Masseuse: Awakened

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Joanne Wallman had not had a life of pleasure, and married young to a man she didn’t love, but thought she loved. He had made her pregnant without any discussions about children or even engagement. As she found herself in the fourth month, they swiftly arranged for a wedding that was so far off the childhood dreams that she had been carrying in her heart. The only reason for her surviving was the children that came over the years, giving her room to build a role as a mother, but the role of loving wife was nothing she could find within her as time pushed them further apart. The third and last child had moved out of the small apartment she had been calling home for 21 years, and she found that there was nothing left holding her to the cracked walls, so she looked in her cupboards, drawers and on the shelves, and packed a single bag with clothes and another with her belongings before she folded the piece of paper that confirmed her divorce and put it in her pocket.

She closed the door, and walked down the stairs to the landlady where she left her key. She didn’t need it, the strings keeping her were cut and she was moving on to a better place. Standing by the bus stop like so many times before, she inhaled the scents of the damp street blended with trash and distant pizza, and watched the bus approach her position. Like so many times before, she stepped up and the bus driver looked at her with stern unfriendly eyes as she paid the fare, and sat down two rows behind him. The bus shuddered as it began her journey towards a new life somewhere else. After changing bus a few times, inhaling more than a few scents of hangovers and spicy food, she finally stood waiting on the platform, waiting for the train, feeling the morning rain gently wash away her pain. It was time and Joanne Wallman disappeared into the landscape.

After a long long journey through all of her nightmares and horrors, it was time to get out, and she proudly stepped out of the train. She was a new person, her whole appearance was completely different and exactly what she wanted it to be. She wasn’t the pitiful apartment prisoner she had been, she was a human with thoughts, feelings and talents. Her disappointments was left behind her in the former prison, and she looked at the train and the reflection of herself in the windows overwhelmed her, she was glowing and her name came to her when she looked down at her own suitcase: Julia Wildfire. It was just another interpretation of her own initials, JW, but her new name made her smile and a happy sensation spread throughout her body. She was free, or rather reborn, to make a new life and learn what this world has to offer.

Julia walked towards the main terminal, in the same direction as the other passengers, but her steps showed more confidence than the others around her, and not having to rush anywhere gave her time to enjoy the scenery, the messages on the walls, the colors that made the concrete look like a surreal landscape, the scents of fresh air, the tension of high voltage electricity in the air and her new attitude towards life. She was there to make a lasting impression on people, and it was an adventure that had already begun. She halted when she saw a poster on the wall, and gracefully removed another poster which was covering parts of the wonderful image. It was a pair of hands in black and white with the word “Hilfe!” written in large red letters. The word meant nothing to her, it was a language she didn’t know off or understood, but the language of the image was appealing to her and explained exactly what she was going to do.

She found her way out on the busy street, and saw a magnificent tall building which appeared to be built entirely with glass. The sun was reflecting in the glass tower and made it spectacular in her eyes, so she started to walk towards it. It must have been a two mile walk before she reached Hotel Majestic Conqueror. She greeted the doorman with a wide smile, and saw how he seemed to melt as she took time to stop and wish him a good day. She continued to walk through the large arches in red and gold, and gave everyone time to notice her as she walked with a pace that revealed her new personality, and gracefully sat down in the lounge suite. It was a theatric role she was playing, like those she had seen on TV. She looked around, and a couple was sitting not far from her discussing something that she couldn’t hear, but the woman was obviously annoyed about something in her shoulders or back. A young man in a dark red uniform with discrete golden lines was trying to help, but whatever he did would only make the woman more annoyed. Eventually an older man, who appeared to be the hotel manager wearing a similar uniform only in black and gold, came and this seemed to calm down the woman a bit, but not before she had clearly stated to the entire lobby that her back was aching.

Julia stood up, and walked towards the couple, and without saying a word, she reached down with her hand behind the woman’s back and felt it. She looked up into the surprised eyes of the hotel manager, while letting her fingertips work their way down the spine.

“It would appear as isveçbahis if the muscles are tense and a lot of pressure is building near her fourth and fifth vertebra.”

She looked down at the couple, first into the eyes of the man and smiled to make sure he didn’t feel left out, and then turning to the woman, still with a smile on her face, she talked with a low soothing voice.

“Does it feel better if I gently increase pressure here?”

And while she continued to have eye contact with the woman she pushed with her strong fingertips in places near the spine. She could see the woman expecting to feel more aches, but as she began to realize that Julia’s hands was actually helping she relaxed noticeably. After a while the man poked the woman slightly as to remind her to answer the question, and she let looked up.

“Yes.” she sighed in relief.

Julia continued to slowly give the woman a massage while she explained to her that she had probably been sleeping in a bed that was to soft and by changing the bed to better suit her body the tension would go away within a couple of days.

“Hire her, Waters.” said the man who had been sitting silently. His voice was full of determination and experience, and when Julia turned to him she could hear the hotel manager answer behind her back.

“Yes sir, of course sir.”

The man took her hand and held it, looking at it as if he was trying to read her palm, and then looked up and explained that he owned the hotel and that he couldn’t see such talent be wasted.

“You’re just what we’ve been looking for, Ms…”

“Wildfire, Julia Wildfire.”

The afternoon was spent talking with Mr and Mrs Paxton, sorting out the details of her employment. The hotel manager Mr Waters was also at the table, but he rarely said anything as if he was afraid of the older couple. Being new in the city, they arranged for a room to Julia, “nothing fancy” which had suited Julia’s limited amount of luggage.

“We can’t offer you the same salary as other hotels might, we’re more of a family here, so we hope that this will be enough, and you get a weeks pay now so you can buy yourself what you need.”

He handed her a folded piece of white paper, which she took and opened. She had looked at the numbers and felt a bit dizzy. She had never earn this much, nor could she remember her former husband ever earning this much, and she looked at the somewhat concerned faces across the table.

“You’re going to pay me $100/hour?”

“We hope that is enough.”

Julia didn’t know what to say. She was overwhelmed with the fortunate turns of her new life, and the word “enough” echoed in her head. She could feed a small country with this amount.

“You get to keep the tip you get, of course.”

Even more money? What was this place? She smiled a little to cover her surprised feelings, and regained her calm before answering. The held hands and she found that to be so cute.

“You’re too kind, but this is to much. Eight hours a day will be more than $100.000 a year.”

“Actually, it’s closer to $200.000. You get a five weeks paid vacation to be used freely, the room upstairs and full dental and health plans like the rest of our staff. You do not eat with the guests, but in the dining room for the staff, and the meals are included with the limitation that you don’t get to choose, unless you’re allergic to something. You get a 50% bonus when working between 6 PM and 6 AM, and if the need for your services should offer you opportunity to work more than those hours, then it’s optional. You’re paid for the hours you work, but we guarantee you get paid for at least four hours a day.”

It was all coming to quickly for her to fully understand, but she knew that she was given an opportunity that she couldn’t say no to. She sipped some water from the crystal glass, and was about to answer their proposal when Mr Waters pointed out.

“Please understand, that you are not given a company car. Any exercise program to stay in shape is to be done outside working hours, and you are not allowed to have visitors in your room. If you have relatives visiting, you’ll have to paid for their rooms with a minor discount, and they will be expected to follow the rules as any other of the hotel guests.”

He handed over a slim volume of the hotel rules.

“Read it before signing any papers.”

He smiled generously, as if he knew that nothing would change her decision. She received the rule book and placed it on her right side, as she continued to talk to them all. She was in ecstasy, and fought hard not to show her feelings to them. She found it harder and harder to have all the emotions bottled up inside her, and with a delicate comment she made them all laugh.

The lovely couple announced their departure as dinner was over, and Mr Waters showed Julia to her room on the eighth floor. The room contained a large bed, a chair from where she could watch the cable TV, a small office corner with a desk holding a computer and a few shelves for paper. The room had a mixture of green and brown just like a forest. The bathroom floor and walls isveçbahis giriş were covered with pale pink tiles, and the washbowl and toilet were white. She stood there just viewing the room as if she was in a castle and this was the master bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed, and smiled as she realized that she only did that because her husband had never allowed her to sit in the chair. She took out the book of rules and started to read. Most of it was common sense, but there were other things that were specifically pointed out so that they wouldn’t be missed. Each room was the property of the hotel, and cleaners would come every Thursday and clean them. All personal clothing could be cleaned by the dry cleaner a few blocks away from the hotel, discount given when showing the staff id-card. Uniforms, bedclothes and towels were taken care of by hotel cleaners. Julia closed the book and took a walk down to the lobby where the hotel manager was waiting with a folder containing a few sheets of paper. Julia read them all. Admittedly she didn’t understand all that was written, but the few times she didn’t, she simply asked and the hotel manager would happily answer. When the last piece of paper was signed, two folders were made with papers. One folder with the copies was given to Julia, the other was kept by the hotel manager, who took out a few items from under the desk.

“This is your security key. You’ve got level 4 clearance, which means you can get in at night when the doors are closed, you get into the staff areas and your own room. It won’t allow you into any of the rooms or other hotel guest areas. It’s also your id-card, which you can use to proof that you are a hotel staff member. Each time you use it, in any door within the hotel, you’re registered, and please make sure you know where you have it at all times. This is your personal nameplate and you are required to wear it while you work. Yours do not contain any other sign than your name, but you will notice that others have flags on their nametags. That shows the languages they speak, so that are guests may know without asking. Finally this is one weeks pay as a starting bonus, so that you may take care of unfinished business or buy something for yourself. Do you understand?”

Julia picked up the eclipse shaped nameplate and placed it visible on the left side of her dress, just next to the lapel. She picked up the card and envelope and hid them in her hand, and looked up and nodded. With that, she was instructed to go and pick up her uniform. It was a very nice dark red uniform with gold lines just like the one she had seen on a few already, and the skirt was very nicely cut which made it both easy to work in and elegant.

She spent the evening learning about the hotel history and architecture, where the dining room and spa were such, where the conference rooms were and what they were called along with how many they were made for. She took great pride in learning about the hotel so that she would be able to give the guests the best service she could. Then at 1 AM, she called down to the lobby and asked if they could instruct her how to set the alarm so that she would wake up. With a happy but very tired smile, the day ended for Julia Wildfire.

Julia woke up the following morning at 6 AM. She took a shower and got ready for her first day, and she was sweet-smelling from the delightful perfume she had purchased. Dressed in the uniform, with her long thick blonde hair in natural waves over her shoulders, she examined herself in the mirror. The thin black stockings and heels made her legs more appealing, and the clear nail polish was very classy. She wore a minimum of makeup, because she wasn’t used to wearing any. She was ready, and left the room to get breakfast. Serving porridge was Heidi, a tiny woman with pale skin, thin lips, narrow eyes and light blonde hair in a hair net. She appeared to have no color at all, and seemed very shy. Julia received the bowl and took a cup of tea along with a sandwich with ham and cheese on it. She walked to a table where a few were seated and asked if she could join them. The three ladies, busy with discussing the latest gossip, showed her that she was welcome. They were all very friendly, asking all sorts of questions about Julia’s background, some that she didn’t want to tell, but the inquiry was soon over when they continued to discuss politics, lipstick and food.

She found her first assignment in the lobby after finishing breakfast, and took her things with her to room 1325. She knocked on the door, and after a while it opened and a man about her own age stood before her wrapped in a towel.

“Hello, my name is Julia. I believe you’ve ordered a massage?”

“Good, I’ve been waiting for you, come on in.

He showed her in to the room, and she raised her massage table in the center of the room before placing a big towel over it. He dropped his towel and laid down on the table, face down. Julia picked up a bottle of oil and rubbed some in her hands before starting. Her hands kneaded his shoulders while he moaned silently at her touch, and the room laid in silence except for an occasional isveçbahis yeni giriş moan from the man. He was muscular and fairly tall, with some hair on his legs but none on his back. There were dark red strips across his back and each time Julia would slid over one of them would be the time he moaned. She worked her shoulders and back, arms and hands, moving on to his lower back and rear, to finish up with his legs and feet. 15 minutes to kneed is bruised backside with oil, before she broke the contact with him and asked him to turn around.

He did so, and laid there with closed eyes and a very erect cock. She didn’t know what to do, so she applied some more oil into her hands and started to rub his hairy chest, his shoulders and arms again. About 10 minutes she kept going with thoughts about how to deal with the situation, and when she approached his groin he finally whispered.


Julia remained silent and continued to give him the massage he had requested, kneading his thighs and occasionally feeling his erect member against her arm. She never touched it intentionally, but each time it accidentally happened, she would hear the man moan. Moving down his thighs and away from his urge, she could hear him sighing, and it was perhaps her maternal instincts that made her ask.

“What’s the matter?”

Hearing herself voice her question made her realize how silly it must have been, but she didn’t say anything else, slightly afraid that she would say something that would be even sillier. She continued his work while he seemed to be struggling with himself about whether to tell or not.

“I broke up with my fiancé about a month ago, and I haven’t had sex since then. You’re very beautiful which makes it even harder for me right now.”

It was obvious that he was embarrassed, but once the words started coming, they kept on coming.

“I would do anything for an orgasm right now. Please, can you help me? I would do anything, I’ll pay you extra, please?”

It was time for Julia to struggle with herself as thoughts rushed through her head. Helping him to an orgasm? What did it involve? What would it mean? How much more could she earn? Was it the ethical thing to do? Was it the human thing to do? She kept on going, down his legs and feet, making sure he was entirely coated in oil, finding all muscles and relaxing them, yet the hard-on remained as it had been for several minutes. She looked at him, seeing how pitiful he had become before her, and something inside her made the decision.


“Yes, please.”

Julia filled her hands with more of the oil, warming it in her strong hands and then started to kneed his thighs again, reaching the base of his cock. She pushed her thumbs at the base making it stand up even harder and then made small circles between the base and his tight balls. He moaned out louder as she continued her massage and when she was pleased with her result she suddenly moved on of her oily hands to his cock. She started stroking him with long strokes, from the top to the base, in slow motion. He was pulsating in her hand, eager to receive all the blessings of her hand and end his dry period, and she kept pumping slowly. She stood silent watching his reactions as she continued her handiwork, and when she noticed that his panting became more controlled, she increased the tempo so that he would start panting again uncontrollably.

“It feels so great.” he said, panting heavily between each word, and Julia smiled a little while she continued. Her hand around his balls pushing them against the base of his cock, making them exposed to her wrist every time she would slide down, and thereby increasing the pleasure of the moment.

“Please, your mouth.” he panted out.

“600.” Julia replied without hesitation.

Her hand continued to stroke his cock, faster and faster, but he did not answer. He had difficulties laying still, and his legs were trembling in tension as she guided him further and further. She felt the scent of her own sex in the air, and realized how hot this was making her. She stood with her legs tightly together and wiggled her hips while she continued to hand-fuck him. It felt so good to be this horny, and she kept them both going.

“Please, your mouth.” he panted again, which appeared to be more difficulty.

“600.” Julia answered again with a long passionate sigh which felt distant to her ears.

Julia could see that he wanted to answer, but his cock was shaking in her hand, and without breathing he suddenly started to cum in her wonderful oily hand which kept pumping eagerly as she wanted to feel his cock in more places than just her hand. The sensation of seeing him cum for her, creaming out all of his cum over his belly and chest was so wonderful to see that Julia felt as her body would explode. She needed to cum too, but couldn’t risk sticking her fingers inside her uniform, so all she could do was continue to wiggle and rub her legs against one another. He heard him loudly breathing as she came aware of her constantly pumping hand. He was twitching like a fish on dry land as her hand stroked him long and hard. She stopped, only holding him at the base in a tight grip, and gazed at the lumps of semen laid over his oily chest and belly, and with one last tight stroke up, she squeezed out the last of his load.

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