Monday Story

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Authors note- This is my first story, so please bear with any grammar errors, or other things. All characters in this story are age 18 or older.


Hi, my name is Rob, and this is the story of how my relationship with my wife started.

I woke up one morning to a text from some random number I didn’t know. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was from my high school crush, Stacy. From what I remember, Stacy was a social butterfly, getting along with just about everyone, including me somehow. I was a nerd through and through, glasses, Star Wars shirts, and a huge collection of video games.

Why she ever hung out with me I’ll never understand, but it was always the highlight of my day. She always seemed genuinely interested in my hobbies, and interests, like she wanted to try and understand who I was. Unfortunately, being the shy recluse I was, we didn’t talk much. I always did kick myself for never telling her about my feelings, but I realized later in life that it was just a crush, so I got over it.

She texted me asking if I wanted to meet up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go at first, but thinking of all the times we talked in school made me want to experience it again, so I said yes. We sorted out the scheduling, and that Saturday we met at a local burger place for lunch. I had been going to lunch on Saturdays for years, so it just made sense.

I got there early to save us a seat before the lunch rush. I didn’t have to wait long, as she came in a few minutes later, and saw me waiting. She had looked good in high school, but she looked even better now. She was about 5’5″ with a slim build. Her loose blonde hair went to her shoulder blades, and her face with her blue eyes reminded me of an angel.

She sat down and we exchanged pleasantries. We got so distracted talking that it felt like our food arrived immediately. We talked about the old days, what we’d done since graduation, what we were doing now, and all sorts of things. She told me she’d gotten into Dungeons and Dragons recently, which surprised me. I’d never bahis siteleri heard her say she had any interest in it, but apparently a friend in college got her hooked. We then told each other our adventuring stories, I had quite a few as I’d been playing since 7th grade. After we finished eating we talked some more, exchanged numbers, then went on our way.

The Saturday lunch soon became our weekly tradition. We would alternate who got to pick the location, and she introduced me to some foods I really enjoyed. She invited me to join her DND group, which was good, as mine had gotten split up due to drama between multiple players. Our sessions were fun, often having many improvised, dumb moments, only some of which actually managed to pay off. Eventually I came to regard everyone there as a friend, but I felt something else I thought I left behind.

The more time I spent with Stacy, the more I realized that the crush had never truly gone away. I would often get lost in her eyes, or find the English language to suddenly become difficult to speak. I tried to keep her from noticing, but I also knew she wasn’t a fool. She would often poke fun at it, not in mean way, but in a friendly way, one that made me feel glad that I had accepted her invitation in the first place.

Things changed when Christmas time came. She had invited everyone from our group to a special session where she would dm. We were all excited to play, and when the day came, we all had a blast. I was about leave after having helped her clean up, but my car wouldn’t start. I had a 70s corolla, one that still had a carburetor, and the blades had frozen shut in the cold, humid air.

She invited me to spend the night there, seeing as it was 10 at night on Friday. I agreed, seeing as I had nothing with me to fix the carbs. She showed me to the guest bedroom in her two bedroom house, and I made myself comfortable. We chatted for a while, first about our session, but the conversation eventually turned to relationships. She told me she hadn’t been in one for a while, which surprised me. canlı bahis siteleri She asked if I had anyone special, and I tried to not answer, but eventually I told her I had never been on a date.

The way she looked at me after that, I could tell that she felt bad for asking, but I quickly let her know that my lack of dating was mostly due to not finding anyone that interested me. She thought about this for few seconds, then asked if I would date her. At first I didn’t know how to respond, but I told her the truth. Another pause, then she leaned in and kissed me.

At first I was too shocked to do anything, but then I started kissing her back. The kisses started getting more passionate, our tongues dueling like our characters had earlier. Eventually she pulled away, her eyes had a look I had never seen before. She got up and started to take her shirt off, but I stopped her. I told her I wasn’t going to do this if she wasn’t one hundred percent sure about it, she was. Then I let her know that we would be crossing a line we could never come back from, she said she knew that.

I then had to admit to her that I was still a virgin at 24 years old. She figured when I had told her I had never dated. With no excuses left, she started taking off her clothes again. She discarded everything but her panties, she said that she was saving that for another day, which got me excited at all the future prospects. She was more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Her figure without her clothes on was flawless, slim waist, smaller c cups with only enough sag to prove they were natural, an ass that looked just big enough to be fun to squeeze, and a flat stomach. She had me stand up, then she got on her knees. She undid my belt buckle, then my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles, which let my half-hard cock loose.

My dick may not be the biggest in the world, only reaching five and a half inches long full mast, but the look when she saw it told me she didn’t care. She leaned forward, breathed in my musk, then licked from the base canlı bahis to the head. I shuddered from how good it felt. She looked up into my eyes with a smirk, then she took the head in her mouth.

I thought I was going to finish right there, but she just sat still, letting me calm down a bit. Once she knew I was ready, she started slowly bobbing up and down, just on the head, while also swirling her tongue around it. The feeling of her mouth was so amazing, I’m surprised I didn’t blow my load right there.

Then she started taking me deeper, making sure to make good use of her tongue. It wasn’t long before her nose was buried in my crotch. Her throat had offered little resistance, which made me feel better knowing it wasn’t hurting her. She lingered there for a few seconds, then pulled off of me for air. Her chest heaved with her breaths, making her breasts even more appealing.

Once she caught her breath, she went all out. She went as fast and as deep as she could. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return. I told her this, and she started to fondle my balls. This was enough to push me over the edge. I came in her mouth, staring into those brilliant blue eyes. There was a wet pop as my dick fell out of her mouth.

I was unsure what to do, but she showed me by laying in the bed and patting the spot next to her. I took off my shirt, pulled my boxers back up, and laid beside her. We kissed a bit more, and we fell asleep looking into each others eyes. I woke up to the smell of something delicious. When I looked she was gone, so I got up to use the restroom, then I headed to the kitchen.

She was standing over a pot, making some eggs while some bread toasted. She was still in just her panties, which I found sexy. She said good morning, then gave me a kiss. I asked her if what we did was a mistake. She told me she had gone to sleep happier than she had in years, and I knew it wasn’t. I kissed her back, we ate breakfast, and then we just hung out at her place.

We didn’t even bother to go out for lunch that day.


Thanks for reading. I know there wasn’t a lot there, but I wanted my first submission to be simple. There may be more stories in the future. Also, feel free to make suggestions on how I can improve my stories in the future.

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