and Rose. Do you understand where I am coming from?”

“Sure Jennifer……I understand completely…….you can’t trust yourself enough to be around me,” I laughed.


“Ok….ok…..I am just kidding. I do understand, but come over we’ll just watch the video…..that’s it. You can tie me up if you like. Hey besides that, I wanted to see if you wanted to go fishing with me tomorrow. You have said before you would like to try surf fishing.”

“Yeah…I would like to do that. I’ll be over a little later after I have the kids in bed. It won’t to be too late. See you in a bit,” Jennifer replied.

Jennifer came over later than evening, we watched the video and I could tell she was somewhat aroused as she watched us on the TV. She didn’t make too many comments, but crossed and uncrossed her legs, probably squeezing her little pussy lips together. I figured she was wet for sure, as my own tool was leaving little spots of precum on my beige shorts.

Finally at the end Jennifer looked at me and noticed my wet spot. “So what’s going on there?” as she nodded her head in the direction of my cock.

“Oh …..I think you know, sorry but this is pretty hot, even though the camera work could be better. I would bet that you are wet between your legs as well, spread them and let me see,” I said.

Jennifer spread her legs a bit and I could see a wet spot in the crouch of her shorts. “Busted…I guess, watching does get your juices flowing. Don’t get any ideas as I can’t stay long. Too bad about the bad camera angles.”

“Yeah….too bad, we need a camera person for the next time.” I laughed.

“Where are you going to find a camera person? Besides who says there’s a next time at all,” she laughed back.

“Oh I think you enjoyed it as much as I did and I know from that little wet spot I could talk you into it. Would you want a male or female camera person…or maybe a robot would work.”

“Rob you are crazy for sure. Let’s talking about fishing tomorrow, I need to get going.”

“Sure, as soon as your kids are off to school we can leave. I need to get some ice and bait on the way out to Playalinda Beach. We can hang out and fish for a couple of hours and be home before schools out. It’s supposed to be a nice day. I’ll have everything packed up, so we can get started right away.”

“Sounds good….do I need to bring anything special?” Jennifer asked.

“No…..just whatever you normally bring to the beach. I have chairs and a big sun umbrella. I have all the fishing gear we will need. Maybe we’ll catch dinner,” I said with a laugh.

“Ok see you tomorrow,” she said as she got up. I gave her a hug and squeezed her ass a bit.

The next morning I packed the car and waited for Jennifer to come over. After she got her kids off she came over and we headed toward the beach. She had on a pair of loose fitting shorts and a tank top. I assumed she had swim suit on underneath. I hadn’t broken the news to her, that in fact I was taking her to a part of Playalinda Beach which is clothing optional.

She hopped in the car and we headed toward the beach. “So girl, what do you have on underneath the shorts?” I asked.

“My swim suit of course. Why do you ask?”

“Well where we are going you don’t need a swim suit. It’s a nude beach!”

“Nude beach….I not going to any nude beach. Rob you are crazy….do you go there?”

“Yeah…It’s pretty cool, do a little fishing in the buff. Get some sun on your buns. It’s actually very private and since it’s during the week, there won’t be too many people there. Besides it’s clothing optional, you can wear a suit if you like……like to be a prude that is,” I said with a laugh.

“I guess I will just wait and see; I have konyaaltı escort never been skinny dipping in the ocean. Rob you are just full of surprises aren’t you?”

“I try my best to keep things lively. I can tell you this once you feel the waves on your naked body you’ll never want to wear a suit again. Wet bathing suits aren’t very comfortable to wear anyway.”

We stopped at the bait store for some shrimp to use as bait and headed to Playalinda. Playalinda is a long stretch of beach about five miles long, at the very end is where the free spirited folks hang out. The road ends at that point and the park rangers don’t bother anybody.

The parking lot was rather empty as I suspected, so we gathered up all our gear, pole, fishing rods, umbrella, cooler and towels and made our way down the beach. I had told Jennifer to wear a hat as not to get too much sun, which she had a nice big floppy hat on.

As we made our way down the beach there were a few people in the buff, mainly older guys and a few ladies. It’s polite to give a nod, but basically you make your way to where your want to hang out. We walked for about half a mile, well beyond where anyone was. As you look back you can see a few people but they are so far you can’t see anything.

I finally stopped and set our stuff down back from the beach as the tide was still coming in, which would be good for fishing. I set up the chairs and buried the anchor for the umbrella in the sand. I was ready to get the fishing gear set up, when Jennifer spoke up.

“Holy shit…Rob where the hell are we? This is like having you own private beach. How much further does it go?”

“Yeah that’s why I like it here, no one to bug you. Every once and a while someone talking a walk may pass by, but I doubt it today. Great day too, huh? The beach goes for about two more miles. There’s a sunken barge up that end good for fishing, but too far of a hike in this heat.”

“Ever been up that far?”

“Yes last year one time, it was a hot day like this. Caught a bunch of fish, but I had huge blisters on the bottom of my feet from the hot sand. I thought I was going to die that day and nobody would have known, scary…”

“Rob you are the craziest guy I have ever met. You need someone to watch over you.”

“Hey that’s why I brought you,” I said with a laugh.

We were both standing by the chairs, as I removed my shirt and then pulled down my swim suit and stepped out of it. I use the rungs on the umbrella like a clothes line and hung up my wears. I was now standing nude in front of Jennifer. I pull my sun screen from my backpack and began to apply the lotion.

A smile came to Jennifer’s face and she just shook her head in disbelief. I handed the lotion to her and turn my back to her. “Can you please put some lotion on my back?” I asked.

“Just your back?” she laughed.

“I can reach most everything else, but feel free to cover my buns too.”

Jennifer rubbed the lotion into my skin; I started to get a little aroused from the touch of her soft hands. She applied some more lotion to her hands and applied it to my ass cheeks. When she was done I turned to face her and she noticed that my cock was getting hard.

“What if a fish thinks that’s a worm between your legs, you may want to be careful,” She laughed.

“A worm hell….more like a sea snake,” I replied.

I started to get the fishing poles ready, I always use a Pompano rig and bait with shrimp or sand fleas. The best fish to catch at Playalinda are the Pompanos. Jennifer removed her top and shorts revealing a black bikini. Her breasts could barely be contained by the thin material. I could see the outline of her outer labia as well.

I looked at her and nodded my head upward as to say, hey what about the rest. She got my gesture and said, “I think I’ll stick with this for now.”

“Oh come on Jennifer, don’t tell me you have never been skinny dipping or wondered about it. You’re not going to find any better opportunity that this. I have already see you naked, so what the big deal. There is no one else around………. Don’t force me to take matters in my own hands.”

“OK…..OK….yes I have thought about skinny dipping and yes this is the perfect setting. Do you ever get tired of being right….you make me sooo mad.”

“Now… let’s not get testy. I think you’ll like it, once you get over the initial apprehension.”

I went back to working on the poles; I didn’t want to just stare at her. As I was tying some knots in the line, I saw her from the corner of my eye. She removed her top and hung it on the umbrella. Jennifer then sat down on the beach chair and pulled the bottoms of her swim suit down. She just sat there, not want to cause a stir. I let her get comfortable with her own nudity.

Once I had the two poles rigged up and had the bait on, we were ready to fish. I looked at Jennifer and she was still in the beach chair. She had her legs together, her nipples were rock hard. She looked stunning sitting there with her hat and sun glasses as her only clothing items.

“Well comon, let’s kültür escort catch some fish. We better get some sun screen on you first; I don’t want you to burn your buns.”

I held out my hand and pulled her up from the chair. She opened her legs and I got a glance of the nice little flower I was dying to fuck. She turned her back as I sprayed her with sun screen. I rubbed it into her back and ass, just like she had done me. She applied the lotion to her front side but it was still nice watching her handle her own tits.

Well we were finally prepared to do some fishing, usually fishing can be somewhat boring, but fishing with a nude woman makes you feel like saying, “Who the fuck cares if I get any bites.” Jennifer and I each grabbed a pole and made our way down to the water. The waves weren’t too bad, so we waded past where they were breaking now about waist deep in water. The water was warm and felt good on my body. Jennifer’s nipples were hard and looked inviting being wet.

“Watch how I do this, and then you can do the same. Take down the keeper and leave about 3 foot of line out. Bring the pole behind you and release your finger as you come forward. Once the line is out we’ll walk the pole back and put them in the sand spikes….got it?”

“Sure Rob….I think I understand. Don’t laugh at me though.”

Jennifer made a nice cast after me it was nice to see her tits bounce up and down with the movement of her body. We walked the pole back, reeled in the slack and put the rods in the holders.

“Well there you have it, we are officially fishing.”

“Now what?” she asked.

“We can have a seat and watch for the tip of the poles to move. Surf fishing can be very relaxing. So how do you like the nude thing?”

“Actually it’s pretty nice….it was fun being in the water and feeling the waves slap you bare skin….just like you said. With the breeze you feel very free.”

We sat down for a time and watched the poles; her pole tip began to bounce signaling she had a bit. “Quick get up……pick up the pole jerk it back to set the hook and then reel in your catch,” I instructed.

Jennifer followed my directions and caught her first fish. She franticly reeled in the line, which caused her tits to bounce up and down. I positioned myself behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I pull her back against me, pushing my cock against her ass. She continued to reel in her catch and I continued to hold mine.

Finally the fish was beached, flopping around as they do. It was a nice size Pompano definitely a keeper. I removed the fish from the hook and put it in the cooler. I put more shrimp on the hooks and we went back into the surf. I followed along in case she need some help. Jennifer made another nice cast and carried the pole back to the holder. I remained in the water, wanted to do a little swimming.

I motioned her back in the water to join me, figuring it was time to do a little underwater groping. She ran back into the surf hopping over the waves and dove into a larger wave as it broke. When she surfaced see swam over to me. Her wet naked body and hair looked really hot.

“So it looks like we can have fish for dinner. Hopefully we’ll catch a couple more. Besides it would be embarrassing if you caught more fish than me.” I said.

“Really Rob………..didn’t you know woman are better at everything, not just sex.” She said with a laugh.

“Better……I’ll show you whose better, little lady. Bet I can make you say please fuck me.”

I grabbed Jennifer by the waist and threw her into the surf. She wasn’t expecting that, when she came up her eyes were like saucers and she was choking on the water she swallowed. I grabbed her again, this time pulling her body against mine. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks and I pulled her tight against me.

Our lips met and I drove my tongue into her waiting mouth. The waves crashed against our bodies as we continued our kiss. Our tongues did the dance of love, as my hands squeezed her backside. The water was only waist deep, but I could feel my cock coming to life.

The waves push us closer to beach as we continued our embrace. We got to a point where the waves were breaking right on top of us, we held on to each other until a giant wave knocked us over. The force pushed us onto the beach. We got up and started to laugh.

“Talk about sweeping a girl off her feet….wow Rob that was a wild ride. Never body surfed like that before,” she laughed.

“Yeah….that was pretty cool, let go under the umbrella for a while and dry off.”

We washed the sand form our bodies and headed to the umbrella. I have a couple of straw mats I use, so we put two of those together and laid some towels on top of them. We lay next to each other and went back to kissing. I loved sucking Jennifer’s upper lip; I knew it has powers to arouse her.

I placed my hand on her breast and rolled her nipple between my index finger and thumb, her nipples were standing up like little soldiers. I rolled her to her back and slid my hand down her body. I cupped her mound in the palm of my hand and slid markantalya escort my finger onto her slit. She spread her legs as if to welcome my advance.

I parted her inner labia and inserted my finger into her wetness. Her chest heaved up as her breathing got deeper; there was a soft moan as we continued to kiss. I pushed my finger deeper into her vagina and push against the wall above her pubic bone. I stoked her G-spot hoping to arouse her further.

We broke our kiss and Jennifer said in a soft voice, “What if someone comes……shouldn’t we stop?”

“The only one’s coming will be you and I. First you then me. Have you ever made love on the beach?” I asked.

“No… never before…..I am a little nervous though.”

“Relax Jennifer….I understand….trust me…..let yourself go.”

I continued to work her G-spot; the pace of her breathing was increasing. I slid myself down and got between her legs. I pulled my finger out of her and replaced it with my tongue. I used two fingers to spread her inner labia as I worked the ball on her clitoris, her hand were pulling at her own breast. I could feel the blood rushing to flower.

Her moans grew louder, “Oh….oh yes……yes…..oh fuck yes……awe…..awe…..I am cumming….oh fuck yes.”

I felt her hands on the back of my head as she drove her pussy into my face. I felt the warm fluid emanate from her pussy. Her cum had a sweet taste and I didn’t want to waste a drop. She continued to gyrate against me as my tongue slurped her nectar. Her breathing eased as her climax subsided.

I made my way back up beside her. I laid on my back and pull Jennifer on top of me. My cock was rock solid and I wanted to fuck her wet hole. I guided the head of my cock into her opening; she was still so wet I slid right in.

“Pull yourself up…you can keep watch that way,” I laughed.

“I’ll give you….pull myself up……….you just want to suck my tits and fuck me at the same time….don’t you…you bad little boy.”

“You sure have my number little lady, I want to bury my cock in your sweet little snatch and pull some juice from your ripe melons. Be a good girl, like I was to you and make me cum.”

I pulled her tit into my mouth as Jennifer bounced up and down on my cock. Her still wet hair hung down across her face, as she increased the pace. She rocked her hips back and forth, giving my cock a wild ride.

“Like this Rob….is this how you want me to fuck you. Does it feel good, I bet it does….I bet I can make you beg…….beg to let you come.”

“Honey I’ll beg for you all day and all night……as long as you fuck me like you are doing right now. You are one hot woman.”

I grabbed the cheeks of her ass forcing my cock deep inside her. You could hear the slurping sound as my cock slid in and out, I am sure my cock was covered with her milky cum.

“Oh yeah Jennifer fuck me…please baby fuck me…..I am begging don’t stop….fuck oh fuck…..oh man…here it comes. Fuck……fuck yes girl.”

I held her close against me as I could feel my cum explode deep inside her. My cock continued to twitch as more and more cum filled her. I could feel it run from her body, on to me. Jennifer rolled off me. She reached between her legs and scooped some of my cum, she raised her fingers to her lips and sucked the cum form her fingers.

“Hummm you taste good. Now I know what sex on the beach is all about.”

“Yeah it’s a great shot at the bar too. Let’s wash off and check the poles,” I said.

We got up and walked into the surf hand in hand. I noticed my fishing line was very slack, a pretty good indication I had a fish on it. I went back to the pole and reeled in our second Pompano. Jennifer made her way back and sat on one of the beach chairs.

I prepared the hooks with more shrimp and set out to cast the lone back into the surf. As I walked back up the beach I noticed someone walking up the beach, they were still very far away and you couldn’t make anything out. I said in the chair next to Jennifer.

I said, “Look someone’s walking this way. They’ll probably stop before they come this far.”

“Quick give a towel I want to cover myself,” Jennifer pleaded.

“Oh don’t be such a woos…….here’s a towel,” I replied throwing her a towel.

I reached into my back pack and pulled out my binoculars, which I always bring to the beach. I held them up to my face and looked toward the person walking. It turned out to be a woman, with a wide brimmed hat, wearing loose fitting shorts and t-shirt. She had a beach bag over her shoulder and chair in the other hand.

“It’s a woman…so don’t worry. She won’t come this far and even if she does no big deal.”

“No big deal……I don’t want her to see me naked.”

“Why not……..your body is definitely worth looking at. Maybe she’s into girls…humm.”

“Don’t go there Rob.”

The woman continued walking toward us. As she got a little closer I could tell she wasn’t that old and certainly not some BBW. I thought she would stop for sure but she kept coming. I got up and walked toward the poles, not paying her much mind. It was apparent at this point the woman was not stopping as she continued to walk toward us. I went back to sit in the beach chair and looked over at Jennifer, who was covering herself with a towel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32