Milky Morning Jog

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Contains lactation and huge breasts

Author’s Note: I mean to make good on “posting more” and improving my work. Enjoy!


The early morning sun beat down on Jeff. It became clear the worn out jogger had again overestimated his stamina and needed a water break. His cool thermos was invigorating, but walking would let him take in the scenery for a short while.

Almost unnoticeable at first, two dark, splotchy streaks ran down the sidewalk. The question “Who or what left it?” occupied his mind, leading him to veer from his routine trek to round the block. He was greeted to a much more interesting sight.

The trail ended in front of a sporty young woman leaning back on a bench, fanning herself in the heat. She wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt, hands and face glistening with sweat. Despite obscuring many features, the baggy clothes didn’t cover her absolutely enormous breasts: layers that should have concealed them were pulled above her collar, letting both sweaty torpedo-shaped tits hang down. They looked firm; unrestrained yet holding their unnatural volume.

Jeff slowed his approach, heavily distracted by her shiny, full chest on display. Sweat seemed to waterfall off her puffy nipples. He didn’t even notice her turn in his direction.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” The sweet but sudden voice took hold of his attention.

He met her eyes and saw the panic in her expression, poorly hidden behind an anxious smile. She was a bustle of pulling down on her sweaty clothes, struggling to try and cover her chest. After some fruitless effort she slowed down, slinking back in defeat.

“…how trabzon escort are you this fine morning?” She squeaked out.

“Doing well. You look awfully hot.” Jeff’s eyes lingered towards her chest.

“I’m sorry,” she sighed, “I decided to go jogging early this morning because there’s barely anybody out this early, and I thought it would be cool enough to dress a little more conservatively. I didn’t bring water, I’m slippery with sweat, and I promise I don’t just sit around leaving myself exposed but I was just trying to air myself out and nobody was around. My apologies, um…”

“It’s Jeff,” he bent to his side, inspecting her bust. Looking closer, he realized that some of the shinier sweat wasn’t sweat at all but milk leaking down her nipples. “And I’m digging the view.”

“Oh!” she was surprised and flustered, not sure how to respond. “Well, thanks I guess… and I go by Rosie.”

She rolled her eyes, relaxing. “Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t carrying all this hot milk around, my chest feel like a pair of boilers. Doubt you’ve seen many women this large before, huh?” Rosie playfully swung them side to side.

“Would some cool water help?” Jeff presented his thermos.

“Oh yes! That would be wonderful!” She lit up with excitement and reached out.

Jeff knelt down and unscrewed the thermos. Rosie looked confused, until he tilted the canister over her exposed chest. Cold water poured down, running across her supple veiny skin. She gasped in surprise but smiled at her cooling chest.

“Oh… that feels great… could I have some to drink though?” Rosie re extended tunalı escort her hand again.

“Without a doubt,” He passed the container off.

Rosie immediately began chugging. After taking breaks to breath between long sips, she finished off his water. Some rogue streams ran from her mouth down to her breasts, growing the droplets already present.

“Oh my god that was delicious Jeff you’re a lifesaver… I think I drank it all though.”

“That’s fine by me, I’ve got plenty to drink still.”

Jeff grabbed both wide areolas and pulled down. Rosie squealed as her breasts exploded with milk, drenching the ground beneath her. She gripped the bench tightly – somebody knew how to drain a pair of tits! Jeff was content watching her nipples squirt trembling torrents. He commented on her impressive letdown.

“Did you go running without milking these? Look at these udders gush!” He squeezed two more juicy blasts out of her milk bags.

“You’re so rough! Oh god…” Rosie pulled against Jeff’s yanking hands, pumping even more creamy milk out.

Jeff let one breast go and gripped the other like a cheeseburger. He sucked Rosie’s nipple into his throat, teeth digging into her areola. Her milk was a little salty with the sweat but she tasted like liquid candy and her flavor encouraged him to suck harder. She was besides herself enduring his hunger, cooing for him to drink with more restraint.

He stood, pointing both breasts upwards. He squeezed with enough force to make small fountain shows with her body. She watched with glee as fat droplets painted everything white.

She tunceli escort reached around her chest and grabbed his ass, pulling him forward. She then found his zipper and brought his cock into the open air, letting out a pleasantly surprised “Wow”.

Jeff released her nipples and wrapped her moist breasts around his meat, sliding between them with lubricated ease. She helped him manage her expansive mams, synchronizing with his thrusts into her plump tits. They were both bucking against the slippery breasts, looking between each other’s faces and his dick popping out between her jugs.

Jeff gave a loud grunt. “Fuck Rosie I-”

He stopped himself with a powerful surge of energy. He was twitchy madly between her fat tits, the plopping sound of his cock swimming in her cleavage dominating his orgasm. Spunk was caught between her breasts and a stray rope plastered her cheek.

Both joggers were panting loudly, exhausted and sweaty. Rosie licked her cheek clean, then dragged her tongue between her messy breasts. Jeff couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

“If you’re still thirsty… they’re still pretty full.” She pointed both trickling tits at his face.

“Thanks but I’m good for now… man that was awesome. Can I call you?”

They exchanged numbers and Jeff continued on his run, leaving Rosie alone to her thoughts. She considered what to do now, licking her tits clean.

“Oh my god…”

She looked up to see a new exercise enthusiast near her bench. He was watching the puddle of milk form by her feet. Her eyes were drawn to the water bottle sticking out of a sling bag. Rosie pointed to the bag, asking if the water was still cold. He didn’t answer, eyes trapped below hers.

She raised her fuller breast and squirted milk upwards, letting it stream back down her chest. Her tongue ran against the flow of milk, catching some like a cat.

“Trade ya”

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