Ms. Marca Ch. 61

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Jade Venus

For you guys who don’t know me I’m Marca, 30+ years old, married with no children. At 5′ 10″, with a body of 40 X 23 X 38 and I was a model before I was a Mrs. (see Ms. Marca Ch. 1) and I’m the biggest flirt and tease to ever walk the malls. I was put on earth for one reason. Spend my husband’s money. Mr. Bush said we all should do our part to fight in this war, so I’m helping the war front by spending.

When I last left you Tim and I had been to his Uncle Bob’s home in Tenn. for a long weekend and I stayed for the week. Something about that Tenn. Mountain air and Tim’s Uncle Bob’s super over sized cock that will make a new woman out of you every time. As you recall Tim had been called back to his office and felt sorry for a lonely old man and stayed to keep him company. In the words of that guy on the radio “LET ME TELL YOU THE REST OF THE STORY!” (See Ms. Marca Ch 59)

Six months later:

Tim had called Uncle Bob for him to come visit us for a week. I planed it so that the old guy would come in Friday night and Tim would take him fishing for the weekend. I could go visit a girl friend over the weekend and come home Sunday night. Tim would be off on his next trip on Monday and not get home till Friday. I take old Bob to the airport Friday around noon and this would give me time to get some rest. Tim comes in Friday late, he will be to tired to get it up, gives me 24 hours to shrink it back some. God I’m organized.

When I got in on Sunday night Tim picked me up at the airport and told me I had a surprise waiting for me at home. It seem that Uncle Bob didn’t like to fly by himself, you know if the plane goes down I need someone I know to be with me so they can die with me. I’ve never understood that reasoning. Old Bob didn’t tell anyone that the person he was bring was young man that lived in Cleveland Tenn. Tim said he seem to be a good kid. I understand they all had a great weekend fishing. When I got in uncle Bob was at the door to give me a big hug and feel me off and the look on his face said it all … I’m horny!

Before I had time to exchange hi, hello, how are you, in walked this tall skinny drink of water. His name was Jason. He was young, look to be 18 years old, had the demeanor of a young person. He had been in and out of trouble with the law since he was 14 and spent time in reform school for petty crimes. No education and spoke like it, a kid from the bad side of town. So I got this kid and the old guy to entertain for the next 5 days. I knew what I was going to do with Uncle Bob, or what he was going to do for me, but I didn’t see the picture with Jason until I saw the kid ‘s front, his package under his tight jeans.

I could see the big bulge in his pants, oh God we may have a winner here. I took a seat in one of our big easy chairs that made my ass fall below my knees which gives a perfect view of heaven for all that look. The chair was across from the kid as he stood and began to tell us he was going to turn in. I let my legs fall apart just a little, as my fingers slip down the front of my blouse and stopping between my top two buttons. My short skirt rode up as I crossed my legs knowing my thong would be seen if he looked, to bad I had them on my pussy lips were sucking air. I’m greedy though, I want him to see more.

I crossed my legs one more time and open them even wider, so he can see me. I wanted to tease him, make him want to see more. I look up at him as Uncle Bob is telling one of his stories and my eyes are saying to the kid.. (Can you see how wet I’m getting Jason?) I open my legs still wider … look at it boy your fresh meat this week When he looked up to my eyes, I smile and gave him that look that told him this is just pure sex between my legs. I could hear him breathing and I know he is becoming aroused, I can see it in his eyes. I stand and tell the group that I’m beat and I’m off to bed. See you in the morning, sleep well. I give uncle Bob a kiss on the cheek and brush my hand over his crouch. I gave Jason a big smile and a wink., as I walk past him, I tell him where the others can’t hear … don’t sleep too hard.

As Tim and I undressed I tried to get as much information out of Tim about Bob and the kid as I could. I told Tim that Uncle Bob had put on weight, he must be up to 280 pound or more. I didn’t say anything to my husband, but old Bob’s big gut was even bigger, you could see his lower stomach fall over his belt. I than ask what was the kid like, was he high strung, did he have a temper? He didn’t say much about the boy. All Tim told me was the kid was not a talker, very quite. Long pause and than Tim said he wanted to tell me what he saw and get my opinion. He began to tell me about them fishing on Saturday at the lake and some 2 hours on the lake the kid stood up in the boat and took a piss. Uncle Bob was up front with his back to us and the kid was side ways to me when he pulled out his penis. (Tim would never say cock)

“Marca he is big, it just was unbelievable the way it hung out from zonguldak escort his jeans. I could not believe what I saw! I‘ve seen a few men in locker rooms, but not like this!“

My pussy just went wet! I could see the boy had a package under his pants, but was he that big? Has Tim ever seen a real big one? God knows I have but I better get the facts on this!

“Tim, you make me laugh honey, when you say big/long, did it hang down to his knees?”

“Well it didn’t look like it would go down that far, but it was more than half way down his leg, yes that was about right!“

Oh sweet Jesus, my body jumped when he said over half way, I just had a small orgasm!.

“Tim I’ll check him out while your gone and let you know if he is big!”

“Marca, you wouldn’t dare! Don‘t talk like that! Honey you got to watch what you say around Uncle Bob and that kid, they don’t know you like I do and the way you make fun of things.” ( You better make that just the kid, Uncle Bob knows me better than you do, my husband).

“I’m kidding baby, just making fun of him, do you think I would ask him to drop his pants? I can see it Jason let me check the size of your thing, Tim and I have a bet to see how long and big around you are!”

We both laughed and it took a minute for him to see the funny side of what I had said.(this is not a laughing matter, I will have him in front of me checking his size before the sun sets on a new day). After he got calmed down all he wanted to talk about was the fish they got and the big one’s that got away. When Tim got to bed he wanted to know how my visit with my girl friend Jan went.

As always I had a good story how we had a nice quite girl talk/dinner Friday night and went to see her sister-in-law in the next town which was about 90 miles away on Saturday. The sister-in-law just had a baby; you know how women are about new babies. We stayed late at the sister-in-laws place so we spent Saturday night. Jan got me to the airport tonight about 7 just in time to get my flight home. The weekend was just a gabfest for us girls.

(What was the real story)? I had got on the plane in jeans and 20 minutes into the flight I went to the restroom and changed into a short sexy number that got a lot of looks from all on board. Jan and two tall good looking studs, picked me up at the airport. My dates took me to dinner, That was on Friday, he was about my age and oh yes …. I fucked my dates brains out until Saturday noon. Went to Jan place and crashed until about 8 Saturday night. She and I went to a pickup bar and I went home with a guy who was about 28 or 30. He fucked me till it was time to get me to the airport. Just a fuck fest for us girls

“Tim … honey do you mind if we don’t do anything tonight, I’m beat and I’ll make it up to you …I’ll be ready for you when you get home this weekend!”

He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned the light out. Such a good husband. I‘ll dream about the big ones that didn’t get away from me this weekend. My pussy was already wet from the kid looking and undressing me and to think about the two big cocks I’ll have this week and what I just had in the last 48 hours, oh what nice dreams I’ll have tonight!

Tim left the next day, a Monday, I was up first early, showered, put on a light summer robe and went to make coffee for Tim seeing as how he was running late. I got a kiss good-by as he went out the door. This quite time would give me needed time to think. I had so many emotions. I felt like a wonderfully slut, one fine whore. I was thinking of what more could I do to be sexually satisfied this coming week. I decided that I wanted the kid, but how would I do this with old Uncle Bob, would I have to ask?

By the time Uncle Bob and Jason had showered and come down, I was on my second cup. When Bob came down I was sitting at the table on the patio/porch reading the paper. I had intentionally let my robe fall open to expose the tops of my breasts. The slit in the rode had ridden up so that the top of my smooth pussy was visible. I carried on small talk with Uncle Bob, knowing he was looking me over. When Jason came out on the patio I pretended to keep talking with Bob and reading, although I could see him looking at me. He sat down across from me. I looked up and just said good morning and smiled.

“So, did you get a good night’s sleep Marca, hope you got a lot of rest!”

“Oh yes all rested I saved it for today, nothing went on in my room, nothing to talk about, in fact kind of boring what happened last night, but I think you seen the action that I get!“

I put down the paper and sat back, causing some of my left breast to spill out of the robe (I pretended not to notice). I uncrossed my legs, exposing more of my pussy under the glass table. My nipples were getting hard. I could also see Jason’s cock starting to rise in his jeans.

“Bob I have a question for you … Is Jason here for my pleasure? Oh yes … and how tunalı escort was your evening Bob / Jason hope you two rested well!”

Bob looked up from his cup of coffee and laughed that big rough laugh he has and came back with, whatever you want girl.

“Well, I just wanted to know how you feel and what were the game rules for the next 5 days!”

“Marca, baby you wore me out those two days we were together, I having Jason as a fill in for me between rounds.”

I opened my robe put my hands on my hips and gave them time to take in my body Again I exposed my tits and pussy full view to them. Needless to say Jason’s eyes got big when I open my robe and stood naked in front of them. My husband’s uncle smiled at me and then looked at his friend.

“Looks like Marca needs a real good fucking and I think she wants you to help buddy!”

I told them I was going up to my bedroom and get ready for the day. Bob had that look of hunger on his face, the kid had that look as if he had died and gone to heaven.

“Oh yes, one more thing.. there is going to be some wild fucking going on in my room in about 15 minutes … please don’t make me start with out one of you!”

I walked off knowing they were looking at my ass. When I got to the door I turned and said.

“Is this a 15 round match over the next 5 days?”

The knock at the door told me I had my first visitor of the day, and when I called out to come in Jason stuck his head in to look for me. I just smiled at the big stud as this strange itch started to creep up between my thighs, it’s the same itch I get every night. At night that is when it is the worst. When my husband is in bed with me and no matter how he tried, he just couldn’t take care of me and I just can’t get to sleep until I had my needs taken care of.

“Jason, baby you like what you see?”

I cup my breasts in my hands and slowly flick my thumbs across my nipples. My hand starts to trail down my body, I can see him follow its path with his eyes. I let my legs fall apart just a little, as my finger slip between my legs and start to trace my pussy lips. Now that does feel good. I open my legs wider, so he can see me start to tease my clit. Its hiding but soon starts to swell and throb as I rub in little circles around it, just barely touching it.

I beckoned Jason over and held up my soft brown tits for him to nuzzle and caress. The first touch of his wet mouth on me brought my dollar size nipples to full erection. I grabbed his head in both my hands and pulled him as tightly to me as I could. I wanted to stuff my entire firm ripe tit into his mouth. I lay back on the bed and he crawled on top of me, burying his face between my big tits pressing them on either side of his face. I watched him kiss them all over, first one, and then the other. He licked my nipples, and sucked them gently at first, but then a little harder. “Suck my tits baby, suck them oh God suck them harder,” pushing them up at his face. I love having my nipples sucked hard. They’re sensitive at first, but then it feels great when they’re being sucked. Jason opened his mouth wide and tried to suck in as much of my tit as he could. It felt awesome. He got off the bed and stood next to my head.

“God Jason I love having sex in the morning, I love it anytime to tell you the truth!”

He just looked at me knowing I was in need of a good fuck Jason was a tall drink of water that had big feet, sizes 13 D, and long fingers. Need I tell you what was even longer? He was reputed to have the largest cock in Cleveland Tenn. Who ever started that rumor just didn’t know cocks. This boy had the largest cock in the state of Tenn. (so I told myself)

I could see the big bulge in his pants as he undid his belt.

“Let Marca do that, let me take your pants down.”

I looked up at him and took hold of his waistband, undid the clasp, and pulled down his zipper. His pants fell down past his knees and I found myself staring at the big, thick rod in his underwear. I put my hand up against it, and felt it throbbing against my palm, then tugged his underwear down over his hips. His cock sprang out and swayed there, right in front of me. It was huge, thick, firm, and the head of it was the size of a small plum. This was no boy, he had a cock any man would be proud of. My husband didn’t have half of what the kid had.

“Jason, oh my God, I hope Bob told you that your going to put that big thing to work! I just love your big cock!”

He stood above me, unbuttoning his shirt, as he stepped out of his pants. I watched him get naked, sitting up in bed. My pussy was wet already. When he was done, he stood right in front of me again, jerking himself off slowly, making his cock harder. If that was possible!

“Oh honey I bet you’re doing that everyday and every night! This week you don’t have to jerk it off, I’ll suck it off for you! When I‘m not sucking, you can be sure we will be fucking!”

He put his hands tunceli escort on his hips while I got over to the edge of the bed. The first thing I did was put my head under his cock so I could kiss his balls. They were big like hen eggs, and all loose in his sac. I kissed them one at a time, then moved up to the base of his cock where I sucked on it a little, right where the shaft joins the sac. He moaned a little. I licked the bottom of his shaft, then slowly started moving up it, licking it all the way up to the big head at the end. I reached up and grabbed his shaft and squeezed it hard. It was so fucking thick I could not get my hand around it. All I could think of was the feeling of it being push into my pussy, damn I could feel my walls expand already. I licked my lips and smiled at it as my mouth watered. His cock was right in front of my face. It looked massive, hell it was massive. I licked the head of it, oh it was hard, hard all over, I licked it as if I was cleaning it with my tongue, all the way around it, and across the Pee hole at the end. I opened my mouth wide and took the head in, let my lips settle on it as I started to bob on it. Just the first inch or two at first because it was so thick, but after I got going I was able to take in about three to four inches altogether. His cock was so thick it was almost impossible to get much more in.

I was riding the end of his thick cock with my mouth harder and harder. His meat was still long enough that I could get a good hold of the rest of it with both hands. I sucked him, I jerked him slowly, then fast, then slowly again. I could tell he loved it. Every time I jerked him fast he moaned as if he was going to cum, so I knew when to slow down.

“Oh Ms. Marca I got to do it, please … don’t you want me to put it in, please Ms. Marca Bob said you were always ready to fuck … don’t you want too fuck?”

I fell back on the bed on my elbows and had my ass at the edge of the bed. I pulled my legs back up over my head and put my arms on the inside and spread my cunt open as far as it would go. I wet my fingers and moistened the opening and looked up at him. I took his cock and pulled him toward me and rubbed that big plum head over my pussy lips. “You let me do this baby!“ I continued to slide his big, fat cock up and down my hole, back and forth. Then I slip just a little into my pussy lips. His thick head squeezed into my tight hole, then I let him pushed in just the head about 3 inches. He was thick alright. I could really feel the difference between his cock and other big guys I had in the past, my husband was a lost cause when he had his little thing in me like this.

“Baby this is where you got to let me adjust to the invasion before you began thrusting, you young guys get carried away and think you can go as hard as you want to! This is wonderful, just don‘t spoil it for me at this point or any other women in the future!”

. My cunt tightened around him like a vise when I finally let him put about 6 inches in deeper and told him to just hold and keep it there. “Oh that’s good!”

It turned me on to watch his cock as it slowly worked its way deeper and deeper into me. I felt filled like I’d never been filled before. It wasn’t really painful, but I could feel just how big he was, how long and fat his cock was as it stretched my lips wide open. I tried opening my legs wider, but they were already spread as wide as I could get them. I told him to reach up and take my ankles and pulled them wider for me, and as he did that, I used his cock as if it were a dildo and fucked myself with it. At last he could not hold back anymore and he pushed his cock right into me, sinking into my pussy right up to his balls, which I could feel touching my asshole. I gasped “Oh my God, your so fucking huge!”

He pulled it almost all the way out, then slid it back deep inside again, and that was just the most awesome feeling I’ve ever had down there. It’s hard to describe something as big, and as thick, and as warm as that sliding inside the tenderness part of my body, but it was totally fulfilling. It made the whole inside of my pussy throb, and my clit tingled like it never had before. I just lay back and let his pace increased, pulling it almost out, then plunging it deep again. I loved lying back and feeling a guy fuck me with his huge dick. My tit’s bounced on my chest, harder and harder as he fucked me deeper and deeper. I saw him staring at the way they moved.

He was in a trance looking at my 40DD’s like a kid in a candy store. He had to lick some sweet hard candy. His mouth found each nipple in turn and brought it to an exited hardness. Almost involuntarily, I was sucking his rode with my love tunnel, working my muscles trying to milk his cream out of him. In and out his love-rod, was working me like a machine, in and out, in and out. I laid under him thinking I was getting a royal fucking by a man not a kid. I was fucking a man and I loved it.

The noises of our lovemaking filled the room. I do not know which was the more deliciously disgusting! His lips and tongue lapping at my nipples; the slurping of my cunt as it filled and empted of his cock; or my grows and moans mixed with obscenities that I was using to tell the world how good this cock was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32