Meeting Gina Ch. 03

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All that afternoon at my café I couldn’t stop thinking about Gina, and what I had said to her as I had departed. I had told her I loved her! Did I mean that? How could I? I barely knew the girl. Yes, I loved her lust for life and her lust for lust. Meeting her had reinvigorated me. All day I kept thinking about the next morning, how I would visit her again, after dropping my kids off at school. She was like I drug. I was hooked.

But I did not have to wait till the next day. That evening, there she was, just before closing. It had been a slow day at the café, the wet weather keeping people away. But it did not stop her. She walked in just as I was about to lock the door. As always, she was wearing a pair of insanely high heels. She had on a raincoat that covered her to her knees. Despite the coat, she was still a statuesque figure.

“I need more,” She said to me, with a beaming smile, as she walked across to the coat rack to hang her coat, adding as she went, “I couldn’t wait. No puedo esperar. Necesito sentirte dentro de mi.”

Then, she shed her coat, revealing what she wore underneath. She had on a sinfully short skirt, and a very tight top. It was obvious that she wore no bra. She turned, and I took her in my arms, kissing her hard, almost cutting my lip on her teeth. As we kissed, we groped, my left hand on her tits, hers on my ass and cock. My right hand travelled down to her ass, and lifted her skirt, pleased to find she had no underwear. I squeezed her ass, and brushed my fingers along her labia from behind.

Then she stopped me and said,

“There is something I always have wanted to try. What is your largest cigar?”

I though a moment, and then went to the cigar boxes for a large, unlabelled Mexican cigar that I had bought my last trip there. It was a 62 gauge cigar, with a maduro wrapper, and measured about 6.5 illegal bahis inches in length. I reached for my cutter and lighter, but she stopped me.

“I don’t want to smoke it yet,” she said with a sly smile. “I want you to fuck me with it first.”

And with that she slithered out of her skirt, and pulled her top over her head, walking over to a table where she bent over and spread her legs. Looking back at me, she continued, “And then, we’ll smoke it. Ok?”

How could I resist? I had always wanted to try this.

“It’s called a ceviche robusto,” I told her, stepping over to her and putting my hand on her ass.

“Hold this,” I said, handing her the cigar before kneeling behind her and beginning to tongue and finger her pussy. “We need to get you ready,” I said between slurps. She tasted musky sweet, with a bit of a hint of peppers. I detected a hint of perfume, too.

It did not take long for her to cum. She was on fire. She came in less than a minute, flooding my mouth with her nectar. Her pussy was not tight like it had been in the morning. I figured that she was still loose from fucking me and then her boyfriend in the afternoon, although there was neither smell of cum nor any sign of it, just her musky sweetness and perfume. She had obviously showered just before coming over.

I took the cigar from her hand, and dipping my finger in her twat I used her cum to moisten the cigar before slipping it slowly into her. Once it was all the way in she took my hand off it, and gently grasping the foot of the cigar she began to fuck herself with it. I walked around to the other side of the table, and, undoing my pants, put my stiff cock before her mouth. She grabbed it with her other hand, and began to blow me while fucking herself with the cigar. I commented on her coordination, and she laughed.

“I was born to fuck. It is illegal bahis siteleri almost like my super power.” And then she returned to suck me and fucking herself with the cigar.

After a couple minutes, she removed the cigar, its dark wrapper now shiny with her juice.

“Fuck me,” She said, or rather, tried to say, with my cock still in her mouth.

And fuck her I did. She grasped onto the table with both hands, as I penetrated her from behind. As before, my cock reached her cervix easily, and she came quickly with the deep stimulation. I kept going, determined to give her a leg shaking orgasm. I went fast, steady, and hard, holding her fleshy hips as I did,, admiring how her ass quivered with every thrust.

Soon, she was almost screaming each time my cock pushed up against her cervix, and moaning every time I withdrew.

“Ay. AY. AYYYYY, Yes. Yes, fuck me! Fuck meeeee. Oooooooooooooooo. si, así es. Yes.”

And then she screamed, and began to tremble, her legs shaking as she came. She even squirted a little. That was a first for me, and I blew my load too, filling her again, for the second time that day.

Then, I helped her stand, and sat lay her down on the bench, while she recovered from her orgasm. I picked up the cigar, still moist with her fluid, and told her,

“We can’t smoke this today. It’s too wet. We will have to give it a day or two to dry out.”

I sat down, and stretched her legs across my lap, and put the cigar under my nose to inhale the smell of her cum mingling with the dark Mexican tobacco. She looked at me through half-closed eyes, and said to me,

“That was a first for me. I have never fucked a cigar.”

“It’s a first for me too, although I have wanted to try it for years.” I replied with a smile, rubbing her calves and thighs as we sat on the bench. Then I asked her,

“How canlı bahis siteleri did it go with Daniel this afternoon?”

She laughed heartily, her breasts swaying as she did,

“He didn’t notice. I even had him eat me before fucking me. He mentioned I tasted different, but he had no idea he was eating us both. Then, when he fucked me he mentioned that I felt looser than normal. I told him it was because he was fucking me everyday, my pussy must be getting used to it. Normally, he likes to cum in me, but I didn’t let him. I want that to be just for you, Isra. I had him cum on my face, which he also likes. He did not suspect a thing. It was so hot to know I was full of your cum while he fucked me.” And then she giggled some more at the idea.

“That was wild, Gina,” I said to her, rubbing her inner thigh and teasing her labia, spreading my cum that was now oozing out of her across her lips.

“Yes, pretty taboo, even for me, but I could get used to it. I think my body needs your cum inside me,” she answered, rubbing her belly over top of her womb, before continuing, “mi madre would matarme if she knew that I was treating Danny like this. But I can’t help myself. It is so crazy. ANd then tonight, with the cigar.” And then, pausing, she asked me,

“What is the most out-there think you have ever done, Isra? What weird or taboo thing have you done?”

“hmmmmm, to be honest, my sex life has been pretty dull, mostly. But, when I was 18, I fucked my cousin. Until tonight with the cigar, that might be the weirdest thing I have ever done.”

“What?! Awesome! Incest is caliente!” Gina exclaimed. “Cuentame la historia. I want to know about your cousin lovin’.”

I smiled at her, enjoying her exuberance. I had never told anybody about the times I had fucked my cousin. As I began to recall the details of the story, I slipped my index and middle fingers into Gina, and slowly began to finger fuck her.

“Well, her name is Helen. . . . .”


And that dear reader, will have to wait until the next story.

As always, I covet your feedback.

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