Maple Syrup

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You looked yummy and I said so.

“Why don’t you eat me then?” You say, challenging me.

The restaurant was moderately full for the breakfast crowd. I looked around to see if we were getting anyone’s casual attention. We weren’t. I don’t back down from a challenge, especially one like this. I reach over and take your slender hand in mine. I reach for the syrup that you had poured generously over your pancakes and me my French toast and dribble some of it over the tips of your fingers.

“What are you doing?” You whisper in an excited voice so as not to be over heard and draw attention to us.

In answer I take your index finger and place it in my mouth sucking the sticky sweet syrup from the digit. If you weren’t excited and wet moments before you were now. I release your index finger and replace it with your middle finger licking my lips before sucking it into my warm mouth.

“Jesus Don! We’re in a restaurant!” You whisper excitedly again.

In answer I take the now cleaned middle finger out of my mouth and place your sticky ring finger on my tongue, sucking it, rolling my tongue up and down it, knowing in my mind that you can translate the sensations of my tongue on your finger to visions of my tongue on your clit.

“Jesus Don! You’re gonna make me cum! You whisper even more hushed.

“That’s the plan,” I say with a sly smile as I exchange your ring finger for your pinky, licking the sweet syrup from it. I can see you shudder slightly as if chilled and I know that I have succeeded.

“You are very, very naughty.” You say drawing your hand away to wipe my saliva off on your napkin.

“We should go home.” I say.

“We should go home.” You echo. We get up and pay the bill leaving a generous tip for the waitress.

We arrive home as fast as legally possible, keeping our hands off of each others bodies with a restraint unheard of. Once inside I went directly to the kitchen and to the cupboard to withdraw the bottle of maple syrup.

“Where?” You ask of me, a glint of eagerness in your eyes and in your voice.

“How about the bedroom, we were going to change the sheets anyway.” I say and you agree wholeheartedly.

We race up the stairs to the bedroom and I place the syrup on the nightstand. You pull out your ponytail and shake your mane of hair sexily around you. I undress you slowly pulling your pants down so you are standing there sexily in your thong. I pull your tight sweater over your head and your pear-shaped breasts bounce with the motion. I fumble with the clasp on the bra and finally manage to get it unhooked. It slides off your arms and falls to the ground with the other garments. I hook my fingers into your thong and slide it down your shapely thighs.

“Hop on the bed while I undress,” I ask you softly. Teasing, you climb onto the bed on all fours giving me a beautiful view of your open pussy and ass. You look over your shoulder and grin wide. I finish stripping. You lie down on your back and I join you on the bed. We kiss, our tongues playing in each others mouths. I break the kiss and reach back for the syrup.

“What are you going to do with that?” You ask raising your eyebrows inquisitively.

In answer I open the top of the syrup and squeeze some over one of your breasts. You instinctively lie on your back with a sigh. I squeeze illegal bahis some on the other breast and you watch me do so with a look of anticipation. I squeeze some over your belly and stop, placing the syrup back on the nightstand. I lean down to your right breast looking you in the eye as I lick the sticky syrup from around your breast and the sensitive nipple. You sigh and cradle my head softly as I suckle you. I move to the left breast and do the same to the stiff nipple. You close your eyes and tilt your head back and exhale heavily. I lick all over your taut tummy, eating the syrup from your soft skin. I bite gently on your belly and you smack the back of my head in protest. I leave your belly and make my way with kisses up to your breast, then your neck, then your cheek, and your mouth and you kiss and lick the syrup from in and around my mouth. The kiss broken, I reach back and grab the syrup from the nightstand.

I climb between your legs and squeeze some syrup over your hairless pussy and lay the bottle next to me. I lick over your mons, and between the folds of your pussy where the syrup has run. I flick your clit and you moan. While tasting the sweet mixture of syrup and your cum I place your legs over my shoulders. Your cum leaks from your pussy and I drink it, swallowing it by the tongueful as I stroke your pussy with my tongue. I push your legs to your chest and you open up to me. I lick and suck on your pussy, pulling on your labia with my lips. I am hungry for your pink asshole but I deliberately stay away from it. I just want to enjoy you cumming all over my face.

“Stop! Stop! It’s too sensitive, too sensitive!” you cry out to me, and after a few more well placed licks I do stop. I tell you to roll over and you do. I know what you’re anticipating by the eager look in your eyes, but I am going to make you wait for it.

I pick up the bottle of syrup next to me and dribble it over your freckled back to which you gasp with surprise expecting me to go directly to your shapely ass. I want to more than you could ever know, but it’s going to be worth the wait. I lay the bottle next to me again as I lean down and lick the syrup from your shoulders and spine. You inhale deeply and I know that you are cumming all over the sheets. Some of the syrup has run down the side of your breast and I lean over to lick it back up the way it came.

Lastly I take the syrup and squeeze a generous portion over your ass, loading it heavily into your crack. You protest that it’s too much, but I’m hungry. I lay the near empty bottle on the nightstand again and nestle myself between your parted legs where the syrup has begun to run over your soaking pussy and into the sheets. Well, we were going to change them anyway. I eagerly begin eating the syrup from your pussy and asshole, licking the sticky sweetness from both of your pink holes. You are moaning into the pillow as I lick from the globes of your ass.

“Please, I’m almost there.” you plead.

“Please what?” I tease, loving to hear you say what you want me to do.

“Please eat my ass and pussy, Don. I’m gonna cum so good!” you plead.

I oblige and devour your leaking pussy and tight, pink asshole. You push back into my face as your orgasm pulses through you and I grab your hips holding you steady as I gorge myself on the most delicious parts of your body. illegal bahis siteleri You’ve worked your way up to your knees, your face pressed into the pillow as I lick you from your clit to your open and dripping pussy to your relaxed and pink asshole, still holding firmly onto your hips. You cum and cum and cum biting the pillow you’ve mashed your face into to stifle your cries of pleasure. And I eat you, and I eat you, and I eat you.

I get up and kneel behind you, my face sticky from the syrup and from you I take my rigid cock and slide it up and down your juicy slit wetting the head before pushing the length easily inside your smooth insides. As I fuck you I place a finger on your pink asshole and rub it in circles stimulating the area, and you push back at me with eager pleasure. I push the finger into your well lubricated ass and work it in and out alternating the penetration with my dick. I take the finger out and lean forward to put it in your mouth. You suck hungrily at the digit, rolling your tongue around and around it as I pump deep and hard at your insides.

I withdraw my finger from your sucking lips and place it slick and wet between your legs and begin rubbing your clit in delicious circles. Your head sinks into the pillow, biting it in orgasm. I grab a fistful of your hair and pull you back up and onto my dick and you let out a shriek. You repeat the familiar litany, shouting out “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,”

I pound your pussy hard and fast, ripping apart your soft insides with every thrust. I let go of your hair and grab onto your hips and use them to push and pull you on and off of my dick. Then my own orgasm catches up to me and I ejaculate rope after rope of sweet cum into your equally sweet pussy.

I fall down onto the bed and you collapse where you are. We lie like that for a few restful minutes.

“You’re leaking out of me.” You state with a smile, half hoping, and half knowing what I will do next.

With the sweat cooling on my body I climb between your legs that you part for me and you tilt your pelvis granting me access to your sex. I lean low and inhale the aroma of our cum before darting my tongue out to lick and swallow our commingled juices. You purr in approval. When I am finished I lie next to you once more.

After a few minutes of just enjoying the silence and basking in our post coital glow you reach over and take the syrup from the table.

“What are you up to?” I ask.

“My turn,” you say pouring little circles of syrup around my nipples. My flaccid cock begins to rise back to life as you lick around my nipples occasionally biting them hard.

“What have we here?” you say curiously noticing my now hard cock. You take up the syrup once more and pour it generously over the flared tip and watch with a grin as it pours down the shaft like melting wax. “Looks good enough to eat!” You lick up and down and all around my cock tasting the syrup and our cum, and telling me how it tastes yummy. You begin fisting the base of my dick with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other as your head bobs up and down decisively on my cockhead, or as you like to call it; the ‘strawberry’.

“Are you gonna cum soon?” you ask while your hand fists my entire length, squeezing me, milking me.

“Yes,” I say trembling with the sensitivity her hands canlı bahis siteleri are creating when they rub the delicate spot beneath the tip of my cockhead. You bring your head back down and continue engulfing my dick in your warm mouth. Your hand cupping and squeezing my balls slides between my thighs and a finger glides across the skin to rest at my asshole to tease and stimulate it.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” becomes my mantra as I near the edge and fall over. You take the first spurt into your mouth before pulling my dick out and letting the other shots land upon your upturned face. You swallow that first wonderful rope of cum and smile approvingly when I am done painting your face.

You crawl up to me, as cum begins to run down the sides of your face. I pull you to me and erotically begin kissing and licking cum off of your face, intermediately kissing you on the mouth and sharing cum with you. All this stickiness gives me an idea.

“Let’s shower!” I say excitedly, loving to shower with you.

I chase you into the bathroom and we get the shower running and climb beneath the warm spray. Instead of cleaning up we continue where we left off in the bedroom. Our mouths meets, our hands find each others bodies. I run a finger up and down your wet ass, dipping it into your sweet pussy. You moan into my mouth. Your free hand finds my cock and begins stroking it as I finger your pussy.

“Turn around.” You command and I obey.

You reach around me and begin fisting my cock as I am struck by the warm spray of the shower. You begin to kiss my shoulders. I brace myself against the wall. You kiss my back. Your wet fist strokes my cock beneath the showers spray. You kiss down my spine. In contrast to the heat of the water I have goosebumps of what is soon coming. You squat down in the tub and begin kissing my ass. You always said I had a nice ass, and now I know how much you like it. Your soft hand is still fisting my cock when you slide your tongue up and down my ass crack. Your free hand pulls my cheeks apart exposing my own pink little star.

“What have we here?” You say. “Would you like me to lick it?” I nod my head. “I can’t hear you?”

“Yes, lick my ass.” I tell you.

Your tongue begins licking and poking at my most taboo of areas. My legs bow from the sensations of your tongue on my ass and your hand on my cock. You bend lower and tongue my balls, drinking the water dripping from them. I tell you that I’m going to cum soon, so soon. You lick a few more times at my asshole before you push a finger inside my bowels.

“Jesus Christ!” I call out still bracing myself against the wall, the showers spray hitting my face and chest. You massage my prostate as you stroke my cock. I can feel my orgasm build. You work your finger in and out of me. And I cum. My legs grow weak and shake as rope after rope of hot semen shoots into the tub below.

Trembling I turn around when you remove your finger. You quickly take my still hard cock in your mouth and you suck out the remaining strings of seed.

“I can’t get enough of your cum!” You say looking up into my eyes as you place my dick in your mouth again and continue sucking me.

I turn off the shower. “You’re wearing me out.” I say as we both step dripping into the steamy bathroom.

“You started it!” you shoot back.

“Here, let me dry you off. I kneel before you and begin to lick the water from your pussy.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough for one day.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure I’m sure.”

And that is the end.

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