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The minutes passed by 12:14. He looked at his watch repeatedly since he had walked there at 11:45. She was late again, she was always late. Every time he would pick her up he would have to wait, and just as his patience left him and he would start to leave she would appear. 12:17. He had instructed her to take a midnight walk on the darkest path through rotary park. Maybe she had woken her mother this time, she had always snuck out to their arranged meetings before at all hours of the night.

This night felt different though, he wasn’t sure how yet but he knew this night would be different from all the others. 12:31. As soon as I leave she will show up, I must wait a little longer. But he had been telling himself that since he arrived. He stood up straight and stretched out his back and then fell back onto the tree he had been leaning against for the past 40 minutes or so.

He began to bite his fingernails as a sign of anxiousness. He paused to inspect his bleeding cuticles and then continued. He had always liked the taste of blood. The rusty taste triggered the memory of a previous time that he had taken it too far with her.

After another quick glance at his watch he let out a heavy sigh, his patience was wearing thin. For a brief moment he thought he heard something down the path, he convinced himself it was just his imagination until he heard it again. He strained his ears and tilted his head in the direction of the noise. He slowly leaned his head forward so he had a perfect view of the cement path an his head no longer rested on the tree.

Then he saw her.

As she walked through a shadowed part of the path and into the moonlight he could see it was clearly her. Her hands were in the pockets of her skin tight hoodie, the baseball cap and the hood hid her face. Her dark red lips were visible and her long blonde hair lay motionless at both sides of her face. Even if she hadn’t been walking with her head down she would not have been able to see him.

He leaned against a tree that had been completely shadowed from the moonlight, and his clothes were as black as the night around him. He could jump out right now and take her if he wanted to but he decided to surprise and frighten her instead.

He noticed the path ahead of her was mostly shadowed by the trees above. As soon as she walked past him into the shadows again he slowly emerged from the darkness and into a moonlit part of the path. He wore a leather jacket with dark jeans, the black t-shirt underneath had a white outline of the punisher. He had worn this outfit the first night he met her and deemed the shirt appropriate for a night like tonight.

he followed maybe four feet behind her through the darkness, then slowly pulled out a long blade from his pocket. The tip had been broken off but he could still do enough damage to her as he wanted to.

He silently gained tandoğan escort speed until he was close enough to slap her ass when in one swift movement he put one hand over her mouth and the other holding the knife to her throat.

“One sound and I’ll slit your throat slut”. he harshly whispered in her ear.

He released his hand slowly from her mouth in case she screamed, and started to walk down the path. One arm wrapped around her shoulders still holding the knife to her throat. They walked until they had reached a parking lot that was completely deserted excluding one van. He pushed her against it and moved his body closer kissing and biting her neck while holding both hands against the side of the van. She was pinned. She couldn’t break free of his strong grip even if she tried. Attempting would be pointless, what would she do? Run? she could never get away. He then pushed her to the right facing the van, forced her two wrists together with one hand and sliding the door with the other. He reached in and pulled out a package of something.

Cable ties? she wondered.

He took one and bound both of her wrists together with it. He then threw her onto the backseat and slammed the door. He got in the front seat, started the car then turned back to look at her.

“Sit here”.

he pointed to the open space between the drivers and passenger seat. She sat up and shifted between the two seats so she was on her knees facing him.

“Suck my cock bitch”

“How can I undo your pants” she waved her bound wrists together

“Find a fucking way”

She sat there with a smug look on her face and leaned back against the side of the passenger chair. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her at eye level with him, he could see her struggling trying to get her hair free.

“Try harder”

He released her hair and backhanded her across the face so hard that she stumbled backwards.

“You know what happens when you don’t coo perate so quit resisting”

He thought he saw her cringe as she leaned over. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and she did her best to pull out his dick with her bound hands. She wrapped both around the shaft and started sucking on the head. She kept sucking harder and harder until she was certain she could feel the van swerving and at about that time he started to move her head up and down. As he became close to cumming he grabbed her hair and whispered

“You like that don’t you my little whore, you like it when I fuck your throat”

She hears him moan slightly and she felt the car come to a sudden jolt. If he wasn’t holding her head she would have smashed into the steering wheel. After another moan he violently pushes her head further down his cock, making her gag and her eyes water.

She sits up after his warm cum fills her throat and wipes her lips tekirdağ escort with the back of her hand.

She trys to get comfortable between the two seats and for the first time glanced out the window. She could see they were parked sideways on a dirt road surrounded by trees. She could faintly make out the shapes of the trees in the moonlight and swore she could hear coyotes in the distance. She chuckled to herself and said

“Nice parking job.”

‘Shut the fuck up bitch” he snapped.

He turned to face her, grabbing the neck of her shirt and throwing her into the backseat.

“Stay the fuck down” he ordered.

They continued to drive for another twenty minutes or so when he parked again and turned off the car. He slammed the door as he walked around to the side door. He pushed the heavy door back effortlessly and stood there smiling at her in the moonlight.

“Get out”

She struggled to get off the floor with her hands bound behind her back. When she finally managed to get onto the seat she sat on the edge, and brought her hands under her feet so they were now bound in front of her. Slowly she slid out of the van and into the night. She took in the scene; A random parking lot surrounded by grass and trees (clearly in the middle of no where), and a small path that looked as if it lead towards a field.

He suddenly slammed the door and before she had time to turn around or even jump at the loud noise he had her pinned high against the side of the van. He held her up by her throat and smiled as she squirmed and gasped. After about twenty seconds he released her and she fell to the ground holding her throat and gasping for air.

After a few seconds he reached down, grabbing a fistful of her hair and lifted until she was standing up again. He lead her to the front and slammed her down, shoving her face into the hood and bending her over. He still held her by her hair as he kicked the inside of her legs outward, spreading them further apart. He pushed up against her as he dug his nails into her thighs, even touching her lightly she could still feel him hard through his jeans.

He pulled the knife out of his pocket and pulled her closer to him. He placed the knife at her throat and started tracing it lightly across her collarbone and the tops of her tits. He started biting her neck and made his way up to her ear

“Go ahead and scream, no one will hear your pathetic crys for help.” he breathed in her ear.

Still holding the knife at her throat he used his other hand to push up her skirt and her black G-string aside. He teased her clit until he felt her starting to get even more wet than she previously was.

“You like this too much I don’t know if I want to fuck you” he laughed

He slid in two fingers and started to rapidly hit her G-spot making her moan and scratch the arm still holding tokat escort the knife to her trembling throat.

“Please just fuck me” she moaned

“Yell it” he pushed the knife harder against her throat.


He yanked down her skirt and tossed it aside so she was standing there in her sweater and black G-string. He leaned back to admire her perfect ass. He dug his nails into it and then slapped hard. He heard her squeal as he took the knife away from her throat.


He slid the knife on her hips, cutting the thong and scratching her skin. The useless material fell to the ground beside her feet. He kicked her legs open even wider and pulled his dick out of his pants. Holding her hips he pressed against the new cuts as he rubbed the tip down her slit. Teasing her. Once he heard her start to whimper he slammed his full length inside of her. He continued penetrating her with enough force that she started shaking and moaning so loud, he was happy no one was near. They would think he was raping her or something.

He yanked the zipper of her sweater and pulled it off of her, throwing it on the ground. He felt her pussy muscles get tighter and he knew she was about to orgasm. He fucked her harder and harder getting her to her peak when he pulled out and released her. She buckled to the ground as he stood over her. He looked down at her, half naked as she quivered on the ground.\

She looked so afraid looking up at him, her face was red, hair a mess, and there was blood smeared up her sides. He flashed a reassuring smile as he bent down on one knee, and held her face in his hands. Looking at the makeup smeared down her face he said in a mocking but mildly concerned tone

“Awh baby, did I make you cry? Did I hurt you that bad?”

He released one hand from her face and slapped it again, harder than the first few times and pulled out his knife again.

“Take off your shirt” he snapped.

She didn’t move, she just continued looking at the ground.

“Fine if thats how your going to be”

He grabbed the front with both hands and ripped off of her body, then throwing the shredded material beside her. He kissed down her neck as he played with her perky tits. He started gently pulling on her pierced nipple when she slowly stood up.

“What are you doing?!”

She started to run. She didn’t even know where the hell she was running to, just away. She had him for a few moments, or so she thought. After later consideration he might have just been leading her further into the forest. Further away from civilization. He eventually caught up to her, as she tripped running across the bridge. Picking herself up as she trys to run again he grabs her by the waist with both hands. He spun her around to face him.

“What are you going to do now” he asked actually curious about her next move.

She reached up and slapped him across the face as she struggled against his grip on her.

As she looked in his eyes she could see just how uncontrollable he had become. His grip tightened on her and he started breathing more heavily.

That was a bad idea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32