Loving Ch. 1

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Pt. I: One Becomes Two

I woke up the morning after our wedding night and as I cleared the fog from my brain I looked over at my sleeping bride. Carol was what wet dreams are made of. As she lay there sprawled on her side facing me, sleeping soundly I enjoyed a moment of just looking at her. Her blonde tresses spread out over her pillow and framed her gorgeous face perfectly. I thought of her deep blue eyes now hidden and how they could turn me on with a “come fuck me” look or almost make me cry with a look of “I adore you, Dave.”

Her lips were slightly parted, full cupid bow lips, sexy lips that delighted me in so many ways as she kissed me literally everywhere, some places requiring more attention than others of course. Her complexion was perfect, no other word for it. Her light tan contrasted with the blonde hair nicely. I loved the feel of her skin against the back of my hand as I stroked her cheek lightly like a feather. She always seemed to respond to my touch in the best of ways. She would sigh and say something like, “Oh God Dave you turn me on so easily.”

The truth is almost everything turns Carol on and I love it that way.

Carol’s body must have been done by an artist that loved sexy looking women. She stood 5’6″ and weighed 125 lbs with absolute minimum fat. As we walked down streets men and women would turn to look at Carol. Her full breasts were lovely and firm yet were large enough that a hint of a delightful sag was present that caused them to sway as she walked… and bounce delightfully as she moved more aggressively. They were shaped just the way you would create them if you molded them out of clay…. full, round, slightly upturned nipples. Her breasts were the perfect size to overflow my hands nicely. Her nipples so right to kiss and suck and nibble on lightly (or harder as she cried out for me to bite harder in the throws of her unbelievable climaxes).

Her small waist nipped in to an amazing 23″ from the 38d breasts and then swelled into magnificent hips and ass of 36″. Her ass…. what a work of art, flowing from long trim perfect legs into such a cute tight ass that it always made me hard instantly, just looking at it. It felt so good in my hands. I love to cup a cheek in each of my hands as I make love to her sweetly aromatic cunt with my lips and tongue and nose and heart.

She was a natural blonde for sure and her bush was a delight to me. She kept it lightly trimmed knowing I loved to bury my face in her delicious pussy, hiding my face in her bush as my tongue explored her nether lips and her magical clit. I say magical because when I lightly lick it and then suck it and mouth it, it magically turns my lovely lady into a sexual animal, my lovely personal slut begging me to make her cum again and again and again… which I am always delighted to do. And I become her obedient slave administering to her sweet cunt until she is temporarily exhausted.

For izmir escort bayan a moment I thought of all the experiences we had had from the time we first met until our wedding including our wild flight to Jamaica. I was hard from just thinking about the past few months. I could resist no longer and I leaned over and kissed her sweet lips lightly letting my tongue explore very tentatively, the inner side of her full pouty delights. My hands were busy, one full of one of her magnificent tits, with it’s now hard, erect, full nipple between my thumb and fore finger lightly pinching and rolling it the way I know she loves. My other hand lightly trails across her legs and ass and tummy just above her bush. She moans in her sleep and rolls over more on her back as she spreads her trim legs wide apart opening up her pussy to my explorations. I thought at the time, were I a strange man or woman doing the same things to my darling, wouldn’t she still have opened herself to it? In her sleep she just naturally opened herself to pleasure. Much like when awake.

I dropped my lips to her other breast and sucked its erect nipple into my mouth and washed it with my tongue. She moaned louder and I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling my mouth harder into her full tit. I had no idea if she was awake or asleep then. My hand slid up covering her beautiful mound and I cupped it as one finger slipped slowly up and down her outer labia and I felt the growing moisture already present. My thumb had begun a slow circum-navigation of her magical button, not quite touching it yet stimulating it as it grew in size.

Then I heard her say,

“I don’t know who you are stranger but you can stay a while longer.” We both laughed and I raised up and met her lips in a passionate kiss as my fingers became more insistent in and on her delightful pussy. She gasped in my mouth and groaned against my lips,

“Oh God Dave, please wake me every day of my life like this. If you do I will be your slave forever.” I broke the kiss she was talking into and smiled at her, “I thought maybe you were going to sleep through it all”. “No fucking way cowboy…Oh shit…. Dave please make me cum with your mouth, I want your tongue in my cunt. Then fuck me for three or four hours with that huge cock of yours.” I smiled and kissed her lips, drinking the thrill of her dancing tongue, and then her nipples and then her cute “inny” belly button as I slowly made my way to where my love wanted me at that moment. Her hands caught and stroked my rigid cock that she had playfully measured the night before at a respectable 8 and 3/4 inches.

“Now I know how big you are so I can brag to my lady friends.” she had said.

As I kissed her juicy lower lips lightly she sighed and said,

“If you shift your body around I would love to see how much of your monster cock I can swallow this morning.”

I licked from her ass escort izmir hole to her clit slowly, running my tongue over ever bit of her and she cried out and raised her mound up into my face harder. I stopped briefly and said,

“Thanks for the offer love, but I would rather concentrate on ‘pleasuring’ you first. You can do me a little later and I will be your obedient slave. Right now I plan on making you into a very limp noodle.”

And I returned eagerly to my “work”. She tasted so good. Her aroma and taste was a combination of her normal delicious flavors and the remnants of my cum in her cunt from the night before. Some guys don’t like the thought of tasting their own juices but hell if my lady can enjoy the taste of my cum as much as she does there must be something OK there. Besides I love to eat my lady’s pussy anytime the opportunity presents itself.

For the next 30 minutes I brought my love to the brink of cumming, to back off, as she swore at me,

“You rotten fucking bastard…. oh Dave please….”

Then I would attack again and she would buck her cunt into my face groaning and crying,

“Oh darling… oh you sweet fucking man…. oh yes… oh yes oh gaaaawwwd Dave yes.”

Then as I laved her clit adoringly I slipped my finger into her receptive ass hole up to the first knuckle. And she came, God did she cum. She almost tore my fucking nose off of my face. When she finally let me breath again I gasped a lung-full of air and she laughed and said huskily, in a sultry sleepy post cum voice,

“Maybe…. you need to invent SCUBA gear for pussy eaters darling… sorry….. no I’m not sorry…..”

I took another deep breath and again caught her highly sensitized clit in my mouth and licked and sucked it and Carol screamed,

“Oh you sweet mother fucker…. yes.”

The cycle repeated several times until my darling lay limply, spent, a beautiful limp noodle. I had made her cum five times and it delighted me to please her so. I think she liked it a bit too. I crawled up beside her and kissed her softly… lovingly. She moaned and kissed and slowly licked my face as she cleaned her pungent juices off of it. Her hands found my rock hard cock and she stroked it lightly saying,

“Oh I am going to enjoy this if I ever get any strength back”.

As one might expect it wasn’t long until my “limp noodle” turned into super woman. I don’t know how many cocks she had to practice on to get so good and I don’t care. Her mouth made my cock “King for a day” so easily. The wet warmth of her mouth as it took the head of my cock in, the dance of her tongue under the glans that caused me to buck accidentally causing my love to deep throat me. Somehow she had learned to do that without discomfort and now she hummed softly with my cock deep in her throat.

No one can imagine how that feels. You just have to be there. The vibrations, the suction, the moist warmth izmir escort and the realization that your cock is completely inside your lover’s mouth and down her throat. She backed off and sucked and licked and washed my cock with her mouth. Then she took me down her throat again. She repeated this over and over… fucking my cock into her throat as her finger slowly slipped up my ass hole. It was more than a mere mortal like me could stand and I said clearly and intelligently,

“Oh fuck awrrrr, yes fuck, cumming…cumming.. now …fuck Carol yes… mouth…cock cum”

Probably one of my better elocution’s I think. I could not resist my loves invitation and I blasted joyfully down her throat. She pulled back keeping just the head of my spouting whale in her mouth as she continued sucking and licking me into a fucking puddle. She lovingly drained me and as I finally stopped quivering she let my “limp noodle” slip from her mouth into her warm hand and she wrapped her fingers around my cock protectively.

She moved back up beside me and I kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth and on her tongue. Like I said, she loves it, so I love it. We lay there and she smiled and said, “Do you suppose over the next 50 years you can fuck me a million times?”

It was one of those serious matters we both contemplated at times like this. I cupped a delightful tit and replied,

“At least two million, not counting holidays.”

“Will you put that in writing. I might sue for breach of fucking darling.”

“Of course. But I have lost count, we can start over with one if my cock every comes back to life.”

Needless to say, as my limp cock rested in her soft hand and she kissed my ear, sending her tongue all over the inside of it as she noisily slurped a wake up call to my cock, I responded! God how I responded. My ears are sooo sensitive to my loves tongue. She turned on her side facing me and I did the same. Our legs interlaced and she guided “Mortimer” into his favorite home.

As she started the head into her lovely snatch, I thrust hard and sunk Mortimer to the hilt as Carol responded,

“Arghh.. oh yes …. fuck me …”

I delighted in pulling out until the head rested against her outer lips and then stroking back the full depth massaging her ovaries (well maybe not quite that far). I cupped her ass cheeks that I love so dearly in each hand with one finger slowly insinuating itself up her ass hole and I said,

“Play with your clit sweetheart it is time for some serious fucking.”

Again she replied,

“Arghh.. oh… fuck… fuck… fuck “

I rolled over on top of my love and began long deep thrusts faster and faster as she squeezed her pubis coccus muscles tightly on my very spoiled cock. It wasn’t long until we were both humping and thrusting our pubic regions into each other with such force that, as we came explosively together, we fell off of the fucking bed and lay on the floor still quivering as our brains liquified. Later, when what was left of our brains, had time to regenerate we started laughing and Carol said,

“I knew I should have driven.”

To Be Continued…

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