Maybe It’s Not So Bad Ch. 05

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As usual, this chapter is written in Matt’s point of view, but a small portion is actually written in Halie’s point of view, for just a little change up. Yes, she’s alive, I couldn’t kill her. What? You’d find out in thirty seconds anyway!



The engine roars as I dart down the empty highway. My mind is full of thoughts and images. Halie. It can’t be. I’ll be gone, if she’s gone. I will be only a small little flicker of flame, being fueled by Kampbell. Halie is most of my life, Kampbell is the rest. I can’t lose Halie. I glance at the speedometer. It reads 180. I grip the wheel with most of my force, staring intensely at the road. I can’t lose Halie. NO. I can’t, will not. She won’t be gone.

I see blue and red lights in the forward distance. I snap out of my rage-induced trance. I let off the gas, and I ride the brake. I’m only 200 yards away from the spinning lights, and I can already see an overturned car. My heart jumps.

Matt’s going to be torn. He’s going to over react. He’ll push his way through the medics to get to me. I love him, and I know he loves me. I’m sitting on the back of the ambulance, the double doors are open, and slightly sway in the cool wind. Kelly and Tiffany each standing by the doors.

Minor cuts, a few bruises. Thank god. I don’t even know what happened, there were no other cars. I must’ve hit a pothole; a BIG one too. I flipped over, and I’m going to walk away with a few bruises.

I spot a white car approaching the wreckage, only 100 yards away. Matt.

“Matt’s here.” I say to Kelly and Tiffany, pointing to the white car.

The girls all turn to watch the white sports car pull up close to the ambulance. The engine stops, and the door opens. Matt comes flying out from the seat, and runs to me.

“You’re alive!” He screams, wrapping his arms tightly around me. He gives off a certain warmth, an exotic, rare warmth, that I could fall asleep in.

“Yes. I am.” I say smiling, hugging tightly back.

We hug tight, until he releases and backs up.

“Are you alright?” He asks, gently grabbing my arms.

We look into each others eyes.

“Few bruises. That’s all.” I say to him with a grin.

The medic walks up to me from the side of the ambulance.

“It’s nothing short of a mystery. A rollover wreck, in a car that size, and you walk away with just a few cuts. Something powerful helped you.” He says with a wide grin, glancing at Matt, then back to me.

“Something.” He says at last, and walks away. Matt looks down at my feet.

“Where did your other sandal go?” He asks, pointing to my bare foot.

I look down, realizing my foot is in fact bare, and cold. I look up at him from the corner of my eyes, with an intentional dirty grin.

“Guess you’ll have to go with me to pick a new pair out.” I say, hoping to get a good reaction out of him.

He smiles back.

“Guess so.” He says quietly.


Matt has the heat turned up in the Audi for me. Kelly and Tiffany went home. My car is destroyed, so Matt was quick to take me home.

The radio makes a weird noise, which causes Matt to look over at it.

“Isn’t it off?” I ask, pointing a single finger to the radio.

“Yeah.” He says back, looking to the road. It makes one more weird sound, before sputtering a coincidental lyric, from that of an old talk show, that matches me and Matt all too well.

“Those two, are thought to have found a strong love. They both loved each other, but neither of them knew, until their moment, of love.”

The radio cuts off. I slowly look up at Matt, who is transfixed on the radio.

“What… in the…?” He asks, staring at the radio.

Matt looks back to the road. I stare at the radio. Odd.

We said nothing to each other the rest of the way back to my house. Matt pulls up on the steep incline of the driveway. Matt looks out the windshield, to look at the white two story home. He turns to me.

“Almost as big as mine.” He says with his grin that makes me want to fuck him right here in the car.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” I say back, not knowing what much else to say.

I open pull the door handle, and the door rises up. I step out, and notice Matt is stepping out too, but he’s not shutting his door. I shut the door, and walk over to Matt. We walk hand in hand up the few steps onto the decorated porch. We stop by the large white door, and turn to each other. His blue eyes make me melt inside. His styled brown hair, those arms, that mighty chest of his. Every time I’m around him, I feel so safe, like I cannot be touched.

We lean in for a kiss. I’ve never felt love, I never knew if I would or not, until I met Matt. Danny was someone that I thought I loved, and I was sure he loved me. Obviously, I wasn’t more wrong. Danny left me emotionally scarred, I thought I would never feel safe, or loved in a relationship. I thought I would never feel love. I love him, he loves me, I know what love feels şişli escort like now. When we’re together, we are practically inseparable.

Our lips let each other go. The passionate kiss ending in a light smack. We stare into the eyes of one another, expressionless, motionless.

“Love you.” He whispers, rubbing his thumb over my right cheek.

“Love you.” I whisper back. I turn and unlock the door, and open it with a light tug. I walk into the large entry way, and turn back to look at Matt, before shutting the door. We smile at each other, and I push the door gently. With a click, it shuts. I lock both of the locks.

I turn to the entry way, and walk down the wooden floor. The warm air hits me, and I look around the living room. I look down at my feet, then back up to the living room.

“Anyone home?!” I ask.

No response. Just silence.

I grin, and pull my shirt over my head. I turn to the hallway, and walk down the other opposite hallway, to get to the stairs. My room is in the far corner of the house, on the opposite side of my parents room. I walk up the stairs, and down the upstairs hallway, into my room. I turn and shut the door behind me. I lock it with a loud click. I pull my phone from the small pocket of my black yoga pants, and lay it on my bed side table.

—-Seriously, you are going to be quite confused here in a moment if you didn’t read the disclaimer.—-

I reach behind me, and undo my bra. I watch the pink bra fall off my cool chest, onto the carpet floor. I walk to my full length mirror. I stand in front of it, admiring my small, perky tits. I rub my nipples between my fingers and thumbs. I sit down on the edge of my large bed, with a plop. I reach down, and undo the strap of my white sandal. I hold it in my hand, and I stand up to throw it away. Matt clicks in my mind, and I decide to give it to him. Ha, he’d like that. I set the sandal down on the floor. I reach down and pull my yoga pants down to my ankles. I step out of them, and lean down to pick up, and throw them into my laundry basket. I stand in front of the mirror again, admiring my small, petite butt. I jiggle my ass for good measure. I turn my body towards the mirror, and I see a small dark spot in the middle of my white and pink panties. I reach my right hand down to my wet crotch, and lightly rub my covered pussy with my middle finger. My knees unbuckle at the pleasure. My eyes almost roll back into my head, until I remove my finger. I reach down, and pull my panties off. When they hit the ground, I spot the dark wet spot. I lift them with my right foot, and I kick them into my basket. I stare at my body in the mirror. My pussy is pulsing, and I’m admiring my shaved pussy. I think I’ll grow it out, then try a landing strip. Matt might like that.

I kneel down at the foot of my bed, and reach under my bed. I feel around, until I find it, the vibrator that Kelly gave me for my eighteenth birthday, a couple weeks ago.

I crawl up on my bed, and plug it in beside my bed. I roll over, and lay down on my back, my head sinks into my pillow a little bit. I gently spread my legs, and plant my cold feet into the bed. I rub my hands down the length of my torso, closing my eyes for extra effect. I click the vibrator on low, to start of sensual. I’m a sensual sex kind of girl, and luckily Matt is the sensual ‘I don’t want to hurt you’ guy. Danny was always going on and on about BDSM, and tough shit like that. I went with his fantasy once, and he chained me to his bed and put nipple clamps on me. My nipples are very sensitive, so that hurt. Then I drew the line at the slapping my face until I cry. Actually, it’d be pretty funny to see how Matt would react to Danny doing that to me. Shit, Matt would probably kill him.

I set the tip of the vibrator on my mound, and my eyes instantly roll back into my head. My mouths opens, and I moan. My pelvis rises some, then slowly drops back down. I hold the vibrator with both of my hands, and I instantly want more. I crank the toy up to full blast, and I push it hard onto my clit. My knees jerk, my eyes roll and I moan. My pussy is heating fast, and I’m pushing harder. The toy is pushing hard right onto my small clit. I remember Matt, and the time we spent together these past few days. I think about when Matt first put his monster of a cock into my tight pussy. I feel a rising urge in my hot pussy, so I let go of the toy, and I sit. Tiffany had helped me with edging before, so I always do it for a stronger orgasm. I feel it start to subside. I set the vibrator down on the bed, and I run my left hand down my left side, then down my thighs, I grab my right tit with my other hand, squeezing gently. I let out a small sigh, and I look up at my white ceiling. I grab the vibrator, and push it hard onto my hot clit. I feel the pleasure rush again, and I know I can’t hold myself anymore. My cold toes clench the sheets, and I squeeze the handle of the vibrator. I moan loud, and my eyes roll back sivas escort into my head. My orgasm hits, and I do something that I didn’t know my body would, or could do. My pussy has contractions, pushing my juice out.

Every contraction rocks my entire body. My mouth remains open the entire duration of my powerful orgasm. I’m holding my breath, but letting out tiny exhales that last less than a second. The pleasure starts overwhelming me, and my hips buck once, sending my pelvis into the air. My hips rise even higher, and I shut my eyes tight as the pleasure wrecks my body, and through my pussy, and begins to take over my body. My mouth is forced wide open, and my eyes are shut tight, and I’m grinding the vibrator hard onto my clit. The pleasure goes from intense, to calm, within a matter of thirty seconds, sending small climaxes of pleasure through my pussy. I feel one more small contraction, then my hips fall, and my knees hit each other. I hold the vibrator in the air to my right side, and I catch my breath, in long, heavy exhales. My chest rises, and falls. I stare up at the ceiling, catching my breathe. I click the vibrator off, then slowly set the toy down on my bed. I reach my right hand down, and I run my middle finger along the length of my small pussy. I look at my fingers, admiring the liquid that seeped out during my orgasm. I lick it off my fingers, then I reach down, and stick my pointer finger and my middle finger into my tight pussy. I moan lightly, then remove my fingers. I taste the liquid again, then reach for my phone. I take a nude selfie, showing my pouty face, and small, perky tits. I send it to Matt. I set my phone down on my bed, then turn over on my left side. Unintentionally, I fall asleep.


“Halie! I’m home!” I hear a woman’s voice scream from downstairs. I blink my eyes open, and I roll my head to look up at the ceiling. I’m too tired to respond, but I manage to get something out loud enough for her to here. My brain still not processing who called my name.

“Mh, YEAH OK!” I scream, hoping she can hear me. I roll my head back to its left side. I realize I’m under my covers. I’ve never slept naked before. I always sleep in a shirt, and small shorts, so this is pretty new. It’s a nice feeling, like discovering something new that I like. My soft, thick white comforter caresses my smooth body with my every movement. I turn on my back, and I stare up at my ceiling. I hear footsteps come up the stairs.

“Halie?” A woman asks, in no certain direction. I realize it’s my mom.

“I’m in my room.” I say back, loud enough for her to hear it, but not too loud.

The footsteps, which sound of high heels, comes close to my door.

It opens.

Shit, I thought I locked it! I feel the vibrator on my right hand. I quickly slide it under me.

“Are you Ok?” She asks, slowly walking towards me. I feel the vibrator push into my back.

“Yeah, just tired.” I say, laying my head back down.

She looks around the room. Her eyes stop at the side of the bed.

“I like sleeping naked too.” She says lowering her shoulders.

She must see my bra. I look at her.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to your nap.” She says, picking her hands up. She turns and walks out of the room. She shuts the door quietly. I sigh, and sit up. The comforter slides off my chest, down onto my lap. I turn to my bedside table, and reach for my phone. I click it on, and a note comes up that says I got a text from Matt. I tap it.

The nude picture shows up.

[Matt<3] - Wow. Having fun huh? I smile at the text. I set my phone back down, and I throw the comforter to the side. I slide out of bed, and stand up. I turn to my closet. I walk to the small door, and open it. The light automatically comes on, and I walk into the walk-in closet. I pick out a pink shirt, the design is too faded to recognize what it once was. I pick out a tight pair of blue jeans, with a few holes in them. I grab a white pair of panties. I look down with all of the clothes in my small hands, holding them into my bare chest. I pick out my only pair of sandals; a pair of thong sandals. I used to not like things between my toes, but now I think I kind of like it. I throw the clothes on, not really caring about how I look, because Matt thinks I look pretty, no matter what I dress in. Before I put my sandals on, I sit on the edge of my bed. I stare down at my feet. My toes are still cold, and my feet are pale. I don’t see what is so sexy about my feet. It’s just feet. But when Matt is playing with my feet, they do look kinda sexy, especially with his cock between my pillowy soles. A thought pops into my head. I jump off the bed, and kneel down at the foot the bed. I reach under, and grab my white, realistic-looking dildo. I push the suction cup onto the small area of the wooden floor. I sit down infront of it, and I pick my feet up, and wrap my cold feet around it. I take my phone from my pocket, and take another picture. This sıhhiye escort time, of my toes wrapped around it. I make sure the entirety of my feet is the picture. My arches are facing the camera, straight up, and a small part of my soles are visible. I send the picture to Matt. I stop and admire my feet around it. I pull the dildo off the floor, and throw it back under my large bed. I plop down on the bed, and I reach down for my sandals. I slide the first one on, and I feel the strap go between my second toe, and my big toe. Now I kind of like the feeling, that’s odd.

I do the same with the right, and I get the same feeling. I’m glad I always pampered my feet, I didn’t really wear sandals, or flip flops very often at all, by I preferred that most of me was clean, and well-kept. I don’t know what Matt’s favorite color is, so I’m going to have to ask. I’m also gonna have to let him know I’m on the pill, he must be wondering about that.

I sit on the edge of my bed, and I remember the first time I met him; shy and quiet.

He was 11, he obviously wasn’t working out yet, he didn’t start working out until he was about 16. I didn’t feel anything for him until some time earlier last year. Me and Matt only know each other through Kampbell, if it weren’t for her, man. I was having a sleepover at their parents’ house, and it was just me, Kampbell and Matt, but he wasn’t a part of it, he wasn’t up in his room playing video games. I walked up to his room, and he was real awkward when I was talking to him about his game. I had no idea, and still don’t, know what the game was. He tried to describe it to me, all the while playing it. I had a feeling he liked me, because he’d be perfectly fine, until he would realize I was in the room, or something. His stuttering was so cute, and his eyes, they are so unique, from brown, to blue. I felt bad for him, because he was trying SO hard to get his words out for me, but, just, couldn’t. I pulled a third grade move, and pecked a little kiss on his cheek. He was so surprised, he couldn’t say anything. I just giggled, and skipped out of his room.

———-Matt’s P.O.V.———

Here I sit, staring yet again at another TV. It’s currently off, and the silence of being home alone is deafening. I’m in another world, I’m not even sure I’m totally conscious. I’m spaced out to an extreme degree, pondering about basically nothing. Part of me wants to call Kampbell, and ask her to come home. It’s going on four, and our parents will both be back at any time.

I hear the front door open, then shut. I turn my head to the entrance closest to the front door, expecting one of the three people to walk into my eye sight. My dad appears.

“What’s up?” He asks, throwing his leather jacket onto a metal hanger drilled into the wall.

“Nothing.” I say back, not knowing what else to say.

He turns to me. “Interesting.” He says. He sets his phone face down on the stone table, and he sits down in the other leather recliner.


My mom is here, and Kampbell is back. We sit here in the living room for an unnecessary amount of time, doing nothing, until the door bell rings. We all look at each other, and I jump up from the chair.

“I got it.” I say walking towards the door. I unlock it, and when I open it I find Halie standing on the porch.

“Hey babe.” She says with a wide smile. She takes a step towards me, and wraps her arms around my neck, and kisses me. The short kiss ends in a light smack. Kampbell in all her beautiful glory pops up beside me to my left.

“Do you want to go out to eat tonight babe?” Halie asks, looking at my face.

“Yeah, I could eat.” Kampbell says, turning around and grabbing her purse from the wall rack.

Wow, I just can’t stop spending money, can I?

“Ok. On sec.” I say. “Come in.”

Halie walks in, and stops in the entryway, not wanting to burden my parents. I walk into the living room, and I look at my dad.

“Dad. Can I see you for a second, please?” I ask, pointing to the stairs. He looks up at me.

“Yeah.” He says, pulling himself up from the recliner. We walk up the stairs, and I stop in the hallway. I turn to look at him.

“Dad, I’ve got money, but I don’t think I have enough for dinner again. Can you float me a few?” I ask with a small tone.

He looks at my face, and chuckles.

“Hahaha, yeah I got you.” He says pulling out his leather wallet from his back pocket. He opens it, and pulls out five C-notes, and hands them to me.

“Keep the rest, just in case Halie wants anything else.” He says, putting a hand on my right shoulder. I stare down at the cash.

“Damn. Um, thanks.” I say, watching his back as he gets ready to bound the stairs.

“Wait.” I say to him. “Can I borrow the Range Rover?” I ask with a smile. He turns and smiles back.

“Only if you gas it up.” He says back, turning towards the stairs.

I meet Halie at the entrance of the my house. For some reason I didn’t pay much attention to what she was wearing when I answered the door. She has a high, black skirt on that reveals a beautiful amount of her thighs. She has a thin white shirt on, that buttons in the front. Her black strapped sandals expose her immaculate feet. Her black capped toes are just perfect, like the rest of her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32