Movie Night

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All characters are over 18. I appreciate feedback on my writing style and plot.


Movie night after a long work week is my favorite way to spend a Friday evening. Putting on one of your old t-shirts, taking off that uncomfortable bra, and lounging around in panties after a delicious dinner. I love letting you pick the movie because that means I’ll probably fall asleep during it. You always choose something we’ve already seen and a lackluster plot. I don’t mind though, anything you want makes me happy.

We sit on the couch, my head resting on your lap. I feel sleep coming to me. Barely aware of what’s going on when I feel your hand caressing my stomach. Your finger is playing with the shirt fabric, tracing my belly button. I keep my eyes closed because I know what you are playing at. Your fingers make their way under my shirt. Making small circles on my skin. My nipples get hard anticipating your hand.

You start on my left nipple. Pinching it hard. I playfully pretend to be woken up. Over my shirt, I grab your hand. “Babe! You woke me up!”

“I know, but isn’t this your favorite way to wake up?” you tell me.

I smile at you and let you continue. I close my eyes kaçak iddaa and enjoy how you pinch and pull my nipple—rubbing my sensitive skin between your thumb and finger—pulling and stretching my nipple. Perfect pain. You move to my other nipples and pinching hard. “Ahhhh, Eric!”

“Shhh. Or I’ll have to get rough.”

I open my eyes and look up at you. “What if I want it rough?” you smile at me.

“Take your shirt off.” You tell me. I sit up and pull my shirt over my head. My nipples rock hard, wanting to be played with more. “Come sit on my lap.”

I straddle you. And feel your cock through your sweat pants. You pull my chest to your mouth and start sucking on my nipples, savagely kissing and sucking my breasts. I feel your mouth, your teeth, your spit all over my chest. I want you so bad, your growing cock caressing my mound through the layers of fabric. I start grinding slowly, still enjoying your mouth on my chest.

Your hands are holding my hips and gripping my ass. I look down and watch you bite my nipple. “Eric! Yes!” you bite the other. You are making me want you more and more. Your fingers are playing with my panties while you grip my thighs harder.

You stand up and kaçak bahis lay me on my back. You pull my panties off, holding my legs closed, kissing my legs. You stand and take your pants off, and your hard cock bounces free. I bend my legs, knees up, and wide open for you. Holding my breasts, I watch you look at my wet slit. I watch your mind work, trying to decide how you want to start, my clit, my cunt, my ass…which one first?

You line the tip of your cock up with my cunt. I guess it’ll be my cunt first. I watch your face while you slam into me. Rough, just like I wanted it. You slam into me again and again. My hands grip my breasts, enjoying every one of your thrusts.

You pull my legs up and rest them on your shoulders, holding my thighs as you thrust deeper. I feel my pussy start to tighten as my first orgasm builds. You keep thrusting hard. “You’re getting tight, baby.”

“Yes, Babe, make me cum. Please!”

You kiss my leg next to your head and keep thrusting. I feel my pussy muscles clenching around your hard cock with every thrust. I grip my breast hard wait for the orgasm. You lean down, my thighs coming to my chest. Your whole body is slamming onto mine.

I feel my illegal bahis orgasm like a wave over me. “Eric!” You keep thrusting while I cum. My legs and hips are shaking under your body—my heart racing. I feel like I can’t catch my breath.

“Get on your knees, over the armrest, baby.” I do what you tell me. My ass in the air for you and my body leaning over the armrest. I can see you positioning yourself behind me in the reflection of the picture on the walls.

Holding my hips, you slide your hard cock back into my wet pussy. I love how you fuck me. Your hands are holding my hips. I look back at you, “slap my ass, babe!”

You slap my ass hard. I love the slight sharp pain. You thrust again and again, then slap my ass harder. “You like slapped, don’t you? A little rough for you is just how you like it?” I tell me while your hand pulls my hair.

My head pulled back while you are fucking me from behind, and I can feel another orgasm building. “Yes, Eric! Please, harder, I’m going to cum again! YESSS!”

You keep pounding me, one hand slapping my ass and the other in my hair. I can feel my breasts bouncing under me with each of your thrusts. I feel my pussy tighten, and another orgasm rolls over me, “Aaahhh!” I scream for you. Your hands hold my shaking hips while you spew cum into me. “Ohh, baby! Yes!”

We sit back on the couch. “Should we finish the movie now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32