Moonlight Pleasure Ch. 01

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It was almost midnight and there I was, sitting at my window gazing at the stars which were clear as day and the crescent moon glistening ever so elegantly. I was feeling erotic and little turned on, looking forward to the arrival of my friend. He said he would call me before midnight, so we could go out for a drive and no doubt a bit of playtime in the car somewhere.

I met John off a swinging website and after a few phone calls and the frequent messages sent back and forth, we decided to meet. I wasn’t nervous and felt a good vibe from him, thus we became friends. We enjoyed each other’s company more each time and looked forward to our short encounters. He’s a fair few years older then me, 19 years older to be precise, but it didn’t bother me. He obviously didn’t mind the fact I was 31 and probably made him feel alive having some younger girl bring out the boy in him. I felt comfortable lying naked beside him, just talking and giggling for ages. You would think we were fully clothed and had no care in the world. He loved this and thrived on it, I think we both did.

John was a gentle soul full of passion and very much enjoyed his long kisses. I could fall into marmaris escort a long kiss all night with the right person and miss it everyday. A long passionate kiss makes me feel so warm and happy, and helps me fall into the moment much more then someone wanting to just fuck and go. John had a cheeky glint in his eyes together with his cheeky smirk you would see every now and then. He’s a nice looking guy, quite handsome to be honest and a presence that is comfortable and easy going.

I could hear my phone vibrating on my bed and immediately answered it.

“I’m outside. You coming down?” he said.

“2 secs. I’ll be right down,” I said enthusiastically replied.

I quickly looked in the mirror to see if my hair was out of place, not that it mattered as it was dark outside. I quickly slid into my dress shoes and put on my brown jacket. It was a cold evening so I was wearing my black jeans and my peach low cut top. I ran down the stairs, opened the door and eagerly left the house, making sure my door keys were in my handbag. I was living at my mother’s house so I needed my door keys as she would be in bed by 1am and the door would be locked. She always stayed up marmaris escort bayan after 1am, I guess I take after my mother at staying awake late.

I could see his small car, which I believe was a pug 206. I know this because my brother has the same type of car and is always talking about cars. I jumped into the front seat beside John and quickly got comfortable. I could see two cans of coke sitting on the dash board, which I guess one was for me and two candy bars sitting next to the gear stick box. I placed my hands down at the sides of the seat made of cloth. It was warm and soft.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey. How’d you?” John replied.

“Good good. Alls good.”

He revved up the car and drove off quickly and carefully. I trusted his driving and felt safe considering he was a truck driver by trade so was driving all the time. We never spoke much just nattered a few nonsense words and meaningless conversations with the occasional giggle. He continued to drive out of town into the adjacent town where it was more woodlands, cottages and shrubberies. The lights were becoming ever less causing the night to blacken the little light there was left in the car. I escort marmaris could not help be drawn to the stars twinkling through the misty windows, trying hard to make themselves known. John drove down a quiet road hidden so discreetly in the forest on the left and dainty detached cottages spread out far apart from each other on the right. After driving 5 minutes up the smooth deserted road I noticed a small entrance into what I thought was an empty parking space tucked in the forest. He seemed to know where he was going; maybe I wasn’t the first girl he took here. Either way, I still felt safe with him and had no worries.

He steered left into the dark area going into the forest and drove in very slowly. The lights off his car shone directly to a small rusty looking car tucked in the left corner, where I could see a girl, which I thought was a girl because of her feminine shape from behind. The outline of hair style was reflected in the light, looking like a short hairbob. She was sitting on someone’s lap, where I could see arms wrapped around her, sliding up and down behind her back. I assumed she was kissing her boyfriend or a play friend, but I don’t think they expected any company having been alone until now. John parked the car in the middle, not too far to the right of them but once he turned off his lights, we couldn’t see them anymore and became hidden amongst the blackness again.

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