Money Talks To Exchange Students

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Author’s Notes: As is usual to state on Literotica, in case it is not clear enough from the story itself, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.

Warning. This story includes scenes of reluctant, semi-coerced incestuous sex for money, humiliation, thinking about power and privilege differences, and a lot of gratuitous, most likely grammatically-incorrect French. If you don’t like any of this, I’d suggest for you to skip this story.

Please, don’t forget to comment, rate and if you like it, favorite the story. Constructive critique and feedback are always welcomed.


“Bro,” Boris heard his twin sister, Yordanka, say, the indescribably-uncanny tone of her voice scaring him a bit as he turned to look at her. “I need to tell you, ask you something.”

“Is there a problem?” he inquired.

“We can get a lot of money,” the young woman replied. “Fifty thousand euros.”

Had she not so matter-of-factly stated such a massive sum, her brother would’ve probably just rolled his eyes and laughed off whatever she was saying as her getting too much into EuroMillions or Eurojackpot or whatever. The sincerity in her voice gave him a pause, however, and now the only thing he could do was think about their unenviable financial situation while staring at a wall just behind her.

Not that such an activity was in any way new to him.

He always knew that their family was poor. He was aware of that for as long as he could remember. Growing up, it was one of those things which were as obvious to him as which genitals he had.

For those last two months, however, this obvious knowledge turned into something much more crushing. Ever since he and his sister left their Balkan homeland of Bulgaria to come to Belgium for a year as exchange students, after a somewhat-rich relative of theirs, whose existence neither of them had any idea about until this person finally decided to make his existence known and, instead of helping their family in any substantial way, decided to get him and Yordanka out of the country for a year, it turned into an ever-present, oppressive, almost physically-painful and suffocating undercurrent to every moment of their lives.

Sure, they were poor even in Bulgaria, but this was on an entirely another level. There, that meant that most of the people they knew, friends, bullies, and bystanders alike, could afford shiny toys and other vanity products, or expensive food, two or three times as often as they could, thanks to their families earning a few hundred levs more. Here, however, they were tourists, aliens really, cut out and pasted from an entirely different world.

The reminders of their pitiful poverty, not just theirs personally but of everyone they knew as well, of their entire country, were omnipresent. Being economics students, both of them were aware that, according to the latest data, the average person in Belgium was about 13 or 14 times as wealthy as the average person in Bulgaria, but, at least for Boris, this used to be simply an abstract piece of information, until it turned into something almost painfully solid and inescapable, in a process that still intrigued him, in milliseconds after he left, his sister behind him just like when they were born, that damned train which brought them into this country.

The clean streets, the unbroken windows, the modern cars, the comfortable buses, the well-kept lawns, the giant malls, the beautiful homes, the designer jeans, the unripped clothes, the sense of safety and the absolute colorfulness of absolutely everything everywhere in here compared with the grey dullness of the dreary post-Soviet landscape they’ve grown up in, everything in here reminded him of the simple fact that while he had spent 19 years of his life surviving, millions of people have been living in a way that he and his family simply had no chance of ever knowing for themselves.

Unless, of course, this thing that his sister was talking about was serious…

His gaze still focused on some unspecified, dimensionless spot on the featureless wall behind his sister, whose own attention seemed to be similarly captured by some randomly selected spot behind him. Slowly, he moved his eyes to look at her.

He had once read, on a website whose name he couldn’t for the life of him remember, an article written by someone who had probably never set foot in Bulgaria in his entire life, talking about how the average Bulgarian phenotype supposedly consists of pale skin and straight, jet black hair with dark eyes, most likely because, though still European, they were in the “darker” part of the continent.

Normally, he would’ve happily laughed in the anonymous author’s face before smugly showing him the photographs of his friends and classmates, but now, all he could think of was that, when it came to his sister and, of course since they were twins, him himself, this amateur anthropologist was completely spot on. With those features even further porno izle amplified by her young age, his sister was blessed with a damn-near flawless, smooth, ivory skin with nary a blemish to be found on it, beautifully contrasting with a mane of shiny, silky, thick, jet black hair and two alluring, obsidian globes that she was happy enough to be able to call her eyes.

Though he was in mostly the same boar as her, he had, at least in his opinion, a bit too much body hair for his skin to be described with too many praising adjectives, while hair-wise he was pretty much in the same boat as her. It wasn’t bad to still have a full head of hair while some of his friends were already starting to go bald, but his biggest strength was undoubtedly his physique.

Just as his sister had a very feminine, slender, and thin figure, so was he blessed with one that was naturally ruggedly muscular.

He even caught more glimpses from random weirdos on the street, both male and even some female, directed at the two of them where those people’s expressions alone made it completely clear that they wondered whether the two siblings were willing to sell those well-built bodies of theirs for their sexual pleasure, or whether they were already doing so. This was perhaps inevitable given how many of their fellow Bulgarians came to this country, and the rest of the west, to be prostitutes, with almost all of the remaining sex workers to be found here being Romanians and other Eastern Europeans, who were all pretty much the same and interchangeable to the native Westerners, no matter how different they actually were.

Still, it pissed him off more than a bit, more than a few times.

If only he knew…

“So, what’s it, Sis?” he inquired, prompting his sister’s dark gaze to meet his, almost in shock. “Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, or the good old TOTO?”

“It’s Monique,” his sister flatly replied with the name of a student at the university they were currently temporarily studying at, who had quickly bonded with Yordanka thanks to, as is so often the case with young women, their very similar styles, looks, and of course, interests. “You know how loaded she and her family are, though, pretty much everyone in here is.”

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that,” Boris said, sarcastically.

“She’ll give us all of that money, if…” the brunette continued as she started nervously fidgeting with her hair and suddenly dropped down her gaze. “If, she’ll see something. If we do something.”

“And what is this…” he started asking, before being quickly cut off.

“Bro,” Yordanka spoke, after lifting her head back up to once again look straight into his eyes, which were so similar to hers. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Hah! What kind of a fucking question is that?” her brother replied, amused and maybe even a bit shocked and angered by her inquiry. “I think you’re beautiful, you’re my only sister, the only one I have.”

She blushed, though something was unnerving to the expression on her face.

“No, I mean,” she continued before taking a couple of steps to where he was sitting. “Boris, have you ever wanted to fuck me? I know a couple guys who admitted…”

“What?” he gasped, repaying her cutting off of him from before in kind. “Are you kidding me…” he growled, as his mind placed all of the pieces together, the shocking reality of their situation taking his breath away.

“Bro, I mean,” she said, before suddenly freezing as she struggled to form a coherent reply to his words.

He wanted to swear, but he suddenly found himself barely able to speak as he digested what his sister had all but openly said. “Don’t tell me she also sees us just as whores.”

She took a few steps back away from him, returning to almost the exact same spot she had stood on previously.

“I mean,” the dark-eyed brunette spoke, “this could help us. Not just help us, this could change our lives, you know we’d never earn as much.”

“Tell me this is a joke,” he almost demanded.

“Non non non, Boris,” a third, highly familiar voice entered their discussion, with his sister quickly pushing her hand into her pocket to pull out this voice’s source. He just sighed to himself when she pulled out her iPhone with their brunette acquaintance’s face staring out of it in real-time, the video call having gone on most likely for whole minutes before this sibling conversation had even begun to start. “Trés bien. We’re all here, so, I hope we can begin.”

This time, it was the male brunette who had finally gotten off of the couch he was lounging on and took a couple of steps towards his sibling. All the while, he kept his gaze on her friend on the screen of her phone, and it even seemed that she moved herself a bit to the background as he came closer to the screen.

“What is the meaning of this,” he asked, his face just a few inches from the clear screen. Though, the tone of his voice was, surprisingly, much calmer than just moments before.

“A simple, classique deal,” Monique replied, altyazılı porno before reaching for something sizeable down somewhere between her feet. “I want to see some simple, sibling intimacy, and you want some of my money,” she added almost boastingly, before lifting and showing him the largest stack of money the muscular man had ever seen. “I have money to change your lives from the bloc de l’est, unfortunate beginning you were dealt, and you have cute bodies I want to see en action.”

Boris probably wanted to say something, but not a peep left his lips. What she wanted them to do was insane, but so was the amount of money she was offering. As his shocked gaze moved from the stack she was holding to her eyes, and then to the other pair of feminine dark eyes in here, they all quickly understood what was on each other’s minds.

Could they have even refused? Yordanka has already made up her mind, but Boris could have at least held his ground for at least a bit longer.

Maybe. Maybe if he was here for even a day less. Maybe if he had seen even one person less dressed in clothes which seemed to be more expensive than his family’s home. Maybe if today he had seen one less car belonging to a brand he had never even heard of before. Maybe if he had spent even an hour less in this modern, expensive apartment.

But now, he was tired of being poor.

“Deal?” the non-related brunette asked.

“Deal,” Boris replied with a much more genuine smile than he had hoped for.

“Yay! Génial! C’est magnifique!” the Belgian celebrated. She couldn’t believe they’ve actually agreed to this.

They must be seriously desperate for money. Yordanka did mention to her earlier that the money their parents had sent them off with was gone two weeks after they came here. Now, they were just living off of a quickly growing debt. They, like many others before them had done and as many are sure to do in the future as well, simply underestimated how just how higher the prices were here compared to their home country.

Well, all the better for her…

“Yordanka, please put the phone on… Oh,” the wealthy girl instructed, right before realizing that the girl she was speaking to was already moving just as she wanted, and was just seconds away from putting the iPhone on a rack so that she could comfortably watch the entire show she had promised to pay so much for.

In moments, as if they’ve already done this sort of thing at least once, the two siblings stood shoulder-to-shoulder a couple of meters away from the camera their friend was watching them from, allowing her to see their entire bodies as they all waited for the action to start.

“So,” Yordanka, rather shyly, asked. “Should we start kissing or…”

“Honey, if you want to use your mouth to get this, I’d suggest a loving blowjob would be the best,” her friend of the last two months replied, before smugly showing the money to them once again. “A réel nasty, sloppy one, so loud that you’re afraid the whole street hears it.”

The younger sister just stared silently at the young woman, blinking a few times in slight disbelief. Her brother, meanwhile, somewhat managed to look straight into the iPhone’s camera even more silently while not blinking at all.

Then, slowly, they turned toward each other. Hesitating, it was almost a quarter of a minute before Yordanka finally moved down onto her knees in front of her brother. It was clear that neither of them wanted this, but if they didn’t want to end up begging for money at some random metro station, they didn’t have any other choice.

Right after she had done so, her brother, looking down at her, quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and underwear. With things progressing even faster than she had anticipated, Monique barely managed to process what was happening as Boris grabbed his rapidly hardening cock and held it in place for his sister to slowly take it in her mouth after placing her hands on his strong thighs.

“Oh, Sis, aahh,” he grunted as his sister started fellating him, wet sucking and slurping noises filling the air in the room and being the only answer he got from her.

“Don’t forget tes mains, don’t forget to also use your hands on him,” Monique instructed her friend. “We can make this a very hot show, you just have to give your all to it.”

She didn’t need to be explicitly reminded of that. It was very much one of the things she wanted to do to her brother, and much more.

Boris very quickly realized that his sister was much less innocent than she looked or he thought she was, though given how much pleasure his cock was experiencing right now thanks to this not-so-innocence of hers, he certainly wasn’t about to suddenly complain, at least right now.

At first, she gently suckled on it. Then, she suddenly deepthroated it, turning his quiet, ambient, happy humming into a burst of loud moans and gasps as his still-hardening cock was suddenly forced down her tight throat. Slowly, she released the erect sex hikaye organ from her tight oral grip, moving her head away from his crotch inch by inch at a snail’s pace while keeping eye contact with him.

“Ooooh, yes,” her brother moaned as he watched her, enjoying the heavenly feeling she was making his cock feel.

Instead of a spoken answer, she just lightly snickered to herself, the movements of her throat still being enough for his dick to feel and make him reply with a moan.

Having shown him how little she needed to do to please him and how much she could do so if she wanted to, she went to simply suck him. No more teasing, just her mouth taking in half of his prick in regular intervals while she sucked the tasty organ with all of her might. Obeying Monique’s instruction, she started working on him with her hands a bit sooner than she would’ve preferred.

No biggie.

With her right hand tightly wrapped around the base of his shaft, squeezing it like she never wanted to give it away and her left way playing, much less powerfully but not the least bit less lovingly, with his balls, she moved her focus from sucking on tongue work, just as she had trained herself to do. Her brother moaned, groaned, grunted, and begged for more.

She gave it to him.

Her tongue swirled and circled his cockhead, teasing all the right spots and pleasuring everything it touched. Any part of his cock that wasn’t pleased by her wet tongue despite being engulfed by her mouth, was taken care of by the sucking. The rest? Jerked off by her soft, yet strong hand.

Most of all though, of course, she bet on the sucking.

She was actually never with a boy before this. What Boris was now enjoying was simply the result of her training for almost a month with two rather large dildos and reading various manuals on how to sexually please men. All of which she had been focusing on much more intensely since last week when she and her friend first started talking about this.

She still wasn’t sure how men worked, but she was sure of one thing. In fellatio, sucking was the foundation upon which everything stood. Tongue, hands, and even teeth could help out, but there was a reason why it was called a blowjob or cocksucking. Sucking, sucking, and even more sucking was what she was supposed to do, and so, it was exactly what she was now doing to her brother.

“Yordanka, génial!” Monique commented at the sight. “Keep going ma fille, this is perfect, the best show I’ve ever seen!”

“Mmmm, humummm,” was her friend’s reply, the best she could get out given the hard meat filling her mouth before the young man jerked his body in reaction.

“Oh fuck, Sis, yeah, suck me, suck my cock dry,” Boris breathed out in pure pleasure, obviously enjoying everything her mouth was doing to his wet, saliva-covered cock, from sucking him to teasing him with her attempts to speak with his tasty sausage in the way.

And then, his body did something else.

Though she had never played with a real cock before and there undoubtedly were things and moves whose meaning she was missing thanks to her still-amateur understanding of male anatomy, there was no mistaking what a few very satisfied moans followed by weird jerking of his cock meant. Quickly, she took the rock-hard organ out of her mouth and continued jerking it off.

“Bro?” she asked, with more than a hint of fear in her voice, as she slowly beat him off. “When was the last time you’ve climaxed? You don’t have a girlfriend now…”

“I… haven’t jerked off for a week,” he mumbled out, after what was undoubtedly a just barely avoided orgasm thanks to his strong willpower and her almost not even touching him by now. “Too much stress for that.”

“Oh shi…” she reacted, before tightening her grip on his member for another and the last time today, taking the organ back into her mouth as she did so.

If what he just said was true, then his balls must’ve been completely overflowing and ready to burst before they even started doing this. No wonder he so quickly agreed to this, and that he already had to fight off his orgasm.

Very well. There was no reason to torture him any further, then.

“Cum for me, cum for me baby,” she mumbled, almost moaned out before immediately resuming the sucking.

As if he needed any encouragement. Even had he wanted to, he was at the end of his strengths, and wouldn’t be able to hold his climax off anymore at all.

“Ah, Yordanka, aaahh,” he grunted and groaned as she sucked and jerked him off, before grabbing onto her head and starting to fuck her mouth, feeling the inevitable coming.

“Uh, mmh, mmum, hmum!” the brunette replied as spurt, after spurt, after spurt of her hot, hunky brother’s seed filled her hungry, wet mouth. Load after load of thick, salty sperm flooded her oral cavity while she continued jerking and sucking the pulsating, exploding cock, spilling and leaking over her lips and down her chin even though she eagerly gulped it down as fast as she could.

“Uh, fuck,” Boris breathed out as his sister fully vacuumed his cock, cleaning it of all stray droplets of cum before pulling her tightly-closed, still-sucking mouth off of it with a loud, “Pop!”

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