MILF’s Bunny Fun

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Sarah lay in bed; staring up at the white ceiling gleaming in the dim light cast by the street lamps. She tossed and turned restlessly. The ache between her legs was both delicious and a horrible reminder of just how long it had been since she had felt a cock inside her…until today that was.

Her illicit encounter with her son’s friend and team-mate inside of the storage room on their playing field had been the first real sex she had experienced in almost three years. Long before the divorce, her husband of over twenty years had lost interest in her. Later of course she learned that his interest had merely been diverted by his much younger secretary; as cliché as it was.

Her ego had taken quite a beating. But despite it all, she was slowly re-building her life. She had found a smaller flat that she could afford. She had decorated in a homey, if less than trendy manner. She has not wanted to bring things from the old home she had shared with her ex-husband. Instead she had scoured charity shops and placed adverts on Freecycle. In the end, it was a rather nice place for her and her younger son, Michael.

After over twenty years absent from the workforce, she had wondered about her employability, especially since her college degree was in the seemingly useless field of English Literature. But on the advice of a friend, she had tried her hand at freelance writing and blogging. Although she was not getting rich, each month brought in substantially more income as her reputation for well-written and timely articles delivered on deadline was growing. Overall, she was actually happier with her life now than she had been in the dull routine of her cold marriage.

She had even learned to cope with her rather substantial sex drive. Actually that was a skill she had learned during her marriage. Her collection of expensive and well-used sex toys were one of the few things she took out of her marriage. But she had been unwilling to simply throw isveçbahis away the dozen of special friends that had brought her so much relief and pleasure. Her favourite was definitely the glow in the dark, neon pink Rabbit with its small bud that worked the clitoris while its curved wand rotated inside the pussy. It always managed to hit all the right spots.

But even her favourite toy was nothing compared to the thick, eight-inch, uncut black cock that had plummeted her depths earlier today. In complete honesty, the sex had been the best in her life. Not that that was saying much, since her ex-husband was her only partner…until today that was. You would think after the deep, hard-fucking, her first in three years that this night she would not be tormented by the seemingly endless itch between her legs. Yet if anything the fucking and its wet residue of mixed sex juices that were still leaking slowly from her sore cunt made the itch even worse.

Of course, logically Sarah knew that women reached their sexual peaks far later than men. It was the excuse she had used for years to justify her ex’s lack of interest. She knew that even at forty-six she was still a woman in her sexual peak; even if she lacked the confidence and experience to explore those horizons as she wanted. Even now she wondered at the rashness of her actions. Although she had not been the one to make the first move, she also knew that the events in that dim storage closet had been consensual. She had fully participated. She blushed as she remembered how towards the end, she had slammed her wide hips back to meet each deep thrust of the young man’s cock.

Shaking her head in defeat, Sarah reached out the scant two feet to her chest of drawers. Opening the bottom drawer, she reached beneath the cool white cotton of what a popular movie had dubbed Granny panties. Her fingers immediately found what she sought: the soft jelly-like outer surface that encased the hard magic beneath. isveçbahis giriş She grasped the pearl buttons that would soon be throbbing against her g-spot and pulled it from its hidden liar.

She almost groaned her need was so intense. She was thankful that Michael was staying the night at a friend’s, because she very much feared that this night she would be unable to stifle the moans and even screams of her orgasm. This night she did not reach back into the hiding place for the warming lube that she usually used to ease her special friend’s way into her depths. She knew that she would not need it this night; there were copious amounts of the young man’s hot seed still inside her pussy…plus more than ample offerings of her own.

Slowly she slid the instrument beneath the sheets and towards her secret place. She danced the silent partner against her swollen labia until she had it aligned perfectly so that its magic ears would tease her love bud. Pressing her fingers against the buttons at its base, she heard the very soft whir that was a lullaby most nights. Then she ever so slowly slid its hard length into the yearning recesses of her wanton cunt. By the time she felt the ears flicking back and forth against her throbbing clit and the pearl beads encased in touch rubber swishing against her tender g-spot, she was almost ready to scream. Its soft tip was resting against her cervix further heightening her already stellar needs.

Closing her eyes, she used her free hand to tweak and pull at her nipples through the soft cotton of her dressing gown. Her mind drifted at it always did to her fantasies. Except this time the stranger that so dominated and used her body was not faceless. Instead he had the dark, full features of her son’s friend and team-mate. She had never thought to actually live out her dark fantasies of being taken…almost against her will, yet always submitting in the end. The reality of this day had more than met the fantasy. isveçbahis yeni giriş

Her breathing was fast and shallow as she felt the triple sensation of the Rabbit teasing her clit, g-spot and cervix simultaneously. Then she was whimpering, because the seven inches of her favourite toy were unable to reach that special spot that her young lover had found. She screamed out his name…Ty…her cunt spasming in orgasm as her juices and the final remnants of his black seed squirted powerfully from her cunt to drench her plain white dressing gown and even the sheets beneath. Her back arched against the bed. Her hips thrust upwards into the air as if to meet the deep thrusts of her invisible lover.

But still it was not enough…she ached still with the need to feel that extra inch plummeting her depths as never before. In the end, she pressed the buttons to once more quiet her special friend. She did not even have the strength this night to get up and walk down the hall to wash her special fun bunny before slipping it safely back beneath her Granny panties. Instead she asleep with it locked inside her wet pussy as if in a magical lovers’ embrace. Even after the best fuck of her life and the powerful release she always had from her special toy, she tossed fitfully through out the night as her dreams replayed each moment of the afternoon.

She awoke late the next morning almost hung over from the intensity of emotions and lack of sleep. Making herself a cup of strong, hot, black coffee; she sat at her desk and powered up her laptop to begin her day. She had a pressing deadline on an article for one of the country’s top parenting magazines as well as a couple of leads for new contacts to follow-up. Picking up her mobile as she waited for the three year old computer to trudge through its power-up, in addition to her sex toys it was the only other remnant of her two decade long marriage. She saw that she had ten new texts…that was unusual to say the least. The number was not one she recognised, but perhaps it was one of the leads she was planning to follow-up. She opened the first message and read:

That sweet wht pussy was 2 tight 2 have birthed 3 babies.

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