Miami Heat Ch. 04

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My breath caught in my throat and I swallowed hard. Had he really said those words that I had so longed to hear? I wondered briefly if it was a simple one night stand, knowing that would crush me so I turned to look at him with concern in my eyes. Sean’s demeanor changed quickly, back to the kind, sweet, gentle Sean from the beach.

“Is this just a tryst?” I asked him carefully. “One of those American one night stands that us Irish girls hear so much about?”

Sean frowned, “No… Why? Did I make it sound like that?”

“No! It’s just…well…you’d be my first.” I muttered, looking away with embarrassment. Sean cupped my chin in my hand and forced me to look at him.

“That’s not something to be embarrassed out, Áine.” Sean growled. “If I ever make you feel like that you have full reign to kick me with those powerful legs of yours.”

I stared at him warily. Was he being serious?

“Áine, if I ever made you think that you were just going to be a one night stand then I’m sorry because I sure as hell wasn’t planning on that.” Sean’s eyes were hungry again, “There’s no way that I want you for just one night. You’re under my skin, Áine, and I don’t think I could even dig you out with a knife. I like that.”

My heart jumped hopefully in my chest. Sean kissed the tip of my nose sweetly and I smiled, closing my eyes. He kissed my lips and as I opened up, he moved down my chin to my neck and I moaned happily as his tongue swirled on my skin. He pressed his growing erection against my hips and I gasped. He felt massive even through clothes and I realized that I wanted every delicious inch.

“Where?” I gasped and moaned. Sean growled against my pulse and nipped at the sensitive skin, making me jump.

“Right here.” He purred against my skin. I laughed shakily and looked around. People were walking around behind us on the street. That wasn’t happening and Sean knew it. He pulled away reluctantly and with a groan and led me to the passenger door, opening it and I practically fell inside with a grin. Sean literally sprinted around the front of his car and jumped into the driver’s seat, buckling the seat belt. I took heed and buckled my own.

Miami seemed to wake up when the sun set, lights blazing colorfully and brightly and traffic clogging the roads but Sean weaved in and out at an exhilarating speed. I laughed as adrenaline surged through my veins, remembering my street races in Northern Ireland against guys twice my age. Sean seemed to avoid being detected by cops, which was surprising seeing that he was bright red, but he skidded onto the street we both lived on and screamed into his driveway, cutting the car engine. I jumped out of the car at the same time he did and we met at the hood, grabbing each other, molding our bodies against each other. Sean backed up, pulling me with him, fumbling with his keys. I put the key in the lock and nipped at the skin above his jugular, pleased to feel that power shudder underneath my fingertips.

He backed me into his house and slammed the door shut, throwing the keys on the ground somewhere in the dark. One hand slid along the wall as we walked towards a nameless destination, searching for a switch. He finally found one and lights blazed to life in his living room. He lifted me up off of my feet and I wrapped my legs around his hips. Every step he took rubbed my heat against his erection and we both moaned, shuddering at the power of the sensation. He walked quickly into a room and threw me onto something soft. I landed on my elbows, watching his dark shadow in the room as he drew his shirt over his head and threw it across the room somewhere. He pounced onto the bed, moving sensually up my body until he kissed me and demetevler escort ground his hips against mine. I groaned as his hands slid under my cami, pushing it up my body. I arched my back, allowing him to take it off of me. There was something sinfully sexy about doing all of this in the dark. He threw my shirt away from the bed and I giggled sexily when he growled crawling down my body and nipping at my stomach and kissing my belly piercing.

Sean hooked his fingers under the hem of my skirt and pushed it down my hips slowly, his mouth following his fingers, kissing his way down my body. He lifted my legs and I kicked the skirt off the bed, biting my lower lip and arching my back and closing my eyes as his mouth nipped at the sensitive skin of my hips, his teeth tugged at the strings of my bikini bottoms. He didn’t take them off however and instead dragged his muscled body back up mine and leaning on one elbow, he reached under my back and pulled the string holding my bikini top up, loosening the tie before reaching up behind my neck to do the same. Now the fabric simply rested on my skin but even that felt too hot. Sean removed it and threw it into the darkness around us. I heard the metal ring hit a wall before sliding to the ground. The lights from his pool filtered through the windows of his room, bathing the room in a soft red and blue. Sean’s eyes gleamed hungrily and he lowered his mouth to my naked breasts. I gasped as his lips sucked on one nipple and I arched into his touch, his tongue swirling erotically around and over the sensitive pearl. My other breast was being massaged by his hot hand and he rolled the nipple between his fingers and I moaned; my breath was difficult to find.

My eyes closed, I couldn’t keep them open even if I wanted to. Sean growled, nipping the bud between his teeth and I cried out as a wave of pleasure hit me with the light pain. He chuckled and moved to my other breast, replacing his hand with his mouth. My lungs rapidly depleted of air and I gasped in a breath as he sucked on my nipple. I ground my hips against him, my body seeming to know exactly what to do even though I had never done this before. Boys had felt me up before, slipping a hand under my shirt, but this was different this was Sean. He was only 22, but Christ, he certainly knew how to use his tongue to drive a girl mad. I whimpered when he left my breasts and nipped along my stomach until he reached my hips again. This time, he used his mouth to pull my bikini bottoms off and as I reached for him to come back up, he growled and pinned my wrists to the bed. A thrill ran through me at the power in which he held me down. His mouth kissed my pussy lips and I gasped, unsure of just what he was doing. He elbowed my legs apart, still holding down my wrists, and slid his tongue along my wet slit. My gasp turned into a drawn out moan as he sucked at my clit. My hips bucked against his mouth and he chuckled. No man had ever touched me so intimately. My breath was getting shallower and shallower and my heart was pounding harder and harder.

Sean nibbled and sucked and licked at my clit, driving me crazy with his mouth. I moaned focusing on breathing; it was really difficult. He let go of my wrists and one hand splayed across my stomach while the other slid inside me. I was so wet that it didn’t hurt but I jumped at the sensation. It felt so good…I nearly purred and arched towards him. He started moving it in and out of me and I started moaning when he put two fingers in and increased his pace. Sean kept licking at my clit and I mewled desperately, wanting more of him inside me as I thrust back against the pace of his hand. Sean growled and wiggled his fingers around demirlibahçe escort in me and hit my g-spot and I moaned loudly. He curved his fingers to hit that spot every single time and I started moaning with each thrust of his hand, sometimes drawing it out into one loud moan as I started climbing that climax ladder.

Sean’s mouth left my clit but he kept thrusting his fingers into me, his thumb taking over for his mouth as he started to suck on my breasts, moving between them. I gasped and moaned and thrust against his hand as he furiously pumped them in and out of me. I started to cry out wordlessly as my body bucked and writhed underneath him. Sean bit down gently one of my nipples and I arched against him, my heart pounding as I came. I screamed as I shot over that edge and Sean’s fingers still kept their pace. I wrapped a hand around his wrist and dug the other hand into his shoulder, my nails scratching his skin. His fingers slowed as my muscles clenched powerfully around him and under him. He took his fingers from my pussy and licked the juices from them. The sight was so erotic that I shuddered in a gentle aftershock.

I was panting and Sean was grinning like a cat. That had almost been better than the rabbit vibrator. It was definitely more erotic having someone else’s fingers inside me and touching me so intimately. Sean chuckled and leaned down to my ear whispering, “I knew that you had been watching me, Áine.”

I jolted in surprise and looked up at him in the darkness. I wasn’t sure if I was worried or really turned on that he knew. I definitely wasn’t mad. Sean licked my pulse lazily and growled in pleasure.

“I watched you too, that night you had your toys with you…” He whispered sexily and I moaned at the thought. He had been watching me that day… “I wanted so badly to be inside you instead of that silly vibrator.”

“Then do it.” I was incredibly turned on and my voice came out in a breathless, husky moan. Sean pushed his trunks down his hips, reaching a hand to pull out his cock. He kicked the trunks off and I reached down as he moved back up my body to kiss me. I wrapped my fingers around his cock, or at least tried to. He was too thick to close my fingers around. This was definitely the biggest cock I had felt or seen. I had given boys hand jobs back when I was going to school, but they were pitiful compared to Sean.

His hand covered mine sensually and I felt the tip of his massive cock slide up and down my wet lips. I moaned as it pressed against my clit and the slid the rest of the way down and started to push to my tight opening. I gasped and grabbed Sean’s shoulder to steady myself. Okay, that was why Lily said to wait until I fucked him. It didn’t matter if I didn’t have my maiden-head; this was going to hurt with the first push. I whimpered and clenched my fingers down on his shoulder. Sean hissed as his head slipped inside.

“Relax, Áine. I know it’s hard, but just try to.” Sean groaned and I tried to relax and he started pushing again and I let out a yelp as I started to stretch.

“Och bloody hell…” I gasped painfully, my throat tight and constricted.

“Come on Áine, stay with me…” Sean groaned. “Come on baby…”

I started to cry and he kept pushing into me. I was thankful that I was so wet or else it would have been extra painful. Sean covered my mouth with his in a fiery kiss as he surged his hips forward and settled himself up to his balls inside me. I bit my tongue as the pain rocked me. I panted pulling away from his mouth and Sean rested his head next to mine. The pain started to ebb and instead I felt the pulse of blood in the veins of his cock and how it twitched dikmen escort inside me. With a moan I rocked my hips against him and Sean hissed.

“Oh God, I’m inside you…” Sean whispered and he nipped at my neck playfully. I murmured in pleasure as he started to pull out and the friction created made my pulse soar again. He started a slow rhythm, pulling out and pushing back in slowly, careful not to make me uncomfortable. As he moved slowly I had a small climax at the exotic feel of that much Man inside me. His cock was rock hard and unyielding as he increased the pace as I thrust my hips up to meet him. The pace was slow and sultry at times and yet fast and hard at others. I moaned with each thrust and during a fast paced bout, I started to come. I cried out his name and clutched him tightly, shuddering and thrusting against him. He slowed the pace, letting me come down before starting to move again. We were both sweating and his skin was slick under my fingers.

“Sean…” I moaned and bit his neck aggressively. Sean chuckled throatily and increased his thrust, making them more powerful and my breasts jiggled with each thrust that he made and I took all he was giving and more. He was an incredible lover, my mind was just a long strain of pleasure; I didn’t know how many times I had come. But I knew that Sean’s cock seemed to be swelling inside me and as he groaned and quickened the pace, I knew that he was going to come. I imagined him masturbating and seeing those white, sticky, hot jets of cum erupting from his cock and I knew that he was going to come inside me and it started building my own pleasure well past a height that I had yet been. I knew that this next and final climax was going to be incredible.

“Oh God Áine, I’m going…uhh…” Sean thrust harder and faster in and out of me, nearly slamming the breath out of me with each plunge. My moans were high pitched and frequent, I knew that I was going to come and I was going to come harder than I ever had before.

“You’re so tight Áine…oh God, you are so fucking tight…” He gasped and my breath started becoming erratic. My body was clenching around his cock but I wasn’t coming yet. I held my breath against my will and cried out shortly over and over again, unable to stop my muscle spasms.

“Och Christ…yesssss…!” I thrust harder against him, grinding my clit against his groin. Sean grunted and shoved harder into me, oh Christ, I was so close! I knew that he was too because his breath was short and terse like mine was. My breath was coming out in violent draws and harsh sighs, my mouth open as pleasure slammed into me with every delicious, friction-filled thrust of Sean’s cock.

I started flying towards climax and suddenly Sean’s cock swelled inside me and he roared my name as he came, pumping hot jets of his cum into me. That threw me over the edge and I came, thrusting against his cock and screaming his name as white light exploded behind my eyes and my climax pounded through me. Sean’s cock throbbed as it spilled his seed into me and I shuddered as pleasure took over completely and I blacked out, riding waves of ecstasy.

“Áine?” I heard Sean’s voice and I opened my eyes to see him, panting and dripping in sweat, a look of concern on his face. I smiled lazily and wrapped my arms around him. He pulled his flaccid cock out of me and I felt his cum ooze slowly out of me. It was a delicious feeling.

“Are you alright?” He asked, worried. I smiled happily and purred in content. I couldn’t formulate words right now. That was incredible and I closed my eyes and pulled him down to rest his weight on top of me. I liked that. He scooted down to rest his head between my breasts and I sighed. Our hearts were still racing; I could feel his pounding against my abdomen and my own beating within my chest like a frightened bird. Sean’s wet cock lay across my leg and I enjoyed the feeling of it twitch every now and then, completely spent. I tried to stay awake but my body refused me and I fell asleep with Sean on top of me.

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