Madison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and fantasy. None of the content presented is real. However, all characters and events are inspired by real people.


Madison was packing up a small suitcase for her law student convention that was to be set in Silicon Valley at Stanford. She was extremely proud to have been nominated by her program to represent them there. She carefully put together a few outfits for the three days she’d be there, and along with her clothes and documents, she discreetly packed her breast pump.

A little flashback background on Madison, she had gotten pregnant as a student-teacher assistant for her Biology course by her now husband, John. She had spited him at the beginning due to the fact that he had dated her best friend before her and had basically stolen her from any girl time. Madison didn’t have any other friends so she didn’t mind sleeping around. After some revenge on her friend Sally, she got her kicked out of school, which was a total bitch move, but she ended up advancing on John. She had John as a student in one of her labs and had him come over for a review on his effort. There, she confessed to him about having had a miscarriage from her habits and ending up lactating heavily as a result of her body’s changes. She threatened to have him arrested via sexual harassment and rape had he not agreed to suckle her milk and fuck her into pregnancy again.

They ended up falling in love ironically, and then married soon afterwards. John then met her family and they both had her younger sister Megan move in with them and their baby. Megan who was also very turned on by John had already had sex a colossal amount of times with him following their first, which Madison witnessed and was also now lactating, though not via pregnancy.

Back to our reality, Madison carefully zipped up her luggage and began to finalize her arrangements and her outfit to the airport. She had brushed her beautiful blonde hair and began to pick out of her closet the casual clothing she’d be most comfortable in on a flight out of Texas to California. Her body had gotten back to a pretty good fit form following her baby Bradley’s birth and her breasts were huge when filled with milk. She pulled on a sports bra for comfort, a now simpler DD, as she had gone up to an F cup before, and a tee shirt that had her school’s logo on it. She was worried a bit about her baby being away from her for a bit but she knew John was a good father and that Megan, seeing as how she lactated, would be in charge of nursing him too. She zipped up her capris pants and slipped on some flats and headed downstairs with her things. Megan was waiting for her there and the two headed out the door into her suv.

The ride to the airport wouldn’t be too long thankfully. “So remember that Bradley eats every 3 or 4 hours and needs his nap soon afterwards. Also don’t let John hog all of his food, if you know what I mean” Madison listed out to her. Megan laughed and responded with, “I know that already. It’s ok though Bradley loves your boobs more than mine probably because they are bigger, and besides there’s more frozen milk in the freezer that we can always thaw out for him.”

“Very true, but you know what I mean. Just because I’m a way for a few days doesn’t mean that John can automatically stick to your boobs 24/7 and not share with Bradley” Madison joked some more. Megan giggled some more and then brought some courage up to confess to her sister. “So…” she began.

Madison’s attention was brought away from the dry grass and cow farms they passed, “so?”

“I have something that I have to tell you about, but don’t want John to know. “Oh?” Madison responded hoping she wasn’t going to announce that they had messed around and ended up pregnant or something awkward like that.

“Well, let’s just start off with that John and Bradley are not the only mouths that have recently fed from me” Megan continued. Madison’s brain scrambled but settled on one solution, “so you mean like when you had me taste your milk, is that who you’re referring to?”

“No, not even close…” Megan followed. “So you know how a few weeks ago I went to the mall to get Sarah a present for her birthday?”

“Yeah you got her a really cute outfit, so what does it have to do with your milk?” Madison asked.

“Well before I left, I didn’t pump because I thought I could make it through the trip and the shopping to get back home and then either pump or if John was home, have him nurse” Megan continued.

“So you got all engorged huh dumbass?” Madison teased as she could relate to her sister’s situation.

“Yep, and so there I was stuck at the mall in the car trying to pump with the hand crank and nothing” Megan continued as Madison listened intently.

“So out of nowhere this 18 year old guy gets my attention after seeing me crying from the pain and offers to empty me out.”

“Woah! What the hell? And you let him?” Madison exclaimed in shock.

“Not pursaklar escort at first, but then after talking a little bit more and then seeing as how I was out of any options and he is kind of that high school nerdy loser type, I gave in. I mean the pain was becoming awfully unbearable. I needed relief and I kind of felt sorry for this kid.” Megan explained.

“Well did it help?” Madison asked still a bit thrown off but more calm.

“It did. He was almost as good as John is and had every last drop out of me. Things did get hot afterwards and I kept his number in case I want to meet up with him again sometime.” Megan added.

“Did you guys have sex?” Madison perked up.

“Yes and no. I didn’t give it to him, seeing as he was a virgin, but I sure wasn’t going to let him go home with blue balls. I blew him and we called it a day.” Megan answered truthfully.

“Suck for suck huh?” Madison joked.


“Are you planning on dating this guy? You mentioned you kept his number and all” Madison asked curiously.

“Probably not date or build any relationship. I know and respect that I have to back off of John for a little seeing as you are my sister and he’s your husband, and so I kept this guy’s number in case I’m out and about, and need a hungry mouth. I might consider taking his virginity too. He’s going off to college soon and won’t survive at all if he is as awkward as he is now there” Megan trailed along.

Madison was happy to see the Megan was taking her sexual confidence and using it finally, and was a little happy now that she would be able to use this to her advantage to find her own partner. After all she found a guy that knew what he was doing while sucking from her.

“I think you should do it” Madison let out after a brief silence between the two of them.

“What, cash in his v card?” Megan perked back up.

“Yeah why not? You mentioned he suckled you almost as good as John right?”

“He did, and he was respectful, and though he’s not incredibly handsome or as big as John, he had an okay sized cock. I think in the meantime I’ll let him suck as much milk as he wants and then who knows, maybe he’ll get the courage to put it in me?” Megan responded.

At last, they arrived at the airport and Megan was only going to drop her off there at the departures platform. Madison got her luggage out from the car as Megan got out to hug her sister goodbye.

“Love you, and please don’t hesitate to ask me anything about the baby. I trust you. Oh and don’t get pregnant” Madison quickly said mid-hug.

They both giggled knowing that Megan and John would be fucking like rabbits all the 3 days she’d be gone. Madison gave one small hug to her sister and then headed through the doors of the airport to head on through for her flight.

A few hours later…

Madison arrived in California, more specifically San Francisco and was arranging for a rental car. She’d be meeting the second nominee student at her hotel as their program booked them their rooms as part of the travel package. She had only met the guy, (yes the second student is a man), once as she met with her advisor following her nomination. After acquiring the keys to a very nice Chevy Cruze, she made her way towards their assigned hotel.

It was about a 20 minute drive as the traffic was light at the time and as she pulled through to the parking area of the Hyatt, she could already see other cars that either had a sticker from the Rental Company or personalized cars with decals of universities nationwide. She hoped her fellow classmate was there already to be able to see where they’d be heading for next.

After parking, and checking into the front desk she was given her key and headed upstairs via the elevator. She noticed on her information that it was booked to be a 2 bedroom suite with a small kitchen and each room with its own bathroom. “Nice, they really came through with this” Madison mumbled to herself keeping in mind that usually the program wasn’t too generous of money, especially when it came to loans or scholarships.

She arrived on her floor and made her way around the corner to get to a pearly-white door with a gold 324 on it. She slid her key and made her way in.

“Oh, hi there, umm, Madison right?” said the young fellow with well combed dark hair.

“Hi. Yes, Madison, nice to see you again, uh…” Madison began and then realizing through shame that she forgot his name.

“Matt” he said with a smile. “Right, sorry” Madison apologized feeling her cheeks blushing.

“That’s alright. No worries. We’ll be getting used to each other anyway so I’m sure you’ll remember. Anyway, this is pretty sweet huh?” He added as he motioned to the very roomy and well decorated hotel room. Matt was a bit taller than Madison and had the looks but not the attitude of a typical fraternity student.

“Oh yes, I thought they for sure went all out on the rize escort room” Madison agreed.

For the next few minutes the two talked about what they assumed they’d end up doing at the convention as they unpacked and tidied up a bit. The two were in a very well engaged conversation and then it became a little awkward once Madison’s breast pump came into view from within her luggage.

Madison noticed Matt to have stared at it for more than a polite second. She began to blush and was caught a little off guard once Matt spoke up with, “do you have a baby?”

She was still pretty embarrassed but knew that the only way to prevent such awkwardness between them was to be polite and honest. She also couldn’t help but to think that he would find her weird to be around after that or that he perhaps was going to be x-raying through her tee shirt from now on.

“Yes. His name is Bradley.” She managed to let out.

“Must be pretty hard being so far away from him. I hope I won’t be in your way” he continued.

“Oh, you’re fine…” she mumbled. She did however think to herself, what did he mean about being in the way? Was he mocking her breast size? Or was he just being polite about the fact that she would eventually have to pump?

Speak of the devil, she had pumped in the morning before her flight but now she felt her fullness approaching and she knew that she’d have to pump prior to them leaving for the first day of the convention.

After further quiet unpacking, Madison closed her door and set her lock so that she could set up her pump. She turned on her tv to muffle any noises and proceeded to remove her tee shirt. Her breasts were becoming firmer and firmer with the milk that was filling them. She fully removed her bra and sat topless at the desk where she set up her pump and proceeded to attach the apparatus to her body. The buzzy noise began as she turned it on and hoped the tv volume would kill it beyond her locked door.

Matt kept thinking about what he saw. He also remembered how an old girlfriend taught him her fetish about lactating boobs and how she wanted to share that with him. He never took her seriously because she wasn’t lactating to begin with. It did however interest him how it would taste and how the sex was seeing as how she had showed him lactation porn along to their alone time.

It kind of disgusted Matt that he was starting to have lustful thoughts about a girl he just met, and that he had found out something incredibly personal about her. He had noticed how pretty she was and how her large breasts looked amazing on her. She looked to him like a cheerleader-look type of girl but certainly had brains and drive. Knowing that she lactated, he pictured how those large breasts must look like and how they must feel if he were ever to grope them.

He slowly crept up and placed his ear to her door. He could hear her tv but also a whirry-buzzy noise off in the background. That was it, he thought. He knew what she was doing and began to slide his hand down to his inner thigh as he pictured her there, holding her milky tits and pumping them. He found his own erection and began to stroke a little, treasuring what his imagination cooked up. He pictured her blonde hair loosened up and down her shoulders and her large breasts leaking as he opened his curious mouth to taste the milk.

He heard the buzzy noise stop soon though and he retreated his position as he did not want to be heard or caught.

Madison hopped into her shower and began to scrub the trip away. Her breasts had been properly drained enough to get relief. Outside, Matt heard the noises and figured he should also clean himself up before it was too late. He made his way down to his skin and made sure that his water was just warm but not hot. His mind went straight back to his fantasy and he went back to pleasuring himself. After some tugging and yanking at the thought of sucking the milk from Madison’s breasts he came with a very satisfying finish and proceeded to finish his shower.

The two would finish soon and would get a proper outfit ready to head out to their mission. Matt was done slightly before Madison but the two met in the main room before leaving. Madison was wearing a nice lavender dress that was not constricting and had a low cut for a hint of cleavage and was wearing some formal flats. Matt wore business casual attire and was also wearing wellington boots to give it a more Texas executive look to it. He figure he’d give the west coast a taste of the lone star state.

He couldn’t help but to smile as he saw her. She looked even more amazing by the minute and the fact that he could see some cleavage now was about to drive him nuts. Madison was impressed by Matt’s looks and was also humored by his choice of footwear.

“I’m all set to go, but I have to make a quick call home. I forgot to let them know that I made it” Matt told her. “Okay, no worries, do you want to just meet me there?” Madison asked. ankara rus escort

“Sure. We’ll probably have assigned seating and all” Matt agreed. “Okay, see you there” Madison said as she made her way through the door. Once she was gone, he settled himself and sat down on an armchair.

“Those tits look fantastic; I have to suck on them somehow” he mumbled to himself. His erection was awakening again, and wondered how he’d be able to control himself around her. Then it hit him. She had pumped, and her room does not lock from the outside.

He walked towards her door and opens it slowly. He looked around and started to scavenge for the pump with his eyes. Bingo; it had been left near bedside but away from sight. He slowly picked it up and saw that she had not cleansed it from use. He stared at the tiny drops of milk that remained on the inside of the suction nozzles. “Oh my god” he whispered to himself. He sat down on her bed and brought the nozzles near his nose. He breathed in wafts of something sweet and light. He pulled his cock out from his zipper and kept sniffing the used pumps as he stroked. Then he saw the jackpot. In the nightstand next to the bed he saw the top drawer ajar, in which were two small jars that would link to the receiving end of the pumps. He picked them out of the drawer and observed the liquid gold that filled them. It was pearly-white and had filled to the top for both. “Oh fuck yes” he whispered to himself as he unscrewed the two jars open and picked one up close to his nose. He wafted the smell and was extremely excited. He held the rim to his lips and his cock in his right hand. His imagination kicked into full gear and he pictured Madison walking back into the room, revealing her breasts to him.

“Here sweetie, suck on my right breast” he pictured her saying as he would begin to suck. He tipped the jar towards his mouth as he pictured sucking her large breast. The milk made its way into his mouth. He tasted it and picked up a delicious sweetness and thin texture that felt oh so satisfying. He kept drinking as her fantasized the breasts. The first one went empty and he set it down to pick up the second.

“Suck my other titty baby” he imagined her saying. Then he’d imagine switching sides and proceeding the process. He finished the second jar after some very excited, fast drinking and was on the major verge of orgasm. He ran into her restroom and shot his violent load into her toilet. “Fuck” he gasped to himself as he proceeded to clean himself up and get his attire back into previous condition.

The taste of the milk still lingered on his lips and danced on his tongue. He was awfully satisfied with the taste and how he had fulfilled his desire to try it. He wondered how he’d control himself around his colleague and how he’d prevent from immediately groping her breasts on their next encounter. More importantly, how was he going to conceal his sinful act? He wouldn’t imagine that she’d not notice the empty jars. They had been filled near the top with pumped milk. It’s not like she could just forget about not disposing of it. He thought quick and thought fast, and finally came up with one unorthodox solution.

He grabbed a few of her things from her drawer and made it look like someone had gone through it, and not to mention that he stopped to smell her old bra and some of her panties. He wanted to jerk some more, but knew it wouldn’t be long before he had to make the convention on time. He then went to his room and did the same to his luggage and drawers. Afterwards, he got one of Madison’s lipsticks and wrote on a mirror in the main den, “Texas was here bitches”, and made sure it was as polar opposite to his own handwriting. This was a rival school to theirs, so he made sure there was a scapegoat to his crime. He then left the room and made his way to his car to hit the road.

Following a smooth drive to the main campus for Stanford, Matt found a check-in station near the union building and retrieved an information packet, which he would take with him to a ballroom in the building. He found his assigned seating and saw that Madison was patiently waiting for the event to start.

“Hey, thought you weren’t going to make it” Madison whispered as he sat down next to her.

“Had a few words with my mother, and things are okay at home” he lied.

“Good. I should probably do the same later, well to my family anyway” she replied chuckling.

The two would converse quietly as others did the same around them. Threading from Madison speaking about family back home, she got on talking to him about Bradley and how she knew he would be missing her, but that she knew he was in good hands.

“Yeah that must be really hard on you. Hey, listen. I want to apologize for earlier. I didn’t mean to stare at your umm…pump, for uhhh…as long as I should have, it’s just—”, He added half honest.

Madison gave a warm smile and cut him off with, “don’t mention it; I understand it may be a different sight than your average college girl, and besides you were probably going to see it at some point anyway. It’s just natural so don’t be weirded out by it at least”.

“Alright then” Matt agreed, knowing he was all for this and trying hard to hold back an erection.

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