Loving Tammy Ch. 02

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I would like to start with a special thanks to Keith for helping me edit this story! Any similarity to an actual person place or even is strictly coincidental. This story is intended for adult audiences. Enjoy!


Sara stood between a mountain of clothing on her bed and a steadily dwindling supply hanging in her closet. In a kaleidoscope of colors, each rejected garment flew backwards to test the stability of the ever growing pile. The previous two hours had been spent analyzing each garment in her closet in the depressingly futile effort to find the perfect outfit for her date with Tammy.

After passing it by numerous times, Sara’s eyes kept returning to the short blue sundress with a flirty mini-sleeve and draped styled bust. Being one of her own designs, the dress fit her like a second skin and could become very flirty when worked right. With a sigh she pulled it on, staring straight into her mirror. It was the perfect dress. Its light material flowed casually with every movement which combined with the plunging neckline and fitted midsection complemented her figure in every way. Unfortunately, a quick turn to the side her mirror reminded her why she had never worn it before.

High on her arms, jagged scars marred her pale skin with their purplish red accusations. It was Sara’s second dirty little secret only known to her family and to Jay. Hidden by sleeves, few ever questioned why she would infrequently disappear during the school year. Most who did would be given some family emergency story to cover up her time spent in therapy. The newest one, from only a few weeks ago had finally healed over and was beginning to fade into more subtle hues with the rest of them.

She wasn’t suicidal, well no more than your average high school girl, but there was always a comfort in the pain somewhere, when everything else became too confusing it was there for her. Rubbing her fingers over the texture the scarred tissue created, she tried to tug the small cap sleeve down just an inch further. Running conversations through her mind, she formulated excuses, “It’s dangerous to tailor, you know!” or more plausibly, “I was taking a hike in the bush, when I slipped down a hill through dead branches.” She could see people actually believing that one. And the dress was hot, which made it worth the risk.

Slipping on a sexy pair of matching blue sandals and a few wooden beads as accessories, Sara was finally out the door. An approving call came from her mother as they passed in the driveway. “Oh, that looks so cute!”

“I dunno mom,” Sara replied tugging on the mini-sleeves a bit. “I guess I was just worried.”

“Well don’t be. It is lovely. When will you be back?” Sara had already gone through the details of her shopping trip to buy Tammy’s dress materials, with the appropriate amount of begging involved, the night before.

“Um, after dinner sometime. We’ll probably grab something there and depending on her errands and traffic, it may be close to curfew.”

Giving her daughter a calculated look of “I know you’re not telling me everything, even though I don’t know what,” she smiled and hugged her.

Twenty minutes later, Sara pulled her parents’ little Civic into Tammy’s driveway. Taking a few minutes to catch her breath and slow her heart rate down, she forced her legs to move up the stairs and with an epic battle of wills managed to push the little white button along the door side.

“Danger!” Screamed her brain. “What are her folks going to think? What are you going to say – ‘Hi I’m here to pick up your daughter so that I can take her out of town and put the moves on her’? Or maybe go with the honest approach — ‘I have been dreaming very wet dreams about your daughter and I hope to seduce her, but she’ll definitely be back for curfew in roughly the same shape’?”

As her brain warred with her, the door swung open to reveal a rather large man, nearly six and half feet tall. A part of Sara’s mind made a mental note as to where Tammy got her athletic form. “Um, Hi,” Sara said deciding to take the safe and conventional route.

The large man smiled, “Hello, you must be Sara. Come on in. Tammy’s been getting ready for the past hour or so, so it should only be another two hours before she’s done.” He laughed loudly, until a soft ’tisk’ sound came from behind him.

“Don’t mind my husband. He really has no idea about women at all.” A small woman smiled at Sara warmly and ushered her in to take a seat.

Taking in her surroundings, Sara was surprised at the number of religious works in the small, but well designed room. Several crosses hung around the walls, interspaced with photos of the family, and a large painting of the last pope hanging just above the couch Sara now sat on. Sara’s family were Christian in the sense that they celebrated Christmas with presents and Easter with chocolate, and her mother did wear a cross now that Sara thought came to think of it. Some of her cousins were more religious than them, but none, not even all combined could kocaeli escort have put a room like this together.

Nerves jumping through her small body, Sara tried not to think about anything and just wait. A loud clock somewhere out of sight ticked away seconds in ever slowing increments until each second felt like a minute on its own. Sitting down in the chair beside the couch, Mr. Brooks smiled warmly again at Sara. “So, what do your parents do Sara?”

“My dad’s in real-estate, mainly on the mainland, business stuff. And my mother is a legal secretary with Hoffeman and Co.”

“Oh, and are they doing well?”


“What church does your family attend?”

“Mother!” Tammy scolded coming down the stairwell. A soft berry scent flowed refreshingly into the room. If Sara was blind this would be the scent she would identify Tammy with. Its playful mix never failed to gave Sara a smile as she passed her in the school hallways.

“What? Am I not allowed to know who my daughter is hanging around with?”

“She’s not a Satanist, Mom.” The two bickered back and forth in a friendly way, while Sara sat stunned at the beauty now standing across the room. Her lips fell apart in awe as she watched Tammy’s body move lyrically about the room. Her white halter top dress flowed with each turn while still hugging her slim waist line perfectly. The dress was fashionable yet on Tammy it also had a playful sense to it. Each fold in the fabric was smilingly placed precisely to draw Sara’s eyes downward to her long slightly bronzed legs.

Scanning upwards Sara wondered what it would be like to be a dress, hugging Tammy’s curves tightly. Each part of her being would be designed to best suit Tammy’s body. Growing a free flowing skirt, Sara’s body would playfully twist about raising just a little to tease the eyes of onlookers as if to say “If you keep watching there may be a strong wind and who knows what will happen?.” Of course there would never be such a wind.

Sara’s arms now sheathed in silks gently wrapped themselves around Tammy’s long neck ending in a fingerless knot dangling small wisps of ribbon gently down between her shoulders. Tammy’s firm breast pressed hard into Sara’s thin material giving her shape and beauty. Wrapped around her body Sara was beautiful, elegant and graceful. To show her appreciation, Sara would teasingly use her edges to brush against Tammy’s skin bringing out millions of little goosebumps, each sending a small jolt though Tammy’s slender frame.

“….werhoins. seir oshep Sara?” Sara forced her eye’s back up to Tammy’s face, consciously trying to focus on what she was saying. “If we don’t go soon, we’ll miss the next ferry over.”

Glad an explanation came to save her embarrassment, Sara quickly followed Tammy out the door amidst a chaotic flow of warnings and cautions from Tammy’s mother. Feeling romantic, Sara rushed as fast as her heels let her to open the car door for Tammy.

“Thank you.”

Sara could only smile back while she watched the beauty slide effortlessly into the passenger side. Swallowing hard she dragged her eyes away from Tammy’s legs as her dress rose slightly higher on her legs. Before slipping in to the driver’s side, Sara took her time to compose herself.

Once comfortably inside, Sara shyly offered Tammy he sketch book with a single orange gerbera daisy, Tammy’s favorite, on top. Sara had learned about her obsession with orange gerbera’s by happenstance in their grade nine biology class after seeing page after page of them drawn and colored in over her notes. Funnily, or perhaps a statement to her own obsession, Sara managed to store that little fact all these years.

The sight of the flower caused Tammy blushed slightly. “Aw, thank you,” she said with a smile.

“You’re cute when you blush too,” Sara kidded. “I drew up a bunch of ideas and included a few thread samples to kind of give an idea of what they’d look like. We can also do up something completely different if you have an idea in mind.”

While the two traveled down the road, Sara couldn’t help peeking continuously to see what pictures she examined the longest and also a bit fearfully making sure that none of her risky images where left behind. Every Ooo and Aw, sent electric shivers down Sara’s spine. A few times she caught herself well over the speed limit. Silently berating herself, Sara tried hard to focus on getting them there in one piece.

As the car docked on the ferry, Sara’s nerves picked up again. Driving gave her an excuse to keep the conversation simple and to a minimum, but for the next thirty minutes, she would be captive to any difficult questions Tammy may ask. In a desperate plea, Sara sent a silent prayer out to the universe to keep the conversation on the dress designs.

Obligingly the universe agreed to her demands. “These are all amazing. I never knew you could do this.” Tammy cooed over several designs she had bookmarked with scraps.

“Anything jump out at you or give you an idea?”

“I’m kocaeli escort bayan a bit torn. I love this one here with the long flowing skirt, but I keep coming back to this last one that’s not finished. I can see myself in it so vividly you know?”

The design was the one Sara had been working on when she had fallen asleep. A dark fold in the corner revealed where she had drooled on it before rolling over. Hoping that Tammy wouldn’t notice, Sara probed her brain on where she was going with it. The dress was shorter lying just above the knee. The material would be flow so that as Tammy twirled it would spin delightfully but not obscure any of it’s detailing. On the bust-line was a complicated weaving of the same fabric crisscrossing in a two tone basket weave for the corset styled bust. The back dipped low as the fabric draped down. “I was thinking of a shade of charcoal grey, but we could also go with a bolder color, and of course I would use some silver-matalicy kind of thread and a hint of beading inlaid through it just to give it a shine and make it really pop.”

“Wow,” Tammy muttered as she envisioned the dress on the page.

“I could also put in a lacy under-layer to give it more poofiness.”

“Poofiness, I love your technical jargon!” Tammy laughed. “I think that makes up my mind. Even if you had nothing on the page, the way you talk about it is enough to convince me. Are you going to have enough time to do it?”

“I should. It’s a bit more complicated than most of what I do, but this one,” she said pulling slightly on her own dress, “has some of the same principals and it only took me a week or so to put together.”

“You made this one?” Tammy asked, feeling the material on the sleeve.

“Yeah,” Sara said twisting the fabric slightly trying desperately to will her scars to migrate upwards out of view. Unfortunately the awkward silence that followed told her it wasn’t successful.

“Are you okay?” Tammy asked with real concern in her voice.

Looking at the feeling in her eyes, Sara couldn’t bring herself to tell the story she invented earlier. Feeling awkward she pressed her lips tightly together and looked away not wanting Tammy to see the budding tears in her eyes. “Yeah,” she managed to say in a shaky voice. With a clearing cough she apologized.

“No. Don’t say sorry. It’s okay you know, I wouldn’t judge you for it, and I won’t pry if you don’t want to talk about it. When I see someone hurt I just have to jump you know? I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

Looking back into Tammy’s eyes, Sara knew it was true. Feeling somehow safe about it she smiled and felt herself relax. “Thank you.”

Feeling comfortable talking about it for the first time she continued. “I guess I do get a bit defensive about it. I’ve just had so many people aggressively question me as to why and all that stuff.”

“Can I see it again?” Tammy asked.

Pulling the mini-sleeve up on her dress she watched as Tammy gently caressed the scars. In a strange way it felt great having someone caring but not judgingly touching them. The heat of Tammy’s fingers passed blissfully into her scars as if imbuing them with some magical healing. When she looked up from Tammy’s scars her eyes said “I can see this as the manifestation of the conflict within, and I hope that one day a resolution is found.” The words by anyone else would have been meaningless, but unspoken in this way filled Sara with an indescribable blessed feeling. Only able to smile in thanks, Sara looked away shyly.

The midday sun shone brightly as the ferry docked on the mainland. Sara was forced to wince against the light as she pulled the Civic off the ferry onto the dock. The two girls continued to chat idly as they made their way through the harbor city streets. Sara found herself speaking rather awkwardly over many subjects since it had been a long time since she had had a girl for a friend. Even if her romantic intentions didn’t end up working out, she was glad for the friendship Tammy was showing her.

Jay was great. His loyalty through thick and thin was the only thing that kept her going to school some days, but it was not the same as the friendship that comes between two girls. Randomly her thoughts brought her back to Jay, who she was supposed to call today. Mentally chastising herself, Sara vowed to call him later to gossip on the week’s events. No doubt he would have some tales of his own after his week apart from her.

After her little “accident” in the school hallways, he had taken great care to have only cursory contact with her. Sure he cited work excuses, but he was really just terrified of the impending slap. It was going to happen one way or the other Sara vowed. Sure she wanted to do it deep down, and yes it all worked out far beyond her best imaginings, but the fact remained that he ran off when she passed out. And for that he was going to feel it.

Pulling into the small parking lot of the designer material store, Phoebe & Co., Sara chatted quickly, izmit escort inundating Tammy with facts from the company’s long history to the recent appearances of some of the country’s ‘who’s who’ in fashion. By the time they stepped into the store, Tammy was laughing. “The way you’re looking at this store could make a girl jealous don’t you know?”

Sara blushed and apologized for her rampant speech. With a contented sigh she took in the thousands of rolls organized through the store. Colors of every shade and in every material imaginable called out to her with their infinite possibilities. With a supreme test of will she pulled her eyes away from the pretty colors and began to give Tammy the grand tour around the store.

When the flurry was over, the two had several pieces bookmarked as possibilities for Tammy’s dress, and another few that Sara just had to have. With the selection now standing all together, Sara eyed them critically. Combinations of which shades complimented each other the best and what materials would compliment Tammy the best ran eagerly through her mind.

“Do you need to measure me?”

Sara looked back at Tammy, startled out of her contemplations. In a moment of sheer libido driven madness, images of running her hands over a scantily clad Tammy rocked Sara to her core. Her mouth open and closed a few times in an effort to produce any noise at all. “Gah,” she managed once than an “I’er,” another time, before abandoning all hope and nodding.

Slipping into the store’s washroom Sara pulled out her tape. “Um, I just need a few quick measurements for now.” Sara said weakly.

“No problem,” Tammy smiled. “Take what you need! Do I need to strip?”

“No,” Sara said, wishing quite the opposite. “Your dress isn’t too thick so I can easily make the adjustments.”

Sara’s hands were a flurry of motion as they quickly set and reset for each new measurement. Desperately she wanted to rest her hands on Tammy’s body caressing her thighs as she drifted from one to the other, allowing the tape to run smoothly in a cool counterpoint to her own warm hands.

Jotting the numbers into her sketchbook Sara tried not to think about how close her hands were to Tammy’s ass as she measured her hips. If her hands were to slip just a little, she would be able to glide her palms across each cheek pressing lightly into the folds of her dress. She could feel an imaginary Tammy press back into her hands, tense at first than relaxing into Sara’s caress.

Emboldened Sara slipped her hands upwards first into imaginary Tammy’s narrow waist line, then up to her full breasts. After a simple measurement below, Sara would have to take her time to place the tape directly across Tammy’s nipples, pressing in gently as they pressed out. Reaching under one arm, Sara was forced to hug Tammy as she adjusted the tape for the neckline. Feeling her breasts on her back, Tammy leaned in with a sensual sigh.

With the timing now perfect to make her move, Sara realized she had been staring into her notebook for the last few minutes. Thankfully the measurements were all there. Unlike her imagination, at least her hands were able to keep themselves out of trouble. Giving herself an extra moment to “look over the numbers,” Sara thanked Tammy and calculated the amount of material she would need.

“Okay,” Sara said hiding her disappointment. “I think we’re good now. I’ll just go up and buy everything.”

“I can get the stuff for my dress.”

“Don’t worry about that for now. If it’s okay with you I’ll just let you know how much the materials cost when I know how much of it I’ll use.’

“That’s fine.”

When they reached the counter, Sara and the clerk chatted a little about the new fabrics that had come in and a generous amount of gossip from the industry. Hearing Tammy shifting in the background broke Sara out of her reverie. Tammy was looking at her strangely, her slight smile and continual glance made Sara blush deeply. “I’ll only be one more minute,” Sara said hoping to break the tension.

“It’s okay,” She replied, her smile unwavering. “Take your time.”

Three hours from when they had entered Phoebe & Co., the two girls finally made their way out of the shop loaded with rolls of fabric.

“What a haul,” Sara laughed piling it all into the protective bags in the trunk. “I can’t remember the last time I bought so much new fabric! Usually I just rip apart old stuff.”

“You’re really in your element in there. I don’t think that I’ve seen you so confident before.”

“You didn’t see my hands trembling,” Sara thought. Opening the passenger door she thanked Tammy awkwardly. Slipping into the driver’s side Sara’s dress caught on the seat fabric riding high up her leg. Panicking she hopped on her butt while inelegantly pulling the fabric back down. Sara gave a quick glance to see how devastating her blunder was, expecting to see horror in Tammy’s eye as she screamed running from the car. Instead Sara found Tammy staring warmly at her bare thigh. An electric shudder ran through her whole body. “Oh, my god! Did she just stare at my legs?” Fighting back against her libido she started the car. “Anywhere you want to go? We have a few hours before our dinner reservations.”

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