Money Talks Ch. 02

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The green sign said: “Welcome to Atlanta.”

It was easy to find the closest Wal-Mart, especially with my GPS. My little motor home had everything I needed! It had a small kitchen living room, shower/bath, and bedroom. Sure it was tiny but it’s all I needed for a home on wheels.

I went into the store and bought a lot of office supplies and a printer for my laptop. It was busy and I spent some time observing the women shopping.

There were quite a few good looking ladies pushing carts up and down the aisles. I packed my stuff into a shopping cart and wheeled it out to my motor home.

It wasn’t the only one there and an old man said hi to me, as I carried my purchases into the RV.

“I’m surprised they let us park here.” I told him.

“You can stay all night at any Wal-Mart store,” He replied, “Beats paying a campground!”

I thanked him for the information, and put my stuff away. I flipped up the lid on my laptop on the little coffee table in front of the tiny sofa. I stared at the blank screen for a while getting my thoughts together and began to type my own little survey.

I spent two hours typing up questions. When I’d finished to my satisfaction I titled the survey, “Money Talks.”

It was thirty questions that started out with some background questions about status. Married, single, age, and just asked for a first name so it could remain anonymous. Then I put a little paragraph explain the purpose and how it would be used for a college paper on human sexuality.

I could have called it, “Money vs. Morality” but I didn’t. Even though that’s what it really boiled down to when you looked at it. I started the questions with little stupid things that would make you look like a fool if you did them. But I always ended up with some check boxes to fill in.

By the time you got half way through…the questions got racy. The first one started with, “Would you flash your bare boobs at a sporting event or concert?” The check boxes were labeled with, “Never, Yes, and no” the last box said “I would if someone paid me “X” amount of cash with a line to fill in the amount.

The very last question was a two part one.

“Have you ever cheated on your spouse or significant other?” with only a yes or no box to check.

The second part stated: “If there was no possibility your spouse or significant other would find out what you did, would you accept money in return for sex?” followed up with checkboxes. “Yes, No, Maybe, and How much are we talking about?”

I was pretty happy with the results and wondered if I actually had the guts to try it out.

I decided at that point I didn’t… and wanted to tweak some of the questions before I worked up the courage to actually try it out. I packed up my stuff and stopped at a local branch bank of mine and withdrew twenty thousand in brand new $100 dollar bills. Then I stopped at a local hardware store and got a small safe to keep it in.

Once I’d stocked up with groceries and beer I headed for Atlanta. I don’t know why but it seemed like a good spot on the way to Florida and warm sunny beaches.

A few days later I found a nice looking Wal-Mart to park my RV at. It was nice and warm outside and I was glad I’d headed south! The front of the store had trees, grass, and a few gliders to sit on. Some folks were sitting and eating their lunches when I looked out the window and checked out the place.

It was late afternoon when I finished my supper and drank three beers to get my courage up for my plan. I put on some nice looking shorts and a golf shirt. I got a clip board from my supplies and a few pencils and sucked up my courage.

The cash in my safe was divided up into envelopes. Each envelope contained twenty five fresh hundred dollar bills so I grabbed three of them not knowing how much money it would take to talk some woman into having sex with me.

I honestly didn’t know if anybody would take my offer. It all seemed totally crazy as I finished cleaning up my motor home for a potential visitor. I’d never done anything that crazy before but I went through with it anyway hoping someone wouldn’t freak out and yell for the police!

I had a little notebook thing that held my papers and I tucked the three envelopes inside of it. I’d left them unsealed so you could look in and see all those bills. I was pretty sure someone would take me up on the offer if I didn’t get arrested first. I was going to have to be careful how I broached the subject.

I walked over to one of the little benches and swung back and forth watching the people come and go out of the store. I had a few hundred dollars in my front pocket to entice someone to take the survey. I figured if I saw the right woman some cash might make them stop long enough to fill my little survey out.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for. I didn’t want a young girl because more often than not they’d jump in bed with a guy just for kicks. I wanted a better test than that, a good looking married woman sounded like more of challenge to me. marmaris escort One who wouldn’t dream of doing what I had in mind.

Once I got the first couple of women to take my little survey it got easier to talk to them. I warned them first it was adult themed and it was for my college course on human sexuality. I only had one woman read a few questions and stomp off in a huff.

I almost ran for it, but the cops never showed up. I guess since she kept the hundred bucks she gave me a break in case she had to give it back.

The sun was low in the sky and I was about to give it up. I’d spent $500 dollars and really no gained anything for it but some surveys filled out that didn’t do me any good. That’s when I noticed a woman down the sidewalk headed my way. The closer she got the more interested I became.

I thought she looked sort of like a soccer mom with her short cut black hair. She had on sneakers, and an outfit that looked like one of those you see women play tennis in. The skirt was fairly short and pleated in a dark blue color.

I could see her white button down top was sleeveless and I could see the shadow of a black bra through it as she got closer.

I guessed she might have been around thirty years old, plus or minus a couple of years. I could see she liked gold jewelry as she approached carrying a small hand bag. A big diamond ring said she was married, and she had on a gold necklace and diamond ear studs.

Athletic looking body with fairly large boobs I noticed as she was almost even with me. She glanced at me sitting there and smiled as she walked past.

“Excuse me Miss,” I said.

She stopped and turned to me, “Yes?”

“Would you mind filling out a survey for me?”

“I’m sorry I really am in sort of a hurry.”

“It won’t take long and pays a hundred dollars for your trouble.”

I held out the clip-board so she could see it. I had a pencil clipped on top of the hundred dollar bill.

She hesitated for a second and then replied, “I guess I can find a few minutes.”

She took the clip board and sat down on the glider way at the other end from me.

“I have to warn you it has an adult theme.” I said as she unclipped the money and started reading it.

The woman had nice looking bare legs and she was very pretty as she turned and laughed after reading the introduction.

“I thought this would be some sort of shopping questionnaire…I see now it’s much more than that!”

“So will you fill it out?” I asked, “It’s for school.”


I watched her face as she read the questions and marked down answers fairly quickly. When she got to the last page she laughed a couple of times, “This is crazy!” she said, shook her head and marked down answers anyway.

“I appreciate you taking the time?” I told her.

“Is this what they teach you in college now?” She laughed and scribbled her answer.

I didn’t have a reply for that and wondered if she would be the one to take my money. She looked cute enough and I tried to imagine what she would look like with the end of my cock in her mouth. She had nice big soft lips and perfect white teeth when she smiled.

“There all done!” She said and handed me the clip board.

“Could you wait for a minute more while I look this over?” I asked going to the scanning the papers, “I might have a question.”

“Okay, but I really need to get going.” She told me and put the bill in her little purse.

Her name was Cindi and she was 29. Married for five years, no kids and worked in an office building. I turned to the last page and read her answer to the question about cheating. She had marked the box “No” and the interesting thing was she’d marked down to whether she would ever consider it as, “Maybe and how much are we talking about with a big LOL.”

She waited patiently and I hurried trying to decide what she would do if I asked her the big question.

“Hey this looks great!” I told her, “I noticed you marked “How much are we talking about.”

Cindi laughed, “That was a funny one!”

“What would you do if it was for real?” I asked laughing a little bit.

“How so?” She replied.

“Let’s say some guy came up to you inside the store and offered you five hundred dollars for a blow-job. Would you take it or call the cops?”

She laughed out loud, “I doubt that’s going to happen at Wal-Mart!”

“You never know, you are pretty sexy looking. So, hypothetically what would you do if that happened?”

She looked at me with a big smile, “Seriously?”

“Yeah, I want to put all these answers in my paper…anonymous of course.”

She showed me her ring, “Well first off I’m married, if I was single and needed the money I guess I might think about it…but probably not…it would take more than five hundred for me to give some strange guy head.”

“What if he just gave you say…a hundred bucks to flash your boobs?”

Cindi laughed again, “Sure, I’ve done that at a Falcon’s game for free! But I’d had a few too many beers at the time.” She marmaris escort bayan remarked smiling about the old memory.

I acted like I was making notes with the pencil. But all the time I was thinking about getting her naked in my RV.

I looked up at her and she seemed to be waiting for my next question. I think she was starting to like the conversation but that might have been me just hoping.

“Okay, so let’s say that guy really wants a BJ badly and pulls out a thousand dollars cash. What would you do then?”

“Is he cute or some dirty old man?” She asked laughing again.

“Let’s say he’s average looking…nothing special but not ugly.”

“MMmmmm, maybe if I’d had a few drinks in me. I’d think about it…but…honestly… No… I doubt I’d risk my marriage over something that crazy! I’m not in college anymore, back then I probably would have taken the money.”

It was my turn to laugh, “Well at least your honest…I appreciate that!” I told her, and wrote down what she said.

“Well it was nice meeting you!” Cindi told me, “I have a tennis date with my girlfriends.”

“Just one more question,” I asked.


I reached in my folder and pulled out the white envelope. I handed it to her and she looked surprised but took it.

“What’s this?” She asked and opened it and saw all that cash.

“Twenty five hundred dollars,” I told her as she flipped the edges of it with her thumb, “It’s all yours if you come out to my RV out there,” I pointed at it, “And give me a quick blow job.

“You can’t be serious!” She said, and put the envelope down on the seat between us, “I don’t even know you!”

I wasn’t about to give up that easy, “Why not, its easy money…nobody will ever know.” I reached out and slid it back over to her side.

Cindi looked back down at the envelope, and then up at me, “That’s a lot of cash, but I’m married.”

“So what, “I’m leaving the state as soon as we get done. You won’t ever see or hear from me again and you can spend that cash however you want.”

“I’ll know…I think I better go now!”

Before she could get up I grabbed the loose bills from my pocket and put them on top of the envelope, “Here is five hundred more…that’s three grand for five or ten minutes of your time.”

I was realizing that married women were expensive…but I had plenty of money and wanted to see if I could get her to do me for it.

She didn’t get up and looked at the cash lying there, “You don’t have some disease do you?” She asked not looking up.

“Nope, just a horny college guy needing some relief. You remember how guys my age are horny all the time?”

She looked up at me, and laughed out loud. “Why me?”

“I think you’re hot!” I replied, “How about it then?”

“I have an appointment to play tennis.”

I was encouraged that she hadn’t just got up and ran for the cops, “Call them and say you’re going to be late.”

“You aren’t some kind of axe murderer are you?” She asked, and she was serious.

“I’m just on vacation with no girl of my own…let’s help each other out and I’ll be gone and nobody will ever find out.”

Cindi looked back at the money laying there and slowly picked it up, “I can’t believe this!” She said quietly, and tucked the money in her purse. She pulled out her cell phone as we headed out to my RV.

I heard her, “Nan…its Cindi…Look I had something come up and can’t make it. Yeah I’m sorry too, maybe next time.”

Something was coming up all right…my cock was already getting hard as I opened the door for her and she went up the steps.

I shut the door behind us and locked it. She was standing there in the little living room looking around and very nervous at the same time. I put my folder down on the little table. I undid my shorts and unzipped them, dropping them to the floor as she watched and came over.

I pulled my boxers down and my cock sprung out and grew to full size as I stepped out of my clothes and sat down on the sofa. I saw her eyes get big when she saw it, but she didn’t say anything as I spread my legs and jacked it up and down a couple of times.

Her warm hands went to my knees as she lowered herself down in front of me. She looked at my big hard cock as I stroked it a few more times.

“Can I at least see your boobs while you do it?” I asked.

Cindi didn’t say anything and unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. Then she undid the front of her sports bra and her nice big boobs popped out. I bet she had at least 36C’s and her nipples were nice and big as she got closer and reached for my shaft.

“Damn you have fantastic tits!” I told her, can I touch them as her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft.

Cindi straightened up and got closer and let me feel her tits. They were nice and warm and soft when I squeezed them gently. The nipples as big around as quarters and they grew hard and pointed when I rubbed my thumbs over them several times.

Then I leaned back and watched as she pulled the knob towards her big luscious escort marmaris lips. She looked around like somebody might be watching, satisfied she leaned forward and kissed my knob.

I have to give her credit, it wasn’t her first rodeo. Cindi started a little slow but quickly got into it. She sucked and licked my cock like a pro until my hips were moving and then she took my load as it shot out in big spurts to the back of her throat.

“Oh fuck yesssss!” I moaned as she jacked my spurting cock and sucked so hard her cheeks had big dimples in them. My cum raced out the end of my cock as she sucked it like a big straw.

I watched her swallowing with her eyes closed with her big lips sealed tightly around my shaft just behind my knob..

I’d never been with an older woman before and I have to admit she really knew how to suck a dick! She got up and wiped her wet chin with her hand.

“Fuck that was good!” I told her, and she gave me a little grin as she started to fasten the front of her bra.

I reached over for my folder and pulled out another envelope. Cindi looked at me suspiciously as I sat back with my cock barely limp at all, “I’ll give you another twenty five hundred to take all your clothes off,” I told her, “I really would love to fuck you right now.”

When I held the envelope out she just stared at it for a few seconds. She slowly took it from me and looked inside and then back at my cock that was almost hard again.

Suddenly she pulled her blouse off and tossed it away. Next came the bra, and then she unhooked the side of her skirt and unzipped it, “I’m already going to hell anyway.” She told me and the skirt fell to the floor, “I might as well have some fun!”

I stood up as she kicked off her sneakers and stood there in her panties and white socks as I took my shirt off. I took her hand and led her back to the bed.

I turned her to face me and she held my cock to the side as I kissed her lips. She was a bit cold at first but then she started to heat up. Kissing and tonguing me while she played with my cock.

I pushed her back on the bed and took one foot and pulled the sock of her right foot. I kissed the bottom of it and she raised the other leg for me. I noticed a round wet spot in the crotch of her yellow panties as I pulled the other sock off and pushed her legs wide apart.

I think she thought I was going to fuck her right then but I wanted to enjoy it and slowly kissed up the inside of her leg headed for her pussy. By the time I did the other leg the wet spot in her panties had doubled in size as she let out a few soft moans.

I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, and licked her swollen wet pussy lips and she let out more moans.

I kept licking her slit slowly and there was no hair on her pussy lips at all. I grabbed the sides of her waist band and pulled them down her legs and off her feet before spreading her legs so I could eat her some more.

Cindi was soaking wet as I slid two fingers up her hot vagina and started to finger fuck her while I teased her clit with my tongue.

“OOOHhh OOooo OH OH AHhhhhhh ooooooOOO!” She started moaning as my fingers slid in and out of her.

Her vagina was hot and snug around my fingers and I was getting excited about sticking my cock in it. But I wanted her to be good and turned on before I did. I kept licking her nice pussy and finger fucking her slow until I made her cum.

Cindi came hard, bucking and pulling my hair hard with both hands. Juice was all over my fingers and mouth. Cindi was groaning and moaning so loud I was afraid someone outside might hear us.

I pulled my fingers out and licked her delicious pussy juice from them as I crawled up on the bed and lay down next to her. My cock was rock hard and ready for her.

“Get over here, and sit on my dick.” I told her.

Cindi rolled over and straddled my hips. She leaned forward on her knees and reached underneath of her tummy for my cock and guided it to her hot wet hole.

Once I was inside she slowly sat up and took my dick all the way up inside of her. Fuck it felt good as she let out a moan, “Damn you are big!”

She sat all the way down until my balls were mashed between her ass cheeks. All eight inches straight up inside of her as she rocked back and forth slowly moaning. I could feel her tight vagina rubbing slowly back and forth on the rim of my knob.

I reached up and grabbed both of her nice big tits and told her to fuck me.

She started to hump up and down on my cock and I watched my pole as her pussy slid up and down on it slow at first and then she got faster and faster until she yelled and came.

My balls were soaking wet with her juice as her pussy pulsed and gripped my dick in little rapid fire jerks.

“Oh my GOD…!” Cindi groaned as I pinched her nipples lightly and loved how her pussy milked my cock.

“Give me some more head baby.” I told her and she slowly got up and let my cock slip out and slap down on my belly.

She got down, picked it up and started sucking the wet end with abandon.

I let it go on until I couldn’t stand it anymore and told her to lie down. She did it and had her legs wide open for me to crawl between them and put my dick back in her.

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