Mid Week

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I get my beautiful secret on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I spend Saturday thinking about how much I love Wednesday and Wednesday thinking about how much I hate Saturday. We had been meeting every Wednesday with few exceptions, for 10 months. In the beginning of the start of our meetings we would meet in the middle of an empty court in a neighborhood full of empty lots.

Those early first meetings in the empty court often involved her kissing my lips and setting my soul on fire. She had, and still has the power to kiss me and make my legs tremble. I felt like I was 12 all over again, meeting my crush after school to make out. Here I was 30 years old spending my entire week looking forward to that Wednesday morning kiss.

Over the course of the weeks as the relationship developed things progressed. I hadn’t ever in my life had a kiss that could quiet all my anxieties and ignite such a chaos all at once. She never rushed me, only kissed me passionately as her little hands wandered around my waist, up my shirt and eventually down my pants. Being so wildly attracted to her, there were many days after she and I met that I honestly couldn’t remember my drive to work. I hated her ability to make me so discombobulated. The feeling of her un-buttoning my tight work pants to rub my clit made me feel like I was melting into a puddle of my own brain cells. It never took her long to get me off standing there next to our cars. She made me so wet and swollen I was almost embarrassed by it. On those occasions she would mention it, I always blushed as though it was something to be ashamed of. I loved her two fingers gently making a circular motion on my clit, her other hand holding me securely at the small of my back while I laid my head on her shoulder and tried to keep my orgasm quiet.

Our meeting place on Wednesdays would change every so often as did our activities when we met. We found ourselves meeting nearly every day it was possible for both of us to drive somewhere to see one another even if it was for less than a half of an hour.

In the 10 months her and I had been sleeping together we had met and loved one another in many places. Parking lots, a few hotels and her work desk to name a few. Most recently, my house. My husband working just a few miles away she would park her car just up the road and wait for me to pick izmir escort her up.

My heart races on the very short drive to my house from the pick up spot. Neither of us blend into the small town population of the area I live in. Not to mention the fact that both of us know many people in the area. While most of our mutual friends know the two of us to be “friendly” or even good friends, there isn’t a reason I could think of for her to be in my car one and a half hours from her house on a night she’s supposed to be at home. It’s always a relief to pull into my driveway.

I love having her at my house. It’s more relaxed, and I don’t have to worry about the cops showing up while we lay naked in the back of her car while I’m tongue fucking her.

I lock the door behind us and she reaches out and pulls me in for that kiss only she can give me. After all the time spent together it is still her kiss that gets me. I love to be close to her. She smells so good. Her hair, her skin, it’s all perfect. She is beautiful, my heart thumps in my chest only for her and for these next moments she is mine.

I pull back slightly from the kiss, grab a fist full of her shirt collar and lead her to my bedroom. I lead her to my bed where she can stand over me while I sit below her. I can feel the outline of the strap-on harness through her tight thin material pants as I run my hands over and around her. She’s wearing HER harness. It’s a fabulously sexy thin strapped leather apparatus with metal buckles. It looks amazing on her. Given the opportunity, I could spend hours watching her walk around my house wearing nothing but that harness.

Just the feeling on my fingers of that harness is enough to send me into over drive. Just FUCK me for fucks sake.

Her clothes aren’t even off yet but I notice my shorts are off and she’s in the process of delicately removing my shirt. I lay back on the bed, my lacy black bra still intact. She moves her way on to the bed, resting on her knees, positioning herself in front of my bent closed legs. Her hand softly on my knees slowly separating them so she could get a look at the wetness she caused. Her fingers lightly tracing the outline of my lips and clit before lowering herself between my legs and kissing my throbbing pussy with her familiar mouth.

I could alsancak escort cum almost instantly. I know if I hold out, the longer she eats me out the wetter her pussy gets and there isn’t a thing I love more when I’m licking her than the taste of her arousal in my mouth.

I can hold off my orgasm until she starts fingering me and licking me at the same time. I swear she must have a detailed map to my G spot. Prior to a few months ago I didn’t even know I had one. Now that I know I have one, and she knows exactly where it is she makes a point to utilize her knowledge as often as possible.

I like to watch her lick me. I prop myself up on some pillows and watched her as she softly laps my clit with her mouth and the tip of her tongue, all the while fingering me hard with my two favorite fingers. I love watching her go down on me. She loves to be inside of me as much as I love her being inside of me. I feel her mouth come off my pussy and her face rest on my stomach. Her fingers deep in me. It’s a feeling like no other. I lay on my bed moaning with every movement of her hand. I don’t want her to stop. My orgasms are nearly constant, and I’m so wet I can feel the it under me on the bed.

“Okay”, I say to her handing her my bright pink dildo. She slid the fluorescent pink dick into that sexy leather harness and filled me with it. I love that dick, I love it even more when she fucks me with it. She’s on top of me thrusting into me hard. With every movement I feel her soft skin on mine. She smells so good, it’s almost distracting to have her so close to me. “Oh fuck me. Please don’t stop” I moan into her ear.

She pulls out of me for a moment and turns me over on to my hands and knees. I feel every inch of that pink dick re-enter me. Her left hand on my hip, her right hand into the back of my hair pulling it tight into her hand. I’m going to cum hard, I can feel it building up in me. “Do you like being my whore” she whispers.

Did I hear that correctly?! “Say it again” I say in reply.

“Do you like being my whore”, she says again.

Holy fuck, I don’t think I could be any more turned on at this point.

I look backward and ask her to lay down. I beg her to let me ride that pink dick she’s wearing. She obliges my request. I straddle her my knees outside her thighs, buca escort my feet locked into the inside crease of her knees. Look at her. She’s fucking beautiful and she fucks ME.

She had fucked me before with the strap on but I hadn’t ever ridden her. Here I was positively going to town on her. The best part was, she loved it. I hadn’t ever seen her so sexually excited and aggressive. Her breathing was heavy and she was making faint whimpers. I noticed she had stuck her hand underneath the strap on harness to touch herself.

“Oh no. Don’t you dare get yourself off. I fucking want that in my mouth” I say. She immediately removes her hand from her pussy. I remove myself from the dick and she loosens the straps to take off the harness.

Her pussy is like a piece of art. When aroused, it looks like an upside down heart. Her outer lips are puffy, they cover some my favorite pieces of her. Naked, this butch girl I’m fucking is the definition of femininity.

I want to take time to appreciate her body. But I can’t stop myself from being drawn into her pussy. It’s puffy and wet and I need her in my mouth. I lower my self between her legs and take her into my mouth. I feel sort of bad for making her wait so long when I taste how wet she is. I take my fingers and spread her little inner lips open to get in her further. “Tongue fuck me” she whispers. I begin to wonder how long I can stretch this out for. Part of me wanted to make sure she never got off so I could keep my tongue in her.

My nose pressed against her clit, I repeatedly tongue fucked her until I felt her thighs tighten up and the sound of that little whimper she would occasionally let slip out when she was close to climax. She opened her legs wide for me so I could get deeper inside of her. Cum in my mouth, please cum in my mouth was on repeat in my head. I felt her pussy contract and that rush of warmth on my tongue. I can see her breathing heavily. I know she’s good for two orgasms.

I sit up, one leg on each side of her left leg and slide two fingers into her pulsing pussy. She lets out another moan. Half my pointer and index fingers are inside of her. She is quite small inside and not accustomed to receiving much, I’m always mindful of being gentle with her.

I love finger fucking her and staring at her beautiful green eyes while she touches her clit. She’s so wet, her body wiggles with excitement. It’s not long before I feel that familiar feeling on my fingers and the feeling of her hands on my body looking for a place to grab. I like it when she lets me have a little control. Even more so, I love it that I’m the one who gets to love her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32