Maria and Her Boys Ch. 20

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Women like to talk about sex. Especially woman of my age — late forties — who have lots of experience and adventures to talk about. We don’t do it in the company of men but I have regular lunches with my two girlfriends. We met recently at our usual place on a warm, sunny Saturday. I had plenty of energy and we all enjoyed the conversation before and during our meal. The first one to share her news was Jill — she has a new boyfriend. It didn’t take long but I was not surprised.

The better news was that Kerry might have found herself a new man. This one sounds promising but Kerry is always cautious about guys as she looks for Mr Right.

“I don’t know if I really want to get involved with him,” she demurred.

“But you will fuck him? While you decide,” Jill wanted to know.

It was fun to watch Kerry blush. And it was clear that she’s already keen to test him out between the sheets.

“Well, if you want tips on how to make him stick around,” I offered, “Jill can tell you what to do.”

Jill tried to give me a death stare. And for a moment I wondered if she was considering spilling the beans to Kerry – about our shared lesbian explorations. Maybe she thought better of it but we soon swung the conversation back to Kerry and her new man. Until Kerry started to interrogate me and what new guy I might have. I lied.

“He is tall and blonde,” I offered — clearly with my thoughts on my new target, young Aaron. “A little bit older but he seems very genuine. We’ve only had a drink so far but he is very gentle and polite.”

Jill didn’t think that sounded like a man who was much fun. Of course, her mind on was bedroom matters. I cannot tell, yet, whether this new boy will match the excitement I get with Matthew. My hunky young man remains a well-kept secret from my friends and I have no intention of replacing him with Aaron.

“I really miss waking up next to a nice man,” sighed Kerry.

That caused an ache in my guts. I tried not to show my reaction. But I knew, right then, what I am missing in my relationship with Matthew. Yes, a relationship — in my own mind I felt the truth. And instantly I knew what I wanted from him.

A torrent of thoughts was unleashed. Oh my, what to do? Luckily, the conversation veered back to Kerry’s new man. Jill wanted to know when she was going to give him their first headjob. It was a fun lunch.


What I didn’t share with my best friends were the details of my second meeting with Aaron. He is tall and he has the lean, soft body so typical of young men. That is not what attracts me to boys of that age. Oh no, I crave their virility and sexual energy. Their unmistakeable lust and their willingness to do anything for sexual rewards — even from a dirty, older woman.

There is one part of a young man that is very important to me. When I was young, just starting my own sexual adventures, I understood that I had to take care of a boy’s penis. I wanted to be accepted and to be validated. Making sure that a boy cums is a sure way to prove yourself as a young woman. His pleasure, and his dick, was usually the focus for both of us.

Now, older and wiser, I value a good dick for what it gives to me. And I know the difference between a good penis and not. Its true that women want a who man knows how to use his equipment. But after years of being married to an average-sized man, I know what I need to really please me.

Aaron is a good-looking boy. His long, blonde hair had made me look twice on our first meeting. We swapped some more messages. And I thought of him once or twice while masturbating. But I still really had no idea about what he had to offer.

My instinct was telling me that I’d find out. Enticing young men has become so easy for me. The first time, with Ryan, it was rash emotions that took over. I took such a risk and, I suppose, I was lucky. But with a little practice I have learned how to approach boys of a certain age. Also, how to take things slowly if I think its needed. Aaron was not going to screw me on a first date.

I arranged a brief meeting one day after work. It turns out that he lives quite a way from me. That seemed like a good start in his case. Aaron had struck me as different from some of my other boys. That made him tempting but I’d still not decided to have him as a lover. I finished my own work early that day so that we could have a promised “quick drink”.

My bra came off before I left my car. My heart was racing — like it always does at this stage with a new young man. The risks are real, even if its only the hurt of being rejected. But the hunt, and the discovery, are intoxicating. I am a wicked older woman who may very well end-up with a new, young cock in her bed, a young man willing to learn exactly how to pleasure me. I couldn’t help but imagine the intensity of his screwing, the potency of his youthful body.

Naturally I also undid my top buttons. Oh yes, I wanted to show-off my boobs to him. A flash bahis şirketleri of cleavage is the best way to encourage an eager boy to do what I want. And I saw straight away that Aaron appreciated my gesture. He was ripe for the picking. Which only encouraged me to take the lead.

“Do you understand why we’re doing this?” I asked him, as my blood pounded in my ears.

“Ummm, yes… I think so,” he stumbled, suddenly less sure of himself.

It was odd to see Aaron like that. At the café, held been so self-assured. Like he perves on women all the time. Or perhaps the difference was that it was his workplace, his turf. Still, my mind was racing and it was an effort to get my voice under control.

“It doesn’t bother you that I am older?”

“Umm, no… not at all,” he forced out. “You’re not old. You look really good.”

I saw his eyes take a longer glance at my cleavage. He couldn’t know that was the reason why my nipples grew harder.

“I don’t need a boyfriend. Do you understand?” He nodded mutely and I went on. “What I need is for you to be absolutely discreet. OK?”

He nodded again. But I had to make sure.

“My ex-husband is a jealous man. If you ever breathe a single word…”

“No, no. I get it. And my girlfriend… you know…”

A girlfriend was welcome news. And I was pleased to see that Aaron understood who would be in charge if — or I should say when — our little fling went any further. But there wasn’t much else to say right then. Up close I saw enough that I liked. His man-bun is kind of attractive and I noted his thin, boyish fingers. Having recently turned twenty years of age, I know he has a little experience but is young enough to be trained. It was hard to keep those thoughts out of my head while we finished our drinks. I asked him to walk me to my car.

“Would you like to hug me?” I asked him softly on the far side of the car park.

Oh my, it was a thrill to feel his young, sun-tanned arms around me. He sent tingles all through my body. I thought about my pounding heart and my erect nipples under my shirt. He held me firmly, confidently. I allowed allow myself to wonder whether his girlfriend enjoys his hugs. But already I knew I will enjoy his body in my bed.

I had not expected what happened next. But I was in that kind of mood, faced with a new young lover. Before I could stop, my hand slipped between us. I needed to feel his penis through his pants. Being in a public space was no barrier at all. I’d seen his bulge once before and now I was so close to it. It was irresistible and so easy to let my hand rub across his crotch. And, like any young man, he responded instantly. I felt his dick twitch and swell for me. A magic moment. A fair reward for a hungry cougar.

Then Aaron grabbed for my boobs. I was a little surprised by his daring. Or was it cockiness? But I did like the fact he was so keen on my big boobs. And the way he squeezed them through my shirt. Maybe the girlfriend is flat-chested.

I drove home with a slight trembling. And my vag nicely damp. I knew two things for sure. Aaron will be just fine for a short fling, a new young man to keep me entertained between visits from Matthew. And he is very nicely sized down there.


That Sunday morning, I woke in time to prepare for Matthew. I’d finally gotten the courage to suggest that timing. Originally, it had worked best with my Clayton. It fitted with his schedule and avoided any suspicions at home. But it’s a wonderful time for sex — sunlight streaming through the bedroom window and me still feeling a little dreamy after a good night’s sleep.

I admit that I woke up feeling extra horny. I had a quick shower, admiring my body in the mirror — fit and shapely, my C-cup boobs very nicely-sized above my shapely hips and my firm bottom. And I was careful to keep an eye on the time. The more I thought about the morning ahead, the more giddy and nervous I felt. There was no real reason for that. I guess I just wanted everything to be perfect for my sweet young man.

Back in bed, I just had time to grab the lube and put my little metal toy in place. I don’t suppose Matthew expects it. But we’ve both been enjoying the extra play so much. I had a little extra fun in mind for that morning, feeling extra needy after Aaron and then lunch on the previous day. I don’t think I was imagining that my little plug slid in more easily this time. Perhaps it was because I was warm and relaxed after a good sleep.

Not that I was relaxing at all. In truth, my body was tingling and my brain was racing as I lay in my bed, anticipating my Matthew. My vag was moist for him and my nipples were making little bumps under the covers. I heard him at the front door and I could feel my pulse quicken.

He gave me that lovely smile of his as he casually undressed in front of me. That wonderful body was revealed, muscled and hard. And his young penis was already past half erect. My mouth bahis firmaları watered as I watched him walk to me, his manhood bobbing obscenely.

“What a lovely Sunday morning this is,” I murmured as he slipped next to me.

Matt was gentle but eager. He spread kisses on my face and my lips. Then my neck and down to my boobs. I moaned, knowing my nipples were fully erect for him. I hugged him, loving the feeling of his hard, warm body next to mine. And the hardness of his dick as it pressed into my soft skin.

I admit that I was feeling a little guilty that my thoughts that week had strayed. It is foolish, I know, since I don’t have any issues about cheating — I’ve never expected monogamy from any of my boys. I was already keen to have Aaron as a second young lover. But Matthew is my number one.

He was kissing and sucking my boobs so perfectly, soft and warm and just the thing to really make me wake up on a sunny morning. I reached for his hard penis. It felt so rampant, impatient. My fingers trailed down the lovely shaft to this smooth-shaved balls. Oh, every time I stroke that bald pouch, I give thanks for Matthew being such an obedient boy.

“You are a good boy,” I murmured. “To bring this to me.”

I sensed him smile as he switched his mouth from one mound to the other. And I had a sudden idea — something special for my lovely boy.

“Put your lovely penis in there,” I murmured. Seeing his look of confusion, I told him what I wanted. “Yes, between my boobs. Go on.”

Happily, I know how to perform a tit-fuck these days. And Matthew had seen enough porn to know what to do. For some reason, I could not bring myself to say the word. Isn’t that strange? But I know I gave a sigh of delight as he straddled me his proud erection standing so tall. I cradled my C-cups for him and, looking straight up into his eyes, I gave him a little nod and welcomed the hardness of his shaft between my soft flesh.

“Yes, fuck me.”

His body was so huge above me. And wrapped between my boobs, his cock looked more magnificent than ever. I remember thinking what a lazy way it was to pleasure my sweet young man. He was doing all the work. Oh, but my entire body was tingling from the intimacy of his thrusting between my boobs. It was exciting to feel his power that way, my breathing quickening as I sensed his shaft getting harder with the pleasure of his stroking.

“Good boy. Don’t stop,” I breathed.

Taking his dick like that, with his muscles flexing and his ragged breathing, was more of a treat for me than for Matthew. I’ve only had my boys screw between my boobs a few times. But its very exciting – a little twisted but almost animalistic. It was lovely to share with Matthew, feeling his wonderful hardness and watching him squished in my cleavage.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” I moaned.

He was hard because he was horny — of course, since it was the morning and he’d no doubt foregone a wank the night before. And I felt his thrusting alternating between him being gentle with me and, then, wanting to unleash his orgasm. He was so close to me and I stuck my tongue out to lick the head, the sound of my ragged breathing mixing with his.

Then I saw his pre-cum oozing and I remembered that his balls were full for me. I really was being lazy. Why not allow Matt to go to the end? He has wonderful stamina now and I knew he’d soon be hard again. And he deserved a special treat.

“Don’t wait, sweetie. Shoot for me.”

He gave me one of his little looks — as if he wasn’t quite sure what he’d heard. But I was excited by our little performance. I knew what the result would be and, suddenly, that was what I wanted. His lovely, sticky stuff shooting at close range would make a mess of me. And I was in one of my moods.

“Shoot. I want it”.

“Oh… fuck…” and I knew he was a split second away.

“Give me that load,” I ordered in a pant.

Well, he proved he was horny by giving me a proper blast. Oh my, so much stuff that morning and he covered me. I am sure its perverted and dirty to enjoy a young man’s stuff on my skin. But I really do treasure that. And Matthew was the right boy for the job — his first shot blasted under my chin and then across my cheek. The next shot went higher, on the side of my face and past my ear. He was still thrusting and grunting and shooting — my chin took most of it. And my neck. I stuck my tongue out and caught some big drops.

I know its called a facial. And that’s what it felt like — a lovely, thick coating of his warm stuff on my face and neck and slowly dripping down my skin. I was so excited for Matthew. The wonderful thing about boys his age is that they don’t know any better — or are grateful to be able to experience their own fantasies. Matt is not bothered by shooting a big load all over me.

He smiled at me with real pleasure and excitement. I smiled back at him, proud of my young man and his wondrous cock. In truth, I was just as pleased for myself. Exploring kaçak bahis siteleri all these perverted ideas, pretending I am my own porn star. Once again, Matt had demonstrated his potency by emptying his balls onto my bare skin. It was an exciting, dirty pleasure.

“That’s a wonderful way to wake up on a Sunday morning,” I said with a soft smile as he cleaned me. “You came prepared.”

I hugged my young man and he gave me a nice kiss. Perhaps I could have lain there with Matthew and just soaked in the joy of what we’d just done. I am sure he would have felt triumphant even if I’d sent him away just then. But I’d been looking forward to him so badly.

Somehow, I’m always extra horny on a Sunday morning when a young man comes to my bed. Lucky for Matthew, my mood included giving him another special performance.

“Let me show you something,” I murmured in his ear.

I knew that Matthew had wished to watch me masturbate. Of course I felt embarrassed about doing it in front of my lovely boy. No-one had ever seen me play with myself — not another boyfriend, not my husband. Why would a man even want to watch? But I was feeling super horny. And a little bit guilty. I knew that my sweet Matthew would be elated that a dirty older woman had given him his wish.

I could not bring myself to tell Matt what I was doing but he soon guessed. I could not even look at him as my hands went to my boobs. When I am alone and horny, touching my breasts always increases the urging in my vag. They feel so good and I wish I could suckle them myself. Squeezing them and rubbing my nipples was the best way to overcome my inhibitions.

The tell-tale tingling in my vag was getting stronger. It was time to slide a hand down to my mound. Matthew shifted to give me some space and stared with a silly grin on his young face. I could feel his breathing as I opened my legs. I pretended that I was teasing Matt as I stroked over the top of my sex. But I needed more and reached a little further, my fingers finding my swollen labia. How could I masturbate while Matthew watched? But my body was insisting. I had an urgent need for relief.

I know Matt turned his head to watch down there. At least he didn’t dive down for a close-up look — I don’t think I could have handled that. I was still grabbing my boobs with my other hand. It was so weird. But Matthew had wanted a show. And my first time, I turned out, felt very sexy and erotic. It was very sensual to be next to my sweet boy, masturbating for him. My fingers were stroking in the cleft of my vag. Doing it for Matthew made me feel wetter than ever.

“Is this what you wanted?” I moaned to my young lover.

“Fuck… so hot, Maria…

My vag gave a little spasm then. That made the plug move in my bottom — I had almost forgotten. Oh, but it feels so sensual to masturbate with my bottom filled like that. I’ve done it many times. And this morning I was lying naked, legs spread, and touching myself while a young man panted his hot breath on my skin. The feeling in my bum was delicious and I let myself move some more. The extra pressure made me feel so full. It was so depraved and, yet, it felt so easy to focus on my pleasure.

I had one finger on my clitoris, swirling around the base and making me even more horny. I always start like that. Its only later, when I am really cumming, that I touch my clit directly. I think I moaned softly and I remember that Matthew put one of his strong arms around me. I was glad that he was sharing my fun but, honestly, my shame was long gone and my thoughts were all about my orgasm.

Quickly I ran my fingers through my cleft, parting my labia to find the wetness pooling at my entrance. I know I moaned again as I drew back up to my clit. I might have chosen a vibrator if I was alone — but I’m saving that for another day. And, truly, his hot breath and the touch of his skin against my naked body was making my vag throb.

“I’ll cum for you,” I promised with a moan.

I was very close already. My hips were moving gently as I just let my body enjoy everything. Each tiny shift made the plug move in my bottom. It was tantalizing to feel the steel rub and press on all those wonderful nerve endings. My clit was extra engorged. It only needed a few more moments of rubbing around the base and I would explode. Fuck, I wanted to – for me and for him.

“Hold me…I’m about to… oh, fuck…”

It felt better than it sounded. That first climax tore through me and I was almost thrashing in the bed, in his arms. What sweet relief. And I knew there was more. There was no stopping as I changed the pressure on my clit. No man could ever touch me just how I need it — the slight change in pressure and angle of my finger. Just a little faster as I strum. My second wave crashed over me.

And that’s when Matthew stopped being a spectator. I felt his mouth on my nipple. He wanted to suck my big, firm boobs while I played with myself. Oh, what a good boy. I groaned with pure lust. I’ve no idea why he did that but it felt astonishing. It was all wild and debauched and entirely about my pleasure. I came even harder for him.

“Yes… sweetie… oh, yes…” I cried to him through more orgasms.

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