Mark and Emma

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(I would like to thank RedHead*Muse for all her help with editing this story. She has shown great patience in the face of this authors impatience.)


Mark and Emma’s relationship and later, marriage had been one of fun, excitement and just plain porn. They were the best of friends, as well as husband and wife. This was Emma’s second marriage. Her first was one of total disaster. She had realized early on in her marriage that he was possessive and a brute bordering on being a bully. She walked out on him, and it had taken a lot out of her, almost to the point of never wanting a relationship again, let alone marriage.

It was sometime later that Mark came into her life, or rather her shop, initially to ask for directions. He was captivated. This stunning woman so full of self-confidence was giving him directions and he just couldn’t stop looking into her eyes. They were the deepest blue he had ever seen, and there was something in them, a sparkle that seemed to challenge you to blink first.

Emma being comfortable in her own surroundings leaned on the counter as she talked. Her brown hair was falling off her shoulders. As she brought her face closer to him, he noticed her high cheekbones. Mark had often thought of himself as just a little weird. Some men are breast men. Then there are leg men and even ass men. Mark had two weaknesses in his life regarding women, and they were eyes, to him the true windows to any woman’s soul and cheekbones.

Mark was lost from that moment, and it was then that he realized he had gone very red. Grasping that he was so captivated by her eyes, he had not heard any of her directions. He shrugged his shoulders and asked her to repeat them. It was while she was laughing at him he became aware of something else about her. When she laughed, she also laughed with her eyes. After finally getting the gist of where he was going, he thanked her and left, only to return the next day armed with flowers. Mark seemed to have caught her off guard that day and pushed his luck a little further.

He asked her out to dinner. He hadn’t actually thought of dinner. Mark supposed it was one of those few times in most men’s lives that we seem to get it right, simply by not thinking things through too much. Dinner moved to a date, then onto another one. Eventually, he wore her down and she moved in with him. Marriage soon followed; after all, totally by accident he had found his soul mate. He wasn’t going to leave her single for too long if he could help it.


Emma had started this morning with mischief in mind and continued on through the day. That evening they had friends over for dinner. It was his job to collect the dirty plates, and then he headed for the kitchen. Mark thought he was going to make it at least to the dishwasher. Well he thought so. While he had his hands full, she had walked up to him with a huge smile on her face and a glint in her eye that just screamed trouble, gave him a hug and then proceeded to stick her hands down his trousers.

When she had made him erect, she then went off to talk to their friends, like nothing had happened, leaving Mark with an erection to get rid of. He bided his time. Since she was in one of those moods, she would suffer a little as well. The rest of the evening finished with the usual, women sorting out dates for a return dinner at their place. Their friends now gone, they both sat and chilled out. For both of them it had been a long day and for Emma it was going to get even longer. While she finished washing the last of the glasses, Mark disappeared for a few moments and came back with a small surprise. As she turned from the sink he held out a blindfold.

She laughed and Mark smiled as he put it on her, and fireman’s style lifted her over his shoulder walking to the bedroom. Emma was giggling and thumping his back with her fists in protest, protests that fell on deaf ears. She had been in tease mode all day and knew she was now going to pay for it. She also knew she was free to undo the blindfold at anytime, yet never did. Such was the level of faith and trust between them. He stood her at the end of the bed, undid her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Her bare breasts gave away the anticipation of what was left of the evening.

Her nipples were hard and dark, ready to be sucked. Mark undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He could see the dampness between her legs. Emma, in anticipation of what was to come, lifted her arms that smile still there as he lifted her under the arms and launched her onto the bed. As soon as she landed, her legs rose from the bed. She knew he was still standing there, and Mark was now being treated to the sight of his beloved Emma freely masturbating in front of him.

Tease mode for her was a double-edged sword and all in his favor. She got to tease him and it also doubled her need for pleasure. This woman was not only hot she was incredibly horny. Mark quickly removed his clothes. Her level of concentration pleasuring illegal bahis her self was so intense that it took her a moment before she sensed him on the bed. He was now kneeling beside her, leaned forward and held a breast in his hand, molding it, gently stroking the nipple, taking it between his fingers trying to make it harder. Emma tried to angle her upper body wanting him to suck it.

Mark lowered his mouth onto her breast and heard her gasp with pleasure as his tongue snaked across her hard warm nipple. Again she tried to move her upper body, attempting to force more of her breast into his mouth. Moving a hand to her other breast he squeezed, pulled and pinched her nipple as he sucked greedily on the other. She again gasped and bit into her bottom lip, a thing Mark had seen her do when she is close to orgasm and is trying to fend it off trying to increase its intensity.

But Mark was waiting for this moment and while still sucking and nibbling on her nipple, he moved his other hand to her beautiful flat stomach, then down to her pubic bone. She was endeavoring to twist her lower body, to make his hand miss its intended target. It was a battle of wits now. Emma was keenly trying to intensify her orgasm and Mark was intent on making her have one when he wanted her to. Instinctively she tried to close her legs, but by now two fingers were parting her vaginal lips. She was very wet. He inserted a third finger into her, moving them back feeling for that erect little nub that would by now be peeking out between her full lips.

Circling her clit now, first slowly, and then building up pressure on it, he felt a moan from deep within her as her orgasm started to take over her body. Mark now forced all three fingers deep within her and sucked long and hard on her incredibly hard nipple. Her orgasm came and the backs of her heels dug deep into the bed as her pelvis lifted off the bed. With such an intense orgasm, more of her juices mingled with his fingers as again he forced them into her. Only this time he curled them, probing for her button. She tried one last time to twist her body trying to remove his fingers before Mark found what he was looking for.

Her body was soaked with sweat and come and she almost dislodged his fingers. Then he found it. Her g-spot – it was full, ripe and ready. First one finger, then another and finally the last finger were all playing deep within her, stroking her button forcing it to do what she was trying to hold off. Suddenly, all of her body seemed to lift itself off the bed in one very intense orgasm, wracking her very being. Mark withdrew his fingers as Emma curled up into a ball. Her body going into spasms, come oozing from her at a rate only when she has one of those intensely powerful orgasms.

Mark removed the blindfold while her body gave her more mini orgasms that seemed to feed on themselves. For a few minutes her whole body would shudder and twitch involuntarily. She just looked at him and smiled, her gaze wandering to his erection, her hand wandering to it. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she started slowly to masturbate him. Her spasms subsided, and she moved towards him lowering her mouth onto his erection.

The warmth of her body lying next to his and her mouth around his manhood made him feel a little light-headed. Emma lifted herself up and pushed Mark backwards onto the bed. Straddling him and holding his penis as she lowered herself onto him, he felt her have another smaller orgasm. Although all of him was inside her, she gasped and smiled. Slowly at first, she swiveled then raised herself, only to drop as hard as she could back onto him, making sure there was no more of him to enter her.

Mark loved her when she did this. She did it for a few minutes, her fingers now digging into his chest, just as he held hers. Those beautiful orbs that Emma had dangled in front of him tauntingly, the area around her chest was getting redder now. He knew that soon she would come again. He felt her vaginal walls squeeze against his penis, demanding he give himself up to her. He lasted for a few minutes more, finally coming deep inside her. She let out a gasp and collapsed over him, exhausted, come from both of them oozing from her.

She looked into his eyes with a smile on her lips and in those beautiful blue eyes, just said. “Nice.”

Mark could tell she was going to want to hold back longer next time. But that’s why she liked the blindfold game. It was a battle of wits and they both came out winners. With a smile Mark kissed her, hugged her and whispered into her ear. “I love you.”

Mark woke the next morning, Emma slumped across his body, her leg also draped over him making sure he couldn’t go anywhere without waking her. Mark inwardly chuckled to himself, “Why would he want to sneak away from a woman like this?” He kissed her head. She stirred, rolled over and he rolled with her. Her hand was already waiting to guide him into her and once inside that velvet tunnel of hers, her legs illegal bahis siteleri wrapped themselves around him.

They were slow. They were gentle. They had time. Both had the whole weekend. Emma came hard against him as he emptied himself into her, her legs still locked around him.

Mark kissed the end of her nose and said, “Your greatest wish and we have the weekend to fulfill it?”

There was a distance in her eyes as she thought about what he had said. She blushed then said, “I have my greatest wish with me now.”

Maybe it was him just being paranoid, but he did notice a distance in her eyes. There was something she had thought of, yet told him, being a man, what a man wanted to hear. In essence Mark had caught her telling him a lie, and he just didn’t know what to do about it. That awkward moment had never been part of them before. Emma sensed, then realized Mark had caught her out. That awkward moment grew like an infection. Soon the distance between them grew as they both took up unfamiliar positions.

Mark felt like a night swimmer caught in a current, not sure what way the bank and safety were. He loved his wife so completely and utterly, yet she had lied about a gift he wanted to give her. Was it truly that wild a wish that she had felt it would rip into the fabric of their marriage? He sat up and looked closely at her. She tried earnestly not to let it show, but the guilt had now crept across her face.

All he could do was repeat him self, deeply hoping that she would understand that he was throwing her a line. “Your greatest wish and we have the weekend to fulfill it?”

There it was again, that distance in her eyes just as she took his hand and held it so tight and said, “I’m looking at my greatest wish.”

Like that last nail driven into a coffin came the blow that took any air he had left in his lungs away from him. She held his head in her hands, pulled him close to her and whispered, “You have no need to ask me that again.”

Mark smiled and kissed her lips, got up, showered and made breakfast for them both. When a mirror cracks although we all think we see all the pieces, there are now shards missing. Those cracks will divide and move further making the mirror even weaker. Emma didn’t join Mark in the shower like she had done at every opportunity. Following that, breakfast was spent with halting talk of what to do on the weekend. The dreaded word “shopping” came up and saved them both an afternoon of awkwardness. Emma went off to the mall while Mark went to the gym.

By the time he got back to his locker and checked his cell, there were six missed calls, all from Emma. Mark called her back but there was no tone. He felt a dread creep up on him now, dressed quickly and made it back to the house in record time. She was nowhere to be seen. On the kitchen table sat an envelope with his name on it. His knees felt weak as he sat and pulled the envelope open.

A letter and a small envelope spilled out, Mark read the first.

My dearest love,

You knew I lied. It broke my heart that I did so, yet could find no way to take back what I had said. I gave you my heart the day of our wedding. You know every inch of my body and yet I cannot bring myself to answer your question to your face.

The smaller envelope has the answer to your question. I now throw your challenge back to you. I will be back home at six and then I expect you to rock my world and fulfill my dream.

All my love, Emma


With a foreboding Mark had never experienced, he opened the smaller envelope and read the contents. A great weight lifted off his chest. Looking at his watch he realized that he had so little time left to make her dream come true. The afternoon was spent in a frenzy of action. Mark had lost so much time at the gym, but he knew he could make this work.

He was back at the house by five-thirty. He was just finishing lighting candles when Emma walked in a little flushed, but back to the Emma he loved so dearly. They hugged and he heard her cry. Looking down at her face he lifted her into his arms and she looked at him.

Emma said, “I’m sorry I lied. I was afraid.”

Mark didn’t care anymore, he simply said, “Shhhh.”

He kissed her and still holding her in his arms, took her to the bedroom. It’s a good thing he knew the way by heart. Emma spent the whole journey kissing him. Placing her on the bed, he ripped her clothes off. He knew he would pay for that with a trip to the mall later, but he didn’t care.

Instinctively, her hands went to her vagina, and then stopped. He undressed and joined her on the bed. She maneuvered herself so he ended up between her legs. They hugged and kissed for some time, there seemed no point in rushing and Mark still had his doubts about Emma. At one stage he was thinking of canceling her treat. There was hesitancy about her, as though she was still at that cross roads, unsure of what to do.

Mark was still playing it all by ear, reacting canlı bahis siteleri on instinct and ready to stop and just hug her if and when needed. Slowly he detached himself from her and proceeded to kiss his way down her body – that in itself made him hard. Her neck was now red so she was turned on – her erogenous zone had given her away. He traveled further south to her breasts and sucked and nibbled both, taking his time to see which one he could make the hardest.

In the end, Emma put her hands on the top of Mark’s head and pushed him further down her body. He got the message and continued his journey. Now he was sat between her legs, he placed his hands under her ass and lifted her onto his lap. She always shaved and the sight that was now in front of him was a wonder to him. Her pussy lips were bloated with blood, the nub of her clit peeking out from between them.

She was so wet that come was oozing from her traveling past her ass, onto his lap, then the bed. Mark looked up at Emma. She covered her face with her hands. Poor Emma was still at that crossroads. Her ex had done more damage to her than she had ever admitted to him. He was just about to stop and give her a hug when she took her hands away. Tears freely ran down her face.

“Are you sure Emma?” he said.

She nodded her head. Mark took a deep breath and placed his hand on her vagina, gently at first, feeling her jump slightly as he run the full length of her slit, stopping at her clit. His mind went back to the contents of the small envelope. When he opened it there was just a slip of paper in it.

‘You know every inch of my body, yet I have always refused you my ass, please take it,’ she had written.

Mark was playing with her clit, teasing it, forcing it back between her lips, only to watch it pop back out wanting more. Out of sight of Emma he placed the two items he had bought from the sex shop on the bed: a small vibrator and lube. Sweat now covered her body as she sucked in more air to her lungs. He was running a finger around her incredibly swollen clit, trying to force more blood into it to send even more pleasure sensations to her brain.

Anything Mark could remember, everything he knew about her, those little things that made her smile, that gentle touch in a certain area, he used to keep her on a high, to distract her as best he could, keeping her mind focused on the pleasure coming from her pussy, even though she knew what was going to happen to her ass. Mark lubed up the vibrator and two of his fingers. He had made a conscious decision to leave the vibrator off this time.

He placed a finger at her ass and instinctively her body refused him entrance. After a moment she relaxed and he was in. His other hand was continuing its assault on her clit. She was moaning and he knew he didn’t have much time now. Mark worked on her ass making her more comfortable with one finger, and then introducing a second. She twitched slightly, but accommodated it as he gently ran both fingers in and out of her ass.

Emma started to come; it was the moment Mark was waiting for. He held her lower body down by pressing on her pubic bone. By now she was in a full-blown orgasm, so he pulled his two fingers out, grabbed the vibrator and pushed it half way into her ass. At first her body stiffened, then sent her into another smaller orgasm. That was the one Mark was hoping for and it gave him the opportunity to push the vibrator all the way into her.

Mark was totally unprepared for what happened next. Emma slid off his lap, lurched up and grabbed his face, pulling him to within inches of hers. This wasn’t an Emma he had ever seen before. Her eyes were wide with lust; her head, neck and chest had a red glow about them, all her erogenous zones were on fire now.

“Leave that in me and fuck me, hard.” She said.

She didn’t let go as she lay back on the bed. It was either go with her or lose his head, and Mark came down harder on her body than he wanted to. Poor Emma must have so many sensations coursing through her body. Her mind must feel like a train wreck of emotions now. He slid easily into her and she immediately moved her legs to trap him inside her. Mark was slamming into her pussy as hard as he dared. The vibrator was an odd sensation for him. He could feel it as he thrust himself into her, that thin membrane separating him from the vibrator.

Her pelvic lifted to accommodate more of him as he forced himself into her. Suddenly, her head came down to his shoulder to bite him, sinking her teeth as deep into him as she could. That was his punishment for trying so desperately hard to be gentle with her, when it was clear she simply didn’t want him to be gentle. Mark renewed his thrust into her with added vigor now and Emma released her hold on his shoulder so she could moan.

Mark was trying so hard to hold back from coming. Emma wriggled and tried every trick she knew to make him. He smiled; it seemed the roles were reversed now. Her breathing was leaving her body in pants as if she wanted to hold hers off to match his. With one final thrust, he pushed himself as deep into her as he could; the force pushed them both up the bed a little. Mark emptied everything he had into Emma that evening.

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