Midnight Surprise Encounter Ch. 03

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Walking through the park I contemplated how in less than 24hrs I had taken my younger brother Michael’s hot 18 year old friend Tim’s huge 8 inch cock into my mouth twice. Once he had fucked my mouth to completion, blowing his massive load of cum down my throat and the second time I had started sucking his dick in our parents kitchen before we were interrupted midsession by Michael.

I needed to clear my head, I’d never contemplated being with one of my younger brothers friends before now and had always gone for guys my own age or a few years older. There was something about Tim that had taken over my thoughts, his huge cock for one thing but also his confident and arrogant demeanour that from a younger guy taking such control had turned me on.

As I walked through the park the fresh air and light summer breeze was helping me to compose myself. I wondered how long Tim would stay at our place playing video games with Michael, I wanted to try and avoid him now to get a better grip of myself.

Slowly as I walked I felt my cock beginning to soften within my shorts, a good sign that my body was getting back in control of my emotions. My phone buzzed and it was a message from my boss at the local supermarket, one of my co-workers had called in sick and he needed me to cover their shift.

I was thankful for this opportunity and messaged back that I was on my way, I needed to distract myself and also avoid our house for as long as possible. Surely after a shift at work Tim would no longer be at our house.

It was a few hours into my shift and I was stacking cans onto shelves in one of the supermarket aisles when I felt a hand press against my lower back. Turning around I thought it would be my boss checking in on my progress but caught my breath in my throat as I turned to face Tim. He was standing in front of me as I turned to face him grinning widely.

‘Uh hey Tim what are you doing here?’ I asked regaining my breath.

‘Hey Brandon, I just thought I’d come and check on you. Michael let slip that you picked up a shift and I figured since we didn’t get to finish off what we started this morning that I could let slip in you.’ He winked at me grinning wider and continued, ‘You did leave me with a bad case of blue balls this morning and I need to blow.’

Tim moved his hand to cup the bulge that was pressing out at the front of his jeans as I looked back at him past his short brown hair and smooth skin into his brown eyes. Fuck I thought to myself, this arrogant twink is hot.

Nervously I laughed, ‘Haha uh well I’m working at the moment so that’s going to be hard.’ Picking up a can I turned and placed it onto the shelf then as I leaned down to pick up another Tim reached his hand out and picked up the can himself.

I watched as Tim turned the can in his hand, ‘Hard…speaking of hard you know I have something hard for you.’ Spinning the can in his hand Tim continued, ‘Come to think of it do these remind you of something?’ He moved the can down placing it at the crotch of his jeans.

Laughing again nervously I hated to admit it but Tim did have a point, the cans did remind me of his thick 8 inch cock. ‘Haha you are certainly sure of yourself aren’t you Tim.’

‘Can you blame me? You do suck better dick than any girl at school, none of them have been able to deep throat me before and I love that feeling of your lips around the base of my cock.’ Tim said complementing my cock sucking skills.

A sense of pride washed over me, I was happy that Tim liked my skills. Placing another can onto the shelf I replied, ‘I guess I can’t blame you for that haha and thank you, I do give the best head but that doesn’t help us now I have to work.’

‘Surely there’s somewhere we can go out the back.’ Tim exclaimed excitedly.

It was my turn to grin this time as I saw how excited Tim was to have me suck his cock again. I moved my hand to my chin and thought for a moment, ‘There is somewhere but it’s still risky, someone could catch us and I’d lose my job.’

Tim looked back at me as if in deep thought and then his face lit up brightly with renewed excitement. ‘I can take care of that, you just lead the way.’ He pulled his phone from his pocket and motioned for me to lead him to the back of the supermarket.

His excitement was contagious and I was now equally excited at the thought of having his cock again. I started walking towards the back of the store wanting to get past the staff room and the loading dock to the old storage room. Tim followed along texting madly on his phone as we walked and I led him through the staff room to the loading dock.

When we reached the loading dock Tim reached out grabbing my hand and stopping me from walking any further. Turning to him I grinned, ‘We’re not there yet Tim, we don’t want to be caught.’

His face smiled back at me, ‘I said I’d take care of that remember.’

I wondered what he meant and how he had taken care of it when suddenly striding out to the loading dock came Dion, one of my younger bahis siteleri brother Michael’s other friends. I looked from Dion back to Tim confused and then remembered that Dion worked at the supermarket too.

Dion walked up and high fived Tim with a big smile spread across his face as he looked from Tim and over to me. Dion is black with short black hair, brown eyes and an athletic build Like Tim and my brother Michael he’s 18 years old and 5’10” making him taller than me by two inches.

‘Damn Tim! You tapping Michael’s bro, that’s cold.’ Deon laughed.

I stood there with Tim and Deon across from me at the loading dock thinking how could I have forgotten that Deon would be who Tim had come up with to cover for us. It also meant that Deon now knew Tim had been fucking my mouth with his big cock and that I’d given myself in to one of my younger brothers friends.

‘Fuck yeah I am, Brandon sucks a better dick than any of those bitches at school. He takes my cock all the way down to my balls man it’s so fucking good.’ Tim bragged.

‘Holy shit that’s one deep ass throat he’s got then.’ Deon looked across at me impressed with what he was hearing. ‘I guess it makes sense though huh we’ve always said Brandon has nice big cock sucking lips, I just never thought any of us would actually get to find out.’

‘Yeah well I found out so you just stay here and keep a lookout for us while man while he swallows my load again.’ Tim moved past Deon and reached out grabbing my hand and pulling we along with him across the loading dock and to the old storage room.

I looked back at Deon watching him smirk at us and turned to follow behind Tim, I figured I was in this mess now and may as well enjoy it. Once inside the storage room I pushed shut the door and turned to face Tim.

He had a gleam of lust across his face and was undoing his jeans, as I moved forward towards him he pushed down his jeans and briefs in a fluid motion and there it was again. His massive 8 inch cock hanging out hard and thick from his body with his balls hanging large behind.

‘Time to stop teasing me now Brandon, get on your knees and suck my cock.’ Tim commanded me.

Listening to Tim I moved down to my knees and reached up as I looked into his eyes, placing my hand around the base of his thick cock. My fingers didn’t touch as he was too thick for that, sticking my tongue out I looked into Tim’s eyes as I started to seductively lick his cock from the base to the head over and over.

‘Ohhh yesss that’s it, show me how much you want my dick.’ Tim moaned.

I licked his length again and then moved my tongue down lifting his cock up with my hand and started to lick his balls. Slowly licking them and then taking one at a time into my mouth to suck.

‘Fuckkkkk sooooo good…ohhhh.’ Tim moaned as I sucked on his big golf ball sized balls.

‘Mmmmmm yeah you taste good Tim, you’re hard for me huh?’ I said in my most sultry voice.

‘Fuck yeah I am, oh shit come on take my cock into your mouth.’ Tim said as he pulled my face from his balls and then shoved his cock between my waiting lips. Pulling my face toward him and thrusting his body forward at the same time till I was deep throating his cock with my lips pressing into his balls and pelvis.

‘Ohhhhhh yeah that’s fucking it, put that big mouth of yours to good use bitch.’ Tim groaned out as he held my face impaled on his cock holding my lips still in their position against his balls.

With Tim’s monster 8 inch cock filling my mouth and throat to the brim I steadily concentrated on breathing through my nose as my saliva dripped onto his cock. I was getting used to the feeling of taking all 8 inches of this monster dick.

‘You look so good on my cock Brandon, that’s where you belong. Look up here.’ Tim spoke.

With my lips still suctioned against his body as I deep throat his huge pole I looked up at Tim to see that while he had my head in place with one hand the other was holding his phone and he snapped a photo of me that showed his abs and then my face looking up with his cock impaling my mouth balls deep.

‘Now that’s one for the highlight reel, so fucking hot!’ Tim smirked down at me as he placed his phone back down and moved both his hands to the back of my head.

He then held my head steady as he took further control and began to pump his hips back and forth starting to fuck my mouth with long deep thrusts.

‘Urghhhh…mmmm…urhh.’ I moaned onto his cock as it moved in and out of my mouth.

With every thrust forward Tim’s big balls slapped against my chin causing a slapping sound to start echoing within the store room.

He was picking up speed with each thrust forward too as my saliva coated his dick allowing my lips to easily glide across the thick shaft.

‘Urggghhh…mmmmmmhhhm!’ I moaned onto Tim’s cock again.

‘Ohhhhhh…ohhhhh…fuckkkk’! Tim groaned out louder than before.

He was now pulling my face forward against his body as he made slower harder canlı bahis siteleri thrusts with his hips as he pumped his cock balls deep into my throat. His balls were still slapping against my chin just not as fast as before and I could feel that they were tightening.

We had been making so much noise in the store room with the slapping of his balls against my chin and our moans that as Tim was fucking my face the door opened and in walked Deon.

‘Fuckkk you boys are crazy!’ Came Deon’s voice as he shut the door behind him.

I couldn’t see Deon as my back was to the door but Tim could and seemed to get renewed stamina at having an audience as he fucked my face with his huge 8 inch cock.

‘Ohhhhh yessss fuckkkk!’ Tim groaned out as he slammed his cock balls deep between my lips and held my face against his balls again impaling me onto his can sized thick 8 inch cock.

‘Mmmmmm…Urgghhhh!’ I groaned onto his cock as I deep throat him and felt my lips pressing harder against his balls and pelvis as he started to grind his hips into my head.

‘This is fucking insane man!’ Deon exclaimed as he moved to the side of us to get a true visual of his friend Tim’s huge monster cock completely disappeared down my throat with our bodies looking connected by just my lips. ‘He’s taking your whole fucking cock! You weren’t lying huh bro, he’s one fucking thirsty cock slut this white boy.’

Holding my face on his cock Tim raised one hand from my head. I stayed in position not fighting as I breathed through my nose and enjoyed the feeling of having this huge cock between my lips and the attention I was getting. My own cock was raging hard against my work uniform too.

Tim reached for his phone and then motioned to Deon, ‘Hey take this man and video for me, I’m going to want to watch this later.’

‘Fuck I bet you are, sure thing bro.’ Deon responded moving closer and taking Tim’s phone. He started recording the video and moved the phone closer to us ensuring to get a good view of Tim’s balls pressing into my lips. ‘Yeah pull back slowly now bro, this’ll give a great shot of how much cock he’s taking between those lips and down his cock hungry throat.’

Tim listened to Deon’s direction starting to slowly pull his hips back as he held my head causing his cock to slowly move out from my mouth as more and more of his thick can sized shaft was revealed from between my lips. ‘How’s that?’ He asked.

‘Yeah that’s it, fuck you’ve got a thick dick bro, I can’t believe all that was down his throat.’ Deon said impressed.

Still filming as now just the large head of Tim’s cock sat on my tongue between my lips, Deon stepped back to get a zoomed out shot of us both.

‘Yeah stay there now man, I’m gonna really fuck this bitches mouth.’ Tim said between deep breaths.

Next he stood steady and started to pull my head down onto his cock till I was deep throating him again with my lips pressing into his balls. Then he pulled my head back up his cock and continued to repeat, fucking my face hard with his monster dick.

‘Urrhhhggghh..mmm..urrghhhh.’ I groaned against Tim’s cock as it moved between my lips and down into my throat.

‘Ohhhh yeahhhhh that’s it bitch, take my fucking cock…ohhhhh..yeahhhh…you’re mine now.’ Tim moaned.

‘Shit man this is the hottest fucking face fuck I’ve seen, this shits better than porn.’ Deon exclaimed as he continued to video.

Tim was in his element as he fucked my face while Deon filmed it all, he started to thrust his hips at the same time now as he pulled my head down onto his huge pole. He was breathing deeper and deeper and I was doing my best to breathe through my nose as my lips slid quicker up and down the length of his now well and truly saliva covered 8 inch shaft.

‘Urgghhhh….mmmmmm.’ I moaned against his cock.

‘Ohhhhh…fuckkkk..ohhhhh…I’m gonna cummmmm!’ Tim groaned out loudly. ‘Ohhhhh shit, Deon get in close man, ohhhhh fuckkkk!’

Tim’s body shuddered over me as I felt his balls tighten and his cock start to pulse. Pulling his cock from my mouth he gripped the shaft with one hand while holding the back of my head with the other and directed his cock at my face as his cum erupted. Shooting out from the pulsing head of his huge cock and hitting me with the first shot in the cheek, then a second shot hit my forehead and a third large wad came shooting out as he aimed it at my mouth and hit my lips.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhh.’ Tim groaned as he milked his cock over my face.

I worked to regain my own breath with my face now covered in Tim’s cum. Deon meanwhile had moved closer as Tim requested and was still videoing as Tim shot his load all over my face now filming me as I knelt before him covered in Tim’s cum.

‘Fuckkkkkk bro, you’ve given that cum slut the biggest cum shower ever.’ Deon’s voice said with admiration at Tim.

‘Haha yeah and you ain’t seen nothing yet.’ Tim said between deep breaths as still holding his cock he moved it back towards my face. canlı bahis ‘Open up for me Brandon time to clean me up.’

With his cum dripping down my forehead and cheek, Tim in an ultimate display of his power over me pressed the head of his cock against my lips. Scooping the large wad of cum that had shot against them he pressed his cock back into my mouth feeding me his cum as if his dick were my spoon.

I accepted his cock back between my lips and started to suck his cock clean as Deon watched on holding out Tim’s phone filming it all. ‘Fuck man! You’ve made Michael’s older brother your personal cum slut.’

I was so caught up in the encounter and with my sexual hormones running wild I didn’t care Deon was filming all of this and greedily sucked on Tim’s cock wanting to swallow all of his cum and leave it clean.

Once Tim was satisfied I had sucked his huge cock clean he pulled it back from my mouth and the head slipped from my lips as his cock began to soften but still looked huge. ‘Great work Brandon.’ Tim grinned down at me as he reached out and took his phone back from Deon, stopping the video recording.

Still on my knees in front of Tim the 18 year old stud and his friend Deon, I regained my breath as my forehead and cheek were still covered with large wads of cum. I reached up my hand as they both watched me and wiped it against my cheek before sucking the cum from my fingers and doing the same to my forehead.

‘Mmmmmm.’ I said looking up at them and licking my upper lip.

‘Fuckkkkk me!’ Deon exclaimed.

‘Haha you’re loving swallowing my cum aren’t you Brandon? Well I’ve got a lot more for you and will be seeing you around soon, oh and thanks for the video for my hall of fame.’ Tim smirked as he pulled his briefs and jeans back up and then turned to walk to the store room door.

Opening the door he took a step out and turned looking back to see Deon hadn’t followed him. Instead Deon was standing still as I knelt on the floor staring down at me with a look of lust over his face.

Tim laughed, ‘Haha you coming Deon?’

Taking his eyes from mine Deon turned his head back to face Tim, ‘Oh uh nah bro I still have a few hours left of my shift.’

‘That’s cool bro, catch up when you finish?’ Tim replied.

‘Yeah sounds good man, see you then.’ Deon turned back to me as Tim walked away. His dark brown eyes staring at my face as I knelt before him looking back up into his ebony skin and he grinned at me with his pearly white teeth.

I was still recovering from the crazed face fuck Tim had exerted on me and knelt back resting my ass against my calves as I continued to take deep breaths and relax my cheeks. I could still feel remnants of Tim’s cum on my forehead and cheek and reaching up although I had wiped the cum away my skin felt sticky.

Looking back to Deon he was still staring at me, ‘Fuck I’m a mess, I need to get a towel before heading back out to stock the shelves.’ I said.

Deon laughed, ‘Haha a mess…Brandon you just sucked Tim’s cock like the biggest slut I’ve seen. Shit! If I knew you were that big of a slut for your brothers friends I’d have given you a taste of my big black chocolate dick for sure.’

‘Haha sure you would have, I think sucking one of Michael’s friends dicks is enough for me, he’d be pissed if he found out I was sucking your dick too. Can you get me a towel?’ I replied.

‘Yeah sure thing white boy, wait here and I’ll be back. Don’t want the store managers to see your cum stained face right.’ Deon turned and left the store room closing the door behind him.

I stood up finally from my knees and felt my legs strain, I had been on my knees for so long that my legs took awhile to get used to standing up again. Wiping my uniform clean at my knees the store room door opened again and Deon came walking back in. He had a towel in one hand and in the other was holding three bottles, two small ones and then a larger one.

He handed me the towel and I grabbed it thankfully as I started to wipe it over my face making myself presentable to return back to the store so I could finish stocking the shelves. Once I was satisfied I had done a good job I tossed the towel to the side and looked back to Deon who had stepped closer to me with his taller 5’10” build hovering over me.

Deon wasn’t as muscular as Tim but he was just as tall and had a slim athletic build with his black physique well toned. He was on the school basketball team and I’d seen him play a few games back when Michael had been on the team as well.

Looking from Deon’s face to the bottles in his hand I asked, ‘So what are those for?’

He grinned at me again showing his pearly white teeth that were all the more prominent given his smooth dark ebony skin. ‘These? Well these two are for us, one for you to help wash down Tim’s cum and one for me, well just because I want one.’ Deon then handed me the small bottle of tequila and opened his taking it down in one big gulp.

Thanking him again I copied, swallowing the tequila in a big sip and feeling it move over my tongue and down my throat. I shook my head as I felt the smoothness of the tequila wash over me and clear my senses from the crazed face fuck I had just experienced from Tim.

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