Maria Becomes Mafiacized

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Maria was standing in the bedroom of her captor, looking into the full length mirror behind the portal to freedom. She was only clad in a pair of sexy pink thong panties and a silky chemise covering her arms, and she was looking for a way to escape — from everything but her own feelings.

The man who grabbed her off the street two days ago had connections: a well-dressed italian man who fit the persona and the profile of a member of the elusive criminal underworld. Even though Maria’s lanky-yet-sexy 6’0″ frame towered over the short-yet-compactly built mobster, he had taken her against her will, even used her body sexually. His touch at first had frightened her, sickened her. But as he pounded his cock deep into her pussy, her body gave way to arousal — eventually she would need his cock, become dependant on it. They had fucked many times that first night, and the way he talked to her, talked down to her even, made her feel more like a woman than any other man had done.

As she looked into the mirror, she saw the mark his large hands left on her wrists, saw the hickeys he placed on her neck and on the insides of her 36c boobs. Thinking back to last night, she could feel his lips kissing her body as the pair engaged in a case of rough sexual activity. She felt an itch inside her thong, deep inside her wet sticky crevice, one which needed to be scratched — and scratched quickly.

She reminisced him violating her, begging him not to take her precious virginity. But he continued his advances and his unwanted assault, and as his mouth found the folds of her pussy, she gave in. She had no other choice. The touch of his tongue along her slit was too much.

Her pussy, moist by then, flooded the man’s mouth as he licked her clit, sending Maria into ecstacy. Her pussy was sensitive, as were many spots on her body, and it didn’t take much for her first orgasm to rip through her.

After he licked her clean, he began to take his pants off, revealing his long and thick italian cock. Maria was no expert at cocks, but as he pulled his briefs down slowly, she could tell the shaft would hurt her. It appeared half hard; even then it was still larger and thicker than the cocks she glimpsed on the Internet. As he grabbed it and began to stroke it, she felt her pussy getting wetter. Falling illegal bahis on top of Maria, he rubbed his well-built body along hers, and at that point she began to moan. She could feel his big cock on her thigh as they humped each other, but as soon as she climaxed again, the man grabbed his thick dick and rubbed it up and down the length of her wet pussy.

The natural lubrication of her pussy coated the head of his cock and with a quick thrust, drove his member as far as he could before encountering Maria’s hymen. No words were spoken between the two of them as he did this. Waiting for her to get used to the new addition to her pussy, the man grabbed her tits and pulled on them, flicking her nipples with his thumbs. Her moaning continued, and she wrapped her long tanned legs around his waist. It didn’t take much, but the man snapped his hips and drove his cock past the barrier. A deep, glutteral moan emerged from Maria.

The pain in her pussy didn’t last long, turning to sweet pleasure as his cock pistoned in and out of the wet opening. He was not looking into her eyes; his eyes were deep in concentration on the job at hand, closed tightly as his body rocked into Maria’s.

With his big ball sack slapping on Maria’s ass, she could feel the amount of cum that could at any second rush into her pussy. His balls were heavy, and the sound of the skin making contact with Maria’s sweet ass was arousing the girl more and more. She was having arousal overload as the sensations continued to assault her sensitive areas — her nipples, her neck (where he was kissing), and her pussy. With her arms wrapped securely around his torso, she continued to let the waves of orgasm after orgasm take her.

His pace quickened as they fucked, harder and harder he slammed his cock deep inside her quivering pussy. After fucking her pussy hard for 20 minutes, he began to shoot loads of sticky sweet cum into to her gaping pussy. He moaned with an “ooooh” and an “ahhhhhhhhh,” bucking his body into hers. Her vaginal mucles contracted and compressed along the length of his cock, squeezing any remaining liquid from his shaft.

He withdrew the soaked organ from her sticky slit and promptly ordered her to suck it. She was wary at first, but as he grabbed her nose and pinching it at the same time, she opened illegal bahis siteleri her mouth before he jammed a good portion of his cock in. She started to lick on the head with her wet tongue before giving the underside of the dick the same treatment. Finally cleaning the residue of their combined secretions, Maria began to bob her head up and down slowly on his rod. Taking a free hand, she trailed her fingers up and down the inside of his thighs all the way up to his bloated balls, while she used her other hand to jack off his cock while sucking it. Her mouth glided up and down the shaft, her saliva seen clearly on the cock when she came up for air.

Maria was moaning while giving him a blow job, and he, in turn, was loving the head the girl was giving him. His cock became hard again, and forcefully taking the treat away from her — she looked dejected for a minute that he would take his cock away from her mouth — before he ordered her to get ready to get fucked again. He lasted a lot longer this time, but instead of cumming deep in her pussy, he pulled out and shot his load on her tits and face.

He left her there that night, only with the door locked and the windows barred. There would be no escape from the room, not until he said she could go.

Maria, still standing at the mirror, snapped out of her reverie and looked at herself one more time. She looked very sexy, more like a woman. She reach for the door handle, turned it, and found that it opened. Peeking out, she saw the man that had taken her virginity sitting at a small conference table facing the door. She thought he had done this on purpose so he could see her when she came out. He was on the phone and appeared to be in a heated conversation with some unknown poor fellow on the other end.

“Eh, no one and I mean no one skims money from Anton Denucchio, unless they know what he knows what is best for them,” the man said, his thick Brooklyn accent coming through with every syllable. Maria’s pussy, contained inside her thong, got wet at the sound. He slammed the phone down, mentally hoping the person on the other end wasn’t fitting himself for cement loafers. That was one part of the mob game Anton disliked.

Anton was in a grey pinstriped designer suit with a matching tie. His shirt, recently pressed, canlı bahis siteleri was creased perfectly. His fingers were adorned with gold, and a watch of the finest silver lay on his wrist. He saw Maria gawking at him.

“Ah, good morning, my sweet. Come over here and sit on my lap while we discuss how we will do this here,” said the gangster. Snapping his fingers into thin air, two men in suits a little less expensive than Anton’s barged into the room carrying a plate of food and a glass of orange juice for both Anton and Maria. They kept a sizable distance away from the pair.

“Now,” Anton said to Maria, “you are going to be my new mob wife. No ifs ands or buts about it, and I must say you have a very nice butt. I will pay you ten grand a week as an allowance. We will fuck when I say we will fuck. If I want head, I get head. You don’t give me head when I want head, I cut you off. It’s that simple. You be a good little girl, you get, how you say, rewarded. I’ll buy you all the best things and I’ll give you some good sex.

“Boys, leave me and my new bride for a few, will ya, we’re having a heart to heart,” said Anton, and obediently the “boys” left. It was then, his attitude began to change.

“Sorry about that. Have to put up the act in front of the boys. Have to make sure they know who is in charge,” said Anton, but yet not in the Brooklyn swagger. He sounded smarter, more caring, not at all what Maria thought a mafia man sounded like. “Maria, eh, may I call you Maria? I have never met a sexier woman in all my life, and I would be honored if you would be my mafiosa wife.”

Maria was stunned. She had the perfect man — yet a man who had two sides to him — and he was asking her to marry him. With tears starting to flow, Maria nodded “yes” to Anton. Her captor, her rapist, now her husband.

“And by the way, my name is Anthony, but around the boys, you have to call me Anton. Capiche?” Anthony said, giving his new wife a wink. Giggling, Maria agreed.

“Now, be a good mob wife and get on them there knees, take out my cock and give me breakfast head,” ordered Anthony in his mob voice. He began to spoon eggs into his mouth and Maria slid out of Anthony’s lap to the cold floor. She fished his cock out of his suit and began to suck on it. In no time his cock was at full staff. Anthony picked Maria up, faced her toward the table, pulled the pink thong to the side and impaled Maria’s wet pussy with his cock. She rode him for what seemed like an eternity before he shot load after load of cum deep into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32