Mistress Katie Supervises Ch. 03

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Michael was mowing the lawn when she called. Slowly he had been crossing the small lawn, pushing the mower at comfortable pace chosen to avoid sweating too much in the warm summer afternoon heat. The quiet mower whirred, clipping the few grass blades that had grown tall enough to reach its rotating blades. Luckily, the mower did not prevent him from hearing the cell phone in his pocket when it rang.

“Hello slut,” he heard Mistress Katie’s voice in his ear, “are you behaving yourself?”

“Hello Mistress Katie,” he spoke softly, glancing towards the fences around the yard to see if he had been overheard, “yes ma’am, I have been behaving?”

“Good boy, not too uncomfortable after only two days in your cage are you?”

“No Mistress,” Michael whispered, ” I am comfortable.”

“Wonderful, clean yourself up, prepare yourself like last time, and I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Yes ma’am,” he responded eagerly, his imagination causing his cock to throb slightly in its confinement.

Michael was tending house alone while his wife Domina was away for seven weeks of summer classes. She had arranged for Mistress Katie to visit occasionally and to ensure Michael was behaving himself, which really meant to ensure his continuing arousal and frustration with teasing and chastity play. Two days earlier, Mistress Katie had visited, and after a thorough teasing session during which she enjoyed two very nice orgasms while Michael throbbed in his cage, she had left him locked in his chastity device.

Normally, his Mistress wife would trust him to keep the key to his chastity cage, trusting him to remove it when physical activities or hygiene dictated it to be a sensible course of action. But not this time, Mistress Katie had removed the lock, replacing it with a numbered plastic tag that he couldn’t remove without destroying the tag, or the trust placed in him to wait for release.

The psychological difference that small plastic tag made was palpable. It tormented Michael with a devilish balance between being trusted with a key to his chastity cage, and being locked up with the key under Mistress Katie’s control. The tag might be easily removable, but he would only do that in an emergency. Until Mistress Katie returned to remove it, he would submit to Domina’s will and behave himself for Mistress Katie. Not knowing how long he’d have to wait was all part of the tease, slowly building anticipation could be so delicious when the potential rewards could be so intense.

Locking the mower in the garden shed, Michael went into the house to shower. He stood under the warm water, feeling it flow over his muscles as his mind raced over the many possibilities which a visit from Mistress Katie might bring. His cock, secure in the cage, throbbed as the water ran through the holes in the plastic to wash his cock within its confinement.

Michael recalled Mistress Katie’s instructions from her last visit. He had been ordered to be naked, with wrist and ankle manacles in place, blindfolded, and, with his cock already caged, laying on Domina’s king-size bed. He lay on the bed, listening, as Mistress Katie had let herself in with the key Domina had given her. She had only to clip the straps on the four corners of the bed to his manacles to secure him for teasing. And then she had played with her bound slut, teasing him and his caged cock as she rode his tongue to two delightful orgasms for herself. Finally, before she released him from his bondage, Mistress Katie had removed the lock from his cage and replaced it with that devilish little plastic tag.

Michael’s cock throbbed in its cage as he thought of Mistress Katie’s teasing. He wondered if he was going to be released during this visit, or if it would lead to a further period of chastity. Either way, he found the anticipation arousing in itself, and he would submit to Mistress Katie’s desires.

Michael’s ears perked up when he heard the front door close. Mistress Katie’s heels clicked on the wood floor as she came down the hall into the master bedroom. He remained still and silent as she wordlessly secured him to the bed with the four straps, snapping each one onto his wrist and ankle manacles and ensuring they were tight enough to satisfy her preferences. Once that was done he felt her lower herself onto the bed beside him.

“Hello slut,” she whispered, “did you miss me?”

“Yes Mistress,” Michael replied.

“I bet you thought about me playing with your cock, didn’t you?”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied hoarsely, “I did.”

“Have you been good enough to deserve cumming today?”

“I have tried to behave Mistress, but it is your decision if I have been good enough.”

“Mmmmm, that’s right,” Mistress Katie chuckled, “and I haven’t quite decided yet. Perhaps we’ll see how much fun I can have with you first.”

Michael moaned softly as he felt Mistress Katie’s fingertips slowly explore his chest. As her fingertips circled his nipples, his chest rose to meet her touch. She smiled, unseen by ankara türbanlı escort him, as she teased and pinched each nipple, her pussy moistening at his submissive reaction to her alternating gentle and stern touches.

Without warning Mistress Katie stopped and rolled away from her bound slut. Easing herself off the bed she slipped her heels off so that Michael could not track her movements around the room by their clicking heels. Working quickly, she opened her bag and brought out the things she needed for her plan. Some items she placed between Michael spread legs; others went on a chair at the foot of the bed. Michael’s only clue that something was going on was hearing water being run in the en-suite bathroom until, as a final preparatory step, Mistress Katie slipped off his blindfold.

Michael looked up at his dominant Mistress. She stood beside the bed, dressed in a set of pale blue nurse’s scrubs. In one hand she held the blindfold she had just removed from his eyes, and in the other a pair of bandage scissors.

“You’ll see,” she announced, “that I intend to cut the tag and remove your cage. I do expect you to behave and there will be no cumming without permission. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” Michael responded quickly.

“And you may be wondering,” she continued, “why I am dressed like this. It’s because we have some maintenance to do before we play. You just need to be quiet, lie still and let me work.”

With that she turned and moved to the foot of the large bed. Sitting between his legs she leaned forward and he listened as the heavy scissors snapped the heavy plastic strap on the locking tag. Michael moaned softly as he felt Mistress Katie dismantle and remove the chastity cage from his cock. She placed the pieces of the cage on the Mattress as she removed them.

Working quickly, Mistress Katie caught Michael’s eye as the cage itself slid off his cock. She held up a sturdy metal ring, only one inch across and then slid it over the head of his growing cock to rest in the groove just behind the head. Following two days of confinement; the release from the cage, her warm hands on his cock, and his growing arousal meant his cock was quickly straining to reach a full erection. Michael gasped as he felt the tight ring encircling the head of his straining cock. He moaned and his body quivered as he felt Mistress Katie’s fingernails stroke gently across the sensitive head.

“There we go,” she said, “that should be tight enough to keep you from dripping for now, and it won’t be on long enough for us to worry about circulation. But, we do need to take care of this stubble before we do anything else.”

Michael moaned as he felt a warm wet cloth wrap itself around his balls. The nurses’ scrubs Mistress Katie wore were her own, and she demonstrated a practised hand as she lathered and shaved his pubic area, his balls and down between his upper thighs. As she finished her task, Michael moaned again as she massaged a gentle cream into his newly smooth skin. He watched as a she leaned over to inspect his cock.

“See,” she said, “not a drop leaked out.”

Michael watched as she delicately kissed the tip of his cock with her bright red lips.

“Now,” she continued, “give me a minute while I clean up here.”

Michael tried to relax on the bed as Mistress Katie put away her shaving supplies. The cool air on his drying skin had its own erotic feel and his cock continued to strain against the tight ring behind its head. He turned his head when he heard Mistress Katie’s heels once again on the floor. The clicking sound as she moved about the room was a reminder of her dominant position, and his place under her control.

Mistress Katie returned to the bedside, her appearance now greatly changed. She wore a tight black leather corset with white striping down each of the lines where the corset’s internal boning lay, and a tidy row of white buttons ran down the centre front of the corset. Beneath the corset was a short grey skirt reaching to mid-thigh, and bare legs showed beneath the skirt’s hem.

As Michael watched, she reached down to unsnap the bondage strap from the manacle on his left wrist. Mistress Katie went around the bed releasing him she gave him is next instructions.

“I want you standing at the foot of the bed once you are free. Hands behind your back, and no talking.”

Michael moved as ordered as soon as the last snap came free. He stood at the bottom centre of the bed, about a foot from the edge of the mattress with his feet spread and his hands behind him as ordered. Mistress Katie moved to slide between him and the bed to sit on the edge of the mattress. The sensitive head of his hard cock brushed against her corset as she moved into her own position and he bit back an involuntary groan as she sat down directly in front of him. Michael looked down at her large soft breasts as they bulged deliciously over the top of her tight corset. He gasped as he felt Mistress Katie’s tuzla escort hands grasp his balls and gently tug them downwards.

“Now,” she said, “what are we going to do with you?”

“Well, first, I guess,” she continued, “we’ll have to take this ring off.”

Mistress Katie slid one hand down to grasp tightly around the base of Michael’s hard cock. With the other strong hand she gripped the tight metal ring and popped it off over the head of his cock. She chuckled as a sudden flood of pent up precum flowed out over her fingers. She then smiled as she reached up to slip the ring between Michael’s lips.

“Clean that up slut,” she directed.

Michael sucked his juices from the ring as he watched Mistress Katie consider her dripping fingers and then wipe them across the tops of her soft breasts. She then picked up an open condom wrapper from the bed beside her and unrolled the condom over Michael’s hard cock. Next she took a stretchy silicone cock ring and, stretching it to a sufficient width, slid it over his cock to the base of the condom. A second silicon ring went around his cock just behind the head replacing, but not as confining as, the metal ring. Lastly, she picked up a handful of elastic hair bands and, one by one, stretched them over his balls to constrain and stretch his scrotum until there was a layer of elastic an inch wide holding his balls away from is body. While each hair band might not provide much restrain, in sufficient numbers they created a presence that would not be easily ignored.

“There,” Mistress Katie pronounced, “that should contain those messy drips for now.”

“Kneel slut,” she directed, and Michael lowered himself to his knees between Mistress Katie’s thighs.

Feeling her warm thighs against his sides, he watched his Mistress and waited as her fingers again explored his hard nipples. Eventually she reached up and took the metal ring from his mouth.

“Good boy,” she said, “now you still have some messy drips to clean up.”

Instinctively, Michael looked at her breasts, his eyes following the wet streak she has spread across her bosom. Obediently, he let her guide his mouth to her soft skin and diligently licked up his precum, sucking gently at her skin to clean up every drop. Carefully, thoroughly, Michael licked up every drop of his smeared drippings. As he submitted to her desires he felt his cock throbbing in its latex confinement and he felt each drop of precum as his muscular contractions forced it past the tight rings.

“Very good slut, but you missed some.”

Michael searched her breasts for the missing droplets. Not finding any, his eyes rose to meet Mistress Katie’s, a questioning look on his face.

Smiling, she raised a finger up, indicating a readiness to point it out. His eyes followed that finger as it crossed to the centre of her breasts, slid down her cleavage to the top of the corset, and continued downward. Michael watched as she indicated a long wet line that ran down the inside of her right calf and ended at her instep.

“Finish your job,” she said.

Obediently, Michael lowered himself until he could start licking his juices from Mistress Katie’s leg. With her guidance as she directed him lower and lower, he ended up laying on the floor as he cleaned her right instep with his tongue.

“Much better,” Mistress Katie announced as he finished cleaning her foot of his drippings, “and since you have been so good with your tongue so far, we will continue with your oral training. But first, kneel on the bed.”

She moved to one side as Michael stood and moved forward to kneel on the edge of the bed. Mistress Katie instructed him to lean forward on hands and knees, and then gently spread his knees even wider. She caressed his hard cock through the confining condom and cock rings, smiling as she saw the dripping precum already starting to collect in the reservoir tip. She teased his balls, stroking her fingernails across the stretched smooth skin as Michael quivered under her touch.

He froze as he felt Mistress Katie’s hands slide over his ass. Her thumb slid down his crack and he moaned as she gently massaged his anus with the ball of her thumb.

“We wouldn’t want to be ignoring slut’s needs here, would we?” she asked.

“No Mistress,” Michael responded.

He remained in position as he listened to Mistress Katie moving around the room. The rustling sound, he guessed, was her looking through his toy bag for an appropriate toy. The snap of an opening squeeze bottle cap told him that she had made her choice.

The lube was cool and soothing as she massaged it into his ass, her finger gently opening him for the toy. Then, he felt the blunt head of the plug pushing against his sphincter. He moaned softly as it slipped inside, his submission and need relaxing the muscles enough for an easy insertion. Michael breathed deeply as he felt the larger head slip past the ring of muscle and then the shaft avrupa yakası ucuz escort of the plug held him open as its bottom flange came to rest against his skin.

“There,” Mistress Katie said cheerily, “everyone loves a nicely plugged slut, it helps to remind them to behave themselves when their asses are filled.”

Wiping her hands on a handy towel. Mistress Katie moved to climb on the bed in front of her kneeling slut. Having removed her skirt, she was naked from the waist down as she made herself comfortable while he watched. Michael licked his lips as she spread her legs and her smooth shaven pubes revealed the wetness of her pussy.

“God,” Mistress Katie, groaned, “I have been waiting for this. Now lick me slut.”

Obediently, Michael lowered his hungry tongue to his Mistress’ wet pussy. Delicately, he stroked the tip of his tongue along each of her pussy lips, following them from bottom to top. After reaching the top of his second slow stroke, the tip of his tongue softly circled his Mistress’ clit.

Mistress Katie groaned deeply. She grabbed her slut’s head with both hands. Her legs opened even wider and her hips raised as she pushed his mouth between her wet lips.

“I said lick my pussy slut!,” the urgency of her need overwhelming her personal control.

Michael thrust his tongue deeply between Mistress Katie’s pussy lips. He heard her hiss of pleasure as her juices coated his tongue and ran down his chin. Again and again he thrust with his tongue, fucking her hot pussy as deeply as he could as she held his face tight to her pussy. Moving upwards he wrapped his lips around his Mistress’ hard clit. Sucking and licking, he felt her whole body stiffen as her first orgasm washed over her body.

Michael steadied himself, licking faster, as Mistress Katie’s hands flew off his head and, outstretched, gripped the bedclothes tightly. He lapped at her pussy lips as she rode out her orgasm. Then, as Mistress Katie regained control he felt her hands on his head once more.

“Again,” she ordered, as she pressed his mouth tightly against her pussy again.

Michael diligently began licking his Mistress’ pussy again. With long slow strokes, his tongue spread her lips and he began lapping at her sweet juices. As his chin once more started dripping with his Mistress sweet juices, Michael slip upwards to gently suck on her had clit. Feeling and hearing her responses, he carefully offered her more of those actions that brought the strongest responses from her. An he knew his tongue was on target as her hands gripped the back of his head and she began riding her pussy against his mouth. Michael thrust his tongue between Mistress Katie’s lip as she came, her lips pressed hard against his, and her juices flowed into his mouth to coat his tongue with their flavour.

Mistress Katie groaned deeply as her second orgasm subsided. She pushed her slut’s mouth away from her sensitive pussy and struggled to slow her breathing. As she relaxed she drew Michael up to lay beside her. As he moved into the position she directed, she fed one erect nipple into his mouth.

“Suck gently,” she whispered.

Michael followed her gentle instruction as he felt her fingers wrap around his latex clad cock. Softly she gripped and stroked his erection, enough to maintain his arousal and frustration, but not sufficient to bring him any closer to his own desired orgasm.

Michael softly sucked his Mistress’ nipples, alternating between them as she pulled one from his lips only to replace it with the other. As she fed him her hard nipples, she continued to toy with his dripping cock, keeping it hard and occasionally stroking it between her fingertips to milk the precum from the shaft into the condom’s tip.

Mistress Katie took the tip of the condom between her fingertips. Smiling, she felt the slippery precum inside the tip as she worked it between her fingers, he mind imagining the ways she might feed these collected juices to her horny slut. But first, she thought, it was time to add to the drippings in the condom’s tip.

“Enough my little slut,” she announced, “I want you back on your knees.”

As Mistress Katie slid off the bed, Michael rolled onto his hands and knees. With knees spread and feet at the edge of the bed, he exposed himself to his Mistress’ view and touch. Mistress Katie walked slowly to the foot of the bed. She examined her slut as she decided her next move. Gently, she reached out to caress her slut’s exposed ass. As Michael moaned in response to her touch, one hand slid down to grip his exposed balls below the elastics holding them away from his body.

“Quiet slut,” she instructed, “or I’ll find something to gag you with.”

“Yes ma’am,” Michael whispered in response, determining to obey his Mistress.

“Good boy.”

Michael strained to remain quiet as Mistress Katie continued to massage his tight balls. Her other hand stroked his ass and her fingertips slid up and down the crack of his ass. Gently she pressed the plug deeper into his ass, alternating with gripping the edges of its base to twist it in the tightness of his bottom.

“It’s time for something more interesting here, I think,” Mistress Katie said.

Michael held his position as he felt Mistress Katie move off the bed. He listened to her rummage around in the toy bag

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