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Chapter 4

Milos and I had a great morning before heading to school and work, we got up in plenty of time to enjoy a very good soggy baby bum change, but having a shower as well after stripping and sucking each others diapers dry, and then got diapered and dressed for the day ahead. We had a nice breakfast together, and then when it was time to go, we headed out for the long walk to both. Almost as soon as I was to work and had everything opened up and ready to go, I decided to call Gabriel to ask him his opinion on things.

I told him all about Carl and how he”s living, and how much he hates it as well, and that even though we all want for him to come and live with us, that I have no idea how, or even if that could work. He told me that our best bet is to have Carl himself ask his dad to sign him over to someone else if he doesn”t love or want him, and that he can bring me the forms the next time he is down my way. Like I said, I don”t wanna do anything yet, that we wanna find Carl a baby boyfriend of his own before we really do too much, but he said he”d still bring the papers.

I hadta laugh, when not even half an hour after noon, Gabriel showed up with the papers that we would need, and grinning, he handed them to me, and told me to just call him once they”re filled out. He says he”s giving me four copies, so that I have spares. Crap.

When Milos and Carl arrived after school, clearly I say nothing of this, I don”t wanna get Carl”s hopes up just yet, and nor do I wanna offer it yet either.

“Hi Baby, hi Carl, how was your day at school?” I asked.

“Really good.” They both said.

“That”s good. Now, I know what you both wanna go and do, but we can”t, we can all easily wait “til closing time, okay.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured as much.” Milos said, and Carl nodded.

I can tell that both boys are good and soggy, though neither are going to be in danger of leaking any time soon, so, hopefully they last “til closing time. It”s busy in the store, so, as soon as that”s done, I head to help customers, and the boys work together to start cleaning everything, and they do so for only a little more than an hour, then head to the back to play some. Finally I closed up and headed to the back, to find the boys in the office, both already stripped down to their mega soggy baby diapers.

“Fuck, you boys sure are sexy and soggy.” I greet them.

“Thanks, now you strip down to just your sexy soggy baby diaper as well Daddy.”

And so, I do so, instantly, and it”s probably for the best that I wear just tee shirts, because in my hurry to undress, I may”ve ripped buttons off a button up shirt had I been wearing one. Both boys groaned as I expose myself in just my soggy baby diaper.

“So, Carl, did you cum this morning?”

“No, I jacked off before bed last night, just to release the pressure, and even though I really needed to jack off this morning, I didn”t, saving it for now, hoping that I could cum in my diaper, and watch one of you lick it all up.”

“The first load really does belong to you though.” Is what I said, but knowing that it might be a death match between Milos and me as to who gets his first true cummy pissy diaper.

“No, it belongs to you two, the two who”ve given me the most, way more even than my own father”s ever given to me.”


And so, we all release our soggy baby diapers, and then pass them to the left this time, and start sucking, watching, and stroking. And when we all came, Carl aimed into Milo”s soggy diaper, and fired off two tiny little jets of clear little boy cum.

“Fuck me, that was amazing.” Carl groaned.

“You go ahead Daddy, I know how much you want it.” Milos said, even though I can see his hand twitching to snatch back his diaper, now filled with his friends” first load of cum.

“Are you sure Baby?”

“No, but go ahead anyway.”

“Thanks Baby.” I say, and pass him Carl”s diaper, which is who”s I”d been sucking.

I admit, the taste was nothing like I”ve ever imagined before. I still remember the first time I ate my cum, and how phenomenal that was, but Carl”s was somehow even better than I remember mine being. I admit, that caused me to become extra hot, and though none of us had stopped stroking, I still came far sooner than I had thought I would, aiming it into the diaper I was happily sucking, and then we passed them on. Carl, unfortunately, could not truly cum again so soon, but did spill just the tiniest little bit into the diaper that he now passed to Milos, who happily took it and licked the tiny delicious offering up, and savoured it as much as I had.

“Fuck, wow, amazing.” Milos groaned.

“Mmmhmm.” Carl and I sighed.

And for one more orgasm, we all sucked and stroked, happily watching as we do so, until we cum again, and this time I getta enjoy my own cum, which has nothing on Carl”s first cum. Still good, of course, just not as good. Now that we are all well satisfied, we get ourselves all diapered and dressed, and then head home for the night.

The next couple weeks went by like that, Carl said he would jack off into his soggy diaper in the morning and suck it dry, while Milos and I did the same thing ourselves, then the boys would come to the store after school, they”d both clean for an hour or so, then go back and play, and then I”d join them and we”d all enjoy a very naughty soggy baby bum change. I honestly feel that I”ve cum more frequently since meeting Milos than I ever have in total before, but for some reason, this doesn”t upset me. It was of course arranged to have Carl come and spend the weekends again, but I decided to just come to work instead of calling someone in to work Saturday. I told the baby boys to stay home both Saturday”s, and to behave, which I doubt that they did or will, and I worked alone like I”m used to.

It was a very pleasant surprise when just after noon this Saturday, that the boys arrived with a bag each, and we sat at the end of the counter and had lunch together. They cleaned up our mess, and then headed back home. Just about an hour later, though, a very pretty little eight to ten year old boy walked in. He has soft looking skin and bright blonde hair that is just a little long and shaggy looking. He”s wearing clothes that were probably too small for him months ago, and are now even smaller and tighter, but the one thing they don”t hide in the least, is his amazing little baby bum and soggy diaper bulge in the front. It”s not uncommon for boys even his age to come to the store alone, in fact it”s rather shocking just how many kids come to my store alone, even at his age. He came right to the counter.

“Good afternoon Handsome, how may I help you today?” I asked.

“Could I have a job here please, I can clean and stuff.” He whispered.

“Oh, how come Handsome, you”re what, eight to ten years old, you shouldn”t needta be looking for work yet?”

“My daddy died a few months ago, and my mom”s not taking it well, and has hardly even looked at me since. She hasn”t bought me new clothes or anything in months.”

“Sorry to hear that Handsome. If she hasn”t bought you anything, how is it you still get diapers?” I whispered to him.

“Oh, you saw that?” He said, looking down and almost starting to cry.

“Yeah, kinda hard to miss, to tell the truth, but I also know exactly what to look for, so while most probably wouldn”t notice, unless they looked right at your crotch, I do. So, how do you get diapers?”

“Oh. I”ve got a medical problem, something”s wrong inside my head, so my daddies insurance pays for it all, and I just order what I need online for free and it gets shipped to me.”

“That”s good at least, and I hope that you make sure to get yourself good bahçelievler escort quality, extra thick and thirsty tape on baby diapers like I get myself.”

“You wear too?” He asked in awe.

“Sure do, all day, every day.”

“Wow, and yeah, I make sure to get the best I can get.”

“That”s good. Tell the truth, if you could start peeing in the potty right now, would you?”

“No. How about you?”

“Nope.” I grinned.

“Awesome. How come you wear?”

“I can hold my pee, if I try hard enough, except at night, but if I lose focus, I pee, so, diapers is the most logical choice for me, well, except catheters, but, I prefer diapers. My issue”s actually in my bladder itself, the nerves controlling it didn”t develop properly, and my adopted son”s the same as well. His friend”s issue”s in his head as well, only it doesn”t truly affect him during the day, yet he still wears all day as well.”

“Really, you know two boys as well that wear diapers, I”ve always wanted to meet others like me.”

“Sure do. So, where do you go to school?”

“Just at home. After getting bullied so much, my daddy pulled me from school in grade three and just taught me at home. He worked from home, so he was able to help me. My mom works away from home, I”m not even sure she knows I do home schooling or anything, I have no idea what she knows, because she almost never talks to me at all.”

“Ah. I see. Sow, how old are you then?”

“I turned ten the day my dad died.”

“Oh, Baby, I”m so sorry, that”s a horrible birthday present. How”d he die?”

“It”s okay, I was there with him, holding his hand, he got really sick, and was in the hospital for a couple months before he died. My mom wasn”t even there, and I hadta walk home from the hospital and everything. It wasn”t a really good time, and since then hasn”t really been any better. I wrote my mom a note a month ago, asking for some money to get some clothes, I found the letter crumpled up in the garbage, it was opened, so I know she read it, but still nothing. I should just steal it from her, but I just can”t. My daddy always told me that stealing is very bad, so I should never do it.”

“I”m glad you were there for him, so that he didn”t haveta go alone. My adopted son was there for his grandpa the day he went as well, so he went through the same things, except you”ve had it way worse since. As for stealing, true, that”s bad, but I don”t think I”d consider it stealing from your mom if she won”t give it to you freely and buy you the things she”s supposed to buy, so just this once, I”m gonna suggest you go against your daddies desires, and go ahead and take money from your mother if she won”t give it to you. It”s her responsibility to raise you, even if she clearly doesn”t wanna. As for working here, I”m sorry, I really can”t hire you, my son and his friend already do most of my cleaning.”

“Oh. I understand. I”m gonna haveta steal it from her then, these are the only clothes that even pull up any more, and they don”t hide my diapers at all.”

“Tell you what, you go get some money; if she”s home, get her purse, if she”s not, check her bedroom, then you come back here, but pack to stay the night with my son and his friend, and then, tomorrow morning, I”ll take you clothes shopping, okay.”

“You mean it?”


“Thanks.” He said, and then bolted from the store.

The beautiful young man was back not even an hour later, and as soon as he saw me, he grinned.

“So, how”d it go?” I asked.

“She wasn”t home, I knew she wouldn”t be, but she had lotsa money in her bedroom, I took it all. There”s more than a thousand dollars.”

“Good. She deserves it. So, why don”t you head to my office, there”s a building set already in progress on the desk that my son”s working on, feel free to continue, and then in a few hours, once it”s time to go home, we”ll head there, okay.”

“Wow, thanks.” He said, and followed me to my office.

As soon as we make it, I tell him that Milos and Carl often strip down to just their baby diapers, so he”s welcome to as well if he”d like. He just grinned.

I continued working, having a good day, and then closed up shop, and headed to the office. When I arrive, I find him much like I often find Milos, up on his knees, bent over his work, his sexy soggy baby diapered bum exposed to me in a way I so very much enjoy. I admit, I groaned.

“Hi.” He said happily.

“Hi as well. Having fun?”

“Oh yeah, this is great. Thanks so much. Since my daddy died, I don”t think I”ve had any fun at all.”

“That”s too bad Baby. So, since you”re gonna be coming to my house and all, we should probably introduce ourselves. I”m Vince, and you are?”

“It”s Sebastian, but my daddy always called me Basti, that”s what I liketa be called.” He said.

“It”s really good to meet you Basti.”

“It”s really good to meet you as well Vince.”

“So, it”s time to head to my house, so, let”s get you dressed.”

“Okay, but I should probably change my soggy diaper first, I”m getting pretty soggy, and I doubt that my pants will even do up at all now that it”s so full.”

“No, just wait. I have a belt here we can use, and I have a spare shirt that I brought for my sons friend so that if he”s here and leaks, he has clothes. His pants will just slide right off you, you”re definitely very skinny, but at least you don”t look malnourished or anything.” I said, and then grabbed one of Carl”s shirts and the belt, and handed them to Basti.


Basti quickly got dressed, and now with a larger shirt, you cannot tell what he is wearing.

“There you go Baby, now, let”s head to my house so that you can meet two other baby boys.”

“Okay.” He said happily.

I locked up the store, and then we started heading for the short walk home.

“So, outta curiosity Basti, how long have you known you were gay?”

“Oh, you know that?”

“Yep, but you think you know I am too, don”t you?”


“Same. So, how long?”

“Six or seven I guess. That”s just one of the things the kids bullied me for. You get caught asking to suck a boys peepee once, and boy does that ever spread fast.” He grinned to me.

“I bet.” I laughed. “And tell me, how often do you suck your diapers dry, and maybe even put them back on.”

“Um.” He blushed huge.

“Ooh, pretty near at least once a day I”m gonna guess from that reaction. Good. Same.” I said.


“Oh yeah, it”s just so naughty and nice, all at the same time. We don”t usually put our baby diapers back on, but I have as well.”

“Same, I prefer to suck it dry and put a fresh diaper on, if I put a wet one back on too often, I get really bad diaper rashes.”


“Wow, I thought I was alone.”

“Nope. There”s three more that you”ll now know.”

“That”s awesome.”


When we walked up to the house, Basti sighed and said, “This is where you live, wow, this house is huge, and beautiful.”

“Sure is. It actually belongs to my son, he inherited it, but it”s way bigger and nicer than my house was, so, we live here now.”

“Cool. Wonder if I was left anything. If I was, my mother sure hasn”t shared it with me.”

“Hard to say, but I”d bet yes.” I said, and then walked in.

“Hi Babies, come here, I have a surprise for you.” I called out as soon as we were inside.

They came running from wherever it was they were, and as soon bakırköy escort as they saw us, they skidded to a halt. I also heard Basti groan from very deep within at seeing the two stunningly beautiful gay baby boys in just their mega soggy double baby diapers.

“Whoa, Daddy, who”s the hot gay baby boy.” Milos asked.

“How”d you know I was a gay baby boy?” Basti asked in awe.

“Easy, you”re here, Daddy didn”t call to warn us you were coming, and to be dressed and ready to receive someone who isn”t the same, and honestly, you”re just too fucking pretty not to be gay.”

“Oh.” He said, looking to me when Milos openly swore.

“It”s okay, and he”s right though, isn”t he.”


“So, boys, this is Basti.” I said, and then gave them the brief story.

“It”s really good to meet you Basti, I”m Milos, Vince adopted me not all that long ago, and this is my friend Carl, he just comes for the weekend, because he hates his home as well.”

“It”s really good to meet you as well.”

“So, you two are kinda really over dressed, so, let Carl and I help you with that.” Milos said, and then both came forth, and started stripping us of all our useless clothes. Carl was undressing me, while Milos was undressing Basti.

“Fuck, Basti, you”re hot, every bit as much as Carl is, but wow are you skinny, you could fit my Pampers easily, and so, when we change, I”m so totally asking for Pampers for both of us, so that we can truly be babies.”

“Really?” Basti asked hoarsely.

“Oh yeah. And as it just so happens, we all appear to need really good super soggy baby bum changes. Daddy, is he the same as we are?”

“He sure is.” I grinned, knowing exactly what he is asking of me.

“Fucking awesome, come on, let”s go change our super soggy baby bums then.” Milos said, and then started leading the way to the bedroom.

As soon as we made it, we all got into a circle, only this time a little larger, and then we all released the tapes on our diapers, though Basti did not do so, only watched as we all did so.

“Go ahead, remove your soggy baby diaper Baby, and then pass it to me, then you take Milos”, since he”s on your other side, and don”t be afraid to watch as we all enjoy each others” soggy baby diapers.”

“You mean it?” He groaned.

“Oh yeah.”

I don”t think he even thought of it, he just reached down and pulled the tapes from his diaper as well, and then pulled it off, exposing his hard little gay baby boy bone. Basti is only just a little larger than Milos is, but he looks utterly delicious as well. He is as hard as can be though, and clearly he can see that so are we all. We passed our baby diapers along, and started sucking them, only Basti waited “til we were all doing so first, before bringing up Milos” super soggy diaper, and inhaling deeply of it, same as we”re all doing. When we all reached down to start stroking ourselves, Basti followed suit, and he was the first to cum today, maybe thirty seconds later, which caused us to all do so as well. Carl and I came in the diapers we were enjoying, and then passed them on as well, and continued going, until we came a total of three times, and when Basti got to enjoy the diaper that I”d filled with cum, I swear he died and went to heaven.

“Oh….My….God. That was the most amazing thing I”ve ever experienced in my life.” Basti sighed so deeply it was immeasurable.

“Yeah, know how you feel.” I said, but I clearly heard at least one other voice say exactly the same thing, but it could”ve been both for all I know.

“I honestly thought you”d lied to me about having a son and his friend that were diapered, I thought for sure you were gonna just bring me home and steal me and rape me.”

“And yet you weren”t even in the least bit nervous or scared to come here, so me thinks it wouldn”t have been rape, would it, and if it was, it would”ve been me being raped silly, not that it would”ve been rape either.” I hadta laugh.

“When you said you were diapered as well, I almost came, and I went so hard, I”d already thought you were really hot, and I dreamed of you, you know, putting your dick in me.”

“You dreamed of me fucking you?”


“Then say it.”



“Okay. Yeah, I dreamed of you stripping me and fucking me right through our soggy baby diapers, filling me full of cum and piss, and then piss fucking me “til you couldn”t fuck me any more. I”ve read about it lots, I”ve dreamed about it lots more. I love taking my soggy baby diapers off and sucking them dry, usually it”s covering my face, while I”m jacking off and fist fucking my gay baby bum hole, and I always cum so hard when I do that. I”ve dreamed of having a man to fuck me since I was young, when my daddy found out I was gay, and I realized that he didn”t hate me, I asked him, but unfortunately he said no, that he”s not gay, and that he couldn”t be that person for me. Was a real bummer though, I woulda kept him very well drained. I”ve dreamed of sucking so much dick and soggy diaper as well it”s sick, one of my biggest fantasies was to be on my knees, wearing only a mega thick diaper, probably ten to twelve diapers thick in fact, in front of a row of urinals that has an out of order sign on all of them, and a sign around my neck saying use the cock sucker instead. I know it could never happen, and the only reason I”m telling you all this at all, is “cause with how you all like sucking soggy diapers as much as I do, I doubt you think this is a bad fantasy.” He said softly, blushing cutely, but grinning sexily from it as well.

“Wow, you”re naughty.” Milos groaned. “I really fucking like that in a boy.”

“Same.” Carl and I said together.


“Oh hell yeah.” All three of us said.

“Awesome.” He sighed.

“So, Daddy, can we quadruple diaper each other then?”

“No, no more than triple. As you probably saw from the clothes that Basti was wearing, we needta take him shopping, and first thing Sunday mornings is the best time to do so, so we won”t be able to make quadruple worth it.”

“What the fuck are you talking about. I bet if we all go there with quadruple thick and soggy baby diapers on, James”ll give us everything for free, or very nearly so.” Milos giggled.

“You know, you”re probably right.” I hadta laugh.

Instead of waiting for anything else, Milos headed to the closet, spending way too much time in there, and came back with one hell of a stack, and so, I know we are all gonna be quadruple baby diapered. Oh well, if I must.

“You”re up first Basti, have you ever gotten to be quadruple baby diapered?” Milos asked.

“No, most I ever did was double, but I used my ultra thick night time diapers, and just used two of them.” He said, but was already climbing onto the bed for baby bum change time.

“Then I bet you”re gonna love this.”

We all took care of getting Basti quadruple baby diapered, using a Pampers baby diaper with holes in it, and one of my extra thirsty doublers, nearly folded in half inside that, and then one of Milos” next size up ultra thick baby diapers with yet another of my doublers nearly folded in half inside it. We then taped him up extra well with the clear packing tape, so”s not to hide the babyish design on these amazing diapers any at all.

Milos was next, who got exactly the same treatment, then Carl, who of course got two of his diapers, one of his regular size ultra thick and one of his next size up ultra thick, both with my doublers in them, and though they are also folded somewhat, they”re nowhere near as much as with the two little baby boys. balgat escort I”m last, and I too get one of my regular size ultra thick, then one of my next size up ultra thick, but the boys felt that with how big my doublers are for them, that I deserve three of them, so I got two in my inner diaper, and one in my outer, so I”m technically quintuple diapered, which I”ve absolutely never done, and was definitely not against it. They then taped me up extra well too, and now we”re all diapered like the good gay baby boy diaper lovers we all are.

“Wow, this is absolutely the thickest baby diaper I”ve ever worn before.” I said.

“Same.” Basti said.

“How do you like it?” I asked.

“Is there a word that means love times a trillion, if there is, that, that”s what I feel about this.”

“Don”t think so, but I for one agree with you.” I said.

“Same.” Carl and Milos said together again, but then Milos said, “How “bout diaperedlicious, that might be a good word to say how this is?”

“Oh yeah.” The rest of us all say together, laughing.

“So, what say we all go get a couple glasses of juice, a couple nice large mugs of tea, make and eat dinner, and then sit at the table and play games so that we can all get to know each other really well, not that we don”t all already know each other very well by now.”

“Okay.” They all said, grinning at that, because we”re all so very much alike.

We went and got our juice, then our tea going as we drank that, and some dinner too, and as we waited and cooked, we happily drank our juice, and then once we”re finished it, we switch to our tea, and Basti also loves it, claiming that it tastes like the same tea he and his daddy usedta love and share together, but that he hasn”t had since shortly after his daddy went into the hospital. Once dinner was ready, we sat and ate, then cleaned it all up, and then we let Basti choose the game that we”d play for the evening, and then we all sat back and just talked the night away, all getting to know each other really well.

When it was time for bed, I put all three sexy soggy baby boys to bed together in Milos” bed, and even with the three of them in it, it”s still too large, but they”re all nice and cozy. I headed to bed, passed right out, and had an amazing sleep.

This morning, after breakfast and tea, we got dressed as best we can to hide our shame, yeah right, and headed out, but though we”re absolutely not ashamed of who and what we are, we still can”t truly show it off either, at least to most. When we walked in, James saw us, looked to our crotches, and promptly came.

“Wow, you guys are all mega thickly diapered, aren”t you?” He said to us as we walked up.

“Yeah, the boys forced me into two mega thick and thirsty baby diapers, and three of the thickest and thirstiest diaper doublers I”ve ever found. It”s truly horrible.” I mock whined.

“Yeah, truly horrible that you can”t wear it all day, every day like that, right.” He laughed.

“No shit.” Me, and all three boys said together.

“So, gonna guess that this young man, who”s clothes can”t even begin to hide his mega thick baby diaper, must be the one I”m to help this fine day?”

“Exactly, but, I”m sure that Milos and Carl will happily strip down in the change room with Basti here, for moral support you see, so that he”s not too shy to strip in front of you.”

“Oh hell yeah.”

“I would”ve stripped in front of you anyway, wow, you”re hot, gay, and wearing as well.” Basti smiled brightly.

“Thanks, and I can”t wait to see you in just that mega thick baby diaper as well, you”re truly a gloriously hot little gay baby boy.”


So, James sized up Basti, and then proceeded to leading us through the store, picking out the clothes that Basti needs. As soon as he had his cart loaded up, he went to the back room and grabbed the diaper shirts that Basti needs, but his arms were loaded more than just for Basti I think.

“So, received a new load of gay diaper lover approved baby diaper shirts this week, I was gonna call you and tell you to come in soon, but have been so busy I never got the chance, so, it”s good that you”re here, so, all three of you getta try yours on at the same time, so, you getta strip with the boys today Vince.”

“Okay.” I say happily and without shame, and as soon as we make it to the change room, all four of us strip, and I”m reasonably certain that James will needta cum again very soon.

James handed Basti all the clothes, one by one, only trying one piece on at a time, and by the time they were done, it had taken every bit of thirty minutes, and Basti has a good pile of clothes, and only two things that need to go back, because they didn”t fit properly, or look good. Finally, we are all given our new and very naughty gay baby diaper lover, diaper shirts, opened them up, and grinned. They are all different, yet all the same as well. They are very soft and stretchy, they are a little snug, but not tight, they are all different colours and pictures, but they all have special sayings on them. Mine says, gay baby diaper lover for life, and the boys” are all similar.

“Fuck, James, you”ve outdone yourself.” I say once we are all dressed again and ready to go.

“Thanks.” He grinned brightly.

We went up and paid for everything, but I paid roughly half the bill, so that Basti doesn”t have to spend quite that much. I don”t mind, and said so as we were driving away, because Basti complained that I paid for lotsa his stuff as well. Given how thickly diapered we are, and how much it truly does show, it was decided that we”d just head back home. Oh sure, we”re all gonna need super soggy baby bum changes soon, but, honestly, it”s my bowels that might be the first to decide that, and I think the boys will be the same.

Only a little more than an hour after getting home, and bringing all of Basti”s things in, Milos claimed that he hasta go to the bathroom, like right now, and Carl claimed the same. Basti and I stripped them of all their mega thick baby diapers, and as soon as they disappeared to the bathrooms, Basti and I shared their diapers, and weren”t truly even finished by the time the two baby boys got back. They watched as we finished off the diapers, and then came forth and relieved us of ours, and as Basti and I headed to purge, I saw the boys start sucking our diapers as well, and only a few minutes later, once empty, we were back in time to see them finish up our baby diapers. They too had done the same as Basti and I had, they each took half our soggy diapers to enjoy, and I think they enjoyed them every bit as much as Basti and I had.

This time we only single diapered, because Milos wanted to see Basti in only a Pampers baby diaper, and I admit, Basti sure is cute in just a very babyish diaper, just like Milos, but then, Carl”s and my diapers truly are rather babyish as well, since they did come from a diaper lovers website, and I”d bought the most babyish ones I could find, but, still, a Pampers baby diaper, on a stunningly beautiful boy who”s supposed to be far too old for diapers is beyond hot, at least to me.

By the time our diapers are getting to the point of needing to be changed, Carl and Basti really should be heading home. We changed each other, in a circle we remove our diapers of course, and then jack off and suck someone else”s diaper, for another three baby boygasms, enjoying it a great deal. I then tape all three baby boys into nice double thick and thirsty baby diapers, and Milos and I dress the two baby boys who have to go home, and all three baby boys diaper me up. Basti decided to leave about eighty percent of his clothes at our house, since he lives almost twenty minutes walk away, but he refused a ride, saying he can walk, it”s not a big deal.

“Thanks so much for this weekend guys, it was amazing.” Basti said.

“You”re so very welcome. You have my number, you know where to go or call if you need anything at all.”

“Thanks, and yeah.” He smiled brightly, and skipped away happily, and Carl too took his leave then as well.

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