Math Teacher , My Mum

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I’m an 18 year old guy who has been struggling to get his academic performance on the right track. It’s not that I’m bad in studies but me and Math just don’t get along too well. This has made life difficult for me especially with my Math teacher who goes by the name of Rajesh.

Rajesh is a 48 year old man who is our Math teacher in school and he ain’t too fond of me. It’s almost as if he has a bone to pick with me. Seeing how he’s my teacher, he’s supposed to help me improve and yet he does the opposite. He’s abusive and demotivating and this makes me hate the subject as much as it makes me hate him.

My family consist of 3 members my father, my mother and me. My father is 50 years old and he runs a family business. My mom is a 46 years old housewife but trust me, she don’t look that old at all. She used to work in a company which she quit 2 years ago. Her assets aren’t too appealing or anything however, she’s pretty I mean really pretty.

My parents have been very concerned about my academic performance lately. Having told them about Rajesh, they seem even more worried now than ever knowing that he could fail me and that would be catastrophic for my future.

Being a business man, my father has to leave our city at least thrice a month. Each time he went, me and mom would be alone at home for 2 to 3 days.

I had an upcoming test and I knew I was going to fail in Math. As expected, I did well in every other subject but I failed in Math. Rajesh told me how hopeless I was and that he’s had enough and wanted me to bring my parents to school. Shaming me in class wasn’t enough for him. Now he wanted to demoralize me in front of my parents.

As I got back to our home, I told my mom of the test result and of the parent-teacher meeting. She realized that my father was about to go out of station and that she would have to attend the meeting all by herself. She knew dad wouldn’t be too happy to know that I failed and hence told me to remain quiet on this matter.

Three days later, it was time for the meeting. Dad was out of town and I told mom to get ready for the confrontation. Both of us were nervous on our way to school. It was an off day so there were no other students. We waited outside Rajesh’s office for a while after which we were summoned.

This was the first time Rajesh had laid his eyes on my mom and I could tell he was mesmerized by her beauty. From the moment she entered his office room until he asked her to take a seat, all he did was stare at her from the top to bottom.

Initially, his plan was to nag about how pathetic I was but instead he told her how much potential I had which was left unused and that I could come first in class with the right kind of guidance.

I was flabbergasted! This was the last thing I could possibly expect him to say. He would also make unnecessary comments asking her where we live, how beautiful she was and how much he liked me as a student pfft. Rajesh suggested her that I should go to his apartment every 2 days a week for Math tuition.

Considering what I had prepared myself for, this was a complete 360 degree turn. After 20 mins of talk, he offered her a hand shake with a smile to which she obliged. Throughout the conversation he didn’t bother to look at me even once and was thoroughly focused on her the entire time.

As we were leaving mom told me how gentle and polite Rajesh was and that I have been making him look like the bad guy all this time. WTF?! What just happened? This isn’t the Rajesh I expected to see and this wasn’t the parent-teacher meeting I was so afraid of unless…

Upon reaching home, mom and I had a conversation regarding the tuition classes Rajesh had suggested. She was now convinced that Rajesh could actually help me “untap my potential” if I took classes from him and she wasn’t taking a no from me.

I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of what had just happened. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Rajesh’s behavior had suddenly changed and why he didn’t make a fool out of me that day. But I wasn’t certain and needed more evidence. Didn’t think much of it and rubbed it off I did.

Next day onwards, Rajesh acted normally in school but this time he didn’t pick on me anymore. I was shocked! Before ending the class, he told me that he’s looking forward to seeing me tomorrow for the tuition.

Next day, my dad had come back and I was ready for the class. I went to his apartment and knocked on the door. He greeted me inside and we got started with the class. Rajesh used to live alone in his apartment. He was a divorced man with no child hence he took to teaching to spend his time.

He was being polite and every now and then he would enquire about my family, especially about my mother. He kept asking about things like how long were my parents married for, what did my father do for a living and the things my mom liked.

This got me irritated but now it was clear to me. This change in him was definitely brought about by my mom. He was interested kaçak iddaa in her and I could see why. She is pretty and this dude has been living alone so it’s no wonder he changed his approach. Two hours would pass and I took my leave and headed home.

Upon reaching my home, my parents asked me how was my first class with Rajesh and it was really weird for me to admit that it wasn’t half bad. My mother had told my dad about the meeting and the tuition class and my father was really happy to see me doing something for a change.

Two days later, I went for my second class with Rajesh in his apartment. Things went smoothly and for the first time in my life I started liking Math as a subject. He was a good teacher, a prick yes, but a good teacher nonetheless. Just as I was about to leave, he told me that he sees a bright future for me and he would like to discuss about my career with my mother.

I told him that my father was back and I could bring him instead as he would be delighted to meet with Rajesh. But Rajesh insisted that I should bring my mother only as he knows her and would like to advice her with a few things about me.

He also assured that the next time I should bring my dad and he would love to speak with him as well. I knew something was fishy, why would he ask me to bring my mom alone? I left his apartment and while heading back, all I could think was what plans he might have for my mother.

One half of me was really pissed and thought of bringing my dad instead. However, the other half of me was getting really aroused by the thought of him dominating my pretty mom as he would dominate me throughout the last year in school.

That was the first time I fantasized about my own mother remembering the day Rajesh first saw her and how he just kept analyzing her body with his lustful eyes. I couldn’t believe how much of a perv I had become and now I was considering the option to take my mom to his apartment.

The next two days passed pretty quickly and finally my dirty mind got the better of me as I told my mother to visit Rajesh with me to his apartment as he wanted to speak to her regarding my future.

Mom was surprised to hear that as it had only been two classes with him and he wants to see her again. She asked if we should take dad with us but I told her that he wanted to see her alone. This puzzled her and she started worrying if Rajesh was disappointed in me.

She finished all her chores and started dressing up. I was waiting for her outside the house. As she stepped out, I was stunned to see how beautiful she looked in a pink saree. Her clothing wasn’t revealing at all and yet I had butterflies in my stomach. I should be getting mad but I was getting tuned on more and more.

On our way to Rajesh’s place, I would keep looking at mom’s face from time to time to predict what was gonna happen tonight. My body was literally shaking with anticipation and excitement which showed its sign with a bulge in my pants. What if he did something inappropriate with her and what would be expected of me then?

We reached his apartment and knocked on the door. Rajesh opened the door and greeted us in. For the first few minutes, he couldn’t take his eyes off of my mother. He was gawking at her wildly and that made my mom uncomfortable. He then offered us to be seated and wait while he would get some coffee.

Mom and I were sitting next to each other and he came back with the coffee and sat across facing us. He started the conversation with mom and once again I could see that he was totally ignoring me. He was being polite as he fixed his gaze upon mom. Apparently, I was the only one who had his coffee cup empty rather quickly.

He was talking about how much of a good student I could be f I put some effort into my studies blah blah. Every parent loves to hear how talented their child is and mom was no different. She kept nodding in approval.

After 15 mins of talking, Rajesh got off his seat and brought me some books from his collection. He told me to solve a few problems while he would discuss what would be best for my future with my mom in the adjacent room. I knew mom wouldn’t agree and would tell him to do the discussing there itself but to my surprise she looked at me, smiled and got off her seat as well.

Rajesh’s sweet talks had played its part and she was now playing right into his trap. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sweet and devoted mother was now going to be in a room with a different man in my absence? Maybe she didn’t think too much of it but how could she just walk away with him like that?

Rajesh could’ve spoken to her in the dinning hall where we were seated but he took her to his study room which was rather cramped up. The room was small and had a curtain with no door. As she went inside, he looked at me and pulled the curtain to break my line of sight.

I desperately wanted to see what was going on inside so I left the seat and took my bottle with me so as give an excuse of refilling my bottle in case kaçak bahis I was caught spying on them.

I moved close to the room and started peeking through the curtain. The room had a small study table with two chairs on the same side. Both he and my mom were seated with a distance of 3 feet facing the opposite side of the curtain. This made watching them really easy.

He was drawing something on a piece of paper telling her of the multiple career options I could take in future. Mom was being very attentive and was watching his drawing carefully. Once he had finished drawing, he put the page forward on the bench to explain what he had made while pulling his chair closer to her.

Now they were sitting right next to each other. I could tell mom wasn’t very comfortable sitting so close to this man but she wanted to see the options he had drawn in order to get a proper understanding of what path would be best for me and my future.

He was telling her that I should put all my attention into Math and Science so that I could pursue engineering courses which could get me a descent paying job. As he was advising her, he took a break and looked at her face and asked “Is that the smell of Jasmine?”

Mom answered with a yes. He was close enough to be able to smell her perfume. He complimented her with “wow! you smell as good as you look!”. He further added “It’s been a while since I smelled that perfume on a woman. You see I’ve been divorced for the last 6 years. I miss my ex wife hence I keep myself busy with studies to stop feeling so lonely.”

Mom felt pity on him and offered her condolences. He took this as a sign of approval and placed his left hand on her lap. Mom didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings but at the same time, she didn’t want him to get too comfy with her either. She let his hand rest on her lap for the time being.

She asked him why did they part ways to which he replied “She cheated on me time and time again. I kept loving someone who never really loved me back.” Mom was in shock and she put her right hand on his left shoulder as to show a sign of sympathy & support.

This made him bold and he started to squeeze her lap gently. As they were facing the other way, I couldn’t tell what her reaction was although she didn’t remove his hand or ask him to do so. He kept it going for a while explaining her the things he had drawn.

After a while, I noticed that his hand was now dangerously close to her private part. He was squeezing the inside of her right thigh and yet both acted as if nothing was going on between them.

As his fingers tried to reach for her clit, she immediately pushed his hand away. He got up and asked her to wait as he started heading towards the door. I tip toed my way to the couch and pretend to be solving the problems.

I could see him filling two glasses of water and on his way back, he looked at me with a smile and I smiled back. I could tell that he was up to something and his sadistic smile gave it away.

Once I saw him going in and pulling the curtain, I rushed to the door and began peeking. He put the glasses on the table and this time he pulled his chair right next to her as he took his seat.

He was now telling his life story and while keeping her engaged in the conversation, he casually let his left hand rest on her left shoulder. I was expecting mom to abruptly remove his hand but she didn’t. He cracked a few jokes in between to lighten things up. Mom was smiling on his jokes and he was in control.

After a while, his left hand started to rub her shoulder while he put his right hand on her right lap. Within a few minutes I could see that his right hand was now moving up & down on her thigh while his left hand had moved to her upper arm region just around her boobs.

It was obvious to me that Rajesh was seducing my mother but what surprised me the most was her little resistance or lack of it. She was going with the flow and responding to his intimate touching with smiles and giggles. It would seem that Rajesh’s story along with his jokes had worked as he had intended and he was having a good time now.

Keeping the conversation going, his fingers would try to reach out for my mom’s breast but finally she showed some decency and lift her left arm to prevent him from doing so. With a couple of failed attempts, Rajesh grew impatient and tried to extend his entire hand in order to cup her boob but she got off her seat and excused herself.

Seeing this I once again ran towards my books and acted as if I knew nothing. She came out of the room, checked on me and headed towards the washroom. I had a feeling she had enough of Rajesh’s advances and she would leave with me once she came out.

After taking care of her business, she came near me and asked me if I was doing alright and if I needed Rajesh’s help with anything. I hadn’t even started solving the problems yet but she didn’t know that of course. So I said “No don’t worry I can solve these on my own.”

She illegal bahis kissed me on the forehead and walked towards Rajesh’s room. I stopped her on her way asking “How long will you take? I’m getting hungry! Isn’t Rajesh done with what he wanted to show you?”

“I’ll be back soon” she replied with a smile and walked right in. This time SHE pulled the curtain as she walked inside and I sneaked my way to the spot next to the door. Rajesh was seated and was writing something. Mom went near the chair and took her seat which was right next to Rajesh’s chair. “Ohh you’re back! Great! let’s continue” he exclaimed.

This time he started discussing with her about my career again and within a few minutes he boldly placed his left hand on her waist. This caught me off guard and I didn’t expect this coming. Mom however remained quiet and paid attention to what he was saying.

It didn’t take long for his hand to reach the side of her belly. Since mom was wearing a saree, his hand was now in touch with her flesh and he took a hand full of her flesh. I could clearly see him grabbing her skin and pressing it and I could tell mom was enjoying it too.

Meanwhile, his right hand was now moving to and fro on her forearm. My mother seemed to have surrendered her body to this prick of a teacher. Instead of getting infuriated, she was getting aroused by his touch. They looked like a teenage couple trying to build up some heat before going all out.

I knew if left undisturbed, this son of a b might end up screwing my mom and I wasn’t too keen on letting that happen especially after what he put me through the last few months.

As I was thinking of a plan to get them apart, Rajesh suddenly grabbed mom’s wrist which he was massaging for a while and placed it on his thigh. He also squeezed the side of her exposed belly and mom responded with an “Ouch!”. Right away Rajesh whispered something into her ear and I could see her giggling.

I thought of calling my father in order to break their session but I was getting aroused every moment and wanted to see what was next. With my phone in hand, I could have easily dialed dad’s number but the pervert inside me had awakened and I just couldn’t follow through. This perv in me wanted to see if this prick could actually have his way with my pretty mom and the humiliation and excitement had reached a new peak inside me.

I just couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I was one click away from doing the right thing and yet it was as if my hands were tied by this strange desire to watch what was about to unfold.

This ass of teacher who had been abusing and demoralizing me for weeks was now planning to defile my own mother but instead of wrecking his plan, I was now awarding his rudeness with a prize so great. Part of me wanted to interrupt them while the other part of me actually wanted to see him take her.

I broke out of my trance when I heard a soft moan from the inside. With what I saw, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I immediately dropped my shorts down and started stroking my dick there itself.

His mode of conversation had changed from talk to whisper and I saw him wrap his lips around mom’s earlobe. Also, I could no longer see the back of his left hand anymore. It was obvious to me that his hand had reached her navel and his fingers were probably playing with my mom’s belly button now.

In a matter of minutes, half of mom’s right ear was inside his mouth now while his right hand reached for the other side of her bare belly. I could see that Rajesh’s eyes were closed and they were chatting no more. Rajesh had started getting intimate with my mommy as she wasn’t resisting any longer.

I saw the palm of his right hand pressing the right side of her bare belly for a while and finally it started to move upwards. It was now or never, if I let Rajesh feel my mother’s breast, I knew he wouldn’t stop there. Knowing how stubborn he was, if his hand reached her boobs, his cock would definitely reach into her pussy. I had to stop them ASAP!

I pulled my pant up, moved away from the door and called for my mom. I had to bring her back to her senses before it was too late. I called for her three times but she didn’t respond so I called out my teacher instead.

I kept calling them for 3 minutes while being seated on the sofa. With no response from either, I was about to head towards their room when Rajesh answered my call saying “your mother and I are talking about something important regarding your future. I’ll attend to you within 10 mins. Have your answers ready by then!”

I was pissed after hearing that! I had to wait 3 minutes just so I could hear that? I left the couch and headed towards the door to take a peek and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I was too late. Those three minutes were more than enough for Rajesh. It’s no wonder mom didn’t respond to my calls.

Mom with her eyes shut had raised her head towards the ceiling as Rajesh was smooching and licking all over her neck! Not only that, his right hand had reached its destination and he had cupped her right tit. With his eyes shut, he began to press her boob while kissing her neck wildly while mom’s soft moans were getting louder.

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